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swampy-achievementsWow… talk about living in Desperation City.  Dems expect their prime time snoozefest of the Jan6 Committee hearings to save them from midterm wipeout five months from now?

It’s funny enough to read the hyperventilating tweets of Hollywood has-beens over this old news.  Then comes the real ROTFLMAO: Bloomberg’s undies in a tizzy – Capitol Riot Apologists Go Unpunished as Memories of Horror Fade.

Bloomie is in the same high dudgeon of all Dem media propagandists, shocked that “voters are rewarding election deniers,” who no longer care about the “deadly assault on the US Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021,” the “horror over the worst attack on the seat of US democracy since British troops burned the building in 1814.”

The Dem media is in baffled outrage that polls show Three-Quarters of Republicans Sympathize With Jan. 6 Rioters. And think Jan6 was ginned up by Dems and their Capitol Hill police


Here’s what’s worrisome, however.  Every deception trick the Dems have tried now to avoid their November wipeout has failed…


So what’s next?  Will their descent into ever-deeper desperation drive them towards more futile foolishness like these go-nowhere Jan6 hearings? Or towards something truly sinister?



That is, try to pull off a false flag horrific 9/11-type terrorist attack, a Fauci-Wuhan created mass death pandemic, a large number of mass murder school shootings by locating suicidal kids and encouraging them.  Let’s pray not, but keep our powder dry for all this is not beneath Dems in desperation.

We know at least they’ll activate their stand-by, mass voter fraud.  With 468 House + Senate races, the cheating opportunities are plentiful.

It’s possible, though, they’ll give up like Aesop’s sour grapes fox, consoling themselves that the GOP in power on Capitol Hill can be blamed for the roaring recession to come on its watch.  What could the GOP do in this event?



On Tuesday (6/07), Rasmussen polled that a majority of American adults – 55% — believe another Great Depression is coming.  This is, of course, what Xiden and the Dems want, because everything they do promotes this, while they refuse to do anything to prevent it.

I am writing every GOP I know in Congress to be pro-active in blunting the blame.  And to offer hope and optimism instead of Democrat gloom and doom if they are elected.

More than anything, this means an assault on the Dem/Left’s religion responsible for so much of the crisis, most especially the exploding prices of food and energy: the Climate Change Hoax, CCH. The Wall Street Journal this week (6/07) called it Climate Neurosis.

Fulminating against the CCH does no good unless GOPers running for election or reelection campaign on what they will specifically do in office.  Not some big piece of legislation but many small 5-page bills each one to repeal one single Xiden Executive Order or EPA regulation restricting fossil fuel or food production.

One example would be to grant all permits necessary to open the Keystone Pipeline; another would be to open federal lands for fracking oil & gas.  Each one a specific and simple to understand solution to a Dem-caused problem.  Each one inviting a Xiden veto which places the blame back on him and his party.

Today (6/10), Crude Oil is at $120 a barrel with the Wall Street Journal lead headline: Inflation Hits New Four-Decade High On Broad Price GainsIncrease Of 8.6% In CPI Driven By Sharp Rise In Energy, Food Costs.

Which is why: Billionaire Oil Refiner Warns Biden To ‘Open Up The Spigots’ Or Things ‘Will Get Worse’.


“We have 100 years’ worth of oil. Let them open up the spigots and the price of crude oil will come back down to $55, $60, maybe $65 – half. Biden] wants to fly to Saudi Arabia and beg the Saudi Arabians to give us another half a million barrels at $120 a barrel… It makes no sense. He’s on the path to destruct America, and somebody’s got to say ‘guys, enough is enough’.”


That somebody is every GOPer running for office this year.



Now, as Don Surber made clear on TTP Wednesday (6/08), if SCOTUS rules for West Virginia and against the EPA in WV v EPA ­– the ruling is due this month – it will make life for non-RINO GOPers far easier and far more difficult for Dems.

The rulings for West Virginia and for Dobbs, the former trashing the EPA and the latter repealing Roe – if the rulings are that – may come on the same Monday to divide the explosion of Dem/Left angst over both.  There are three more Mondays left in June until SCOTUS ends the current session:  the 13th (this coming Monday), the 20th, and the 27th.

Once they do, you can bet the session will be over and they’ll skedaddle out of town muy rapido.  That the rulings are already delayed is a good sign that this is what’s coming.  Cross every finger and toe for it.



Think you know what this is?  According to these idiots, you don’t:


These are the Judges of California’s Third District Court of Appeals.  In the Can’t-Make-It-Up Story of the Week on Saturday (6/04) they did this: California Court Rules A Bumblebee Is A Fish Under Environmental Law.

Another one out of countless examples of eco-lunacy.  Here’s one more this week: Los Angeles Joins Movement To Ban New Natural Gas Hookups To Fight Climate Change.

And here is an example of straight out mental illness, no hyperbole: Treasury Secretary Yellen: Biden ‘Administration Has Done Everything that They Can’ to Reduce Gas Prices.

She actually said this at a public hearing of the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday (6/07).  She knows she’s lying, everyone with a 3-digit IQknows, and she knows that too.  Why do that if you’re not institutionalizable?  She is fully aware of this:


“Yellen did not mention Biden’s war on American energy, which includes driving up private and public financing costs of oil drilling, halting drilling on public lands, and canceling the Keystone pipeline.”


Golden opportunity for every Pub in the country running for office to denounce this Dem denial of reality.  Write to any you know to ask they do.  Ask them to be a beacon of hope and optimism for voters.



You could also recommend to them a marvelous new book: Fossil Future: Why Global Human Flourishing Requires More Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas–Not Less, by Alex Epstein.

This is thanks to TTPer Victor Malone, who posted on the TTP Forum:


“In keeping with the total fraud of climate change shenanigans,  I highly recommend Alex Epsteins latest book “Fossil Future” to all TTP members. Epstein approaches the subject from a big picture philosophical direction that asks the question – what is best for human flourishing, instead of what can we do to reduce carbon. He dispenses with arguing against climate change, he just says that whatever it brings can be handled with advanced technologies and a thriving economies. He demolishes the population hating eco-warriors’ arguments and presents solid reasoning and data. Great read!”


Much appreciated, Victor!



On Wednesday (6/08), a vote recount confirmed that Mehmet Oz won the GOP Senate primary in Pennsylvania.  This is both really weird and really disappointing.  Why Trump endorsed this Islamic phony is weird.  That Kathy Barnette was demonized and this split the conservative vote with Dave McCormick is so disappointing.

Oz demonized Kathy in the last days of the campaign by calling her a “reprehensible” Islamophobe for her once stating that “pedophilia is a cornerstone of Islam.” But of course it is.  It’s in the Koran and Hadith of sacred Islamic tradition:  Mohammed at age 45 married Aisha, the daughter of his best friend Abu Bakr, at age six and started having sex with her at age nine.

If that’s not pedophilia, nothing is.  Was Trump afraid of Moslem riots if he endorsed Kathy?  Like what’s happening this week in India?

The whole Islamic world is going bananas over India’s ruling party spokeswoman, Nupur Sharma, noting on Indian television that Mohammed was pedophilic for having sex with a nine year-old child.  Why and how is Islam’s own sacred history an insult to Islam?

This should be Islam’s problem not ours.  Unfortunately, Trump screwed up on this.



The Least Surprising Headline of the Week.  Tuesday (6/07): Hunter Biden’s Favorite Las Vegas Hooker Got $20,000 Federal PPP Loan for ‘Female-Owned Sole Proprietorship’ After Joe Biden Took Office.

One more reason military recruitment is in the Pentagon’s Woke basement. Wednesday (6/08): Defense Department Reverses Rule, Allows HIV-Positive Members To Serve.

A reminder that The Left Ruins Everything, it has a brown thumb, everything it touches turns to feces. Monday (6/06): Carolina Panthers Hire NFL’s First Openly Transgender Cheerleader. Are you ready for some Girlie Man Football?




Here’s a heads-up.  TTP has learned of the source of all the anti-Zelensky pro-Putin propaganda that a number of TTPers have fallen prey to. The source of their word-for-word quotes straight from the KGB/FSB in the Kremlin.

The Kremlin source makes it clear who its enemy is: “Two main groups: Anglos and Jews. Nazis and Zionists can hate each other to their hearts’ content, but they are still twins.”  That’s how they can smear Zelensky, who is Jewish, as a “neo-Nazi.”

The article you’ll be reading next week will, I’m told by the author, bring the denial, grief, anger, acceptance trajectory because some TTPers have been directed to the Kremlin by their pastors.  This is going to be a mega eye-opener.




We have this delightful headline this morning (6/10): Putin Given ‘Urgent Medical Help’ After Falling Ill While Talking To Military Chiefs, Kremlin Insider Claims, With Doctors Advising Him ‘Not To Make Any Lengthy Public Appearances’.

This picture of him yesterday (6/09) is of a sick old man:


Reports this week:

Al Jazeera: Russia Is Losing the War in Ukraine and Uniting the West

The Scottish Daily Express: Putin’s Russia Faces Genocide Probe Over Abduction Of 200,000 Ukrainian Children.

The London Guardian: Exhausted Russian Fighters Complain Of Conditions In Eastern Ukraine.

International Business Times: Russia’s Cyber Warfare Reputation Lies In Ruins As Anonymous Hacktivists Raid Central Bank Again.

All while guerrilla resistance grows to occupation of their country by Russian Orcs:


This one means “Rashists get ready! Raving mad partisans are coming for you!


And here’s Australian journalist Anthony Klan reporting on China Running Military Drills On Russian Border.


“The Chinese Government has been running war drills on its far north-eastern border, raising expert concerns the superpower could be considering a push into Russian territory with Moscow focused on its invasion of Ukraine.”


TTPers will recall my predictions on the coming of Chinese Siberia.

I’ve known Fred Kagan even before he was Professor of US Military History at West Point.  He is first-rate.  His essay in this week’s TIME Magazine is a must read: The New Russian Offensive Is Intended to Project Power It Cannot Sustain.

A note for those who believe Russia will continue to make billions selling oil to China and India yet who don’t understand the complicated high technology of well completion and rework.

The withdrawal from Russia by the Western companies who have this tech that Russia doesn’t – Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, and Halliburton – means Russia will rapidly reach Peak Oil with production dropping at least by 20% per year now.  New wells will not be worth drilling without completion, old wells will dry up without rework.

Lastly, here’s an interesting thread on how dependent Russia’s economy is on Western tech and imports – when the latter dries up, so does the former.  It starts with: “What’s happening with Russian economy? Logistics market is a good indicator. Consider the freight rates. Since late February they fall by 30-40%.”

Igor Girkin is a Russian military blogger who wants Russia to conquer Ukraine and is bitter that Putin is failing. His latest:

“Neither after Afghanistan nor after Chechnya were there such cemeteries near the airborne divisions. 31st Airborne Assault Brigade… Ulyanovsk. They all died for nothing.”




I’d to close with a note of thanks to Skye.  Every week he puts his heart into Skye’s Links to inform TTPers about important developments over the week. Yesterday’s Skye’s Links 06/09/22 was simply extraordinary.

You should look at it as you would the menu of a fine restaurant.  You can’t eat everything, it’s too much.  But you can select what you’d like the most – and over the weekend return for another meal or a few appetizers.  It’s real brain food – actual soul food too.  Feel free to fill up as much as you want.