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“KEEP THE CLEANUP!” is the outcry.  On Monday (11/13), the Daily Mail ran an extensive before/after photo essay entitled: Outrage As San Francisco Boots Vagrants Off Streets Ahead Of Xi Jinping Visit – As California Governor Gavin Newsom Admits Woke City Was Only Given Polish To Impress World Leaders.

Outrage not over have vagrants were booted out by police, but that the filthy fecal mess SFO has become wasn’t cleaned up much sooner, that it never should been allowed to begin with, that it will quickly be allowed to return.  The irony is that Gavin Newsom, the worst governor in America, may see this as his ticket to the White House.

Everyone by now knows that Dementia Joe will not be the Dem nominee in ’24.  Including Joe, who at the APEC Summit SanFran was cleaned up for, said in praise of Newsom, “He’s been a helluva governor, matter of fact he can be anything he wants – he could have the job I’m lookin’ for.”

Right, let Gruesome do to all of America what he’s done to California.  But suddenly, he’s been given the chance to reinvent himself as the guy who cleaned up the mess he created – all he has to do is Keep The Cleanup and keep expanding it, beyond a few blocks of SFO’s Tenderloin to the whole city and thence to the whole state.

He’s got the sociopathic ego to think he can, no doubt.  He may even give it a serious try.  At some point though, he will falter, for the city and state are infested with far too many vermin to be easily disposed of.  It would take a Donald Trump to do that – and Gavin, you’re no Donald Trump.

It will be quite enjoyable, however, to watch him trying to Keep The Cleanup.  Any bets on how long it will last?




Meanwhile, Gavin and his state may have a lot more to worry about than cleaning SanFran.  Early last Saturday morning (11/11), a fire destroyed almost a mile of LA’s main east-west artery used by 300,000 vehicles daily.  The cause?  LA Times:  Arson Is Behind The Massive Fire That Shut Down The 10 Freeway, Officials Say.

An enormous pile of wood pallets and huge stockpile of covid hand sanitizer was stored underneath the freeway section.  Who set it afire and why?  It could be the company responsible for all that storage as implied by Newsom.  But with all the pro-Hamas/pro-Palestinian demos in LA. San Fran, and Thousand Oaks – the latter on 11/05 when a Moslem professor, Loay Alnaji killed Jewish Paul Kessler – you have to wonder.

Especially when there is a terrifying surge of anti-Semitism supporting Hamas terrorism surging through the Left across the country now.


On Tuesday (11/14), the largest pro-Israel demonstration in US history took place on the Washington Mall, with 300,000 peacefully in attendance.  This should be joyfully celebrated.  Yet hyper-woke/leftie The Nation condemned it: The March for Israel Was a Hate Rally, having the disgusting temerity of saying: “This was not just a rally supporting a war. This was a rally supporting a war crime.”

It gets much worse.  Over 20 years ago (Nov. 24, 2002), the London Guardian published “A Letter to America” by the perpetrator of 9/11 a year earlier, Osama Bin Laden, On Tuesday (11/14), a Tik Tok “influencer” named Lynette Adkins put up a Tik Tok video with a link to OBL’s screed justifying 9/11, saying. “I need everyone to stop doing what they’re doing right now and go read ‘Letter to America,’ I feel like I’m going through an existential crisis right now.”

Her Gen-Z viewers exploded with 14 million views in 24 hours: Gen-Z Tiktokers Send Bin Laden’s 2002 ‘Letter To America’ Viral: Terror Chief’s 9/11 Justification Wins Support Among Pro-Palestine Youngsters Who Claim Their ‘Eyes Have Been Opened’ After Finding It On Guardian Website.

It was such a tsunami of hate, hate for Jews, hate for America, hate for capitalism by millions of Zers that the Guardian removed the letter late Wednesday (11/15), while Tik Tok is currently scrambling to remove tens of thousands of Zer vid clips spewing support for Osama-like slaughter of Jews and Americans.

Put this together with the LA freeway fire and you can quickly see how vulnerable our cities are to those filled with such pathological hate and willing to express it with depraved terrorism.  Cities are built for civilized people who never think of how vulnerable they are.  We may find out just how much.



Amidst this, while Young Americans Go Viral on China’s TikTok Spreading Ideas of Osama bin Laden, Joe Manchin goes bananas.

Yesterday (11/16): Manchin Meltdown: Trump Elected Again ‘Would Destroy Democracy as We Know It’.  It’s his own party, the Dems, that is on a criminally insane campaign to destroy our democracy – starting with free and fair elections – and he hasn’t the integrity to admit it.

There is a bright side though.  Looks like he’s positioning himself for a third-party candidacy such as No Labels.  He bashes Biden in the link calling him far too left, says he’s in the “radical middle.”  As he’s far too “middle” being pro-2A, pro-fossil fuel, pro-life, woke Dems make it impossible for him to succeed Biden once he pulls an LBJ and drops out.

Since as of now PDJT looks a shoo-in for the Pub nomination.  A poll released yesterday (11/16) shows him with a 41-point lead over DeSantis in Florida.  Manchin’s raving fearmongering regarding Trump looks to seriously backfire, as third party candidates are always spoilers never winners (cf. Ross Perot in ’92).  With Dems having to nominate someone left enough to mollify wokesters, he’ll take away substantially more votes from the Dem than Trump.

Especially if that’s Ghastly Gavin, or more desperate, Moo-shell.  Nobody really wants a third term for Barack.  There are TTPers, you should know, who advocate a very provocatively interesting RDS/Manchin ticket.  But how many Trump voters would sit on their hands?  Let’s end the speculation here, as at this point in time, that’s all there is.



Let’s turn now to the most significant good news of the week.  “Global warming” aka “Climate Change” aka Greenie Fascism is perhaps the most dangerous-to-freedom ideology today, as it is the Left’s replacement for Marxism as the rationale to control everyone’s life.

Few things would advance widespread freedom and prosperity more than the collapse of the Green Agenda (okay, there is one thing, but that’s for a later discussion).  And that collapse may be impending.

Yesterday’s Skye’s Links:


“Another greenie con bites the dust:

Green Dreams Turn Into Nightmares: After US Withdrawal, Orsted Pulls Out Of Norway Wind Bidding

Recall that offshore wind blows much more regularly than onshore on land, it is the least intermittent form of wind-solar “renewable energy.”  It is also rapidly becoming the most expensive, with inflation and high interest rates compounding the exorbitant maintenance cost of wind turbines at sea.

Salt sea spray ice-coating the blades in winter with helicopters spraying anti-freeze to de-ice them after every storm, repair requiring giant sea-going cranes, the costs keep mounting.  All this and more is causing the rapidly cascading failure of offshore wind energy leading to the collapse of the entire wind energy industry, with onshore far far less reliable.

And this in turn precipitates the collapse of solar as there’s no sun at night, plus there is a very narrow latitudinal belt encircling the planet where the sun shines enough; above and below there’s too much cloud cover.  Taxpayer subsidies to support solar are becoming unsustainable.

There is thus a vicious cycle of whole greenie costs cascading downwards worse upon worse, a greenie sickness metastasizing, devouring itself and the whole economy costing more upon more trillions to maintain like compound interest of snafus.

Now the financial shell-game is over as per Skye’s link: Finance may be junked from EU climate law, leaked memo shows. Critics say it could be unenforceable. Financing the greenie agenda in Europe is gone.

The collapse of the Green Agenda would be the most freedom-enhancing global event possible at this moment. And it’s happening right before our eyes.




Another freedom-enhancing event may take place this Sunday, November 19:  Javier Milei may be elected President of Argentina.  You read about him in HFR 10/20/23.

See Gateway’s report (11/16): Conservative Argentineans Close Ranks Around Javier Milei Against Catastrophic Peronists – Pro-America Presidential Candidate Arrives Strong for Sunday Runoff Election. Go Javier!



Before closing, I’d like to express my deep appreciation for all the TTPers who wished me a Happy 80th last Friday.  I am truly grateful and honored by your comments.  It is such a privilege to write TTP for you.  Thank you all so very very much.



That’s a wrap. We’ll end with, courtesy of Mike Ryan, what many consider the best joke Ronald Reagan ever told.