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dont-ask-the-stabberThis Babylon Bee spoof is so close to the truth you don’t whether to laugh or cringe. It’s exactly why, as Skye pointed out yesterday, the Irish are finally rebelling against their woke girlieman PM doing next to nothing about the flood of immigrants running amok in their country.

And as he links to, the same thing is forcing governments in Sweden, Holland, Germany and the UK to take drastic action.  So the question obviously is now, when will the American people rebel for real against the open borders insanity ruining America?  And the crushing of our 1st Amendment by the Dem fascisti?

Speed is of the essence now.  Constitutional lawyer Jonathan Turley wrote yesterday (11/30):

The Irish Government Moves to Crackdown on Free Speech After Anti-Immigration Riot.


What Turley finds “particularly chilling” was Irish Green Party Sen. Pauline O’Reilly’s rationale for supporting Varadkar’s fascist anti-free speech law:  “We are restricting freedom, but we’re doing it for the common good.”

That is always the Fascist-Nazi-Left argument epitomized by Adolf Hitler as the foundational principle of his National Socialist Program for government, first presented in 1920, the document’s only words in capital letters: GEMEINNUTZ GEHT VOR EIGENNUTZ!  “The common good before the individual good.”


Turley observes:

“That is all it takes to get citizens to surrender core rights, a declaration that fewer rights is better for the common good. It has become a Siren Call on the left not just abroad but in the United States.”


Although Conor McGregor is as violent as you can get against an opponent in the MMA Octagon, he totally opposes mob street violence over government policies.  He loves this, for example: Irish Villagers Erect Roadblocks To Stop Government From Bussing Migrants Into Their Community.

It’s the Ghandhi-Martin Luther King passive resistance solution of peaceful civil disobedience.  When do we start doing this en masse across the country?  Like other countries are doing, such as Argentina and Holland.




Forbes this week (11/28): Geert Wilders And Javier Milei May Be Just The Start: Major Political Upsets May Become The Norm.  Maybe, especially in the US.  But as TTPer Mike Ryan revealed on the Forum, Milei’s victory was only because:

“Argentina placed federal troops in polling places and arrested several Marxist poll intimidation cells immediately prior to the second round of elections. They uncovered hundreds of thousands of ballots pre-checked for the other guy.


Argentina counted 32 million paper ballots in one day. Arizona was unable to count 2.5 million machine ballots in one week. 


Election integrity is possible in the USA too, but not until we recognize that America is no longer a high-trust, high integrity society. The barbarians are within the gates.” 


It’s mortally important for the survival of our country that the Dems are prevented from rigging 2024 as they did in 2020.  Those “federal troops” were on order from the Argentine military, not the Peronist government.  If Bolsonaro had done the same in Brazil, Chicom stooge Lula would not have stolen his presidency.

You can bet our Woke Pentagon won’t do the same for Trump.  Nor for any GOPer.  To what extent they, along with the FBI & CIA, will aid election rigging next year is an open question.  Will they all be cahoots with the woke media and social media as in 2020?  At least they won’t have Musk’s Twitter-X who will fight them all the way.

One thing Trump could do is beat the loudest drum he can 24×7 for election integrity, Photo Voter ID, major restrictions on mail-in ballots (like sending them out only to registered voters who have responded “yes” to a previous mailed request asking if they want one), etc.

After all, Rasmussen reports (11/27): 56 Percent Of Voters Believe Cheating Is Likely To Happen In 2024 Election.

Alas, I have little confidence in him doing this – because he received a memo in April 2020 released on TTP and did nothing… so he lost.  Please take the time to read Memo to the President on a Solution to Voter Fraud (TTP, April 16, 2020), and share your thoughts on the Forum on what can be done now at this late date.


Just remember:


And never forget:




At this moment, it looks like El Donaldo has the GOP nomination sewn up in a bag.  So here’s a memory I have.

It was January 2008.  I was attending a luncheon of conservative leaders on Capitol Hill.  By consensus, they all agreed that Hillary would be the Dem nominee, no doubt at all, done deal. Obama’s candidacy was toast.

I averred.  “I dunno about that.  Remember when Howard Dean had it sewn up this time four years ago, in ’04?  That was before the “Dean Scream” that submarined him.  Okay, she just won (the January 3 primary) in New Hampshire, but I’m with Yogi Berra, “It’s never over until it’s over.” And it wasn’t, of course.

Last night (11/30) on Fox, Ron DeSantis nuked, obliterated, wiped the floor with, the presidentially telegenic governor of the biggest electoral state in the US whom everyone thought a shoo-in for the Dem nomination once Xiden drops out.  Not anymore.


Breitbart reader Helen posted her summation:

“This was a disaster for Newsom! He was a fool to try to tout his leadership in Commiefornia! It’s like trying to watch Hillary squeeze into a string bikini! Really gross, stupid, ridiculous, but hilariously laughable!!!! DeSantis is ripping Newsom apart like a lion on a wounded baboon!”


How?  Like this:

Then DeSantis administered the coup de grace:

Goodnight, Gavin.  Good morning, Ron.

Watch for RDS to start rising in the polls again.  What I don’t want to see is RDS vs DJT in a cage fight beating each other bloody.  But Trump can’t remain on Olympus much longer, he’s got to get in the arena.

Evidently it won’t be next Wednesday (12/6), in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for the 4th debate, down to only DeSantis, Haley, and Vivek, and maybe Christie (let’s hope not).  Vivek is fading fast, so soon it’ll be down to Haley & RDS.  How long can DJT avoid them?  Or can he just stay on Olympus?  Until March 5th?

The GOP Primary/Caucus 2024 schedule is pretty thin until Super Tuesday on March 5 when it’s for all the marbles.  Until then, Yogi’s wisdom holds, “It’s never over until it’s over.”



Now this is funny!


Grok is Elon’s AI competition to other LLMs (Large Language Models) like ChatGPT.  It’s better because it’s “training sets” are better. Here’s an article that attempts to explain: “Grok-1 has been trained using a custom training and inference stack based on Kubernetes, Rust, and JAX.” Not too helpful.

But the article has this interesting comparison.  Look at the numbers for math comprehension.


Pretty bad, huh?  That highlights a fundamental AI weakness demonstrating that it’s not going to terminate humanity.  That is, AI is incapable of real innovation, it’s simply a massive accumulation of existing data, then computes the odds of one word following another.

That’s why it can’t do simple math as good as fourth grader, because a LLM like ChatGPT cannot perform math calculations, it is just predicting the next text in a sequence based on a language model. User a calculator instead.

So even with Grok, all answers are based on what’s used to barf out statistics in training sets.  Musk is just smarter and more honest, so his training sets are less biased and even capable of being funny.




Now for some delightful international news.  The nine-mile long Severomuysky Tunnel is a critical part of the Siberian railway that transports weaponry from missiles to ammunition from North Korea and China to arm the Russian Occupying Army in Ukraine 2,500 miles away.

On Wednesday (11/29), operatives of the SSU Ukraine Security Service together with anti-Putin Russian partisans blew it up: Bomb Blitz Attack Obliterates Russia’s Longest Railway Tunnel Severing Key Freight Link With China.

Last night (11/30), when Russians began to use a detour route going through the so-called Devil’s Bridge, as anticipated by the SSU, another military supply train was destroyed setting six fuel tankers on fire. Reported by Russia’s Telegram channel: Ukraine’s Security Service Blows Up Another Train On Russian Railway.

Earlier in the week, over 1,000 miles from Ukraine: Huge Explosion Rips Through Russian Factory Making Tanks To Fight Ukraine In Blow To Vladimir Putin’s War Effort.

All this while Newsweek reports: Ukraine Is Winning Artillery War Against Russia.

Slava Ukraini!



pirate-moneyPirate Money on Amazon

Let’s close with something pro-freedom intriguing. The Founders’ hidden plan, Freeman says, of hiding in plain sight.  It’s Article I, Section 10, Clause 1.2 of the Constitution, which says: “No state shall…make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debt.”

Clearly, that means any US state constitutionally and legally can make gold and silver coin as money to pay bills and buy stuff.  There are now bills in the Texas House (HB4903) and Senate (SB2334) requiring the comptroller to establish a gold-backed digital currency that citizens may buy.

The Texas government would physically hold the gold in its bullion depository (authorized in TX Gov. Code Sec. 2116) on behalf of buyers, who could transact with the digital currency and redeem it in gold or cash if and when they want to.

Freeman explains how any state, not just Texas can do this.  His argument is summarized here: Pirate Money: A Surprising Constitutional Bulwark Against the Tyranny of the Great Reset.

I think this is a great idea with a terrible name: “pirate” money.  Pirates are thieves, this is real money. It’s the federal government monopoly over money with paper that’s thievery. So forget the stupid name.  But read the book.  Hey, Kevin!  How about calling it Freedom Money instead?