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bragg_banana-republicAmerica’s migrant crime wave is past the point of no return. Liberal mayors and a Democrat president dismantled the border… and now are wringing their hands over the nightmare they’ve created.

The results are in – the psychotic ‘sanctuary cities’ experiment has utterly failed.

And there’s no clearer proof than the Rotten Apple – where a once proud, party-boy mayor has been reduced to a sniveling spectator to his own city’s decline.

“I can’t deport. I can’t stop people from coming in,” Eric Adams told Fox Nation on Wednesday, referring to suicidal sanctuary city laws that prevent New York State authorities from cooperating with federal law enforcement.


Faced with the prospect of an open southern border flooding NYC with roving gangs of migrant repeat-offenders who have shot tourists, beaten police officers, and terrorized neighborhoods from Brooklyn to the Bronx, Hizzoner has thrown up his hands.

“The law states that we cannot notify I.C.E.,” Adams whined. “I cannot break the law and enforce the law.”

How depressingly typical.

A mayor, who once vowed to protect his city’s “sanctuary” status, now uses the asinine policy as an excuse not to do his job.

Oh, New York City is a “sanctuary” – for criminals.


On Wednesday, a 19-year-old migrant who was previously charged with the gang attack of two police officers in Times Square last month, was arrested again for shoplifting from a Macy’s store in Queens.

A store employee was punched.

Why, you ask, wasn’t Darwin Andres Gomez-Izquiel behind bars awaiting trial?

Because Manhattan’s fanatically progressive District Attorney [Alvin Bragg] released Gomez and his accomplices without bail.

Only hours later, the beating suspects strutted out of a police precinct – middle fingers raised in the air.

To these foreign lawbreakers the American justice system is a joke.


Another erstwhile “sanctuary city” devotee, New York Governor Kathy Hochul, said she now wants the cop-beating migrant thugs kicked out of the country.

But, as Adams observed, how can a municipality that refuses to cooperate with U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement do that?


Is the NYPD going to deport them to Connecticut?

When Democrats start to sound like Republicans, you know something has gone very, very wrong.

Even brand new Democratic New York Congressman-elect Tom Suozzi has called on President Biden to temporarily close the southern border.

But these arsonists can’t just blow their hot air on this raging inferno and expect it to go out.

This migrant crime explosion was inevitable – and now it’s nearly unmanageable.


Would it shock you to learn that a 15-year-old migrant, arrested for shooting an innocent tourist during a botched Manhattan robbery before wildly firing into crowds as he ran from police in February, is also a suspect in at least two other gun crimes?

In Gotham – crime pays.


Earlier this month, surveillance cameras captured two moped-riding migrant muggers dragging a 62-year-old Brooklyn woman across a sidewalk and slamming her body into a fixed metal bike rack.

Police tracked the hoodlums to a Venezuelan organized crime ring linked to 62 separate instances of grand larceny throughout the city.

The leader of the gang – you guessed it! – is an accused thief released by a judge in December.

There’s no mystery to this mayhem.

“What the detectives are telling me is that [migrant gangs] have crews here that operate in New York, do all their stealing then go to Florida to spend the money then come back,” a former NYPD deputy director of intelligence recently explained to two oblivious CNN hosts this month.

“The criminals don’t steal in Florida, because there you go to jail,” he said.

“Oh!” replied the anchor.

“Fascinating!” ventured the other.

It’s NOT “fascinating.”

It’s exceedingly obvious.


It’s long past time that “sanctuary cities” and their idiot accomplices “bail reform,” go the way of “defund the police” and “trust the science” – as nonsensical liberal fantasies that hurt the people whom the policies purport to protect.

And, most alarmingly, the damage done by President Biden’s “open borders” and Democrats’ insane “sanctuary” schemes may be generational.

New York police suspect that the moped thieves responsible for dozens of grand larcenies are linked to a murderous gang, known as El Tren de Aragua, born out of the Venezuelan prison system.

If you haven’t read that name in the news, sadly, you soon will.

Authorities in Florida say the vicious international syndicate has killed for the first time on U.S. soil.

Who would imagine it will be the last?


In January, a man was lured to a cheap Miami hotel by a prostitute and then kidnapped, tortured, robbed and strangled to death.

Police in Chicago have confirmed that Tren is also now operating there.

And once these organizations invade they are very hard to root them out.

Incarceration is a far better option than turning criminals loose on the streets, but prisons are like Silicon Valley incubators to these monsters.

“They know how penal networks operate,” Latin America expert Joseph M. Humire told “They may become an intractable problem, not just here in America, but throughout the Western Hemisphere.”

After all, the El Salvadoran gang MS-13 marched across the U.S. after starting in a Los Angeles lock-up.


And if that is not enough, the FBI is reportedly concerned that Tren and MS-13 will temporarily join forces – before, of course, the inevitable turf wars begin.

The horses have bolted the barn – and Democrats are not running to catch the reins.

Future generations, from all walks of life, will be dealing with the fallout from Biden’s border fiasco and these suicidal “sanctuary policies.”

These mindless liberals have finally realized the error of their ways – but it’s far too little, far too late.


David Marcus  is a writer for Daily Mail.