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This is the current election results graphic as of 9am EST this morning (11/11) on RealClearPolitics. It’s been frozen for some 36 hours now, never changes.  That can mean only one thing – blue cities and counties in purple states are desperately trying to create enough cheat-by-mail ballots to win.

This is glaringly happening in Clark and Washoe counties in Nevada, and Maricopa county in Arizona.  Union goons in Vegas and Reno, and Katie Hobbs’ cheat-team in Phoenix are racing to recruit minions to fill in fake mail-in ballots by hand in ball-point ink, as copy machines using toner ink are easily proven fraudulent.

Such minions have to be willing to go to jail if caught in vote fraud, and counted on to keep their mouths shut when drunk.  Finding them takes time, ergo, frozen results until their job is done and, voilá, the Dems keep the Senate for Masto over Laxalt in Nevada and Kelly over Masters in Arizona.

That’s because, at 50D/49R, Walker winning the Dec. 6 runoff in Georgia would just result in the status quo ante, 50-50, with Harris being the tie-breaker thus Dem majority.

It’s the same for NV and AZ governors. Dem Steve Sisolak at 46.6 and Joe Lombardo at 49.7 with 87% counted, Dem Katie Hobbs at 50.7 and Kari Lake at 49.3 with 79% counted, barely moved since yesterday. Note that as Hobbs as secretary of state is in charging of Arizona’s vote counting!

Since I posted the RCP graphic above, the House GOP is now up one, from +8 to +9.  This means 27 House seats still undecided. Lot of room there for Dem minions to fill in enough fake mail-in’s to whittle that 9 seat lead down to nothing.

Plus this textbook example, right after exactly what I just finished describing: Nevada Senate Race: Laxalt Lead Over Cortez Masto Shrinks After Latest Vote Count Update.


“The latest updates from Clark and Washoe counties have put Laxalt just 8,988 votes over Cortez Masto, less than 1% of the total vote. Election officials said Wednesday that ballot counting will continue through next week, but the majority of the ballots could be counted by today.  


Officials explained that mail-in ballots must be postmarked by Election Day but can arrive as late as Saturday to be counted. Election officials have been flooded with thousands of them since Tuesday as the margins between Cortez Masto and Laxalt remain tight. 


More than 12,000 ballots from Clark County were counted Thursday night, helping Cortez Masto gain 3,285 votes on Laxalt.”




There are, of course, a plethora of causes for the GOP Red Wave to flatline other than Dem cheat-by-mail. Here’s one:


As one wag has put it, America failed its IQ test on Tuesday.  Well, the adults didn’t but the kids sure did, being ridiculously miseducated so they can’t think their way out of paper bag, and being promised Uncle Sam would take care of them like having their student loans forgiven.

A key tragic example of how stupid Gen Z kids have become: some 60% of them go to college now, getting into massive debt to study for years acquiring unmarketable degrees like gender studies.  That’s instead of going to a trade school gaining an immediately marketable skill – welding school, for example, lasts six months costing $15K, and they’ll get job offers at $100K a year.


But here’s another cause:


From Legal Insurrection (11/10): Democrats Backing Trump-Endorsed GOP Candidates in Primaries Worked.


“Democrats spent more than $40 million boosting six Republicans who vocally supported Mr. Trump or got his endorsement. All those candidates lost.”


This allowed the Dems to get out the media foghorns on guys like Doug Mastriano (running for PA Gov) on abortion, e.g., Doug Mastriano’s Views On Abortion To Criminalize Doctors And Women Go Beyond Position Of Many Anti-Abortion Groups.

So it was a smart move of the Dems’ part, but a lot of what caused Trump losses was Google gaslighting unmarried women that if the GOP controlled Congress they’d pass a federal law criminalizing all abortions.

If you take a look at Politico’s Trump Endorsement Scorecard, it’s a mixed bag of wins and losses, with a fair amount of success – especially if cheat-by-mail fails in NV & AZ.  He had just one major flub in picking Mehmet Oz instead of businessman Dave McCormick in PA.  That said, there’s something in Pennsylvania water that causes brain damage among voters as bad as Fetterman has.

Meaning Trump’s role in causing the Red Wave to flatline was minor.  He’s getting blamed for it not so much because of what he did before the midterms but what he’s done since.

In short, he’s been a complete horse’s ass.  His attacks on DeSantis have been, as the Washington Examiner puts it, nothing short of “idiocy.”  And he’s getting worse.

In the late morning edition of the Daily Mail today (11/11): Trump Now Goes After Glenn Youngkin: Says Virginia Republican Governor’s Last Name ‘Sounds Chinese’ And Insists He Couldn’t Have ‘Come Close To Winning’ In 2021 Without His Endorsement – Hours After Claiming He Sent In FBI To Help Desantis Win.

This is getting worse fast. A neuroscientist I know thinks that description of “idiocy” may not be just figurative:


“Trump is in his late 70s and is overweight to the point of obesity.  It’s important to note that obesity causes neural inflammation in the brain. That combined with age promotes senile dementia.  The tremendous stress he has undergone and his quite justified moral outrage at the Presidency of the United States being stolen from him in broad daylight – I mean, how could you or I handle that? – could easily add a strong psychological factor in his brain functioning.”


Everyone of us was deflated like a popped balloon after what we expected did not.  This happened in spades to Trump, as he was all set to announce, like a horse in the starting gate that can’t wait to bolt out.  This was his chance to right the injustice committed upon him and America in 2020, his mission fulfilled to truly enable America to fulfill her destiny.

Suddenly without warning, it was all dashed – and worse, standing amidst the ashes was a new knight in shining armor, who had triumphed over his foes in Florida, upon whom America was now fixing her gaze with admiration and hope.

That’s how to lose your mind and become Humpty Trumpty.

Let’s all hope he comes to his senses, and begins acting with graciousness and good cheer towards DeSantis and his Party.  It would be such a tragedy for this great man and true patriot to act otherwise.  For the ancient warning, He whom the gods would destroy they first drive insane, to apply to Donald Trump.



Before we go any further… Today, November 11, is a very solemn day.  This is a day when all America honors in deep gratitude those who were willing to risk their lives for the freedom we all enjoy.


Thanksgiving comes in two weeks.  Today is a day of thanksgiving to our veterans to whom we all owe so much.  We give thanks to those men and women who served in the greatest military force the world has ever known.




Yesterday, November 10, was a day of remembrance in our country’s military history. For it was on this day 247 years ago that the United States Marines were founded at the Tun Tavern in Philadelphia.


It is personally special for me, because my son Brandon served his country with such distinction as a USMC Captain preserving the lives of the men under his command during seven months of daily combat in Marjah, Afghanistan. It is one of life’s great blessings for a man to be the father of such a son.

You might consider reading my tribute written last year: Happy Birthday, Marines!  (As enticement, it has the story of how John Wayne saved he Marine Corps, and photos of my visit to Iwo Jima to be on Mount Suribachi with Marines who were there in 1945.)



Today – 11/11 – is a very happy day for Brandon, as over the past eight months he has been in Ukraine over a dozen times supporting its struggle for freedom from Russian terrorist imperialism through his Freedom Research Foundation.


This is a catastrophically humiliating loss for Putin, whose forces are either retreating or on the defensive across the entire front line from Donbas to the left bank of the Dnipro – while Ukrainian forces are advancing on the offensive at the most strategic places along it.

Here’s a map of that front line:


Ukraine has now liberated the entire right or north bank of the Dnipro from Zaporizhzhia to the Black Sea.  HIMARS will now be brought in to obliterate Russian forces and artillery on the left bank, forcing a retreat towards Crimea.  At the same the UAF will be crossing the Dnipro safely upriver from Kherson to advance, albeit cautiously, towards Mariupol, cutting Russian supply lines in half.

With the liberation of Kherson and the entire right bank of the Dnipro this morning, by this afternoon the Daily Mail was reporting:


Putin ‘Has Been Offered Surrender Terms By The West’ As He Loses Control Of Kherson – And ‘His Cronies Have Reacted Positively Because It Allows Them To Stay In Power And Avoid Criminal Charges’.

Supposedly, “the surrender would see Russia give up all territory in Ukraine with the exception of Crimea, which would become a demilitarized zone (with the Black Sea Fleet removed) and its status would not be discussed again until 2029.”  In return, “Putin and his cronies would avoid criminal charges over the war and be allowed to remain in power.”

Maybe.  Not getting back Crimea when the UAF will soon be advancing towards it is a tough sell for Zelensky to ask of Ukrainians. Agreeing to such a clear surrender and retreat from all Ukraine, sort of keeping Crimea with no soldiers and no Black Sea Fleet, is an even tougher sell for Putin to ask of Russians.

Zelensky could probably make the sale, but Putin well knows the West “allowing” him to stay in power means zilch as Russians will demand his head on a pike for their humiliation.  Still, if this supposed deal being offered is real, he may take it as China’s Xi may order him to do so.

One thing for sure – winter will not slow the Ukrainian military down at all.  They’re winning and intend to keep on winning – especially when all of NATO is energized with the Kherson victory and have begun pouring more weapons, ammo, and materiel into the UAF.  Slava Ukraini!!



Okay, what happens in the midterm debacle aftermath?

One silver lining from Breitbart this afternoon: Republican Senators Push To Postpone Vote On Mitch Mcconnell As Senate GOP Leader. Ditch Mitch may become reality. Good riddance.

The Babylon Bee reports: Trump Bid To Be DeSantis’s VP Pick Off To Rocky Start.

You can depend on FJB to become more senile, more woke, and less able to take responsibility for absolutely anything.

Dems’ crowing about how they flatlined the Red Wave makes it hard for them to sell the coming Recession is caused by the GOP.  Energy shortages will get worse as gas prices rise.  One of the worst shortages will be diesel fuel, as EPA regs and Dem war on internal combustion engines means no refineries being built – who’d invest in them now?

Inflation will continue to shoot for the moon, as the Fed really gets how the dollar is in danger as the world’s currency so will continue to raise rates.  But what good does that do without spending cuts?  Inflation will roar past interest rates without them.

And how can you have spending cuts with such a small GOP majority in the House?  All it takes is a few House RINOs to sabotage them. So…

With RINOs along for the ride

With RINOs along for the ride


Perhaps this sums up what happened on Nov 8 best:


Oh, by the way… it’s early evening and that 9am RCP graphic hasn’t changed (save for the House GOP going from +8 to +9).  Those Senate and Governor races in NV and AZ still remain frozen while Dem ballot creation continues.



Can we close with a little bit of fun?  Laughter really is the best medicine, like now…