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That’s the way to best describe it, isn’t it? That Hunter is Joe’s pimp, Joe is the political whore for sale.

Here’s the NY Post cover story Wednesday (8/09): Hunter Biden’s Staggering $20M Haul From Kazhaks, Chinese, Russians, Romanians And Ukrainians Revealed In New Bank Records: Comer.



That was coupled with a story of 45 calling what this is – “It was just a bribe” to his illicit successor.



Of course, our corrupt Pravda media is claiming –believe it or not – that this is not real, only the “illusion” of a bribe to Joe the Whore.  Georgetown Law Professor Jonathan Turley likens this to Houdini’s famous Vanishing Elephant magic trick.

In his The Illusion of Scandal: How Washington is Attempting to Dismiss $20 Million as an Illusion yesterday (8/10), Turley unveils this latest pathetic attempt of the media to deny reality.  He easily refutes the claim that “there is no evidence of direct payments to Joe and Jill Biden” by showing how the payments went to their Biden Family Fund.  That’s the cookie jar all the Bidens use – Joe, Jill, James, Hunter, children & grandchildren (except Navy Joan despicably) – to enrich themselves through treasonous bribery.



And yes – from purposely creating a tsunami of illegal aliens in the millions to flood our country to being a bribed paid agent of Chicom China and much more, Joe the Whore is branded:





Exactly what TTP predicted last week is happening:


Last week’s (8/04) HFR’s must-read was Handing Trump the Sword, detailing how disastrous their PDJT indictments will be for the Dems by giving him Discovery and Subpoena Power.  Well, here’s Donaldo’s first shot across that bow.  There will be many, many more.

The same exact thing will happen in Fulton County Georgia, the heart of the 2020 rigged vote there, when the DA gives Trump discovery power to expose it.

Recall that Trump”lost” GA by less than 12K votes out of 5M cast.  On Tuesday (8/08), John Solomon of Just The News reported: Georgia Ballots Rejected By Machines Were Later Altered By Election Workers To Count: “Records obtained by Just the News provide unprecedented glimpse into human adjudication of thousands of ballots, where marks for candidates like Trump were sometimes removed so ballots could count for Biden.”

Georgia’s RINO secretary of state Brad Raffensperger, the guy who engineered the vote-rigging, should be sweating bullets now. So should Soros-funded Fulton DA Fani Willis. She’s already been spanked once by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney.

Speaking of spanking – on Tuesday (8/08): Federal Judge Comes Out Swinging Against DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith In Trump Classified Docs Case.

Who needs spanking is the corrupt commie-fascist judge Tanya Chuktan: Judge Calls for Limits on Trump’s Speech Rights in Jan. 6 Case. Can’t wait for a higher court to overrule her allowing his defense in the court public opinion in the obvious national interest during a campaign for the presidency.

(As a prime example of what a commie-fascist-thug judge Tanya Chuktan is (she’s from Jamaica, by the way), she’s the one responsible for America’s Gulag. Hard to believe but there is one. See

As historian Joseph Campbell described in his famous The Hero with a Thousand Faces, the journey of the archetypal hero always involves battle against seemingly insurmountable obstacles only to triumph over them.  Think Odysseus or Hercules.  Now it is Trump’s turn.  Meaning:  if he collapses this house of junk indictment cards, with the nomination and the White House, he’s In Like Flynn.




Yet… and yet again.  Such problems he faces now are like so many gnats buzzing around his ears compared to the real Monsters of Reality he will face sitting once again behind the Resolute Desk.

The biggest monster lurks in that blue line going vertical above – ‘cause it’s going keep going that way until he slams on the brakes, which he seems blithely unaware of the necessity to do so, any more than when he was first sitting there.  Ready?  Here we go.

The US gov’t is $31 Trillion in debt, a lot of that in Treasuries that must be rolled over quickly, like 1 or 2-year T bills.  The era of near-zero interest rates is dead. 10 Years are above 4%, 1 Year above 5%. In just the 2nd quarter of this year, fedgov paid a hair under $970 billion in interest payment – and will the next and next and next quarters until…?

That means close to $4 Trillion in interest alone for 2024. Total gross receipts of the IRS for FY 2022 was $4.9 Trillion  — not much left over to pay for everything else is there?  How is Trump – or any President – to fix this?  The task is Herculean.



The greatest hero for the Ancient Greeks was Herakles, for the Romans, Hercules, most famous for his Twelve Labors.  The 5th was to clean out the massively filthy Augean Stables. Washington DC and its Deep State are the Augean Stables of our day.

What’s the river that PDJT could divert to clean them out?  The Constitution.  Using it, the solution to America’s ills can be summarized in just seven words: Get The Government Out Of The Way!

Back in 2011, I wrote, The Speech I’d Give If I Were Running For President.  It’s going to be the TTP Archive next Monday, but you can take a sneak peek if you’d like.  The problems we had 12 years ago are still the same today just magnified grotesquely – yet the solutions are there, waiting for a president with the cojones to implement them.  We’ll be talking more about this on next Monday’s Archive Forum, I’m sure.







First things first, however.  In order for Trump or any Constitutionalist to sit behind the Resolute Desk he has to be elected to do so.  And the Dems are maniacally determined to prevent that by whatever means necessary, foul and fouler.

I hope you read and took to heart Jay Valentine’s A New Day, A New Type of Election Fraud in TTP on Tuesday (8/08).  Above is another way to block Dem voter fraud.  If it’s almost penniless to put a serial number on a $1 bill, it can be put on a ballot.  Simple software to code which serial number goes to each registered voter, and placed on the return ballot envelope to track chain of custody.

In addition, ballots should be printed on watermarked security paper — they are in e.g., Nye County NV and many others.  Also, security threads, microdots, or fluorescent dyes can be added in the ballot paper to stymie ballot counterfeiters.  A simple machine like those at your local bank to check for counterfeit dollars can detect if ballots are valid.

There is still time for Congress to mandate these election integrity reforms in federal law (and watch the circus of Biden rationalizing his veto) – and certainly enough time for swing state legislatures to enact them.

Still waiting, though, for any – any – GOP candidate to go full throttle support for Jay Valentine.  Maybe RFK2 will?  Let’s hope.



My favorite t-shirt – appropriate for the location

My favorite t-shirt – appropriate for the location


Time out for Oddball Story of the Week: UK Could Send Migrants to Remote Atlantic Island Ascension as Rwanda Plan Falters.

Yep, that’s me – I was on Ascension in 2013.  It’s a lost volcanic speck in the South Atlantic between Africa and Brazil:


Until Charles Darwin figured out how to create a Cloud Forest there, it was an uninhabitable waterless burning hot cinder pile.  It’s lush on now- aptly named Green Mountain…


And habitable below – but not by a lot:


Maybe it’s an ideal place to house African “migrants” seeking to sponge off the British welfare state as a way to seriously dissuade more of them showing up uninvited on English shores.  As a matter of fact – as there are a number of US facilities on Ascension now (like NASA tracking stations, US military at Wideawake Field) – it’s a suitable place for our illegals seeking “asylum.” They’s sure be safe there! Just a thought…



Insightful must-read on The Patriot Post yesterday (8/10) by R. Emmett Tyrell: Putin Goes Missing.

“Vladimir Putin was paralyzed and unable to act decisively (during the Wagner mutiny). Well, at least for now, Putin is back in charge of his increasingly ramshackle country, but a country which seems to be losing its war with Ukraine. Just last week, one of its warships came limping into port at Novorossiysk, Russia, with a gaping hole in its side, the result of its confrontation with a Ukrainian naval drone. How much more can Mother Russia bleed?”


Russkies are so desperate now they are placing the dead bodies of their fellow soldiers on land mines as booby traps, as reported by Reuters:

While they bomb cities and murder innocent people.  Russians have lost their humanity.  This will touch yours. This made me cry, all I can say:

Svitlana Semeykina and Kristina Spitsina died an hour after this video as a result of a rocket attack in Zaporizhzhya. Rest in Peace
by u/TotalSpaceNut in ukraine