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Dearborn, Michigan is the Muslim capital of America. When Rep. Rashida Tlaib won her election to the House, she didn’t celebrate America. She celebrated “Palestine,” her true country.

That was subtle compared to her constituents this weekend, who took to the streets screaming “Death to America. Death to Israel.” By allowing the non-assimilation of people whose values are antithetical to the Constitution and our nation, the viper we have nurtured to our bosom will kill us as surely as the asp that killed Cleopatra…and Biden is already sacrificing Israel on its altar.

To appreciate fully what took place in Dearborn, you need to know that Al-Quds is the Muslim word for “Jerusalem,” the ancient Jewish capital that King David founded (circa 1,000 B.C.), and that Mohamed never visited but nevertheless claimed for his own. (Mohamed and his Muslims subscribe to the toddler’s creed.)

Al-Quds Day, which Ayatollah Khomenei started in 1979, is the day on which Muslims gather to demand the slaughter of Jews and a Muslim takeover of Jerusalem.

Muslims really, really, genocidally, deeply, in a sadistic torture-them-before-you-kill-them” way, hate the Jews. But they also hate America.

That was started in Iran with the Iranian Revolution. “Death to America” was the chant then and remains the chant in Iran to this day.

The Mullahs, while desiring Israel’s destruction, call it merely “The Little Satan.” America is “The Great Satan.” And Iran funds Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, Hezbollah, and all sorts of other terrorist organizations.


With this context, this is what happened in Dearborn:

Protesters in Dearborn, Michigan, shouted “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” during an International Al-Quds Day rally held in the town.

Imam Khomeini, who declared the International Al-Quds Day, this is why he would say to “pour all of your chants and all of your shouts upon the head of America,” Tarek Bazzi, a Michigan-based activist associated with the Hadi institute, said in a video from the rally that was shared by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Bazzi’s comments were followed by crowds chanting “Death to America!” in the background.


The activist went on to quote Malcom X, who said the U.S. is “one of the rottenest countries that has ever existed on this Earth,” while arguing to eliminate the entire American “system.”

“It’s not just Genocide Joe that has to go,” Bazzi said, referring to President Biden. “It is the entire system that has to go. Any system that would allow such atrocities and such devilry to happen and would support it – such a system does not deserve to exist on God’s Earth.”

Bazzi then turned his attention to Israel, telling the audience that when “fools” ask them “if Israel has the right to exist,” the chant “Death to Israel” is “the most logical chant shouted across the world today.”


Bad as that is, you really need to see it for yourself to get a sense of the “Iran in 1979” vibe directed at the country that took these people in and gave them the rights of American citizens:

A Nazi rally in 1940 that openly called for the death of world Jewry and for the Death of America wouldn’t have been countenanced. While many Americans might have accepted the anti-Jewish part, they would have been enraged to hear a rally calling for America’s destruction.

Back then, patriotism was a thing.

Now, though, not so much. In order to buy votes from these people, Joe Biden forced a surrender on Israel, which is dependent on American arms shipments (for which it pays, unlike Ukraine). Biden sacrificed an American ally facing an open existential threat to placate these people.

Traditionally, most nations were bound together by geography and DNA. The only two exceptions. Up until the left began to eat away at America’s institutions, were America and Islam.

America was a nation in which the people were traditionally bound together by allegiance to the ideas expressed in the Constitution, ideas that were predicated on Judeo-Christian values and Greek philosophy.

In contrast, Islam is a worldwide caliphate that sees people bound together by an allegiance to the Koran. That book demands the slaughter of Islam’s enemies, and the world’s subjugation to an ideology premised on hatred—hatred of Christians, Jews, women, homosexuals, Hindus, the West…you name it, and they hate it.

These two ideologies are matter and anti-matter. They cannot exist simultaneously in the same place at the same time.

But leftism insisted that we bring Islam to America, refuse to assimilate its adherents, and allow it to bloom. And now, Biden has agreed to let it control America’s foreign policy.

I don’t care if you despise Trump and want to spit on his shoes when you see him. If you don’t vote for him, you’re voting for “Death to America.”


Andrea Widburg is the deputy editor of American Thinker.