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ww3This is dystopian science fiction, the poster of a B-grade we’re-all-gonna-die horror flick.  I am totally sick and tired of all the fearmongering about this, and you should be too.  This is not going to happen.  There are three basic reasons why.

Read them and you’ll understand how DJT’s rant on Tuesday (7/11) is as unthoughtful as his claim he’ll end Russia’s war in Ukraine “in 24 hours”.  Donald Trump Blasts More Ukraine Aid: ‘Joe Biden Should Not Be Dragging Us Further Toward World War III’ is Pro-Putin Breitbart’s fearmonger headline – when it is Putin’s Russia using nuclear blackmail, not us or Ukraine nor anyone else.

He had the gall to condemn “Biden’s policy of endless war in Ukraine,” when it is Putin’s policy, to demand that Biden, not Putin “immediately end the bloodshed in Ukraine”.  It grieves me deeply to condemn this because I admire him in so many ways – but once again as happened so very often during his presidency, he has surrounded himself with advisors who are as misinformed as he is.  Which means he may well keep doing or saying foolish things as 47 that he did as 45.

And it shocks and saddens me so deeply that there are TTPers who insist on being on Putin’s side of evil rather than Ukraine’s side of freedom, who will continue to parrot Kremlin agitprop lies on the Forum.  To them I must implore: please, please stop corroding your soul with evil, and please do not pollute the Forum with it any more.  That’s where I stand, let’s agree to disagree, and leave it at that.

So – on to those three reasons why we’re not going to have WWIII.



First, as you learned last October in HFR10/07/22, regarding Putin using nukes in Ukraine:

“Xi and Chicom China won’t permit it.  Putin can nuke bluster all he wants as Xi calibrates the Western reaction.  But Xi has told him, “Don’t even think of actually doing it” – as everyone in Samarkand knows when Xi and Putin met there last month (09/19). I was there the following week.”


Now this is common knowledge, as reported by the Daily Mail this month (07/05): Xi Tells Putin – Do NOT Nuke Ukraine: Chinese President Told Vladimir To His Face Not To Use Nuclear Missiles.

As you know, Xi plans to feed off Russia’s carcass as it disintegrates over a losing war by engorging its provinces lost to Russia in 1860 as Chinese Siberia (TTP, Nov 1, 2006).  Further, XI knows China’s economy depends on Europe much more than Russia, which is why he’s neither sending weapons nor aid for Putin’s invasion war.  Bottom line is, Putin is Xi’s poodle.

Second, is the mortal undependability of Russia’s nuclear arsenal, from tactical to strategic.  Particularly the former, as Russia has around 4,000 tactical or battleground nukes. They have plutonium (weapons grade Pu239) pits, which must be maintained at great care, complexity, and cost.

Pu has six different “allotropes” or crystal phases which shift into one another due to Pu’s powerful self-generated neutron radiation. Some phases are less dense and compressible than others, and the pit must be dense and compressible enough for the high explosive charges around it to set off nuclear fission rather than fizzle out.

Thus the pits need to have regular hydrodynamic testing to be sure the allotrope phase is right, and if its not, the pit must be melted down, recast in two pieces, remachined and soldered back together – highly technical, very complex, and very cautious to avoid radiation poisoning.  All of this 4,000 times given 4,000 tactical nuke Pu239 pits.

US intel agencies, both SIGINT and HUMINT, keep a close watch on Russian pit maintenance, so know how shoddy it is.  Schedules aren’t kept, money pocketed not spent, incompetent workers drinking on the job, on and on – with intel estimates now that between 50 to 80% or more of the pits will fizzle, i.e., won’t explode.

What’s more, this is leaked through back channels to make sure Putin knows it, that we know it, and we know he knows his arsenal is thoroughly undependable.  And that he doesn’t possess enough of a special-skilled dependable workforce to test, find, and repair the deteriorated pits in any reasonable time – and who’s to know there wouldn’t be saboteurs implanted among them by unfriendly countries?

This is why, for example, Robert Pszczel, former NATO ambassador to Russia, says “Potential Escalation With Russia Is A Myth.”

It’s also why MTG’s amendment to block cluster munitions to Ukraine lost last night (7/13) by a fully bipartisan 146 votes.


House Intel explained the above to them, as well as other facts of life and war.  One committee member told me, “Funny how these people going bananas over Ukraine having cluster munitions never said a word about the widespread and extensive use of cluster munitions by Russia in Ukraine, even upon civilian residential buildings and villages.”  Cf. Wikipedia: Use of Cluster Munitions in the Russian Invasion of Ukraine.

Third, the instant Putin fires off a real tactical nuke upon Ukraine, even if it’s a dud much less actually explodes, the overwhelming reaction by the US and much of the world in general will be political/economic retaliation, not nuclear.

Russia instantly becomes a total pariah state with a complete boycott – including kicking them off the UN Security Council and the UN itself.  The entire economy of Russia would cease to exist, with all state and state-run company bank accounts anywhere seized or disappearing.  That’s only a hint of the political and economic reprisals.  It’s the Ultimate Red Line – little wonder Xi ordered Putin not to cross it.




You saw that photo of my grandfather Lucien guarding Teddy Roosevelt in last Monday’s Archive, right?  Lucien was the Chief of the Secret Service Presidential Bodyguard for four presidents: TR, Taft, Wilson, and Harding (NY Times obituary, July 24, 1950).  I knew him when a little boy as Papa.  Yes, that’s me at 3 years old with Papa.

I can only imagine what pain and disgust he would feel towards his beloved Secret Service now.  Yesterday (7/13), the Secret Service announced  it is unable to identify who smuggled cocaine into the White House on July 2. Right….  You and I are so not surprised.  And that the SS conducted no interviews nor drug tested anyone.  Two pungent reactions:


The most surveilled property in the world somehow can’t produce video evidence of who left a bag of cocaine near the Situation Room at the White House. And apparently the suspect was wearing gloves in the middle of summer. Incredible.


— Joe Concha (@JoeConchaTV) July 13, 2023


How convenient


— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) July 13, 2023


Speaker McCarthy was justifiably scathing.  And note, after he denounces Biden Inc., starting at 3:45 he laces into FBI Director Chris Wray and how he is ruining his once-revered agency.  Lucien retired from the Secret Service after Harding to set up the Pacific Coast office of the brand-new FBI for J. Edgar Hoover.  Again, what anguish and loathing would he feel about what today’s FBI has become.



Meanwhile, the Dem media ridicule of our senile imposter “president” continues:

New York Times Prints Blistering Column Slamming Joe Biden For Disowning Hunter’s Daughter By Stripper – And Warns President’s ‘Unconscionable’ Behavior Will Lead To The Four-Year-Old Being BULLIED At School


While he dodders in decrepitude with King Charles:

Trump is received like a rock star king by 50,000 cheering fans at the Vegas UFC:

The comparison between them is even more laughable than it was in 2020.  What’s not laughable is that the Dems have increased their capacity to steal the presidency over what they successfully did back then.  DJT better start focusing on how to actually prevent what happened in 2020 from happening again in 2024, for on the ground real – like what Jay Valentine is doing.  Giving rallies won’t cut it now anymore than then, Donald. Start hyping Jay’s Undeliverable Ballot Database and tell your supporters to donate to his now.  Time is slipping by.



As should DeSantis.  He needs to do the same – even though he has released what many consider the most powerful ad of the campaign so far.  It’s produced by Mamas for DeSantis.  Watch:

As you may know, if I had a choice, I think DeSantis is better for America’s future – he’s young in his 40s, has the principles and moxie to move us out of the dystopia we are living in and into a future we will be proud to bequeath to our children.  Trump is too focused on revenge for the injustices done to him, which means the past.  Yet it is he future that counts, what’s over is over.

Nonetheless, if Trump wins the GOP banner, I’ll support him all the way – the alternative of Woke Biden or Moochelle masquerading as Zero’s third term too ghastly to think about.  And certainly, El Donaldo has the Big Mo (momentum) on steroids.  I’ll admit that seeing him back in the Oval Office driving the woketards catatonic in apoplexy will be so completely delicious to watch.

Thus the Dream Ticket might me Trump-DeSantis 2024.  But the Constitutions says no – unless Trump moves his official residence out of Florida to his homes in New Jersey or Manhattan.

Let’s close with the bottom line:  Our future looks a lot brighter than the Dems’.  Ask yourself: would you trade their problems for ours?  Of course not.  The future is ours, not theirs.  And so shall it be.