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sheynnis-palaciosWelcome to the Christmas HFR!  Sorry for the clickbait photo to start but for three reasons.  First she is real, not a figment of AI.  She’s Sheynnis Palacios, Miss Universe 2023, having won the crown last month.

Second, she won as Miss Nicaragua, a first for her country and all Central America.  Beauty pageants are enormously popular throughout Latin America, with winners idolized as much as any movie or sports star.  But Nicaragua is brutally run by a Communist dictator, Daniel Ortega – and Sheynnis participated in a 2018 protest demonstration against his rule violently suppressed by his stormtroopers.

The Miss Universe 2023 contest was held in El Salvador, and when Ortega learned of her protest attendance (just attended, in no way was she an organizer), and of the many thousands of her worshipful admirers ready to greet her flight arrival in Managua, he declared her persona non grata, inventing this justification, headlined:  Miss Universe Winner At Center Of Alleged Plot To Overthrow Nicaraguan Government.

The third reason is personal.  Not only is Ortega an irretrievably evil fascist dictator in bed with Cuba’s Castro and Iran’s Mullahs, he had his gunmen murder a dear friend of mine, Enrique Bermudez, leader of the Contra guerrillas opposed to Danny’s Communist Sandinistas.

Nicaragua’s neighbors of El Salvador and Costa Rica are currently run by conservative Trump admirers, Nayib Bukele and Rodrigo Chaves respectively.  They are now eyeing the opportunity to support growing massive opposition to Ortega.  Sheynnis can’t be a part, remaining in silent exile, as Ortega has threatened to kill her parents if she does.

Nonetheless, she may have sparked the removal of the fascist grotesquerie of Ortega’s rule.  Congratulations, Miss Universe!





Now let’s turn the best and happiest news of the week:


WHAT???  This abomination on Tuesday (12/19) is good news??  Yes, absolutely, couldn’t be better – for El Donaldo especially and the entire GOP, indeed all America in general.  Let’s count the ways.


First, the ruling is complete nonsense.  This going to be fun.  Under Section 3 of the 14thA, you say?  Well, here it is entire, read carefully please:

“No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.”


The Congressional authors of the 1868 amendment were very careful here.  A lot of people are included – Members of Congress, Electors, officers of the US, etc., etc. – but guess who is not?  Yep, the President himself (or VP for that matter), as he is not an appointed officer of the US, while others elected are mentioned by name.

This is no accident, comrades.  The authors specifically wanted Section 3 not to apply to the President.

Second, an “insurrection” has to be armed or else it’s just a protest or riot.  No shots were fired by any of the Jan6 protestors, the only ones by the cop who murdered Ashli Babbit in cold blood and who should be in Leavenworth.  The “insurrection” was non-existent.

Third,  Trump has already been tried for this alleged crime and been found Not Guilty – it violates Double Jeopardy laws for a court to find him guilty again.  In this case, the Pelosi House impeached Trump for “incitement of insurrection” on January 13, 2021, and on February 13, 2021, the Senate held a trial on this accusation and found him Not Guilty.

Fourth, neither the Colorado Supreme Court or any lower court held an actual trial with due process for the defendant, no witnesses, no evidence, just the Jan6 Committee hearings.  The ruling fully violates any due process rights of the defendant.

Fifth, no state court has any authority to rule on how Section 3 is to be invoked – only Congress does.


No wonder Chicom China’s Global Times gloated over Democrats using law as “a political weapon” against Trump:

“The court applied a never-before-used provision of the Fourteenth Amendment to make its conclusion, leading many to question the legal logic of the ruling, particularly given that Trump has not been indicted on insurrection grounds, charged with sedition, or otherwise legally accused of any relevant criminal activity.”


Bullseye.  But there’s so much more for us to gloat over.


First, SCOTUS will toss the Colorado ruling out on its ear.  The only question for such constitutional legal scholars like Jonathan Turley is, will the decision be unanimous or not?  Turley eloquently argues that it’s important for the Court to rule 9-0 to demonstrate unanimity in defense of democracy itself and the rule of law.


Second, it has already dawned on the GOP that this is a two-edged sword – that a Red State Supreme Court can rule that Joe Biden is disqualified for running for reelection on the grounds he has not only incited but is conducting an on-going insurrection at our southern border, and further, that via the 25th Amendment he is unable to perform presidential duties due to his senile dementia.

Haven’t Dems ever heard of “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”?  Or are they too stupid to figure that out?


Third, whichever, the Dems have jumped the fascist shark.  It is now unavoidably obvious that Democrats no longer advocate democracy and the rule of law.  That’s been obvious to us for years – now it’s finally and at last dawning on much of the electorate at large who can never again look at Democrats with trust.  Dems are fascists who rule by power and submission, not at the choice of voters.


Fourth, this scandalous ruling has made Trump’s nomination and reelection just about guaranteed.

For the ruling so vividly displays that the Woke Left Dems are terrified of Donald Trump.  This is not the case with any other GOP candidate – they don’t like RDS, Nikki, Vivek et al, but they don’t scare the wits out Dems like Donaldo.


Given the increasingly widespread revulsion of what the Dems are doing to America – from tranny-worship and resultant child abuse to unlivable cities’ mass homelessness and fecal streets to mass illegal invasion to food prices too expensive to eat, on and on and on – many many millions of voters are going to decide:

“There’s a guy running for president who terrifies the Left out of their minds, who they know will rip their political guts out the minute he gets in the White House?  I WANT THAT GUY!”


Thanks, Demtards, for doing this to yourselves.  It’s much appreciated.



Stephen Miller
Senior Advisor to President Trump | Founder, America First Legal

One of the brightest folks in the Trump White House was Steve Miller.  Yesterday, he wrote a Twitter/X missive to Congress and all concerned citizens urging upon them the critical importance of taking the action suggested above.  It’s too long for a short inserted quote, so it is appended in full below.  Entitled “The Hour Is Late,” I encourage you to read and reflect upon it – and forward it to all you know who could profit from it.




No, it’s not surrender:


So you wonder – what took them so long: Texas Takes On Biden: Gov. Greg Abbott Enacts Sweeping New Powers Allowing Cops To Arrest Illegal Migrants And Boot Them Back To Mexico – Setting Up Showdown With The White House.

That was Monday (12/18). By yesterday (12/20): Migrants Are Being Held For Days At A Time At Eagle Pass Are Seen Passing Out As THOUSANDS Crowd Into Makeshift Pen With No Roof Over Their Heads Because ALL Border Patrol Facilities In Texas Are At Capacity.

So when does Abbott boot them back?  C’mon, Greg!  Obey your own law!  Meanwhile, how do you feed these folks?  We suggest Purina Monkey Chow. Actually it’s very nutritious, far healthier than the diet these people have ever been on.  The one drawback is, it’s boring to eat.  But… beggars can’t be choosers!




More good news for Trump.  This afternoon (12/22): Supreme Court REJECTS Request To Fast-Track Trump’s Immunity Case: Win For Ex-President As Justices Rebuff Jack Smith’s Bid To Expedite And Increase Chances Trial Could Be Delayed.

Garland’s phony special prosecutor Jack Smith took it in the shorts today.  He’s desperate to get a conviction before Trump sweeps the primaries and now that’s gone with the SCOTUS wind.  The decision could have something to do with my friend Ed Meese’s amicus brief to the Court.

Ed and his lawyers cogently explained that the office Smith holds has not been created by Congress and his appointment violates the “Appointments Clause” of the Constitution, that Garland improperly appointed Smith to an office that does not exist with authority Garland does not possess.  Thus everything Smith has done since November 2022 is null and void.  Say goodnight, Mr. Smith.




Obviously, Georgia has a 2-digit IQ lunatic justice system.  He’ll never pay anything of course, as he’ll win on federal appeal.  In the meantime, Rudy was very smart to immediately declare bankruptcy after the verdict.  That’s because bankruptcy is federal court law, so no state, Georgia or any other, can seize a dime of his money until his appeals fail, which they won’t. Rudy’ll be fine.




The Daily Mail has no such word qualms: Harvard’s President Claudine Gay Faces 40 New Allegations Of Plagiarism: Latest Claims Refer To Seven Publications She’s Written And Include ‘Entire Paragraphs Lifted From Other Sources’

Even though the NYTimes can’t use the right word, the walls are closing in on Harvard’s DEI president. As Elon observes:




Elon is a follower of End Wokeness.  So am I. You might consider it.  Two examples from Bulgaria and New Zealand that you may not heard of.




And here’s a nice feel-good must-read for this week: Progressives Worry About So Many Former Comrades Drifting to the Right.  The more the merrier!



Speaking of merry….


To all TTPers… Miko, Skye, I and the TTP team wish you a gloriously merry Christmas full of good cheer and deepest appreciation for those we hold dear and the privilege of our existing in this extraordinary world.  Live in gratitude on this coming Christmas Day and all days to come.




Stephen Miller
Senior Advisor to President Trump | Founder, America First Legal


TO CONGRESS AND CONCERNED CITIZENS: Joe Biden has an inviolable legal, moral and constitutional duty to defend our border — and to deter, detain and deport those who violate it.

Biden has willfully and lawlessly abrogated that duty and instead implemented, by choice and design, the largest resettlement scheme in the history of the world: mass relocating and releasing MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of illegals into our cities at an immeasurable cost in human suffering and human lives.

Child trafficking. Labor trafficking. Sex trafficking. The vilest abuse at an industrial scale. Torment and torture. Modern-day slavery.

Communities bankrupted. Hospitals drowning. Towns besieged. Police incapacitated. Schools overrun. Our children’s education shipwrecked. Our nation’s finances drained dry.

Drug overdoses. Fentanyl deaths. Gangland executions. One preventable crime, one preventable assault, one preventable murder after another — all perpetrated by those who have no right whatsoever to be here.

Criminal trespassers escorted into our neighborhoods by our own government with our own taxpayer dollars. Our border nullified. Our immigration laws suspended. Our sovereignty terminated. Our social fabric rended and unraveled. Our asylum system corrupted and disfigured beyond recognition.

Citizens robbed, trampled, disenfranchised. Cartels enriched, emboldened, empowered. An endless nightmare train of indignity and horror.

All engineered and orchestrated by the criminal regime at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. An Administration without conscience. Without remorse. Without a twinge of human regret for the death and devastation they have wrought.

The temples of our laws smashed and broken. The citadel of human achievement now a squalid refugee camp. Our Constitution discarded. Our Republic lowered into the deepest state of humiliation.

The choice now is to love America or lose it forever.

Remove Biden from the ballot for leading this deadly insurrection. Impeach him. Impeach Mayorkas. Make all appropriate criminal referrals to DOJ.

Defund all releases of illegals. Prohibit all further resettlement. Vote all day, every day, if that is what it takes to expose the Democrats’ total, radical and unrelenting complicity in this monstrous conspiracy against this nation and its people.

For there is not nearly so much time as you think. The hour is late.

1:10 AM · Dec 21, 2023