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restore-qualityLet’s Light a Fire
Restore Quality in Government

Jack is in the mountains of Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan or the Kyrgyz Republic. It was part of the Silk Road with geography that will define civilizations well into the future.

I spent much of the week reading articles, clipping posts, and generally trying to pull back from the political noise to understand the trend line.

What emerges is a public sector crisis of quality from top to bottom. There are similarities to the crisis of quality that occurred during the 1970s when the hippy-dippies entered the workforce. Everyone alive then remembers the inflation, the shoddy automobiles, and the sophomoric music as corner-cutting became a way to stick it to the man. It was much like today’s quiet quitting absurdities.

More and more input was required to produce a unit of output. The end-state was the off-shoring of much manufacturing capacity and creating a slew of “easy” university degrees that could be presented without effort to the newly entitled.

Quality control is nothing new to the government; in fact, it was the government that once created the very concepts of modern quality control for military purposes. Back in those days, Bell Telephone underwrote the work of Deming and Shewhart and their use of statistical methods.

The first large-scale federal quality effort was during the 1940 census to ensure that key-punchers correctly entered data onto those old-time punch cards.

It is hard to believe, but improving census accuracy was a federal goal at one time. The entire private sector quality movement, Japan’s movement, and now China’s introduction of modern methods descended from the 1940 census.

Vannevar Bush successfully led the War Production Board, the development of ship-born radar, and the early Manhattan Project. He converted the USA from the Great Depression to the Arsenal of Democracy by introducing new ideas. New ideas about quality.

The IRS applied the new ideas during the 1950s, as did firms from Main Street to Wall Street. Times were good; conditions improved rapidly as errors and inefficiencies were removed.

Then came Vietnam and the start of the backslide. Robert McNamara introduced the notion that the numbers on a computer printout, without an allowance for accuracy, were enough to run the military and the government. McNamara severely damaged every system he touched, cost many lives, and stunted the future growth of the United States.

He created management by the numbers. Any numbers, without regard to reality. We see his legacy in sham climate research, counterproductive economic policies, laughably fudged census reports, and the justification for the hyperbolic growth of government.

The GAO long ago concluded that social services are generally unproductive. They increase dependency when broadly applied, yet entire agencies and the guaranteed vote of their employees ensure that the numbers used are fictitious.

Careers were built on falsified terrorism numbers, so much so that the counter-terrorism desk at the FBI is being exposed as a gold-brick department now that Biden surrendered to the Taliban. They must create a new class of white, middle-class terrorists for their careers to advance. Whistleblowers are coming forward and disclosing the motives for the fed’s abrupt reclassification of Evangelical Christians as terrorists.

never4get_dontre-electIf the data were clean and clear, then such absurd action by careerists in government would e exposed as it is. It is public-sector corruption. It is destroying the United States.

We see the same within state and local governments. Some states are worse than others; some cities are worse than others. The generally accepted view is that absolute power and wealth come from manipulating numbers, such as votes, and not from providing ever-improving quality of goods and services.

Covid and the government’s response is the most remarkable in-your-face example of a system without regard for quality and integrity. Hospitals falsified data to gain fat checks; risks were invented, and treatments were criminalized.

Electrical grid reliability is the current hoax. Numbers are being invented out of thin air, and the system is beginning to fail. As expected, it fails first, where the data is most manipulated.

Many within the government try to control events by issuing regulations and stiff penalties. The system relies on the generally high-trust American culture and fear of the legal consequences of ignoring regulations.

However, the younger generation, those quiet quitters, is filled with people ignoring the rules and regulations of the physical world and preferring to live in the parallel online world. Government actors that try to control the new workers are discovering that the young ignore edicts. They react to incentives, but regulations and procedures are not incentives.

By embracing whole-cloth data fabrication and the careerism it enables, the government is failing its primary duties.

However, we have the example of Vannevar Bush in the 1940s, the son of a preacher unrelated to the more famous Bush clan, who quickly transformed the crisis into success. We can do it again.

The point is simple: every failure, atrocity, and insult we experienced this past week is explainable as a quality problem. Our government invented modern quality concepts and now, after three generations, has no clue how to get out of the crisis.



The Media

Don Lemon, the most arrogant of the arrogant, is being demoted to a make-work job on morning TV. The move occurs while he maintains an active contract with CNN as the central character in his old time slot. Something big must have gone down to enact the show termination clause. It is clear to everyone with even the slightest human resources experience that nobody ever returns from a special assignment.

Like the rest of the cable media, Lemon’s job is to sell eyeballs to politicians, pharmaceutical companies, and consumer products firms. Maybe sell some eyeball time to the car companies, perhaps some to the beer companies. He failed to sell enough eyeballs to cover his costs.

Bluntly stated: CNN, like any advertiser-driven news platform, exists to promote the interests of the politicians, Pfizer, Merck, J&J, P&G, Unilever, and to a lesser degree, Chevy and Ford.

The utter lack of insistence on accurate and honest reporting is a monstrous quality problem. We know politicians lie, but the existence of the lyin’ swine media means that Pfizer, Merck, J&J, P&G and others are organizations utterly lacking in quality management. It is right there in front of us with every commercial following the latest BS story about the newest thing. They don’t even hide it.

Steve Harvey explains why the firing process differs for Don Lemon and the potato man, Brian Stelter. A warning, it is an 8:40 long clip and has some strong language:



Mike Lindell

my_freespeechThe pillow guy, Mike Lindell, had his phone seized last week by the FBI at a Hardee’s restaurant drive-through. The warrant for the seizure is based on the alleged claim by the government that a Colorado election worker failed to destroy ballots as ordered after the 2020 election and therefore has evidence either collected or maintained in violation of government mandates to eradicate the supporting data from the election.

Lindell is suing the FBI, and so far, the judge favors the FBI.

Lindell was not implicated in the “fraud,” only that his phone contained evidence.

This is an interesting case as it implies that the government cannot access the history of perhaps text messages on Lindell’s phone and requires the actual physical device. This begs the question, what messaging application does Lindell use, and why can’t the combined forces of the federal government read the information directly from AT&T or Verizon records?

The unfolding story appears to be about the election worker’s refusal to destroy ballots, implying that they can be re-counted. If quality control practices were in place to ensure election integrity, instead of strong-arm tactics to destroy records potentially contrary to the evidence, trust in government would increase. At the 50,000 ft level, the election process has a data integrity problem. It is a classic and elementary quality management problem that can be solved quickly with universal recognition.



Covid “Vaccines”

Vaccine contamination was in the news as Canadian scientists presented electron micrography images, taken at 2000x magnification, of contamination found in Merck covid vaccine vials.

So far, investigators have found metal shards and floating contaminants on the bottom of vials. The metals appear to be dust from the packaging machines, created when the metal lids are handles or other contamination from processing equipment.

The floaters are in two forms. The first is fibrous and looks like some insect, and the second is plate-like. The plates are composed of carbon and oxygen, possibly graphene but not activated carbon.

Other elements such as sodium, silicon, or aluminum are not present, which means the contamination is not everyday dust, dirt, or machine paint.

covid-vaccine-contaminationThis looks like a manufacturing quality problem. It appears to be a production issue rather than intentional contamination.

First, the insect looks like polyester fibers from pharmaceutical-grade liquid filters. During my undergrad days, I took a fascinating class on fiber morphology (physical shape and characteristics) and ran optical and electron microscopes for six hours per week. I became proficient with fiber analysis and typing. A few years later, I set up an in-house lab for the Mead Corporation that analyzed fiber characteristics and microcapsules produced from oils and proteins. Daily samples frequently included hundreds of different contaminants.

From my experience, from thousands of analytical runs, the insects are nothing more than clumps of fibers shed from failing microfilters. They float because polyester is less dense than the liquid phase in the vaccine bottle.

The oxidized carbon plates appear to be material that slipped through the filters. Either the material is smaller than the pores in the filter, or contaminates were otherwise leaking by or through the filters.

The patents for the mRNA vaccines include the microencapsulation of the genetic material while it is held on a graphene substrate. The capsule is a lipid, an oil or fat, that wraps the generic core when an electric field is introduced. Microencapsulation is nothing new or incredibly secretive.

But the use of graphene as a base is new. We don’t know whether the vaccine microcapsules are being formed on a surface, like a kid’s toy marble, coated with graphene, or in a solution of graphene powder suspended in a chemical reactor. I bet a tank of gently agitating graphene powder is used to grow the vaccine nanoparticles.

These powders slip through filters and contaminate sure lots of the vaccine.

Either they slip through when a new filter is put in service or continuously. Or it slips through when a filter reaches its end-of-life. From experience, the problem occurs when new filters are placed in service and perform better once they are a little dirty.

Every moonshiner knows that the first part of a moonshine run, called the heads, is toxic, tastes terrible, and must be thrown out.

Finding filter media and graphene in the vaccines means that off-quality products were produced and shipped. It is not much of an extrapolation to ask how wide the acceptable vaccine quality window was. There might be significant differences from batch to batch and within a batch.

How can this be? Well, once all liability was lifted from the vaccine companies, the government guaranteed profits, compensation, and career advancement along the production chain, and custody boils down to a challenging production game. Quality is irrelevant.

Excess deaths have been up considerably since the vaccines. A fundamental question is whether the vaxx technology is killing people, poor manufacturing quality control is killing people, or something intentionally sinister is occurring. This would be unbelievable in the 21st century if not for government involvement.



Russian Mobilization

paper-bearRussia was running out of soldiers and ordered the mobilization of reservists this week. Men between the ages of 18 and 65 face the possibility.

Tens of thousands dropped everything and ran to the airports or drove to the borders, so many that Finland closed its border with Russia, and the airlines were ordered not to sell tickets.

It is generally recognized that many, or most, perhaps 90% of Russian war casualties occur at night when soldiers stop moving. Modern sensors see them sleeping in tents and parked vehicles and call in artillery barrages. The current war concerns movement and sensors, and Ukraine is improving at maneuvering warfare. The Soviet era technology and training they inherited are better suited to siege warfare. Over and again, the Russian military has demonstrated rank incompetence when on the move yet terrible lethality when positioned for a siege.
Panic is breaking out:

Putin is counting on the fragility of European energy to create mass protests in Germany, France, England, and the rest so that the EU pressures to settle the war on Russia’s terms.
Might this happen?

The conscious decisions by governments to ignore the quality of their electrical grids and the reliability and robustness of these systems opened the door for the war in Ukraine.

Governments that ignore the quality and pursue fake data to justify fake votes are guilty of public corruption.

This week’s good news is that England just reversed its ban on fracking. Sorry, Greta, you asked the question how; and this is how they dare you.

Putin’s plan to conquer Europe through energy corruption looks to have hit a brick wall. The greenies no longer believe the rhetoric in light of the increased costs.

aged-military-gearRussian soldiers are being issued eighty-year-old helmets and 90–100-year-old rifles. The nation that once produced an AK-47 for everyone in the third world either lacks enough small arms ammunition or recognizes that rifles mean little under the current paradigm.

veshmeshokOr perhaps they failed to warehouse and store their small arms properly. Their ancient weapons, no doubt held in cosmoline or grease, appear usable. But their newer kit? Money was not allocated for proper storage.

Regardless of the plan, Russia’s propaganda campaign is failing now that Putin’s religious conversion is a pathetic fraud.

Russian military doctrine has much in common with the trench warfare of the Tzar’s time than the modern maneuver. Their modern weapons have failed broadly, except for the artillery that can shoot and scoot well. While their designs are mid-twentieth century, the real problem is that their stockpiles deteriorated in storage.

Russia, like most armies, lacks a viable defense against drones. Sometimes the weapons on the drones do the work, but mostly the Russians are being killed because they cannot hide from the sensors.

In a nutshell, the Russian army is failing to adapt to overcome. On the other hand, Ukraine has adopted the Western maneuverer doctrine. Russia has a leadership quality problem, and it is showing.

Why? Because the essential elements of any quality system are the ability to measure real numbers and feed them back to decision-makers. They lack actual numbers and cannot report bad news.

They have a quality control problem. Unless they fix it, they will lose the war, and the map will revert to the old one:




RINOs vs. Not RINOs

Last week we asked, “with all the arresting and harassing and the railroading of Trump associates, why is Mike Pence the only one left alone?”

Wow, was my inbox ever filled? Mike Pence is considered inauthentic and scripted and has been since his early political days in Indiana.

mike-penceKelleigh Nelson pointed out in her TTP article: Republicans aren’t going to Save America – its up to Us. There is a significant gap between what our leaders say and what they do.

Criticism of Pence as a go-along-to-get-along politician with eyes on the 2024 election is growing.

Kelleigh has been a long-time investigator of Pence and has written many articles on the RINO problem, especially the Pence RINO problem.

Her three articles below explain the problem and shed light on the Deep State’s plans for the next presidential election. Here #1  Here #2  Here  #3

People living in Indiana cities and towns such as Elkhart, Michigan City, Wabash, and La Porte are among the nation’s most conservative voters, yet they have real problems with Pence. Specifically, his authenticity as a conservative constitutionalist and not another Deep Stater intent on growing his career no matter the cost.

desantis_accomplishmentsWe don’t yet know whether the Republican candidate will be Trump, Pence, DeSantis, or someone else, but it is clear that DeSantis is gaining traction fast.

Pence could have and should have honored the request of states requesting more time to investigate massive voting irregularities, but he did not.

Instead, he sided with Nancy Pelosi and the Washington forces that appear to have orchestrated the January 6 protest. After turning the nation over to Joe Biden, Pence was seen elbow-bumping a jubilant Nancy Pelosi.

This week has shown us that the United States Government, its states, and cities are undergoing a terrible quality control crisis. The concept of quality control, whether through robust systems or inspection, is anathema to our Deep State. It might even define the Deep State as an anti-quality of government cartel.

This can be fixed and fixed quickly. The rapid and energetic swing to quality was a significant factor in ending the Great Depression. We have done it before; we should make the quality of government the focus. I believe poor quality is like propaganda; it goes unseen until it is pointed out. Then it cannot be overlooked.

The glass will begin to fill once more with a focus on quality in government, from schools to the Oval Office.


Mike Ryan is a chemical engineering consultant for the iron, steel, minerals, chemicals, and fibers industries.