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WE MUST FIGHT!  This speech of decades ago is what President Reagan would deliver to us today – regarding Russia’s attempted terrorist conquest of Ukraine, and of our own Woke Deep State’s attempted terrorist conquest of America.

You all know that I once worked for Ronald Reagan, and now often wonder what he would say about this Woke State supporting Ukraine while destroying their own country – and about some conservatives rooting for Russian Nazi barbarism to win and America Western Civilization to lose.  Everyday, you see in places like ZeroHedge rooting for the destruction of the dollar and ruination of the US economy while cheering Russia on.

One thing I’m quite sure of – that if our greatest president were in the White House today, there would be a Reagan Doctrine for freedom in Ukraine and for doing to Russia what he did to the Soviet Union – and for freedom in America by dismembering the corrupt institutions of woke fascism that are its enemies.

Please take the time to watch President Reagan’s speech more than once – then ask yourself, is there anyone running for president today who could come remotely close to his moral brilliance, clarity, and courage?

Yet, that is perhaps not the right question.  For in 1980, we Americans proved worthy of electing such a president.  Are we now today?  When do normal Americans start taking responsibility for the moral and corrupt degradation of our country?  We must prove ourselves worthy of having the president we need before we can have him.  It is us to whom Ronald Reagan is giving the solution for saving our country:  WE MUST FIGHT!



Let’s put it this way:


Ukrainians understand this and act on it.  Now Americans must as well.  We have no time to lose.  Take this story in Tuesday’s (6/13) Daily Mail: TRANTIFA – Unmasking the Hard Left Transgenders Advocating Violence to Achieve Their Radical Agenda.

“The portmanteau of ‘trans’ and ‘ANTIFA’ is exactly what you’d expect — far-left transgender activists willing to intimidate, harass, and use violence and death threats to advance their radical new ideas about gender.”


I grew up in Glendale, California, and am happy to say the people there showed one really effective way to deal with this: Glendale CA Men Beat the Crap Out of Antifa and Far-Left Protestors Outside School Board Meeting Over Pride Events.

California is rapidly going straight Stalinist: California Bill AB 957 Would Charge Any Parent Who Doesn’t Affirm Transgenderism With ‘Child Abuse’.  The CA state senate Judiciary Committee passed the bill on Tuesday (6/13).  The one lone Republican who voted against it, Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita) said: “If you love your child, you need to flee California, I’m going to move to America when I finish in the Legislature,” making it clear that means out of California).


That could be a good idea.  The good news is the Federalist Society’s report on the Gallup Poll released Monday (6/12): Support for Transgenderism Is Cratering.

“Sixty-nine percent of the 1,011 adults surveyed said athletes should only be allowed to compete on teams that match their birth gender. Another 55 percent of Americans told Gallup that it is ‘morally wrong’ for individuals to attempt a gender transition.”


This fits in with the astounding success of normal Americans boycotting Queer Beer, Target’s child abuse, and “Pride Month” in general.  The Impostor White House may insult our nation and its flag (and break federal law) by displaying the “Pride” flag with Old Glory on Saturday (6/10), but small towns and cities all over the country are having none of it.

Most interesting was the two square mile Michigan town of Hamtramck that banned the LGBTQ flag from flying on city property:

“The all-Muslim city council of Hamtramck, Michigan, voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve a resolution that would ban the LGBTQ+ Pride flag from being flown on the city’s public property. ‘We only salute the American flag in Hamtramck’.”


Yes, Hamtramck has an Islamic majority.  Like Muslims in general, they regard gender dysphoria as a mental illness turned into a cultural-social disease. Once again, the irony of immigrants – the “only salute” quote above is from a man from Yemen – being more patriotic than lib/progs born here.  Many of the guys in Glendale beating up the Trantifas are Armenian; many of the protestors at the AB 957 hearing are Latino.

They are willing to fight for the freedom that America has always promised and is now slipping away fast.  So must we all be now.  Sometimes, we must fight physically, like in Glendale.  An example:

Yet there are other ways to fight, often more effective.



One way is conservative Lawfare. On Monday (6/12): Jury Orders Starbucks To Pay $25 Million To Manager They Fired For Being White.

Starbucks regional manager Shannon Phillips had the courage to find a lawyer, Laura Carlin Mattiacci, who had the courage and legal smarts to take on Starbuck and win.  Now another Big Woke company is in trouble, because there were thousands of employees like her who were discriminated against because of their skin color, such as being forced to watch “video after video” of white cops attacking blacks as part of “racial bias” training.

A lot of them will be filing suit, you can bet on it.

This morning (6/16) we learned: Wyoming Sorority Sisters Sue Fraternity For Inducting Biological Male As First ‘Trans’ Member.  A whole lot of Kappa ladies are seriously ticked and have the money to hire legal firepower to put an end to this.

And such legal victories should give employees and students all over the country being harassed, bullied, and harmed by woke bosses or teachers the courage to take them to court.  A few score of thousands of such lawsuits could bring a screeching halt to woke insanity in boardrooms and classrooms most everywhere.

Then, of course, there are the shareholder lawsuits against woke companies that Elon Musk predicts are sure to come.  They are a slam dunk against Target, Tranbusch, etc., but also any company practicing DEI/ESG which is clearly defrauding their shareholders. Elon on Wednesday:


Go Woke, Go Bankrupt!




Bedminster, New Jersey, Tuesday June 13:

“Today we witnessed the most evil and heinous abusive power in the history of our country, a very sad thing to watch. A corrupt sitting president had his top political opponent arrested on fake and fabricated charges of which he and numerous other presidents would be guilty, right in the middle of a presidential election in which he’s losing very badly. This is called election interference and yet another attempt to rig and steal a presidential election.

But more importantly, it’s a political persecution like something straight out of a fascist or a communist nation. This day will go down an infamy and Joe Biden will forever be remembered as not only the most corrupt president in the history of our country, but perhaps even more importantly, the president who together with a band of his closest thugs, misfits, and Marxists, tried to destroy American democracy. But they will fail and we will win bigger and better than ever before.”


The real president delivered an extraordinary denunciation after his kangaroo arraignment – please consider reading the entire transcript here.  You’re welcome to watch the full  33-minute video as well.

He explained the obviousness of his innocence under the Presidential Records Act.  There is an additional fact he did not mention, however, which I’m sure he’ll soon use.  This is the must-read of the week: Trump Indictment a Violation of Federal Law, by Don Brown, former Navy JAG officer, military prosecutor, and Special Assistant United States Attorney.

The fascinating key point which I have not seen before, and besides the valid Presidential Records Act et al, is:

“The grand jury illegally convened in the Republican-hating District of Columbia, indicting for acts that allegedly happened in Florida, lacks legal authority under the Constitution. First, the Sixth Amendment, which guarantees the President a right to trial by jury of his peers in the district where the crime was allegedly committed. The D.C. Grand Jury also violates federal law, which provides that all proceedings (including the grand jury) must “be in district and division in which offense committed.”  The jury also violates the DoJ’s own guidelines, which provide that “A case should not be presented to a grand jury in a district unless venue for the offense lies in that district.”  This entire action should be dismissed based on the illegal constitution of the Grand Jury being set in the District of Columbia.” 


He also goes into some detail regarding: “In their efforts to stop Trump, Prosecutor Jack Smith, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and their federal minions have violated federal law, and specifically the Hatch Act.”

It’s very clear that it is Biden’s DOJ, Garland and Smith, who are the law-breakers, not President Trump, that the entire case will be promptly dismissed as soon as it reaches an honest judge or court.  Trump’s popularity will then be virtually unstoppable.  Here’s what he promised at Bedminster:

“When I am reelected – and I will be — I will totally obliterate the deep state. We will obliterate the deep state. And we know who they are; I know exactly who they are. They want to take away my freedom because I will never let them take away your freedom. It’s very simple. They want to silence me because I will never let them silence you. They want you silent. And I am the only one that can save this nation, because you know they’re not coming after me. They’re coming after you. And I just happen to be standing in their way and I will never be moving. On November 5th, 2024, justice will be done. We will take back our country and we will make America great again.”



Whomever POTUS runs against, though, it’s looking more and more likely it won’t be China Joe. He’s too old, too decrepit in the eyes of too many millions of voters – and too astronomically, disgustingly, treasonously corrupt.

This morning (6/16): House Oversight Chairman James Comer Says There Is Evidence Of $20-$30 Million Of Illegal Payments To Bidens.

We have more bank records coming in, we’re going to exceed $10 million this week but I think we’ll get up to $20-$30 million. This is going to be hard for Biden to explain, this is not going to go away, and I think eventually the mainstream media is going to start asking the real questions.


They know there’s something wrong here. They know all the allegations have merit, that the Bidens potentially engaged in bribery, influence peddling, and money laundering. They know that this family created these shell companies. The media knows that – they’re just not covering it. I can assure you: there is more money that we’re going to be able to identify, that was transferred between foreign nationals in other countries and the Biden family. I think, eventually, the mainstream media will turn on Joe Biden.”


So who will the Dem Fascisti turn to?  Or will that question not matter if RFK Jr. sweeps the primaries?  Then what will the Dems do, as they and the Deep State are screwed with either one – and they can’t have them both assassinated.  Then again…

Daily Mail today (6/16): Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Claims He Is ‘Aware’ He Could Be Assassinated By The CIA But Doesn’t ‘Live In Fear’ As He Repeats His Claim CIA Was Involved In The Assassination Of Uncle JFK.

We Americans are up against pathological evil.  We have choice but to fight however we can – because we must.  And so we will.  In the end, we will live up to the words of Ronald Reagan.