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Article Archives


Welcome to the Happy New Year HFR!  We’re going to welcome 2024 by celebrating silver swans coming our way next year, rather than worrying over what black swan catastrophes the fear-mongers want to scare us with.

Not to be Pollyannish, we’ll discuss what dangers lurk ahead for there are plenty – but that’s worry-wart useless unless you couple solutions to them.  For silver swan is more than a metaphor.  The city of Perth lies along the Swan River in Western Australia. How about this from the Perth Mint which is legal tender there?



Now combine this with:


Well, maybe.  Walmart is today (12/29) selling 1oz silver bars for $35.80, while today’s spot price of silver is $23.73.  That’s an over 50% markup.  Only when Walmart can sell at close to spot can the bars be useful for legal tender purchases competing with fed reserve notes.

Is there a TTPer who can reach the office of Walmart CEO Doug McMillon to suggest the company hire a mint (several in the US who can do the job) to produce Walmart 1oz silver bars (small slivers actually) near spot price acceptable for payments in Walmart stores purchasing groceries and other items?

It would take a virtually costless simple change in Walmart cash register software to calculate the daily silver-to-fed note conversion rate.  Walmart should look at Walmart Silver Bars as not another marked-up-for-profit product but as a marketing method to greatly increase their business.

Note that Article I Section 10 of the Constitution specifies that while no US state may “coin money” itself, it may “make gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts.” Using Walmart Silver to buy Walmart groceries is fully legal – and with the price of groceries zooming up, paying in close to spot silver saves customers a lot.  Walmart too.

Scrooge McDuck Moves to Texas

In fact, Walmart could have a two-way credit/debit card paying in either silver or fed notes – or three-way with gold also – using the customer’s silver or gold deposited in the Texas State Bullion Depository vault that you read about in Skye’s Links 4/13/23.

Walmart would be paving the way for remonetizing silver and even gold, what could save us all from the horrific inflation of everyday prices (like for food and household supplies) inescapable next year with our federal deficit increasing exponentially while the increasingly heavier ball-and-chain of federal regulation weighs the economy down underwater.

Now that’s a Silver Swan for ’24!




How about creating your own silver swans in 2024?  That sure is what Rebel and I are doing.  We’d like to invite you to join us on our Adventure Albania exploration on this spectacularly fascinating part of Europe in April.

You’ll experience thrilling adventure combined with magnificent World Heritage Site history, charming hotels, great food, marvelous wine, and wonderfully hospitable people so easy to make friends with along our journey. Oh… did we mention gorgeous beaches on the unknown Albanian Riviera?

All the details and lots of cool photos are in the Adventure Albania link.  You’ll also notice it in home page left sidebar.  All the 2023 trips are gone, to be replaced with those of 2024.


rh-at-azenhas-do-marRebel at Azenhas do Mar, Portuguese Riviera

In addition, many of you have asked us to offer our Portugal Exploration again next year, so here it is, in early May.  Rebel and I always have a wonderful time showing our friends our favorite country in Europe, so much so that Rebel has taught herself to be fluent in Portuguese!

Adventure Albania and Portugal Exploration… These are our first two Silver Swans for you to choose from in 2024, with more to come posted on TTP in coming weeks.  Make 2024 a Silver Swan year for you, your family and friends!




The question we’re all asking at this point is:  will 2024 be a Silver or Black Swan year for America? We’ll get to the World later.

There’s no doubt that the chances of truly destructive black swans will remain scarily high for 2024.  So many social, cultural, economic and political pressure cookers are at the max and can blow completely apart.

Chief among them is the determination of Dems to cheat their way to victory in ’24 as they did in ’20. Even though enormous numbers of voters know they will, the Dems feel they have no choice, as cheating is the only way they have to win since their policies are enormously unpopular.

At that point, too many people may decide, if it’s not the ballot box it’s the cartridge box.  That’s a Black Swan horror. The Silver Swan would be, as one example, to support Judicial Watch in its campaign to purge state “dirty voter” rolls:  Judicial Watch Gets Court Order to Remove 100,000 Ineligible Voters from DC ‘Dirty Voter’ Rolls.  JW has lawsuits to do the same in California, Illinois, and elsewhere.

Donate to Judicial Watch here.


Even more important – critically important – is for you to contact your state legislators to request they hire Jay Valentine’s Project Omega to expose election identity fraud in their state with his Fractal Technology.

You’ve been reading about Jay in TTP, such as his Ballot Harvesting – Only the Brain-Dead Believe It Now.

Familiarize yourself first with Jay’s Omega4America site, and his Project Omega. Understand that his company does not accept donations; his funding is through paying customers using his Fractal Technology.

(Note that Omega4America does support donations to the Election Fairness Institute, which works on related issues such as examining “vote-by-mail” envelope signature fraud.)

Then, if you have contacts among state legislators or election official in your state, blue or red, contact Omega4America here to see how you could help.

All of us must do what we can to prevent the election theft of 2020 from happening again next year.  For without that Silver Swan, it’s truly Black Swan catastrophic.




As Skye asked yesterday:

“How do all those illegal migrants get here?  Ever notice that these hordes are always wearing clean serviceable clothes not filthy rags in tatters? That they’re not dying of thirst or hunger?  Where do they get food, water, clothes, shelter, transportation?  How is all this and more provided and by whom?  It is a grand racket:

“Mass Migration Blueprints” Reveal NGOs “Carefully Planned” US Migrant Invasion, Report Says


Note, however, the link does not identify the source of the billions of dollars paying for illegals to get here.  Surely they can’t pay for the thousands of dollars each to the Mexico drug cartels to smuggle them in, much less  for their clean nice clothes, food, water, etc. etc.

So who? Soros? China? Hate America Democrat billionaires? All in cahoots?  Here’s something to focus on – only a few percent of these invading hordes are women and kids; the vast majority of them are military-age men.  Consider the implications.

Especially combined with these disgusting masses of protesting Palestinian Nazis all over the place, even at the site of 9/11 in New York yesterday (12/28).  How many of these pro-terrorist dirtbags are in our country and why are they allowed to still be here?

This symbiosis makes Black Swan multiple terrorist attacks throughout America virtually inevitable next year, as we already have criminal insanity running amok allowing open borders and berserk Pali-Nazi demos, with no calls in Congress to have Mayorkas tried and executed for treason and the Palis deported en masse.

We are rapidly reaching a Constitutional crisis.  Last week (12/18), Texas Gov. Abbott signed into law making illegal immigration a state crime, allowing law enforcement to arrest illegal immigrants and state judges to order them forcibly removed from our country.

Yesterday (12/28) came the DemFascist response:  DOJ Threatens To Sue Texas Over Anti-Illegal Immigration Law; Abbott Prepared For Supreme Court Fight.  It should be clear that this is unvarnished treason.  Texas has every right to repel a foreign invasion from another country with their armed National Guard, especially when the federal government refuses its constitutional duty to do so.


As Elon notes today (12/29):



The good news is that the situation is becoming completely intolerable even in blue cities like Chicago and Manhattan.  So we best hope for a full Silver Swan political rebellion that puts a full stop to this treasonous insanity and soon.  We don’t have the time to wait until January 2025 for this solution to be in effect.  It is the solution, but we have to TCB until then:




Yes, I said we’d get to answering, Will 2024 be a Silver or Black Swan year for the World? Fact is, the world is way too big for one answer.

So let’s select two Silver Swans I see on the world map – one emerging at the start of 2024, one emerging before it ends.


And he’s just getting started.  Javier Milei is the world’s freshest breath of freedom’s air today.  Details of what is in his huge deregulation bill is here: Argentina’s Javier Milei Sends Giant Deregulation ‘Omnibus’ Bill to Congress.  Milei’s Silver Swan success will quickly make Argentina the world’s best place to invest.  Hopefully, a plethora of other countries will follow his lead.


The Silver Swan to come by the close of 2024 will be Ukraine.

Ukrainians are fighting for their families’ and country’s survival, while Russians have lost their desire to fight, suffer, and die by the tens of thousands for Putin’s megalomania.  Ukraine will win its war of freedom from Russian Imperialism because Russia will lose and come apart – which, as TTP has been documenting all year now, is what China’s Xi is waiting for.

Three updates this week:

NUKES OF HAZARD: Putin’s Top General In Charge Of Russia’s ‘Satan-2’ Doomsday Nuclear Weapons Is Suddenly ARRESTED In Shock Scandal.


Such corruption makes it impossible for Putin to trust that his nuclear arsenal has been properly maintained so warheads won’t fizzle or blow up on the launch pad.

Putin Ally Dies Falling From House Window, Latest In Spate Of Mysterious Russian Deaths.  His people are getting suicided with noticeable regularity.

VLAD’S END: Putin Will Be Ousted In ‘Black Swan’ Palace Coup Over Botched War – And Could Vanish Tomorrow, Warns Former CIA Chief.


I know Jack Devine, and know he’s the real deal, not some politicized spook like what we have now.  He’s Old School who uses his many contacts very wisely.

So by 2024’s end, the Black Swan will be Putin’s end, the Silver Swan will be Ukraine rising from Russian-made ruins to be competing with Argentina as the best place on earth to invest.




So let’s look forward to 2024, prepared for Black Swans and working to create Silver Swans – especially your own. (Like with Rebel and me in Albania!).

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with joy.  Happy New Year to you all.