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Speakers blasting – no better way to start this HFR with Brooks & Dunn celebrating American masculinity that terrifies Woketards everywhere! If this B&D performance doesn’t put you in a great mood then nothing will.  So here we go…

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) has to be the HFR Hero of the Week for straight nuking the woketard presidents of MIT, Harvard, and Penn Universities:  “All three of you should resign!”

Questioning University Presidents on Antisemitism, Stefanik Goes Viral is the NY Times headline yesterday (12/07).  UPenn has already lost  a $100 million donation with Penn President Liz Magill Facing Pressure to Resign After Antisemitism Debacle.


As for Claudine Gay – an obviously-by-now affirmative action hire – Harvard University Alums Say President Claudine Gay Should Resign After Shocking Testimony About Antisemitism On Campus, while Harvard President’s Attempt To ‘Cleanup’ Antisemitism Statement Flops On Social Media: ‘It’s too late now’.

All in all, the NY Post yesterday sums up this massive defeat for woketardism.  Yuge thanks to Elise Stefanik!





And how beautiful is this?  NY Post this morning (12/08):


Well, Hallelujah! This morning: Hunter Biden Indicted on Nine Tax-Related Charges, Three Felonies.  You can read the full DOJ Indictment filed by Special Counsel David Weiss here: United States of America v. Robert Hunter Biden.

The Daily Mail headlines it this way: Hunter Biden Spent A Staggering $872K On Prostitutes, Porn And Sex Club Memberships And Took $1.6 M From Atms: First Son’s Wild Spending Is Laid Out In Tax Evasion Case That Could Land Him 17 YEARS In Jail And Is A Disaster For Dad Joe’s Campaign.  That sums it up nicely, doesn’t it?  Merry Christmas, America.

The DM had this as a follow-up: Experts Say Hunter Biden’s Tax Evasion Indictment Is A ‘Nuclear Bomb’ For Joe’s Re-Election And Makes President Sound Like ‘Lying’ Bill Clinton For Claiming He Did Not Know About Son’s Business Dealings.

“George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley said the bombshell news makes it impossible for the president refute he had ties to his son’s business dealings and that denying it is comparable to Bill Clinton claiming he did not have relations with Monica Lewinsky.


‘I mean, basically [Biden is] saying ‘I did not have interactions with those people’,’ Turley said on Fox News. ‘It didn’t work for Clinton. And it’s even more insulting here.  But what the president is facing is a trap of his own making. He ran for office promising, assuring, the American people that he had no knowledge of these transactions’.”


What are the brass tacks here?  Biden’s AG Merrick Garland greenlighted Weiss’ indictment that screws his boss.  Meaning, Garland’s real boss is someone else.  And that would be the guy who’s been pulling Joe’s strings all this time… the guy TTP has been calling Zero since 2008.

It’s very hard to see how FJB can maintain his second-term candidacy for much longer.  He could pull a 1968-LBJ just to stay in office for another year, but his son’s incriminating indictment timed with his impending impeachment by the House — The House Will Vote Next Week On Formalizing Its Biden Impeachment Inquiry, Speaker Johnson Says yesterday (12/07) — greatly increases the likelihood that he’ll have to do a 1974-Nixon and resign (for health reasons of course).

With that, Zero’s plan comes into view.  With Joe back to his basement in Delaware, Kamala immediately becomes president – who must then appoint a Vice-President.  Right…. Michelle.  Part of the deal, natch, is Kamala’s agreeing she’ll just be a placeholder for the duration of the term, paving the way for Vice-President Michelle to easily gain the Dem nomination next July and win going away in November. Zero has the third term he’s wanted.

Will enough voters see through this scam to prevent it?  That’s a life-or-death question for America.



Need a break from that?  We’ve had boot-stompin’ country rock, so how about one of my favorite classical composers, Camille Saint-Saëns, to get you revved up again?  Enjoy Saint-Saëns’ Bacchanal from his opera Samson and Delilah, composed in 1877, American conductor James Gaffigan at the baton of the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra in Utrecht, Netherlands:



Feeling better now?  And by the way, if you or have friends who are terribly worried that AI is going end humanity, here’s proof that AI is not ready for prime time:




Wow!  Is TTP prescient or what?!

TTP Nov 7: How to Defeat Hamas Fast, Cheap, and Easy: “To eradicate Hamas and ensure safe passage for the hostages, the IDF should flood the tunnels with seawater.”

Wall Street Journal Dec 4: Israel Weighs Plan to Flood Gaza Tunnels With Seawater.

TTP Archive Dec 4, original Oct 28, 2004: The Death Of Palestinianism: “Only through a Götterdammerung that purges Palestinian Arabs of their terrorist mentality and their fantasy of obliterating Israel do they have any chance of creating a culture with a future.”

Times of Israel, Dec 6: Israeli TV: Gaza Residents Increasingly Directing Anger At Hamas Over War.



You know how the Dutch farmers infuriated with their woke government for ruining their lives in the name of “climate change” got Geert Wilders elected?  Well, French farmers are just as mad.  How mad, you ask?  In Brittany, they are spraying agricultural bureaucracy buildings with cow manure.  Gotta love it:

12/06 Brest, Brittany, France



They call Argentina’s just-elected president (to be sworn in Sunday 12/10) Javier Milei “The Trump of the Pampas.”  It would be nice if it were the other way around. For Milei, for all his madcap showmanship, has taught economics at university level with a scholar’s grasp of free market capitalism.

This is education that Trump lacks.  El Donaldo is scheduled to visit him soon, possibly next week.  Hope he has come to learn from Milei.  Watch this short clip (better with the sound off unless you speak Spanish, just see the English translation) to see why. Milei is the real deal. If he succeeds in transforming Argentina from poverty to prosperity, his impact will be enormous.



Speaking of Donald Trump…


On Monday (12/04), the Daily Mail headlined: California Lake Is Sitting On Top Of The Largest Lithium Reservoir On The Globe, Official Analysis Shows – Sparking Race To Extract $540 BILLION-Worth Of White Gold.

What’s this got to do with PDJT? To begin with, the DM never manages to explain who or what owns the Salton Sea.  Turns out, via the Salton Sea Authority, that most all of it is owned by the federalies under the management of the Interior Dept. So they would get royalties on that half-trillion.

That’s just a drop in the sea – literally.  Ever hear of the BOEM?  That’s the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.  They manage federalie ownership of America’s offshore continental shelves and all its energy and mineral resources.

That comprises 2.5 billion acres or 3.9 million square miles, bigger than the entire land area of all 50 states:


Trump got a lot howling about how he’d be a Dictator (12/05) when he took office again – on the first day only, he said to Sean Hannity, “I want to close the border, and I want to drill, drill, drill.”

Okay, Donald – want to guarantee your reelection?  Announce your policy will be to drill, drill, drill all the oil, gas, and minerals  in the BOEM’s as much as can be safely and environmentally recoverable with all the federal royalties in the trillions of sales dedicated to the Social Security/Medicare Trust fund so Americans can be completely confidant they’ll be taken care of in their senior years.

He could also do the same for the federalie-owned 2+ million acres of US land area, dedicating those royalties to reducing the federal deficit.

Note to all TTPers:  if you know anyone in the Trump campaign, pass this on to them.  If you are for RDS instead, do the same.




Did you watch the GOP candidate debate last Wednesday night?  Neither did I.  Christie bashed Trump.  Vivek played the arrogant high-caste Brahmin he is, Nikki and RDS bickered. Miss anything?  Guess not.  As the HFR said before, it’s soon down to Nikki and Ron – and the elephant in the room.




Here’s a history question.  How many wars has the Venezuela Military – the National Bolivarian Armed Forces of Venezuela —  been in?  How much experience does it have in actual combat with a foreign enemy?

This has relevance since the country’s dictator Maduro is threatening war with its neighbor Guyana.  Yesterday (12/07): Is South America Heading For WAR? Venezuelan President Maduro Has Sparked Fears Across The Continent With Vow To Take Oil-Rich Guyana Territory, , With Brazil Sending Troops To Its Border.

In the northeast corner of South America between Venezuela and Brazil are three countries:  Guyana, former British Guiana; Surinam, former Dutch Guiana, and Inini, or French Guiana as it’s still a French colony home to the French Guiana Space Center satellite launch site.

In the 19th century, the British had a continuing border dispute with Venezuela which claimed two-thirds of British Guiana as their territory of Essequibo after the river of the same name.  The dispute was settled in 1899 but the Venezuelans have been bitching about ever since.

Then in 2015, ExxonMobil discovered huge crude reserves in Essequibo and offshore in the Atlantic, estimated at 11 billion barrels. Guyana’s production today is 600,000 barrels per day (bpd), expected to double in the next few years.

Now Maduro threatens military seizure to colonially conquer Guyana – never mind the fact that his country has 30 times the oil reserves, yet his PVDSA state oilco is too corrupt to produce it. On Sunday (12/03), Maduro held a referendum to gain voter approval of the Essequibo seizure, claiming the next day he had 95% approval.

Turns out that was a fake: Maduro Vote To Claim Guyana’s Territory Backfires As Venezuelans Stay Home.  It also turns out that the consortium which produces Guyana’s oil is owned 45% by Exxon Mobil, 30% by Chevron, and 25% by Chinas’s state oilco CNOOC (per

No way the Chicoms are going to let Maduro get his greasy hands on their oil.  Nor are the Brits, nor the Brazilians whose President Lula take his orders from the Chicoms, nor is the US Navy. All it would take to wipe out Maduro’s Soviet-age tanks (provided by Putin) is a few Predator Drones with Hellfire missiles, and Venezuela’s one and only war (if it ever starts) will be over in a New York second.

For, you see, the history question above is a trick question: the answer is None.  Venezuela has never fought a single war since its independence in 1830, its military has never seen a single day of combat with a foreign enemy.

Expect a coup overthrowing him soon after his humiliation.



Oh, speaking of Putin: Russians’ Support Of Ukraine War Collapses, Finds Poll By Moscow-Based Research Group (12/02)

And yes, suspicions confirmed today (12/08): Putin DOES Use Body Doubles And Has ‘Clean Zone’ Where Staff Have To Quarantine Before Getting Close To Him, Russian Investigation Proves




We started with Brooks & Dunn, we’re ending with them too.  This is their ode to our country masterpiece.  I cry every time I watch it and so will you, tears of gratitude for the existence of the United States of America.

The Left hates it, but we love it, and that’s why we will triumph over them.