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If you’re paying no attention to the man above who made headlines around the world this week, I understand. If Fatima Florez was standing next to a fire-red Ferrari SF90, you’d never notice the car.

Who is she?  Argentina’s next Eva Peron.  Javier Milei’s lioness.  Before she became that this week, she was famous for her celebrity impersonations – like her of Michael Jackson:


Now she’ll be idolized as Argentina’s First Lady – as will Javier if he succeeds in rescuing their country from its seemingly incurable sickness of socialism.



So… Welcome to the Thanksgiving Weekend HFR.  Hope you enjoyed my The Lesson of Thanksgiving ereyesterday (11/22).  And a sumptuous feast with family and friends yesterday.  Let’s have fun now.

After all – how Schadenfreudelicious is it that we can celebrate while woketards can’t be thankful for the USA?

Relish this: Latin American Leftists Melt Down over Javier Milei’s Presidential Victory in Argentina.


While the American he’s compared to says: Donald Trump Tells Javier Milei He Will Visit President-Elect in Argentina, hailing Milei as the man who will “Make Argentina Great Again!”

“Milei has, for years, been supportive of Trump’s policies in the United States… As a presidential candidate, Milei praised Trump as ‘one of the few who fully understood that the fight is against socialists, it’s against statists, and perfectly understood that the generation of wealth comes from the private sector’.”


By contrast: Argentina’s Libertarian President Milei Will Be a Nightmare for Biden.

“Milei’s love of America is unlikely to translate into love of Biden. As a candidate, he was sharply critical of Biden’s poor performance at the helm of the country… Milei has repeatedly dismissed Biden as a “socialist,” as well as the entire Democrat Party.

‘Biden himself is a threat to Western values,’ Milei declared, a ‘left-wing president, putting the world’s leading power in check.’ He listed leftist values as ‘envy, hatred, resentment, unequal treatment before the law, theft and murder’.”


While Trump and Milei share a common passionate support for Israel and its fight against the Islamterrorists of Hamas, Hezbollah, and the mullah regime of Iran, let’s hope that when they meet in Buenos Aires that Milei will persuade Trump to have his passionate support for Ukraine and its fight for freedom from Russian terrorist imperialism.



For Milei is very clear on this:

“I do not deal with murderers, neither with China, nor with North Korea, nor with Russia, nor with anyone who does not respect the free world, because after you enter you end up paying for the gallows with which they will kill you.”


Milei and Zelensky have become close:


In fact, yesterday (11/23): Milei Offers Zelensky To Hold Ukraine Peace Summit In Argentina. Perhaps Javier could pull a two-fer by having PDJT’s visit to Buenos Aires timed to participate in the summit, meet Zelensky so he and Milei could turn Trump around towards freedom and victory for Ukraine?

Of course, Argentines swept Milei into their presidency last Sunday (11/19) not for solving world conflicts but to save their economy.  If he does so, he’ll be their hero, and to all of Latin America.  Monica Showalter here cites research that shows how he can: Why Dollarization Will Work Beautifully In Argentina, Killing Inflation Dead.




Another political earthquake shook the planet this week, shaking leftie-fascisti foundations in teetering shock.  This time in Europe: ‘Dark Dawn, a Threat to Society’… ‘Our 9/11’: Left Mourns as Populist Veteran Geert Wilders Wins Landslide Election in Holland.

When, oh, when, will the woketard globalist self-hating Left realize their lamentations are music to our ears?

They’ll do their best to ruin Wilders chances of forming any ruling parliamentary coalition. With his PVV (Party for Freedom) winning 37 seats out of 150, he has to cajole and compromise to get another 39+.  He’ll start with the NSC (New Social Contract) that won 20, the BBB (Farmer-Citizens Movement) with 7, which gives him 64, then rope in the smaller parties on his side like  FVD (Forum for Democracy), CU (Christian Union), and SGP (Reformed Political Party) each with 3.

That still only gives him 74.  He’d have to win over the CDA (Christian Democratic Appeal) with its 5 seats to put him over the top however precariously.  Or he could tell the folks he defeated, the VVD (People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy) with their 24 seats, do you want a piece of the pie or be out to lunch?

The horse-trading will likely take weeks or even months, which is ridiculous, but that’s the Dutch.  Milei will be in Casa Rosada (the Argentine White House in Buenos Aires) on December 10.  Wilders will just be getting negotiations started.



Nonetheless, Chris “Quoth the Raven” Irons was prescient when, on Wednesday (11/22) in TTP he proclaimed The Great Reset Has Begun: “The global economy, and more importantly, the entire world as we know it, is about to undergo a seismic shift toward freedom.”

That was after Melei on Sunday but before Wilders. And before he could note these two signs here on Tuesday (11/21):

Charleston, South Carolina, Elects Its First Republican Mayor Since Reconstruction Era

Miami Beach Elects Republican Mayor

And both these fellows are MAGA Trump Republicans.


Irons hadn’t yet heard of this mind-blow development reported yesterday (11/23): CNBC Eliminates Climate Desk, No More Dedicated Staff Covering Climate Change.  As they say, let that sink in… deeply.  If Climate Change goes out the media window, the entire woketard agenda goes with it.



Two other cultural milestones came this week as well.

First, as reported by Grocery Gazette on Monday: Demand For Vegan Food Plummets As Meat Sales Soar.  The Daily Mail chimed in: Meat Is Back on the Menu As Demand For Vegan Food Plunges.

Instantly, there were spoofs of this on YouTube, e.g.:

Second, in an astonishing SNL opener last Saturday (11/18):


What a step towards normalcy.  Will SNL have the nerve to follow up by ridiculing men pretending to be women so they can defeat them as they can’t other men?  Anyway, this is funny:



Yes, these are all indications that Things are turning our way.  Turning back to Normal.  It won’t be easy.  So many of us normals everywhere are on hair-triggers, such as in Ireland last night (11/23): Riots Erupt Across Dublin After Immigrant Is Accused of Mass Stabbing Attack of Children.

Everywhere, people have had enough of woketard globalist self-hating lunacy and they want it all gone. Eventually gone it will be, it will be a rough ride at times, but it will be.

That’s what to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving weekend.