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Brooks & Dunn (Kix Brooks/Ronnie Dunn) released their famous hit song 30 years ago in 1993.  Sure makes you feel good, doesn’t it?  Real American blue collar optimism and joyousness.  Can’t wait to get up in the mornin’ and do it all over again!

Sure is different today, isn’t it?  10 days ago (8/08), an unknown country singer uploaded a song on YouTube that got 5 million views in 3 days, going completely viral and hailed as “the blue collar political anthemcri de coeur of bitterness and hopelessness in America now:


“I’ve been sellin’ my soul, workin’ all day
Overtime hours for bullsh-t pay
So I can sit out here and waste my life away
Drag back home and drown my troubles away

It’s a tragic song that is resonating with millions of people just like Oliver Anthony.  Yet its real tragic irony is his and his listeners not understanding that the “rich men north of Richmond” – the DC deep state elite 100 miles north – want them to feel like he does, want him and them to waste their lives away with booze and die overdosing on fentanyl.

He senses this, singing, These rich men north of Richmond / Lord knows they all just wanna have total control – but where’s the fight instead of resignation?


The folks at NR don’t like his hopelessness either:

“My brother in Christ, you live in the United States of America in 2023 — if you’re a fit, able-bodied man, and you’re working ‘overtime hours for bullsh-t pay,’ you need to find a new job… If you’re the type of guy who’s willing to show up on time, every time, work hard while you’re on the clock, and learn hard skills — there’s a good-paying job out there for you. Go find it.”

Frankly, the enormous popularity of Oliver Anthony’s song is tragic evidence of the Woke Left’s victory over so many Normal Americans – which will only be defeated by their refusing to be hopeless any longer, taking responsibility for their future and their freedom into their own hands instead.



If you read through Skye’s Links yesterday (8/17), you’ll see why the very last thing we need now is resignation and hopelessness in the face of woke fascism.

But before we discuss this, I’d to make an announcement.  Tomorrow, Saturday August 19, is Skye’s 80th birthday.  Every week, he works his considerable brains out letting you know what recent events are useful to learn about.  You might consider, then, telling him on the Forum how much you appreciate this, and wish him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SKYE!!

To Skye!

To Skye!



Returning to Skye’s yesterday, that Age of Rage report is sobering, with so many millions willing to resort to violence for DJT to lose.  Then again, you know the adage: Within every Leftist is the heart of a Fascist.  This means we can no longer wait in hopes a conservative in the White House will start waving a constitutional magic wand on January 20, 2025.

Ask yourself – what can you start doing now to rid your school district, city council, congressional district, or state legislature of wokeism?  Remember Tip O’Neil’s acute observation, “All politics is local.”

For example:  The #1 Dem excuse for increasing fedgov spending and suffocating regulatory control is “climate change.”  One of their data points is that all the CO2 we humans pump into the atmosphere stays there (CO2 atmospheric lifetime) for several centuries or even millennia.  Yet these figures are simply skyhooked.  Here’s something real:


This is the measurement of atmospheric Carbon-14 which dramatically increased during the period of above ground nuclear bomb testing from 1955 to 1980 with the peak of testing in the mid-60s. Note the exponential drop-off: the half-life is about 8 years (every 8 years half the C14 is out of the air, half of that gone in another 8 years, half of that in another, so it’s back to background levels in 30-40 years.

Since there’s no significant difference between C-14 and C-12 (the carbon in CO2), the UN-IPCC figures are off between 1,000 to 10,000% (one to two orders of magnitude).

You can educate yourself on the Dem Woke Left Climate Hoax via such sources at Watts Up With That:  So armed, you can challenge any climate hoaxer on your kid’s school board, your city council, state legislature, Congresscritter, etc.  Be an informed and relentless gadfly.

Always and everywhere, pronounce “climate change” as the Left’s replacement of Marxism as a rationale for control of everyone’s life (except their own) – it’s a political agenda, not science. Realize that if this rationale collapses in public opinion, the Left is kaput as a political force – at least until they come up with another rationale.

You can make a difference!  A few thousand TTPers and friends can make a really appreciable difference!  Your future, your children and grandchildren’s future, your country’s future is truly for real at stake now.  Each day that passes from now on counts.  Vow to make that day count.

No more bitterness, no more hopelessness. Every day from now on, think of how you can kick the Left in the nads and commit yourself to it.  The future is ours and America’s if we all do.



Do any TTPers live in Washington State?  If so, you are all too well aware that your state is run by a criminally insane Dem legislature and Dem governor, Jay Inslee. And if so, you can help here: Group Sues Washington Governor Over Bill That Allows Sex Change Surgery For Minors Without Parental Consent.  Believe it or not, such a bill (Senate Bill 5599) was signed into law by WA’s protohominid governor in May.

The group doing the suing is one all TTpers should know about: America First Legal  It’s founded and run by one of the best and brightest guys in Trump’s White House, Steven Miller.  Just take a look at a summary of AFL’s current lawsuits, investigations and activities – it’s really impressive. You can join here or consider donating.  Another way to make a difference.

What a contrast, by the way, between Washington and North Carolina.  On Wednesday (8/16): North Carolina Bans Sex Change Surgery For Minors After GOP Overrides Dem Governor’s Veto.  Sanity at last.



We will see what sanity emerges, or doesn’t, at the first GOP Presidential candidate debate in Milwaukee next Wednesday (8/23).  All the second tier will be there, Vivek, RDS, Scott, Halley; the third tier, Pence, Christie, and some guy named Bergum who bought his way in with gift cards. With the Big Kahuna not there, the ratings will be mediocre.

Vivek is the current up-and-comer, with his 10 Truths like “There are only two genders” and “Open borders are no borders,” and his Blaze interview saying that trans kids have a “mental health condition.”  All well and good, but maybe Bret Baier will call him on his being an arrogant ignoramus on foreign policy.  (He knows, e.g., nothing re Putin & Xi, cf. his CNN interview today 8/18.)


Two questions I want to see BB ask the GOP contenders:

  1. Will you pledge, if elected, and if Donald Trump is convicted of any of the political crimes he is accused of, that you will issue a full presidential pardon exonerating him?


  1. The federal budget must now spend over $1 Trillion in interest on the $32 trillion of federal government debt this year, which is expected to double and triple over the next few years. What will you do to reduce – actually reduce not just reduce projected increases – overall federal spending, and start paying off the federal debt?


Ok, a third:

  1. Perhaps the largest group of voters in the country now are Social Security & Medicare recipients who feel threatened by those programs’ trust fund deficits leading to significant payment reductions to them. By comparison, Goldman Sachs now reports that the “green subsidies” in the Inflation Reduction Act will amount to $1.2 trillion – which if shifted to the Social Security/Medicare trust funds would keep them solvent.  Do you agree that this should happen?


See if you can make them squirm, Bret. No softballs!



Let’s close with Brooks & Dunn’s beautiful ode to our country.  It’s true… Only in America.