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the-suprme-courtThe Sun is Rising at the Supreme Court


affirmative-actionLast Friday, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects a Christian web designer’s right not to produce work for same-sex weddings. The 303 Creative LLC vs. Elenis case was a challenge to Colorado’s Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA) by the owner of the marketing and web design firm, Lorie Smith, ahead of anticipated challenges to her web design work celebrating Biblical Marriage. Her design for life marketing theme, where her websites promoted marriage as a life-long union between one man and one woman, drew intense fire from the left.

Justice Neil Gorsuch delivered the majority ruling: “The First Amendment prohibits Colorado from forcing a website designer to create expressive designs speaking messages with which the designer disagrees.

Communist Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote the dissenting opinion and was joined by Justices Kagan and Jackson. The remaining justices wrote concurrences to Justice Gorsuch. Sotomayor’s dissent essentially claimed that the internet makes Christian viewpoints accessible in the public square and must therefore be smashed with the iron boot of big government.

Especially troubling to the three leftist justices was the use of Scriptural references during the proceedings. Specifically, Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, Romans 1:27, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, 1 Timothy 1:9-10, and Jude 1:7. Each reference was drawn from the KJV.

As I see it, the SCOTUS affirmed that forcing an incorporated business or individual to say that 2+2=5 is unconstitutional. Pride month died with a whimper, and Larry Fink of BlackRock might be facing massive legal action due to strong-arming public companies supporting the LGBT+ hooey. Add to this the number of persons, institutions, and corporations forced to repeat the Covid-19 narrative, and we have an earth-shaking Supreme Court decision.

By the way, that “+” after LGBT stands for minor-attracted persons or pedophiles.

The SCOTUS further ruled that the Biden administration cannot cancel or reduce student debt. The government entered the direct loan business during the Clinton Administration and changed the playing field. Universities and colleges no longer faced financial harm for offering useless degrees and removing academic quality controls under the Clinton system. However, colleges and universities are beginning to face bankruptcy for offering sham degrees and sticking their students with excessive debt.

The estimated debt-forgiveness in arrears was $400 Billion. In the future, the cost would have amounted to whatever the universities could get away with, charging another 50 million gender studies majors for 50 million useless degrees.

gorsuch-trumpThe next step, the most important step, is the removal of tax-exempt status from university endowments that act as political indoctrination machines. One should be able to obtain a degree without being forced to adhere to radical leftist speech codes. This is the big enchilada.

Under this Supreme Court, the Supreme Court shaped by President Trump, Roe vs. Wade, and Student Loan Forgiveness are over. Constitutional Carry is secured, and business Religious Freedom is guaranteed. Thank you, President Trump.

Justice Thomas and Justice Gorsuch have formed a new center of gravity.

Affirmative action as a determinant of college admissions is officially over, except for a carve-out for the service academies that select students by congressional appointment. The case involved Harvard and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In reality, universities will likely shift to an adversity index, where applicant essays that stress the student’s response to sexual identity discrimination and other forms of discrimination will be used instead of skin color. It is no secret that universities prosper by admitting many mediocre students, piling on the debt, and then using adjunct professors to deliver low-cost, low-content classes. Some students enter the top-tier programs, but these are just a fraction of the whole.

There is no way that American Universities will revert to a quality-in-education business model due to the Affirmative Action ruling. Especially when the new adversity index selection method promises to make more students available for sexual exploitation  on campus. The adversity index application method goes way beyond third and fourth-wave feminism, encouraging female students to rack up their sexual body counts to earn their bone fides.

The problems created by the Frankfurt School marching through American universities are still enormous. Even though racial affirmative action is now over, and with it the promise of affirmative action as LBJ’s Great Society plan to compensate blacks for slavery, no one seems to recognize that Asians were abused by affirmative action.

There is little doubt that Asian Americans will not score well under an adversity index admission system. Universities will continue to be spared the cost and effort of providing classes requiring abstract thinking and morality for most applicants.

It is time for Asian students to find top-end legal counsel and address discrimination from their perspective.




Forty years of liberal policies are coming home to roost in France. French citizens are barred from owning defensive firearms. Meanwhile, migrants from Africa and Afghanistan were not even asked whether they brought belt-fed machine guns and every other man-portable weapon into the country.

afrmob-in-franceGroups of citizens armed with baseball bats are attempting to protect their daughters and property from the Reconquista, the conquering of France by Africans as their revenge for colonial times. France does not have a government capable of addressing a dark-skinned hostile army within their borders, using French resources as support.

America’s BLM riots appear to have been the prototype and trial run for the overthrow of Europe. Perhaps the FBI recognized the BLM riots as a learning opportunity and blocked law enforcement from riot control. Or maybe the FBI identified the BLM riots as a chance for the globalists to practice overthrowing the democracies. Either way, inaction in the United States during the BLM riots led to the confidence to attempt the overthrow of France.

The French military is preparing to engage the rioters without the consent of the Macron government or the support of NATO. Macron is history. It is not yet clear how conditions will unfold, other than, once again, the conditions that drove Germany from cosmopolitan Berlin-centric in the 1920s to rough and hard Munich in the 1930s are repeating. Instead of brownshirts, Europe is filled with angry and envious Africans. With belt-fed machine guns.

The bottom line is that France is falling, and the French people must take action.




wind-turbine_fireLarge wind energy turbine reliability is far below expectations. Siemens Energy, a global technology company similar to General Electric, announced that up to 30% of its wind turbines installed globally include defective sub-components produced by subcontractors. While the company did not say which sub-components, the problem is likely faulty mechanical transmissions and gearboxes that leak oil and overheat. These transmissions often catch fire due to friction with the resulting oil-fueled fires. High winds and fiberglass-composite windmill construction turn the fires into raging infernos.

Siemens is setting aside $1 billion to replace components, but this hardly seems enough.

Broken windmills are a dead financial loss to utility companies, and as the existing base of wind turbines ages, more problems are expected. It is unknown whether wind turbines from other manufacturers have the same failure rates or whether the issues are isolated to Siemens-built machines.

solar-farm-destroyedSolar farms seem to be having problems with hail storms and high winds. Baseball-sized hail smashed a 5.2 MW solar farm in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, on June 23. The site’s 14,400 solar panels are a total loss, scattering millions of shards of heavy-metal-containing glass all over the area. The entire solar farm will likely require hazardous material remediation before rebuilding. In other words, it is likely to be abandoned in place.

Five solar farms are under construction or in service within twenty miles of my house, and Google sponsors each as they continue to build three large data centers here. The solar farms are not intended to supply the Google facilities, as direct lines to regional coal-fired power plants have been installed to carry Google’s load. With only about three hours of sufficient sunlight per day, on average, here at 40 degrees north latitude, the solar farms exist to generate tax credits and carbon offsets for sale.

So, the question is; will the smashed and destroyed solar farm in Scottsbluff still qualify as a tax credit and carbon offset generator, even though it cannot generate electricity? It does not appear that actual electricity generation is part of the equation.




Hollywood lawyers tried to block the film, Sound of Freedom for five years using every trick and scheme imaginable. The film, released this week to overflowing audiences, brings awareness to the child trafficking rings of Columbia. The film is disturbing and emotionally compelling. The sale of children under age 15 now exceeds the global arms trafficking business and will soon exceed the international drug trade.

A child can be sold five-ten times daily, but a bag of White House-ready cocaine can only be sold once.

egyptian-god-setDrug cartels are really in the smuggling and illicit goods business. Whether this means selling fentanyl, children, or arms and ammunition is second to the greater concept of profiting in illegal activities.

Those that trade in children pursue a form of religious belief that they deem the left-hand path to success. The more audacious the taboo, the more they expect to be favored by their Lucifer. Only the global left-handed way prefers to call this evil Set, as in the ancient Egyptian god named Set.

The followers of Set are known to the public as the elites that celebrate spirit cooking, and promote the moral collapse of society. Think of them as practicing a dark-gnostic religion where enlightenment comes through depravity. Global elites have moved their devotion to Set from the shadows, and they should be on the radar. As many as 100,000 practice Setian occult rites including pedophilia and child rape. Think of them as natural visitors to Epstein Island.

The Setian movement is why we want to wed turned into public nudity and fornication nearly overnight. Those advancing the Setian movement have studied Western Civilization in detail and the promise of wealth and bliss to those that abandon the Abrahamic religions. The corruption and advancement of evils meant to undermine the West have every sign of being a state-sponsored cult.

Perhaps multiple states are combined in pushing Setian evil-prosperity as an alternative to communist atheism. The atheism thing did not work out for the former USSR, as people are inherently drawn to the spiritual. But establishing a negative religion appears to be right in line with current Russian and Chinese intelligence active measures. Elites that climbed the mountain but found the top unsatisfying are the logical targets of these types of groups.

Epstein Island appears to have been just the tip of a vast network of sites where those with means buy and sell children for sex, to hunt and kill, or for whatever evil they desire. At the core is the discovery by many that their financial success did not bring them happiness. But engaging in extreme taboos will produce the kind of rush that cannot be found elsewhere. The Setians are probably just the cover group that attempts to add legitimacy, while the “+” in the LGBT+ movement attempts to decriminalize the buying and selling of children.




whitehouse-cokeA bag of cocaine was discovered in the White House, and the narrative regarding who, what, and where keeps shifting. The official story at today’s publishing time suggests that the Secret Service turned off security cameras while the perp consumed the drug. Maybe the perps removed the official portrait of George Washington from the wall and snorted cocaine from its glass.

The White House is franticly trying to determine the final narrative. There are indications that Kamala Harris will be blamed. It would get her off the 2024 ticket, except that blacks are sensitive to selective prosecution over cocaine and crack possession.

The story might be diverting the media while France burns or for undisclosed reasons. Either the account will fade away, or the least likable intern will be given a 20-year sentence. Either way, the Secret Service, yes, THAT Secret Service that bought prostitutes in Columbia, appears to be incompetent or in collaboration. The story’s timing and the reminder that the Secret Service trafficked in (at least) prostitution while on presidential protective duty in Columbia coincides with the child trafficking movie release. Now who and why would someone be interested in discrediting the Secret Service?

There is a bigger story here, but it has not played out yet.




gallium-and-germaniumChina announced that it would restrict or curtail sales of gallium and germanium. Both materials are used to manufacture semiconductors and solar panels and are by-products of the mining and minerals industries. Zinc and aluminum manufacture from their ores requires high-temperature processing in industrial furnaces, followed by chemical precipitation and separation. Companies such as Alcoa built plants that are now idle in Jamaica and Arkansas that could be returned to service in less than a year.

Numerous operating plants that produce proppants, or artificial sand, used in the fracking industry are running at reduced capacity or are currently on warm standby and could be used to co-produce the strategic materials. Starting up mines, mills, and factories after an extended shutdown can be expensive but is faster than building greenfield facilities.

China appears to be under the tight control of Xi Jinping and is making decisions that appear to be ill-conceived. The arbitrary curtailment of gallium and germanium is inconvenient, but my clients in the mines and mills are already burning the midnight oil to solve the problem profitably. It is possible that China is facing an imbalance in mineral demand and is curtailing aluminum and zinc production, and therefore will produce less gallium and germanium as a by-product.

From all appearances, the Biden White House has been caught taking bribes from China to steer American policy towards China. Accepting bribes is specifically prohibited by the Constitution. Just as Hillary devastated American Uranium mining and enrichment and Harry Reid attempted to steal uranium-rich Nevada land, the administration profits by manipulating commodity mineral prices through tariffs and handshakes.

China is dealing with a sharp reduction in technically trained people and has experienced a 1,500% wage increase. Without these people, they cannot adapt their production systems to changes in world demand. Perhaps this is the root cause behind Xi’s decision to curtail germanium and gallium shipments to the United States. If so, other materials will follow.

From my perspective, the most important high-level move for the Supreme Court is to clarify and enforce the unconstitutionality of government officials buying and selling interests in companies and minerals they regulate. The Constitution specifically prohibits and punishes bribery. Pelosi trading shares in Pfizer, Hillary trading in uranium, or the Bidens trading in natural gas pipelines are merely the acceptance of bribes by other means.

America can put her resources, labor, and skill back to work in a big way by elevating the conversation around bribery in Washington. The Biden administration is boiling the frog pretty fast, even for an organization filled with transgender Setians. Darkness is being brought to light by way of their hubris. The sun is rising.


Mike Ryan is a chemical engineering consultant for the Iron and Steel: Mining and Minerals, Heavy Chemicals, and Fibers industries.