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Welcome to Cocos-Keeling Islands, a bit of Australia lost in the Indian Ocean. As I write this. I’m sitting in that chair you see watching a glorious sunset in solitude – and yes, with a very good oversized vodka mango juice tonic.  This is an exceedingly funky place with just 600 friendly people.  No crime whatever, relaxed and peaceful.


I’ve wanted to come here for years for its fascinating history (see the Wiki link above). So Rebel gave this experience as a birthday present.  As you may imagine, though, an internet connection is very intermittent.  So I better get to the HFR as quick as I can.  Here we go…



hamskillsOne of the more revelatory reactions to the Nazi atrocities being committed by the Hamas terrorists in Israel is the support of it by so much of the Left.  Pretty convincing proof of how the most vicious Anti-Semites are on the Left, not the Right.

While the Dems are saddled with scumbag Moslem Nazis like Raishida Tlaib and Marxist Fascists like Bernie Sanders, the Senate & House GOP is freezing the $6 billion Biden wants to give to Iran.  Evidently that money hasn’t been sent to Tehran but is being held in some kind of escrow by South Korea (who knew).  Watch for overwhelming voice votes for the freeze.

Another eye-opener is the support of the Emiratis of the UAE for Israel: UAE Sides with Israel, Condemns Hamas for ‘Nihilistic Destruction’.  In addition: UAE Warns Syria’s Assad Not To Get Involved In Hamas-Israel War, nor to allow cross-border attacks on Israel from Syria.

The Assad regime is kept in power by Iran and Russia, with well-armed Iranian militias in Damascus and Aleppo.  That’s why Israel bombed the Damascus and Aleppo airports yesterday (10/12), blowing up the Iranian militias’ bases there and shutting the runways down.


UAE support for Israel is thanks to President Trump, who negotiated the Abraham Accords in 2020, in which the UAE, Bahrain, and Morocco recognized Israel’s sovereignty and established diplomatic relations.  The result:


This wall painting on the side of the “Crossroads of Civilizations Museum” in Dubai depicts an Arab and Israeli drinking coffee together with text in Arabic and Hebrew reading “my cousin”.  Quite a vivid representation of what President Trump is capable of achieving.

But with the presidency stolen from him, he is no longer there to keep the Accords alive with Hamas calling for a Global Jihad against Israel.  Thus, as the Times of Israel says: New Arab Allies Navigate Israel Ties, Pro-Palestinian Public Opinion As War Erupts.

So now we get to see how China Joe and Tony Blinken thread this needle.  No doubt how EU/NATO is doing it:

Paris Police Turn Water Cannons And Tear Gas On Pro-Palestine Demonstrators As French Minister Says There Is ‘No Place’ For Such Demonstrations Following Hamas Terror Atrocities

Germany Bans Support for Hamas.  No protests or demos, fundraising, the display of Hamas symbols and expressions of support for the group, including online posts and public statements. This is what happened when this lily-white tranny Jew-hater broke the ban in Berlin this morning:


Note there were plenty of mass Moslem Nazi freakouts in Iraq, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Yemen – but not in Israel Arab neighbors Egypt nor Jordan, where any attempt was quickly suffocated.  Radio silence in UAE, Saudi, and Qatar.  They know their real enemies – not Israel but Hamas and above all Iran.  No way they are going to let Mullah Iran set the Middle East aflame.




The subhuman horror of Hamas in Israel – leaving anyone normal nauseous at the beheading of children – has brought into focus a terrifying new reality.  As explained by Daniel Henninger in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, Killing Civilians Is The New Normal: For Hamas In Israel And Putin In Ukraine, Killing The Innocent Is Now Part Of The Plan.

“The most noted aspect of Hamas’s attack on Israel is that its fighters on the ground explicitly targeted Israeli civilians for killing. Israelis were shot while driving along the street. The moment has arrived to recognize that for the adversaries of the free world, killing innocent civilians is the new normal. What Hamas did to the Israelis is what Mr. Putin has been doing to civilians in Ukraine for almost two years.


Since the February 2022 invasion, it is estimated that about 10,000 Ukrainian civilians have been killed. Russia has killed hundreds with missiles fired into residential areas of Ukrainian cities and towns. It has targeted schools, hospitals and food markets.


Just last week, a Russian rocket killed more than 50 people attending a funeral in the village of Hroza. The Russian siege of Mariupol last year killed thousands of civilians. Russia has shelled columns of refugees. One of the most infamous atrocities was the massacre of men, women and children by Russian soldiers in Bucha, north of Kyiv.


These civilian deaths—by Hamas in Israel and Russia in Ukraine—are not collateral damage from urban warfare. They are part of the war plan, thought out by calm men sitting around a table, in Moscow or Beirut, looking at maps and civilian targets.


In 2015 and into 2016, Mr. Putinand Hezbollah—helped Syrian President Bashar al-Assad implement the siege of Aleppo in northern Syria, which also targeted schools and hospitals. Some 75% of the fatalities were civilians. Thousands were children.


What few gains Mr. Putin made in eastern Ukraine were facilitated by Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Wagner Group paramilitaries, including, as The Wall Street Journal reported, the atrocities against civilians in Bucha. Hamas and Hezbollah, whatever their ideological underpinnings, are now essentially Iran’s own Wagner Group. Killing Israelis is what they do, for money.


The standard argument against more funding for Ukraine is that there is “no plan.” Israel has a plan: Defeat Hamas. How about this plan for Ukraine: Defeat Russia.


Our adversaries, Russia and Iran in particular, will continue the mass killing of civilians and hostage-taking as a strategic policy until the U.S. decisively counters this awful new normal.”


This morning (10/13), the WSJ has a very cogent editorial: The False Choice Between Ukraine and Israel –  Helping Kyiv Won’t Rob Weapons To Fight Hamas Or Hezbollah.  A summation:

“President Biden says he may ask Congress for appropriations for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan. That makes military and political sense. The U.S. is confronting an authoritarian axis that is increasingly working together.


Iran, the ventriloquist for Hamas, is helping Vladimir Putin as he tries to subjugate Ukraine. Yet some in Congress want to separate Israel from Ukraine and force a false choice.


The implication is that the U.S. can’t supply both at once. But the two conflicts are different enough that the U.S. has weapons that can help Ukraine and Israel. The Ukrainians are trying to break through entrenched defenses of concrete and mines, a different job than destroying Hamas in Gaza.


The Israelis’ urgent request is interceptors for Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense, which Ukraine doesn’t use and Washington has started supplying. Ukraine’s critics suggest the U.S. will struggle to supply both countries with 155mm artillery. But the U.S. is already ramping up 155mm production and Israel won’t be consuming the enormous quantities of unguided shells needed in Ukraine.


Choosing between Ukraine and Israel would be a strategic mistake. Blocking Russia’s attempt to reconstitute its empire in Europe and defending America’s main ally in the Middle East are both in the U.S. national interest.


Republicans are right to be frustrated with Mr. Biden’s policy in Ukraine, but Kyiv’s detractors in Congress are in a political bind on a combined aid package because they badly misjudged the world moment. They want a separate vote on aid to Ukraine and Israel so they don’t offend the isolationist sentiment on the right that they have ginned up.


The fantasy that the U.S. can abandon Europe and the Middle East to focus on China imploded on Oct. 7. The threats to the U.S. and its allies are growing worldwide, and Congress has an obligation to rearm to meet them.”


Bottom line prediction, providing the House GOP can stop acting like schoolchildren and get a Speaker:  There will be one bill to provide adequate funding for both Israel and Ukraine – combined with funding for and ironclad commitment to build a Border Wall, closing the floodgates on illegals.  And it will pass.



Now something completely different!  Mike Ryan was kind enough to add the following for this HFR – thanks, Mike!

T Cells and Cancer

British researcher Dr. Angus Dalgleish, a highly qualified British oncology expert, has treated patients with stage 4 melanoma for decades. His methods were always cutting-edge and yet took a great leap forward during the C19 epidemic.

Dr. Dalgleish observed that cancers often recur or relapse after extreme stress, and he was the first to identify an explosion of turbo cancers since 2020. But why are old cancers returning and growing so fast post covid?

He further watched patients under his care during the peak C19 years, and none contracted C19, colds, the flu, or any other infections, while the young hospital staff tending to the patients seemed to catch everything. Dr. Dalgleish studied the phenomena in the UK, while colleagues studied it in Australia.

His research focused on the role of T1 cells, a cytotoxic white blood cell known to kill cancer cells and other cells infected with viruses and bacteria. Older people develop cancer cells daily, and the T cells keep them in check. However, T1 cells decline after age 55 and are virtually nonexistent in people over 70. A second cell, the T2 cell, increases within the blood after age 55 at about the same rate as the T1 cells decline. T2 cells are inflammatory, causing more significant inflammation with age.

Dr. Dalgleish hypothesized that cancers increase with the decline in T1 cells, and the research in the UK and Australia has since supported this hypothesis. The studies found that the T cells, not mRNA-triggered antibodies, are most critical to the innate immune system.

Manipulating the body to produce antibodies degrades the ability to stimulate T1 cells. The mechanism supporting T1 cell production is suppressed by IG4 antibodies, known as regulatory or suppressor antibodies, which arise in C19-boosted people. The first two jabs drive the creation of IG1 and IG3 antibodies, called neutralizing antibodies, which bind to the surface of viruses. The IG4 antibodies dampen the immune response analogous to how periodic exposure to allergens, such as ragweed, reduces allergic reactions.

Stage 4 melanoma patients received heat-killed mycobacteria injections, similar to the tuberculosis bacterium, as part of the Dalgleish protocol because it was previously discovered that heat-killed mycobacteria activate the T1 cell production process, even in elderly patients. In other words, the heat-killed bacteria injections fire up the body’s innate immune system without the risk of causing an auto-immunity problem.

Although work is ongoing, Dr. Dalgleish discovered a near-universal immune system booster that works against invading bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells. A broad-spectrum vaccine using 1950s technology and a killed form of the TB vaccine is not patentable, and it might replace many narrow-spectrum vaccines that stimulate antibodies. Already, big pharma is lobbying the feds to block licensing of the broad spectrum approach, opening the door to medical tourism.

The Dalgleish vaccine is not approved in North America and is experimental in England and Australia. However, the research found that increasing the blood concentration of vitamin D3 to about 120 ng/ml, considered 3x the maximum government-approved level, restores T1 cell production in all age groups. The apparent downside is high D3 concentration introduces heart calcification concerns, with vitamin k2 thought to maybe (or maybe not) block coronary calcium buildup.



Centrus Energy began enriching uranium on October 11, 2023, at its brand-spanking-new gas centrifuge facility in Piketon, Ohio. Centrus is the first American enrichment facility built since 1954 and is located on the grounds of the original gaseous diffusion enrichment facility in Piketon. The EPA approvals were a gift to America from President Trump.

Enriched uranium will be suitable for the legacy reactor fleet throughout the United States and Canada and ideal for the newer reactor designs. Although the 16-centrifuge plant has a modest capacity today, upgrading the operation to 120 centrifuges will produce 6,000 kilograms of fuel annually. The scale-up depends on the performance of today’s plant and the ability to capture orders away from foreign enrichment companies.

The original Piketon plant enriched uranium hexafluoride through a cascade of diffusion membranes. The carrier gas was Freon 12, and the site consumed half of the annual global production of Freon 12. The entire ozone hole hysteria and the Montreal Protocols were thought to be about curtailing American uranium enrichment and not refrigeration. But then, only Hillary knows for sure.



OK, that’s a wrap from Cocos-Keeling in the Indian Ocean.  How entrancing is this place?  See for yourself!


Deception Island, Cocos-Keeling

Deception Island, Cocos-Keeling