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Rebel and I decided to start making our memories of 2024 early, by spending the first half of January in a place we’d never been to before: The Canary Islands (thus the Island of Lancelot Glimpse you saw on Monday, 1/22).  Here we are at a viewpoint on Gran Canaria.  The Canaries turned out to be absolutely fascinating, establishing friendships with extraordinary people.

Where might you go and what might you experience to have lifetime memories of your own in 2024?

How about exploring some awesomely cool place in the world with me to accomplish that?

How’s that, Jack? you may be asking. Didn’t you say that, with your turning 80 in 2023, you’d be retiring from running expeditions this year? Well, yes, I did say that a year ago, but Rebel and I had such a marvelous time taking TTPers to special places around  the world all year that I just can’t all a halt to that simply because of an arbitrary age.

Besides, I’ve never been age-appropriate anyway, like being adopted into a family of Amazon headhunters at 16 and hunting a man-eating tiger at 17.  So with my health good (I work out pretty hard six days a week), why not keep doing what I love?

What follows is what explorations Rebel and I have planned for the first half of 2024. I designed them for anyone in normal good health and no special skills required.  Please consider this as a personal invitation for you, a fellow TTPer, to join me for an experience you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

As you consider, I can guarantee one thing – that you’ll really enjoy all the photos in each of the links.  Then you can picture yourself making these special places a part of your life. Let’s go memory-creating for 2024!




March 8 to March 19:

Our Serengeti Luxury Birthing Safari is as good as Africa gets – the description and photos are jaw-gaping.  Private-tented luxury out of the movies witnessing the greatest wildlife spectacle on the planet.  This is couples only and it got sold out before we had time to post it on TTP.

The husband of one couple now has to have important surgery, so we have that space for one more couple available for which we can offer a $1,000 discount ($2,000 per couple).  If you have a life dream of experiencing Africa’s Serengeti, here’s how it can come true.



April 20 to April 30:

Adventure Albania. Want to experience great adventure combined with magnificent World Heritage Site history, charming hotels, great food, marvelous wine, and wonderfully hospitable people so easy to make friends with?  Come with Rebel and me to show you a country we’ve come to know well and love. With us will be the world’s greatest river explorer, Richard Bangs.

Albania is easy to get to, right between Greece and Italy, yet unknown to most.  You’ll grow to love it too.  This is perfect for couples, singles, and especially kids 8 and older with their parents or grandparents – you couldn’t ask for a better bonding experience with your kids or grandkids. Click on the link and marvel at what you’ll experience.



May 3 to May 12:

Our Portugal Exploration has been a perennial favorite with TTPers for several years now.  Portugal is consistently ranked among the Top 5 of the safest, cleanest, and most peaceful countries on earth.  Add the astonishing history, fabulous weather, wine, and fresh food, extraordinary natural beauty, and utterly captivating quality of life.  Portugal is authentic, charming Europe.

You’ll see why Rebel and I love Portugal by seeing all the photos in the link.  Come with Rebal and me as we show you our Portugal!



June 28 to July 8:

Atlantic Paradises is another TTPer favorite. As Rebel says, “We hope you consider joining this expedition because you will see and discover magically beautiful places and have truly relaxing, energizing experiences. We enjoy the best hotels, carefully selected restaurants, and outstanding activities – all designed by us personally. We call the Portuguese islands of the Azores and Madeira our Atlantic Paradises because they are unique in what we experience, how we experience it, and in value.”

Scroll through the photos and you’ll be stunned at just how uniquely beautiful and interesting Madeira and the Azores are.  We also have so much fun there, for that’s our job here, to relax, have fun, and enjoy in places that are take-your-breath-away magical.



That’s it for Memories of the first half of 2024.  The second half is in preparation.  Let us know soon what Memory you want to have – and soon means soon before other TTPers beat you to it!  Blue skies… Jack