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bad-to-the-boneSchadenfreudelicious, folks.  Read and enjoy the NY Post’s cover story: House Oversight Chairman Comer: ‘Ultimate White Privilege Guy’ Hunter Biden Could Be Hit With 10 Criminal Referrals.

Yesterday (7/20), Senator Chuck Grassley released an official declassified FBI Reporting Document (FD-1023) dated June 30, 2020, describing conversations a highly-paid and trusted FBI informant had with Burisma owner Mykola Zlochevsky who said he was “coerced” into bribing both Hunter and Joe $5 million each to get Ukrainian prosecutor fired for investigating Burisma corruption: Biden $10 Million Bribe FBI File Released.

Comer’s conclusion on Hunter:

“He violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act. He was money laundering. He was racketeering. He committed wire fraud. He violated the Mann Act, as committee member Taylor Greene showed at our hearing Wednesday (7/19) – she showed the plane tickets, she showed the pictures, she showed the evidence that he illegally transported women across state lines for prostitution… the evidence is pretty overwhelming that he and his father took millions in bribes in Ukraine, Romania, and China… When we wrap this report up, Hunter Biden’s gonna have between six and 10 criminal referrals.” 

No wonder this morning’s headline on Fox is: Republican Calls To Impeach Biden Grow Following Release Of FBI Document Detailing Bribery Allegations.



Check the front pages of the New York Times and WaPo, or the CNN home page today (7/21) and there is a complete absence of this story.  Nary a whisper also on Comer saying on Breitbart Monday (7/17): James Comer: Bidens Owned over 20 Shell Companies to Hide Payments, Launder Money; nor on Oversight member Andy Biggs on Fox Tuesday (7/18): GOP Rep. Estimates Up To $100M Flowed Through Biden Family Accounts: Views The Biden Family As A ‘Massive’ Crime Syndicate’.

Yet however much the Dems and their media shills close their eyes in denial, they’ll end up being dragged kicking and screaming and victimizing into recognizing that Joe Has To Go.


In TTP on Tuesday (7/18), Bob Delahunty made the case for Why The Dems Can’t Ditch Joe, for fear of RFK2. winning open primaries.  But the momentum is building up so irresistibly that at some point the Dems’ll have to – forcing Joe and Jill to pull a ’68 LBJ, announcing he’s dropping out of the ’24 race and going home to retire at the end of his term.

There are other reasons as well. Cf. Top Democrats Know Biden Is Not Running For 2nd Term; CNN Report.

Once this happens, the entire energy of the ’24 race shifts.  Trump is far ahead of the pack challenging him now because Biden is seen as his Dem opponent.

Once Biden bows out a la LBJ, a pack of Dem challengers competing in open primaries emerges – and in terms of media coverage much of the focus will not be RFK2 (Delahunty is right, the Dem elite and media are afraid of him), and it sure won’t be Vice-President Kneepads – it will be California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Suddenly, instantly, we have a whole new tennis match with the focus no longer on Trump vs Biden as one old man (Trump at 77) playing against an even older man (FJB at 81) — but Newsom vs DeSantis, a far younger and energizing race (Newsom at 56, RDS at 45), with far more drama between the two biggest electoral vote states, California vs Florida.

This is what RDS expects.  On Saturday (7/15): Ron DeSantis: ‘I’m Fully Prepared to Have a Florida-California Showdown’ if Newsom Replaces Biden.

This’ll be a cage fight a lot of the country will be watching.  You’d think it’d be an easy knockout for Ron, CA wacko ruinous leftism vs FL flourishing red state values.  But Newsom is duplicitously smooth, a skilled and slimy debater.  DeSantis has to be at the top of his game to effectively expose Newsom’s record for what it ghastly is.

The latest example (7/12): California Approves Math Curriculum Promoting “Social Justice” Over Standard Skills.  RDS can’t wait to take on GN.  He just has to avoid hubris and being cocky to score if not a knockout or TKO a solid win on points.

With this drama and energy shift, expect the Trump vs DeSantis polls to be closer and closer – until there’s no way Donaldo can avoid the GOP debates – at which, by the way, his demeaning name calling (“Little Marco”) won’t work.  The big question is, how will Trump handle not being far ahead in the polls, maybe even behind RDS?

Many polls record a public dread of a re-run Trump vs Biden.  A much younger race like DeSantis vs Newsom would be far more about the future than the past.  Your thoughts on this in the Forum are welcome.

Oh, by the way – here’s what Michael Ramirez thinks of Newsom’s chances:




This is not to say that the GOP has only a two-horse race.  Savor this headline in today’s (7/21) Daily Mail to see why: 2024 Republican hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy floats the idea that the United States should leave the United Nations and says there is no reason for ‘its continued existence’.  Reminds me of the bumper sticker I had on my car when I was a UCLA undergrad in the mid-60s:  ComUNism!

And it’s also not to say it’s clear sailing for Newsom once Joe goes – for then it’s Go Joe!… Joe Manchin, that is.  He’s far more formidable than RFK2.  Currently he’s sending Dems into a tizzy over a third party (No Labels Party) run, which is just a tease.  What he is saying clearly: Manchin: ‘If I get in the race, I’m going to win.’  Could be fun to see Newsom get tag-teamed by RDS and Real Joe.




Let’s go to Europe – where the Daily Mail reports: Extraordinary Map Reveals How Millions Across Europe Are Shifting Towards Populist Right-Wing Parties And Abandoning The EU’s Traditional Social Democrats And Green Ideologues.

“Right-wingers,” it breathlessly reports, “have already gained power in Sweden, then in Italy, Finland and Greece,” with more to come.  Spain will be next, predicts the Wall Street Journal today (7/21): A Spanish Lesson For Europe: The Popular Party Shows How Centrist Conservatives Can Win.  Elections in Spain are this Sunday, 7/23.

The Mail predicts that Holland will soon follow, then Austria, Switzerland, and even Germany by next year – then comes France.  It won’t be long before half of EU member countries are now or will be run by populist-style governments or factions:

“All favor halting uncontrolled migration, tackling crime, promoting traditional families and pausing hated EU laws aimed at forcing people to alter their lifestyles to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.”


A winning formula for governing in today’s Europe.




The preeminent leader of this populist-conservative movement in Europe is Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. She’s a Trumpian Italy First firebrand who also fully understands the enormous threat to Europe of a Putin victorious in Ukraine.

On Tuesday (7/18), in response to Putin’s bombing the port of Odessa destroying over 100 tons of food ready to be shipped to hungry countries, she issued this statement:

“I believe not only that the war in Ukraine is a new colonial war, but I also believe that it is a war waged against the weakest ones, and we see it also with the non-renewal of the agreement on the grain that is always the will of Russia, a clear signal on which I think everyone should ask why using the raw material that feeds the world as a weapon is an offense against humanity.”


She also talked about “peace”:

“The word peace cannot be confused with the word invasion… a world in which international law no longer exists, a world in which that the strongest militarily can freely invade their neighbors, will never be a world of peace.”




Let’s close with important fun.  Be sitting down and stay away from hot liquids.  This morning’s headline in Fox: Researchers Horrified, Decry Rise Of ‘Fascism’ As Students Send Mocking Responses To Woke Survey.

There is an ersatz-academic journal called Bulletin of Applied Transgender Studies.  Published in their current Summer 2023 issue is a lengthy article entitled: “Attack Helicopters and White Supremacy: Interpreting Malicious Responses to an Online Questionnaire about Transgender Undergraduate Engineering and Computer Science Student Experiences” (starting at page 67 in the link).

These are real science and engineering students being questioned, and the researchers are freaked-out shocked that they would get ridicule in return.  You can see their answers to “What gender do you identify as?” (page78). “Apache attack helicopter” was a favorite chosen gender. Another was “cis-gender lizard king.”

When asked about their racial/ethnic identity, they got: “Come on man, these questions are stupid. Everyone is a grab bag of genetics from all over the world.”

The fun part of this is the reaction, stated in the report, of the researchers to the ridicule.  The poor widdle trannies got their feewings hurt rewee bad:

“The malicious words and slurs directed towards our research team had a profound impact on morale and mental health, particularly for one of our graduate student researchers, who was the primary data analyst. As a transgender woman who was already in therapy for anxiety and depression regarding online anti-trans rhetoric, managing the study’s data collection caused significant personal distress, and time had to be taken off the project to heal from traumatic harm.”


Of course, their only response was to bitterly call, again and again and again, those who mocked them “fascists,” “white supremacists,” who prove that “fascism has become a common ideology in engineering and computer science academia.”

My response?  There’s hope for America with these college engineering/computer science students.