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Yesterday (8/03) in Skye’s Links you saw 12th-Grade Boys Becoming More Conservative As Girls Trend Overwhelmingly Liberal.  Little wonder, then, why 12-grade guys ask themselves, “Why bother to go to college? Who needs classrooms full of Woke Barbie Shrews egged on by their woke misandrous professors?”  Thus, from the DoE this week:


And that’s just the sort of woman any self-respecting guy wants to marry and raise a family with, right? Yeah, forget that too.  So it’s a growing tragedy for women who don’t wise-up, abandon wokeness, and resign themselves to the barren emptiness of childless spinsterhood.

Yet it’s a growing tragedy for men as well, indeed for our entire country – as so eloquently documented by eminent Princeton economists Anne Case and Sir Angus Deaton (2015 Nobel Laureate) in Deaths of Despair. The deaths being the three main cause of white male deaths in America today: suicide, alcoholic liver disease, and drug (like fentanyl) overdoses.

It’s the same harrowing tale so beautifully told in Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis by J.D. Vance, now a US Senator (R-OH).


So it is that misandry – hatred of men (as misogyny is hatred of women) — is on a par with white auto-racism as the worst social problems in America.  Seven years ago, August 5, 2016, I wrote White Trash and Black Gimmidats:

“The greatest and most destructive racial problem in America today is anti-white racism.  Particularly so because of what such racist hatred is doing to whites themselves.  It is causing them – from white limousine liberals to “check your privilege” white college kids to working-class whites who are now dying younger – to be auto-racist, racist towards themselves.


It is hard to think of anything that would improve life in America more than a cure for white auto-racism.


Well-off whites would be free to stop being Marxist Democrats as an envy-deflection device.  White college snowflakes could stop being pussies afraid of the world and actually start learning about it.  Working-class whites would be proud of themselves again, regaining self-reliance and rejecting the booze, opiates, and welfare dependency that’s killing them.


We’d have an America that would stop apologizing for its success and its history.  We’d have a military that focused on defending us rather than indulging in gender social experiments.  We’d have a government that got out of our way instead of making us subservient to the State.


And we’d have a society inoculated against guilt-mongering by shakedown artists playing the racist intimidation game.  A society that simply laughed at the demands for ‘Reparations’ made by Black Gimmidats.”


Pathological misandry puts woke white Barbie girls in a real Catch-22, doesn’t it?  Let’s hope, for their sake, they don’t try to get out of it by hooking up with a woke black lesbian girlfriend. What could go wrong?




Now let’s talk about John Wayne, the ultimate symbol of American manhood.  For he also embodies the woke left’s ultimate fear – those who can’t be controlled by them, those who have no fear of them.  That’s why, of all Hollywood stars, John Wayne is the one they hate the most

And that is also why, of all politicians, this is whom they hate and fear the most:


This is why the Woke Dems have such a visceral hate of Trump.  Yes, there are an elite few of them that know once he’s back in the Oval Office, his Attorney General won’t be some Jeff Sessions squish but will criminally prosecute them to the full extent of the law exposing their treasonous corruption.  But that will be tightly targeted, no wide net witch hunt.

Just as the only power the envious have is over those who fear their envy, the same with guilt.  The only power woke guilt-mongers have is over those whom they can intimidate into feeling guilty, like, say, about being white or a man.  The person who feels no such guilt cannot be controlled by them.

And that is what fundamentally distinguishes conservatives from liberals or “progressives,” the Right from the Left.  The basic desire that drives the Left is control over others, while that of the Right is control over oneself, with everyone else having that same right – the difference between fascism and freedom.

Thus, once there’s a President sitting at the Resolute Desk with no fear whatever of lefty guilt-mongering and envy-pandering, then the entire Woke Garbage Pail – from CRT to tranny-worship to white supremacy to climate change mania et al, et al – goes into the cultural incinerator.

Before long, Case and Deaton will be researching for Deaths of Desire Vol. II regarding the sudden upsurge of early death among the woke.  Let’s hope they’ll find freedom far more fun than woke hatred before it comes to that.




Pathological, visceral hatred disconnects one’s mind from reason and reality.  The latest “J6” indictment of POTUS is a perfect case in point.

Here’s the must-read here – you’re going to love this – Handing Trump the Sword by Steve Young.

“According to the indictment, the grounds for prosecuting Trump are that he did not tell the truth about the legality of votes cast in that election and so acted fraudulently and in bad faith. Until today there has been no court examination of relevant evidence on the legality of ballots counted and no court determination that the election was either fair or fraudulent.


As defendant in a criminal case, Trump is presumed innocent and has the right to introduce evidence contradicting the government’s accusation that he was a liar. The indictment against Trump thus allows him to put on the stand local election officials to testify under oath whether each vote counted under their supervision was cast by a living American citizen registered to vote and legally entitled to the privilege of voting.


He can also put Mark Zuckerberg on the stand to testify to how much money he gave to finance the collection of ballots by Democrat operatives and how that operation worked in practice.  He can introduce Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary 2000 Mules for jury consideration.  He can make a national spectacle of Democrat scheming and manipulation of ballots cast.”


Trump and his legal team can turn this rigged Kangaroo Court into the Show Trial of the Century.  Stay tuned. Really: the Demtards actually want this: Democrats Pushing for Trump Trial to Be Televised



Whoa, Nellie!  In the wake of Devon Archer’s testimony on Monday (8/31): Devon Archer Confirms Joe Biden Involvement in Burisma Interests, this video emerges of Ukraine prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who Biden bragged about getting fired for investigating Hunter’s corruption. It was for this that Burisma personally bribed Joe and Hunter $10 million.

Yes, the famous “Well, son-of-a-*****” video where this POS was bribed $10 million to tell the Ukraine government that it would not get $1 billion in US aid unless Viktor Shokin was fired is clear and confirmed:

Tie in this on Saturday (7/29): Hunter Biden’s Laptop Full Of Secret Agreements And Contracts With Foreign Business Partners – and the FBI knew it all right away, well before the 2020 election, kept it hidden, and had the media trumpet that it was Russian disinformation.

Add this on Sunday (7/30): Oversight Chair Rep. James Comer Reveals 170+ Suspicious Activity Reports Filed by Six Major Banks Including JP Morgan, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo, Pointing to Potential Money Laundering, Human Trafficking, and Tax Fraud Involving the Biden Crime Family.

There’s no way the rule of law can survive in America unless Joe goes to jail, real orange jump-suit prison, long enough to die there.




Great news: There Is A Financial Crisis Brewing In Offshore Wind Energy.  Written by a greenie-tard bemoaning that “this month has seen a disastrous number of canceled and abandoned offshore wind deals which ‘erased billions of US dollars in planned spending’ in the final week of July alone,” the economic facts of these eyesores spell doom for them without massive government subsidies which the GOP House will block.


And they are far worse than just eyesores:  NJ Fishing Pros Warn Offshore Wind Killing Ocean Life: ‘Never Seen Anything Remotely Like This’ in Half a Century.  As you may know, anyone living near these monstrosities on land are driven nuts by the vibrations messing up their brains.  Same with sea life.  The offshore turbines produce pressure pulses in the ocean disorienting fishes to whales to octopi from sensing where they are in the water, especially at night.  No wonder dead whales now abound on the Jersey shore.

By the way, there’s safety testing for any new technology – except for climate change technology.  That gets an automatic pass through, not even research is done for safety concerns, much less testing.  Hard to imagine how much better our world would be off if the whole Climate Change-Global Warming Marxist Hoax was in the dustbin of history.


There’s a plethora of these exploding e-bike vid clips on YouTube now, because, as AP reports (7/27): As E-Bikes Proliferate, So Do Deadly Fires Blamed On Exploding Lithium-Ion Batteries.  They’re so dangerous as their lower-grade batteries don’t dissipate heat adequately, with the heat build-up until they explode.

The big problem is charging them indoors, especially in an apartment where you have to bring them inside or else they’ll get stolen.  This can cause the whole apartment complex to go up in flames with multiple deaths.  E-bike=Death Trap City.




We close with the best news of the week: Meat Consumption and Longevity.  Carnivores Live Longer! Hahahaha!  The International Journal of General Medicine published a study that analyzed data from 175 countries and territories, showing worldwide, consumption of meat is associated with longer life. Is that cool or what?

What about those “longevity blue zones” where people live really long by eating veggies?  Lotsa myth here.  Take Okinawa – turns out they love Spam, eating an average of one can per person per week.  No vegans in the blue zones.  So next time someone gives you a hard time as you’re about to devour a big ribeye medium rare, smile back as you’re going to live longer – then point to the steak and remind them: “This animal was a vegetarian.”