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geert-wilders-stands-w-israelFor Israel, it had to be good news to learn that Geert Wilders, the supposedly wild and crazy Dutch version of Donald Trump, came in with a huge parliamentary victory in the Netherlands and now may become the country’s next prime minister.

That’s because Wilders is a ferocious advocate and ally for Israel.

“Watch: historic speech by Geert Wilders: ‘Israel is a Beacon of Light in the Middle of Islamic Darkness’.
He claims that the conflict in the Middle East is not about a land dispute, but about the war of Radical Islam against the Western values that Israel represents.
Link to…

— Liza Rosen (@LizaRosen0000) November 22, 2023

“In 1981, a 17 year old Geert Wilders actually spent six months on a moshav in the West Bank.

— Visegrád 24 (@visegrad24) November 22, 2023


It matches the result from another Trump-like leader who just got elected — that of Javier Milei, now president of Argentina …  and another very vocal ally for Israel. At one of this last campaign rallies, he was videoed waving the Israeli flag, vowing to make Argentina Israel’s best friend.

“Argentinian Presidential Candidate Javier Milei waves the flag of Israel for all to see that he STANDS WITH ISRAEL. 🇮🇱🇦🇷

— Hananya Naftali (@HananyaNaftali) November 17, 2023


Amid all the garbage going on at the United Nations, what with its bizarre Israel condemnations, it’s going to be nice for Israel to finally be having some friends and defenders.

That’s not the only benefit for Israel; as there are likely to be many as Israel seeks to defend itself against the largely Islamist forces of hate and barbarism. Arms sales, intelligence, base support, sanctions, banking disruptions, it’s bad stuff coming ahead for the terrorists now that Israel’s friends are multiplying with this Trumpean movement worldwide.

And they are multiplying, actually. We know that President Trump leads in the polls — the gutsiest, most pro-Israel U.S. president in history — the one who forged the Abraham accords to bring peace with Israel and the Arab states, who lined up one by one to join it. He also moved the U.S. embassy to Israel’s capital of Jerusalem, which led to another string of nations following.

If Trump wins, Israel is going to win, too.


How about the other nations that sport supposed mini-Trumps who could also win their elections in coming months and years — what are their views?

Let’s look at the much reviled Marine Le Pen of France, who is supposedly an anti-Semite because her father seemed to be, who is also running on Trumpian values, what is her stance on Israel?


French far-right leader Marine Le Pen raises a storm over her plan to march against antisemitismNBC News

Why Marine Le Pen ran to Israel’s defense, unlike her fatherFinancial Times

Voilà … pro-Israel, just like Wilders, Milei, and Trump. Not exactly the Nazi they claimed she was.


How about the Canadian version of Trump who’s doing well in Canada’s polls — Pierre Poilievre?

Hamas determined to maximize Israeli and Palestinian deaths, Poilievre saysCBC

He certainly sounds like the others, pro-Israel and able to read the situation correctly, quite unlike his country’s milksop current prime minister, Justin Trudeau.


How about Giorgia Meloni of Italy, compared to Trump and reviled as fascist?

Meloni: Hamas wants to oust Jews from the Middle EastJerusalem Post

Yup, same picture, pro-Israel ally, reading the situation correctly. Those are some ‘fascists’ they’ve got over there in Italy.


And Brazil’s recent president, Jair Bolsonaro, whom many hope will be its future president, too?

Bolsonaro has turned Brazil into Israel’s new best friendMiddle East Monitor


What We Can Learn From Netanyahu’s ‘Wonderful Friendship’ With Bolsonaro – Haaretz Today

Again, as pro-Israel as they come.


We can now start to see a significant pattern here.

All of the proto-Trump leaders now emerging in the world today are indeed nationalists, America-firsters, or fill-in-the native country first, make one’s country its best, in spirit.

They also are pro-capitalism, pro-rule of law, and pro-civilization. They abhor barbarism and cronyism and favoritism, grievance politics, and special interest politics.

They are individualists and extremely brave in the face of the onslaughts of opposition from entrenched swamp establishments, who respond with insane instances of resistance. Trump is foremost here in this regards but the others face the same monsters.

How is it every nationalist out there emerging in public life can all be so pro-Israel?


The answer to that is best explained by writer George Gilder in his 2009 book The Israel Test. I found a book blurb on my favorite book site, Thriftbooks, which sheds insight into how these supposed Nazis and fascists and Trumpites can all be so militantly pro-Israel and it has much to do with all their other ideas. According to the blurb.

“In this book, George Gilder asserts that widespread antagonism toward the current state of Israel springs from, like anti-Semitism everywhere, envy of superior accomplishment. Israel’s sudden rise as a world capitalist and technological power, he argues, stems in part from the Jewish culture of mind and in part from Judaism itself, which, ‘perhaps more than any other religion, favors capitalist activity and provides a rigorous moral framework for it.’


Critics of Israel–in the U.S., in the surrounding countries of the Middle East and in Western European nations that are facing socialist decline–have failed the ‘Israel Test’ because they seek to tear down this country’s success rather than emulate it.


America’s ability and desire to defend Israel will define our future survival as a nation: ‘If Israel is destroyed,’ he says, ‘capitalist Europe will likely die as well, and America, as the epitome of productive and creative capitalism spurred by Jews, will be in jeopardy’.”


Trump and his coevals often talk about fighting for survival. Obviously, there’s a link between our democracy and Israel’s Judaic values, which are also present in America’s Judeo-Christian founding values.

Without those values, there is no individualism, no initiative, no rule of law, no capitalism anyone would want to live in, no progress, no prosperity and no moral framework of fairness and humility to God.

That’s why so many of these Trumps of various countries respond so strongly to defending Israel, against all expectations that since they are nationalists, they don’t think of any place but their own nation. The very values Israel embodies are the values of Trumpism. That explains why the support is so intense.

If this is right and I think it is, it tells us a lot about the importance of always supporting and defending Israel against the onslaught of barbarism. Israel is at the tip of the spear. When the Trump-like leaders of the world stand up for Israel, they are standing up for Western Civilization.

That is powerful and worthy of living for and dying for. For Israel, that can only be helpful as it expands.


Monica Showalter is a journalist whose analyses have appeared in Forbes, the Asia Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, and American Thinker.