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“A struggle against reality.”  That line in Monty Python’s The Life of Brian summed up 44 years ago what “wokeness” is all about today. So, of course – no matter that the 1979 movie is considered by many to be the greatest comedy film of all time,  woketards this week began demanding that John Cleese take the “Loretta” scene out of a planned stage production version.

Cleese’s reaction reported by the NY Post: ‘Monty Python’ Star John Cleese Has ‘No Intention’ Of Cutting Controversial ‘Life Of Brian’ Scene.

Yes, that’s the only way to deal with woketards, tell them to eff off.  The really good news here is that Cleese is far from alone.  Countless millions have had enough of the whole Rainbow Mafia-Tranny-Pride-LGBTQWTF woke tyranny shtick and are voting with their wallets against it.

As of Wednesday (5/31): Bud Light Parent Anheuser-Busch Sees $27 Billion Gone, Shares Near Bear Market.  This won’t stop – Bud Light is toast, and so may be A-B because nothing it’s doing is working to float their sinking ship.


As of this morning (6/02): Target In Free Fall: Retail Giant’s Stock Is Downgraded By JPMorgan After $14 BILLION Is Wiped Off Its Value In Two Weeks Two Weeks Amid Backlash Over Its LGBT Pride Product Line.

On Monday (5/29), Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass posted an Instagram video asking his fellow Christians to support the boycotts of Bud Light and Target.  On Tuesday (5/30), he abjectly apologized for doing so.  On Wednesday (5/31) John Matrixx of Black and White Sports commented:

So what happened shortly after Bass’ apology and he stepped up onto the pitcher’s mound at Rogers Stadium in Toronto? Toronto Blue Jays’ Anthony Bass Gets Mercilessly Booed After Bowing To Woke Mob.

Yesterday (6/01), Skye shared a link to a rap video that’s currently #1 on iTunes:

iTunes: US Songs Current Top 100 – 1st June 2023

If you missed it on Skye, here it is.  But before you do, check out the Boycott Target lyrics (they’re hard to understand when listening).  So first, here’s a sample:

You Know Target, They’re Wrong
Trying To Play With The Kids
It’s The Mayor Of MAGAville
I’m Preachin’ Again
You Know The LGBTQ, They Went Too Far
You Know They Cuttin These Kids
They Leaving Trannies With Scars
Why They Pushing Agenda Promotin’ Sexual Genders?
I’m Only Rocking With Bruce, Ain’t Rock With No Caitlin Jenners

They Put A Target On My Back,
But They’re Targeting Your Kids.
They Don’t Even Need To Ask
Cause You All Know What It Is
That’s Why I Keep It Strapped
And I’m Always ’bout My Biz
This Is Agenda’s Gotta Stop
And You Know We Gonna Win

Millions of GenZers are buying and listening avidly to this.  Millions more of all ages are boycotting and bankrupting the whole Rainbow Mafia deep state/corporate agenda.  This is a bright sign of hope America can recover from the social disease of Woke Insanity.




The rappers of Boycott Target are big pro-America Trump supporters.  Yesterday (6/01), PDJT acted with grace regarding something very easy to ridicule.  You all saw the 80 year-old infestation of the White House pratfall at the US Airforce Academy ceremony:

In contrast to Insufferable Joe’s insult for Trump walking gingerly down a slippery ramp at West Point in September 2020:

“FLASHBACK -> Biden mocks Trump’s ramp walk at West Point and claims he’s stronger: ‘Look at how he steps and look at how I step. Watch how I run up ramps and he stumbles down ramps. Come on.’

— Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck)”


Trump responded with presidential sympathy:

NEW: Trump responds to Biden’s fall at Air Force Academy graduation:

‘I hope he wasn’t hurt. I hope he wasn’t hurt.’

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) June 1, 2023


Others, like the Daily Mail were more worried than sympathetic: It Happened Again! 80-Year-Old Biden’s Latest Fall On Stage In Colorado Is Another In A String Of Battles The Oldest President In History Has Had With Balance – Just As He Begins His SECOND White House Run.

The DM ran a companion piece by famous US businessman Andy Puzder warning: 35 TRILLION Reasons Why Frail Biden’s Latest Stumble Is The Ultimate Symbol Of America’s Debt-Ridden Plunging Fortunes.  Please consider it a must-read.

149 House GOPers voted for this, including Jim Jordan and MTG. They should be ashamed of themselves. So should the 17 Senate GOP sellouts.  In that Senate sellout link, Nancy Mace (R-NC) damns them:

“This ‘deal’ normalizes record high spending started during the pandemic. It sets these historically high spending levels as the baseline for all future spending. The bill then grows govt even more each year at about ~1%.

This deal keeps that record high spending intact and makes it the baseline for all spending

The bill doesn’t actually set a debt limit. Rather it suspends the debt limit entirely until Jan. 2, 2025 and there is no actual amount capping the debt ceiling.

They tell us this bill cuts $41b in its first year; about the same amount as the unspent COVID funds. Pretty convenient. Also not a cut.

A $1.4b cut to the IRS doesn’t equal $80b in cuts to the IRS. Nor does it mean we are ‘gutting’ the IRS or its 87k new hires. Allegedly there will be $10b cut off top for 2024 during the approps process. But it’s also not in bill. That money can be cut anywhere the IRS decides.”


No wonder RDS damns this phony deal as well: DeSantis Tears Into Mccarthy’s Debt Deal: Florida Governor Says US Will STILL Be ‘Careening Toward Bankruptcy’ With Package To Increase Limit By $4trillion And Is Proof Washington ‘Continues To Fail’.


It’s like this:


McCarthy’s brag

FYI:  If there’s no recession for the next 10 years (what are the odds?), and if there’s no higher spending rate than now of $4 Trillion every 18 months (the ‘deal’ from June 23 to Jan 25,  what are the odds?), by 2033 the US federal debt will be over $61 Trillion ($35T now with the ‘deal,’ plus $26T).

This is clearly economic suicide but what’s to stop this runaway train?  And by whom?

Trump, BTW, did nothing to slow the debt train down in the Oval Office.  According to  “Trump added $6.7 trillion to the debt between fiscal year 2017 and fiscal year 2020, a 33.1% increase. At the end of fiscal year 2020, the debt was $26.9 trillion.”

Obama “added about $8.6 trillion, about a 74% increase, to the national debt,” over two terms vs. Trump’s $6.7 in just one – and shutting the economy down over a flu bug is no excuse.  So what confidence can we have that he’ll have Washington live within its means in a second term with that track record?

Someone whisper in El Donaldo’s ear the solution:  Step 1 is an EO ordering no more debt ceiling raises, i.e., no more federal debt, period.  Step 2 is paying off the existing debt the old-fashioned way, selling assets of the debtor.

The Federal Government owns one third of the United States. One-third or 650 million acres. 86% of the entire state of Nevada, 70% of Utah, 65% of Idaho, on and on.

Subtract jewels like Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and many other places of national heritage that everyone wants kept public, and you still have a half-billion acres that could be… yes, sold for private development.  Or leased with royalties for mineral, oil, and gas extraction.

The latter particularly applies to the continental shelf with its gigantic drillable and extractable resources.  Cut the coastal states in on it for the first 12 miles and they’ll comply with all the dollar signs in their eyes.

Yes, the whole EPA-Ecofascist-Climate Change Hoax has to be suicided off a tenth-story balcony like Putin does to his enemies, but that’s a necessary condition for our economic survival anyway.

Better get this to DT before someone else gets it to RDS.  First one past this post wins.

Ps: I may be letting the proverbial cat out of the bag here, as an avid TTPer just happens to be RFK Jr’s first cousin.  Wonder if beans will be spilled when Elon does his Twitter Spaces interview with him.



Anything happen this week somewhere else in the world?

Well, a war is breaking out that we can all get behind as we root for both of them to lose (and remember, one side is fighting with $80B of our weaponry): Taliban Threatens to ‘Conquer’ Iran After Border Shootout.

In ghastly news, on Sunday (5/28): Erdogan Wins Turkish Election, Extending Rule To Third Decade.  The Islamofascist who hates Christians, Kurds, and Western Civilization cheated his way to victory yet again.

Frankly, Turkey’s only solution is for him to be disappeared like Jimmy Hoffa.  His opponent, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, was far more benign and pro-West.  Turkey looks doomed to perdition.

It’s been a seriously bad week for Putin’s Russia.

These are Russians from Russia fighting in both Ukraine and inside Russia against Putin’s regime they believe is destroying their country.  And they aren’t the only ones.

Members of Russia’s Parliament (the Duma) have begun calling for Putin to be “replaced” so relations with Europe and the West can be restored. What’s most extraordinary is that this was allowed on Russia’s government NTV television:

Call For Putin To Be Replaced… On State TV: Extraordinary Criticism Is Levelled At Vladimir On Russian Channel For The First Time Since Ukraine Invasion.

More and more Russians are understanding now that Putin is destroying their own country and its future, that the only way to save their country is for Putin to go, to let Ukraine go, and have a pro-West government in the Kremlin.



Let’s close with what caused RDS to get a standing ovation today (6/02):  Crowd Erupts With Applause After Desantis Fires Back At Heckler Who Called Him ‘F—— Fascist’.


His response to the heckler yelling at him for not supporting the gay agenda:

“Well, thank you. We’re not going to let you impose an agenda on our kids. We’re going to stand up for our kids. We’re going to make sure to do it right. Those people like that in Florida are the people we beat every single day on policy. We do not let them win. We win all these battles. We’re not letting them indoctrinate our kids, not on our watch.”


Oh, by the way… in an interview with radio talk show host Dana Loesch: DeSantis Says He Would Sign Legislation To Defund “Corrupt” IRS.

The best thing about this is he specifically noted the importance of repealing the 16th Amendment making an income tax (thus the IRS) constitutional.  Read the article – it’ll get you thinking about Governor Ron.