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jill-works-for-joeMost people watching Joe Biden believe that he’s a puppet who says and does what he’s told. He seems to be a “useful idiot,” as the 20th century’s communists would have said. The big question, then, is who’s really in charge in the White House? Barack Obama? Valerie Jarrett? Susan Rice?

Nope, a Bloomberg report intimates. It’s really Jill Biden, and she intends to see her decrepit husband run again.

According to a Nancy Cook article at Bloomberg, the person with whom Joe doublechecks every decision he makes is his unelected wife, Jill Biden, a school teacher who wrote a shoddy dissertation to justify a truly meaningless doctorate in education. Writes Cook:

“[W]ithin the White House she is understood to be the president’s closest and most protective confidante. ‘She is his gut check on everything,’ said Michael LaRosa, former press secretary to the first lady and special assistant to the president.

As the [2024] campaign unfolds, the first lady is expected to assert herself on major decisions, especially the biggest of them all: whether Biden — at 80, the oldest person to ever hold the presidency — will run for re-election in the first place. She supports a bid, according to people familiar with the matter, because she cares about how her husband is perceived and believes he’s better at the job than his 42% average approval rating indicates most Americans think.”  

After several paragraphs describing how the couple met, Cook returns to Jill’s influence on Biden’s administration.

We’re told that, while Jill “does not have a reputation for involving herself in policy minutiae, the first lady pays close attention to her husband’s broader public portrayal and to themes of his speeches and events.” If she’s overseeing “themes,” that means she has a say in (or control over) policy.

Another thing that Jill does is work hard to protect Biden from looking bad. Thus, according to Cook, Jill chastised Joe’s top aides in 2022 for letting the president take questions from the press for two hours.

That the American people are entitled to know what’s going on (a function the press barely performs) must take second place to Jill’s efforts to keep from reminding Americans that their president is a decrepit, declining man.

Mostly, the Bloomberg article is a puff piece, talking about how useful Jill will be on the campaign trail in 2024 and how she’s less divisive than Michelle or Melania. It’s important to note here, though, that Melania did nothing out of the ordinary and was an unusually beautiful and poised woman who kept out of politics. She was “divisive” only because the media attacked her for anything and everything.

I tend to think that the Bloomberg article understates just how involved Jill is in the Biden administration. I haven’t forgotten how Jill, during the first year of Biden’s administration, tweeted out a photo of her “Prepping for the G7” (see above).

[Note, by the way, in her Twitter account she identifies herself as an “US government official” – which she is not, she is the wife of a US government official.]S

No one doubts that, in an affectionate marriage (which the Bidens seem to have), there’s inevitably pillow talk that sees the president discussing issues with his wife. However, no one looking at the Biden marriage believes that the president has the capacity to discuss issues intelligently with his wife.

To the extent there’s any mental wattage in that marriage, the ideas and decisions flow from her to him and not vice versa.

What all of this means is that America isn’t governed by a president whose election was dubious at best; instead, it’s governed by the completely unvetted wife of that same dubiously elected president. And that wife has rather consistently demonstrated that she’s not very bright or informed but is very pushy.

The one good thing is that it’s the Democrats’ nightmare to see Joe run again.


In 2020, they could get away with the con that Americans hated Trump so much they’d rather have a barely sentient, corrupt, creepy fossil in the White House.

However, given the myriad (and intended) disasters of Biden’s administration—a failing economy, a broken border, flailing national security, and an ever-closer WWIII—it’ll be a lot harder to cheat Joe into the White House, especially with Kamala at his side.

In other words, Joe Biden is the Republicans’ dream Democrat candidate. And if that’s what Jill brings to the 2024 election…well, “Let’s go, Jill!”


Andrea Widburg is the deputy editor of American Thinker.