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So is this a man, or a maggot?

He “needs…”

What a needy [expletive deleted].

Normal nations … and men … will fight and sacrifice themselves for their women and children. That’s the textbook definition of masculinity. That’s what Israel is doing as it seeks to defend itself against the monstrous terrorists who laid waste to the land and tortured and murdered 1,400 innocent women, children, elders and many others.

Now this creep wants to sacrifice his fiefdom’s women and children, presumably because he can’t motivate his minions to fight for his repellent cause otherwise.

On one level, that’s understandable, actually, because there’s nothing good about it. What’s more maggoty than going out and slaughtering innocent women, children, babies, handicapped people, and old people, which is what Hamas pulled on October 7? Anyone can kill the vulnerable. It takes a man to take up arms against actual warriors, which none of them are, nor do they have the courage to do.

So they’re not exactly manly to start with, (which may explains the strange attraction for their rotten cause by a tiny subgroup of far-left Western protestors with names like Gays for Palestine have for them. Some in their culture wouldn’t have much interest in the fate of ‘breeders’ either.)

Now this [expletive deleted] wants to sacrifice his own women and children to keep the boys motivated to keep on commiting terrorist acts.

He’s not some anomaly within Hamas, either. There’s also him:

It should be noted that the Hamas chief and his creepy minion talking about what Hamas tunnels are for are offering up these women and children for bloodshed from the pit of their luxury digs somewhere in Qatar and New York. Caviar for me, bombs for thee.

Only an insane person would want to fight for this group.

Men fight wars for the sake of their women, they don’t put them out there to be killed to stay motivated. What would a theoretical Hamas fighter be fighting for if not his women and children? Who would he have to go back home to once he presumably wins? No one. Which tells us a lot about what the aim here is — some kind of revolutionary fervor, and yes, I recall that Vo Nguyen Giap used to talk like this, too, in his memoirs of the war in Vietnam. The communist fanatic was always ready to sacrifice large groups of his countrymen for the sake of his terrible cause.

What this shows is that Israel is battled a depraved, diseased, demented force, one that can’t even get up in the morning without their wives’ and kids’ blood on the kitchen floor.

What’s scary is that they believe this garbage ideology and will gladly put women and children in the line of fire to keep their terrorism operation with all its slimy rat-house tunnels running forever.

Why the Gaza women put up with this creep volunteering their blood to keep the fellas motivated is a mystery — it’s as if they have a collective case of beaten-woman syndrome.

Israel is going to have a heck of a lot to deal with here as Joe Biden and all his leftist supporters cheer Hamas and attempt to halt any hosing out of Hamas and its terrorist operations.

This is no normal enemy Israel is confronting. This is a twisted, sick movement that would gladly volunteer others for death and destruction, while happily ensconcing themselves in safety and luxury, content to amass power and money.

It would be a fine thing to see just one of these women and children offered up for his blood sacrifices to get up the gumption to blow this monster away. Let it be his blood that gets sacrificed since that’s what he wants and let’s see how many people that motivates.

If he wants blood, let it be his.

Monica Showalter is a journalist whose analyses have appeared in Forbes, the Asia Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, and American Thinker.