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theo-wheelerUbud, Bali. I’d like to introduce to you Theo Holiday Wheeler, born September 2 at 8.8 pounds, Rebel’s and my first grandchild. We are here at the home of his parents, our son Jackson and his wife Raya.

Theo is the 17th generation of Wheeler sons, starting (as far as our ancestral records show) with Henry Wheeler, born 1503 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England.  This is a thrillingly happy occasion.  And frankly, one of R&R for September was, ah, hectic.

The first three weeks we were operating our exploration of the Heart of Central Asia with a wonderful group of exceptional clients. Rebel and I were supposed to get to Bali immediately after, only to learn that the clinic in Lisbon that treats my prostate cancer insisted on a PET scan to locate a growing tumor.

So it was off from Ashgabat, Turkmenistan to Lisbon – they found the tumor, zapped it with precisely targeted radiation, and by last weekend, we made it here to meet Theo at last.  Whew.  Now I can look forward to being around for at least his formative years (as I’ll be 80 in a month).

So here we go for the HFR – a high hill to climb after Mike Ryan’s astounding last five, especially his series on the Left’s program of Beautiful Trouble.



The link is to the Kindle Edition on Amazon.  Look at the first two verified purchase reviews, which are a hopeful sign that some readers quickly get the scam.

“Melvin: The drama clubs of the world sat down and maliciously calculated how to incite others and provoke them into foolishness to sway public perception and accomplish soulless ends, and this is what they came up with.”

“Tomato: This is a must read for anybody who wants to train themselves to spot underhanded, manipulative political tactics… I think that it’s immoral. If anything, this should be used exclusively to inoculate yourself against propaganda.”


You do not need, however, to read the book to know the scam and take action against it.  Like these motorists on a road in Portugal yesterday (10/05): How To Deal With Eco-Morons, Portuguese Style: Climate Protesters Are Dragged Off The Road And Put In Their Place By No-Nonsense Motorists.  This is how it’s done:

Or in Nevada, when climate commies (with signs saying “Abolish Capitalism) tried to block the highway to Burning Man last month:

The dam of public tolerance for fascist lunacy is bursting.  As it does, the fascist lunatics will get more desperate and increase their obnoxiousness, causing the dam to burst further, with only one end result – the lunatics, from Just Stop Oil to Tranny child abusers and all the others, are going to be swept away.

You can play a role in this, for the solution is not going to come from politicians, whether on Capitol Hill, State Houses, or City Councils.  It’s individual parents and normal citizens refusing to put up with woke lunacy anymore in their own community and school district.

We owe Mike Ryan a debt of deep gratitude for explaining to us so clearly and vividly what the Left is up to with their Beautiful Trouble scam.  Now you know what to do about it:  stop tolerating any effluence of it where you live.



But it’s not all up to you.  On Wednesday (10/04): Striking Auto Workers Warn: Biden’s Green Agenda ‘Going to Wipe Us Out’.  Which is unquestionably true.  So auto workers and millions of other working class folks are realizing that their only choice is: Wipe out the Green Agenda first.

They are also excruciatingly aware of the Dems’ open borders flooding the country with illegals who are taking their jobs.

Is there a Democrat in sight who, once Biden announces – like LBJ in ’68 – he’s not running for reelection, will campaign for the nomination by promising to shut down the greenie agenda and the border?  Fat chance.  So who’s the one guy auto workers and so many other workers can count on to do so?

One guess. Trump Says He Will Carry Out The ‘Largest Domestic Deportation Operation In American History’ If Elected.

Okay, RDS says the same: Ron Desantis Vows To Deport Every Migrant Let In Under Biden: ‘First Priority’.  He even has a campaign website: Stop The Invasion.

And the Green Agenda?  For years now, Trump Calls Climate Change A ‘Hoax’.  RDS, on the other hand, has changed his spots on this.

As you saw in Skye yesterday, Nikki Haley was right about him banning fracking in Florida on the first day he became governor: New FL Gov Ron DeSantis Directs Florida DEP To Oppose Fracking And Off-Shore Drilling Jan 10, 2019.

Two weeks ago (9/20), however, we read: Desantis Dismisses Climate Fears With Energy Policy Focused On Fossil Fuels.

And how ‘bout this: DeSantis’s Florida Approves Climate-Denial Videos in Schools.  Note it’s a hysterical attack by the climate fanatics of the Non-Scientific American poseur science journal.  So maybe.

Then again, who but El Donaldo would say this to the California Republican Party convention last Friday (9/29) and get a wildly cheering response:

He’s right, of course – that would end this looting/shoplifting pandemic immediamente.  Can’t help being reminded of Denny Crane/William Shatner’s famous scene:

A scene after Donaldo’s heart.



What happened this week in the House was an asinine farce led by an egomaniacal jerk who’s the most despised congresscritter by his fellow Republicans.  He got seven fellow travelers to go along with him while 210 of his own party voted against him.  Of course, every single Democrat joined in the fun to humiliate McCarthy so he’s out.

Right now, the House Republicans are a joke, the Senate Republicans are disgusted, and Trump, after teasing, said fuhgetabout his being Speaker.  Instead last night, Trump endorsed Jim Jordan.  A wise move.

No offense to his competition, Steve Scalise, with his multiple myeloma.  This is an awful disease, requiring at his stage, whole body radiation and immune system-destroying chemo, meaning he’ll have to be in clean room isolation for long periods.  Horribly tragic, but the fact is, it’s impossible for him to be Speaker.

So it’s Jordan.  This debacle could easily be blamed on McCarthy to begin with who agreed that one lone goofball could announce a Motion to Vacate and a simple majority vote tosses him out.  The first thing Jordan will do is get rid of that Damoclean Sword above him.

The very next thing Jim’ll do is get rid of Gaetz.  He really is hated, now more than ever, as the House Ethics Committee winds up its investigation of his multiple ethics charges.  As the Pensacola News-Journal reported yesterday (10/05): Could Matt Gaetz Be Next On The Congressional Chopping Block As Controversies Catch Up To Him?  The answer is almost certainly yes.

Goodbye, Matt, and good luck, Jim – you’re going to need a lot of it.



So Trump is the kingmaker for House Speaker, and seems in the catbird seat for the nomination.  Every travail, attack, frivolous lawsuit, on and on, only makes him more of a martyr and soar higher in the polls.  Yet he has this penchant for saying dangerously dumb things.

An example is a Wednesday (10/04) Breitbart article: Donald Trump Just Predicted ‘America’s Greatest Defeat.  What’s that?  This statement:

“Our currency is crashing and will soon no longer be the world’s standard, which will be our greatest defeat, frankly, in 200 years.”


He really did say that, in a very long and otherwise very good speech at Mar-a-Lago upon returning from his kangaroo arraignment in New York on April 4 (at 24:11 in the transcript).  It’s nonsense.

The Breitbart boys go on to say: “At a recent summit in South Africa, the BRICS group of nations led by China and Russia declared it will continue to seek ways to work around the dollar. And if they succeed, this could be the final nail in the coffin of the dollar’s global reserve status, thus forcing America into an economic collapse on par or worse than the Great Depression.”


Yes, they’re selling fear in an attempt to sell you gold.  But the BRICS?  Give me a break.  This is a joke, right?

B: Lula is driving Brazil and its real into quicksand.

R: The Russian ruble is now worth one US penny; Europe has fully succeeded in waning itself off Russian gas, Russian gas production has collapsed to late USSR levels.

I: India has the only viable economy in the lot; still the rupee is very thinly traded worldwide

C: We all know the Chicom economy is in beaucoup deep kimchee; the yuan is not freely traded, still pegged to the dollar.

S: South Africa’s economy is on a rocket sled ride into the toilet, the rand following.


However you think the US economy is tanking, it’s got a looooooooooong way to bottom, a light year from an el foldo.  It’s like the old Churchill gag about democracy:  it’s the worst economy in the world … except for every other economy in the world and by really far.

Bottom line: the US dollar has no competition as the world’s currency, period, end of story.  As an example:

I saw, in all five countries of Central Asia, they want dollars, not even euros.  They’ll laugh at someone with Chinese yuan, and turn their nose up at Russian rubles. Here in Indonesia, to pay for a visa, you must have dollars, nothing else.  The only currencies coming remotely close are the euro and the pound, traded in the EU and former EU colonies, and the UK and its former colonies respectively.

Trump has to know this. Must have been a throw-off line in his speech.  Sorry to see fear-artists trying to make a buck off it.



Let’s close with something you can do to help prevent what may very well be one of your worst fears for America:  that the Dems will cheat their way into stealing the presidency once again in 2024.

One way they did it in 2020 was ballot harvesting.  Here’s what you can do to help stop it.

If you live in, or know anyone you can trust who lives in an apartment building or condo, check the trash bin in or outside the mail room a few times a day during voting season to search for discarded mail-in ballots.  There’s likely lots as so many are sent to wrong addresses so the people who get them throw them away.

It is fully legal to rip up a discarded ballot so it can’t be collected by a Dem operative who gets paid to take them to a Dem office where they are filled out voting for Dems and mailed in.

You can organize volunteers to do this throughout your community.  And to make this go nationwide, contact or call up True The Vote to explain what you want to do, and urge them to form a national effort to organize volunteers to find and physically rip apart discarded ballots.  Let’s do this!



One final note and it’s a happy one.  Today, October 6, is our General Manager of TTP Miko’s birthday!  It’s Miko’s tireless efforts that keeps TTP running, day after day, month after month, year after year.  So please join me in wishing our Miko a wonderfully…

happy-birthday-mkTHANKS FOR ALL YOU DO FOR TTP, MIKO!!!