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Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley calls it The Manhattan Canned Hunt.

This is what a Canned Hunt is:


Any real trophy hunter has nothing but contempt for those who pretend to hunt in such a phony way, which why Boone & Crockett and Safari Club International will not allow canned “trophies” in their record books.

Just as any real male athlete has nothing but contempt for men who pretend they are women so they can defeat girls in sports since they can’t win against other men.

Both are frauds as overt delusions to deny reality – precisely as the Left pretends what happened to Donald Trump is “justice.”  Instead:


As Alan Dershowitz exclaimed, this was A Prosecution So Crooked It Would Make Stalin Blush.

It is of course shocking and demoralizing that all 12 jurors voted guilty on all 34 counts.  Realize, however, that they weren’t sequestered, but rather it was made clear to them that if they voted for acquittal their lives would be ruined by a tsunami of doxing, endless protests and attacks on their homes, death threats, complete hell.

Understand further the Dem delusion is that Trump has been discredited, while everyone else knows that it is justice in New York City – and Democrat-run “justice” in general – have been discredited.  A majority of Americans now know that the Democrat Party must be destroyed if America is to survive.  This disgraceful, grossly illegal verdict will prove to be the tipping point sounding the Dems’ death knell.

Upon hearing the verdict, here is what Trump, obviously in a state of shock, had to say:




Evidence of this Rubicon tipping point is coming fast.  Last night (5/30) after the verdict announcement, this is what CNN Senior Editor Scott Jennings had to say: CNN’s Jennings: Trump Guilty Verdict ‘Going to Massively Backfire on the Democrats’.

“Well, if my phone and the text messages I’m receiving are any indication, every Republican in the country is madder than a wet hen. I mean, people who are decidedly non-MAGA, not Trump fans are blowing up tonight saying this case never should have been brought, these are ridiculous charges. It was an egregious use of the criminal justice system. And I mean, I’m hearing people say I had no intention of voting for Donald Trump, and now I am.


And then if you ask the Trump campaign, what’s happening?  You know, they literally broke their online donation portal because people were rushing to the internet to send their money in the minutes after the verdict. So I think there’s a real chance here that it’s going to massively backfire on the Democrats and help Donald Trump.”






OK, so what now?  Trump’s lawyers say they will immediately appeal.  That means to these five ladies.  Good luck with that.

While famed lawyer Mark Levin agrees that his legal team should “file the notice of appeal, ask for a stay of the trial court, and seek expedited review.; you need to protect your ability to timely appeal and not abandon it,” he further argues they should “file applications for common law writs with the US Supreme Court, as the harm is immediate and ongoing not just to a presidential candidate, but to the federal electoral system.”

He cites Bush v Gore 2000 as the legal precedent for Emergency Appeal to SCOTUS.

“In Bush v. Gore, the United States Supreme Court interceded in the Florida Supreme Court’s deliberations because that Court was changing the Florida voting system on the fly, thereby violating the EQUAL PROTECTION rights of the Florida voters; that is, the state court was establishing new standards for resolving a presidential election.


The Manhattan trial court has done worse. It has taken up a case in which there is exclusive FEDERAL JURISDICTION (involving the Federal Election Campaign Act) despite the fact that the federal agencies with authority over enforcing federal campaign laws, the Federal Election Commission and the Southern District of New York/U.S. attorney’s office, declined to bring charges.


The problem now is that every day that goes by, the actions by the NY lower court bleeds into the federal, presidential election system. Where does this end? Will other DA’s use the Bragg-Merchan precedent, such as it is, going forward, and not care what higher state courts have to say, in that those courts may not act quickly or at all.


So, now local prosecutors and state judges will intervene in presidential elections or any federal election. We need to give the Supreme Court the opportunity to intervene.”


Pray the Trump legal team does so and quickly.




Crooked Judge Mercham has set the date for Trump’s sentencing on July 11.  The RNC National Convention to nominate its candidate for President starts on July 15 in Milwaukee.  The corrupt election interference continues.  Another reason for SCOTUS to end this depraved farce before it can do more damage.

As violent criminals like rapists are set free without bail almost every day in New York City these days, it could be over the top for even Mercham to order him to jail – but this has nothing to do with law, it’s about stopping Trump.  Whatever the sentence, Trump will be the GOP nominee.  Watch what happens then.

Last Saturday (5/25), the Daily Mail ran: Believe It Or Not, It Could Prove To Be The Black And Hispanic Voters That Help Donald Trump Win Back The White House.  Easy to believe actually, as FJB’s support among minority voters has been steadily sinking in reaction to illegals taking their jobs and  government support.

And it’s a matter of values – millions of blacks and latinos are sick and tired of woketard moral lunacy and hatred of America, and see PDJT as a welcome alternative.  There’s a good story on this in ZH today (5/31): These Black And Hispanic Biden Voters Plan To Vote For Trump.

Minority voters are not the only demographic Dems have to depend on to win.  Here’s another they can’t depend on anymore.  Yesterday (5/30), NPR reported: Biden’s Problems With Younger Voters Are Glaring.

So it’s no longer White MAGA voters anymore.  A tsunami of voter enthusiasm for Trump from all corners of the electorate save for hardcore woketard Dems is going to sweep across the country with El Donaldo’s official nomination  — and accelerated by the deluge of violent chaos submerging the Dem convention a month after the GOP’s (Aug 19-22 in Chicago).

The Dem-Woke delusion they can still win November is driven by the dream they can cheat like 2020.  But there’s no pandemic, no shut down of media, the RNC has a plethora of anti-cheating methods in place like vast training of poll watchers, Trump is a proven presidential hero while Biden is a proven horrific disaster.

The Dems cannot suppress the 1st Amendment like they did four years ago.  Musk owns Twitter/X now. And the 9-0 SCOTUS decision yesterday (5/30) supporting the NRA’s 1st Amendment rights not only means the same for energy companies – as Joel Pollack explains in Bang! Bang! Drill! Drill!.  It’s a clear shot across the Dems’ and their media propagandists’ bow to not even think of suppressing free speech in this election campaign.  Again: 9-0.

Times have changed, history does not repeat itself, 2024 is not 2020.

It’s not just us anymore.  What happened in the South Bronx is going to happen all over America, as people everywhere can no longer stand what the Dems are doing to their country and to the one man they see as being able to save them from it.





Trust me, I’m not being Pollyannic trying to cheer you up.  Maureen Callahan is the American columnist for the Daily Mail, and no MAGA Trump fan.  Her’s is the lead story in the DM today – above is the cover photo (she’s the blonde photo insert) – and she’s furious at what the Dems have done to themselves and for Trump.

It’s a Must-Read:  Party’s Over!  Drink Up Dems… A Hell Of A Hangover’s Coming! Feckless, Gloating Liberals Have Just Crowned Our Next President.


It’s refreshing to learn what an honest liberal thinks.  She concludes:

“Biden is sorely mistaken if he thinks Trump’s conviction helps him win.


A devastating story in Politico this week reports that Democrats are in ‘full-blown freakout’ over Biden’s chances.


‘Donors ask me on an hourly basis about what I think,’ one Dem adviser said, adding that it’s ‘so much easier to show them [data] so, while they read it, I can pour a drink.’


Get ready to drown those sorrows, Dems.


When the first presidential debate takes place on June 27, the first question for Donald Trump will surely be: ‘As a now-convicted felon, how can you possibly hold the office of President of the United States?’


Liberal America still doesn’t get it. They have learned nothing from 2016. This verdict, and much of the media’s obvious glee and biased coverage, just got Trump re-elected.


And they’ll say they never saw it coming.”




Folks, we’ll close here.  A lot else happened this week, but we need to focus on this moment when history flipped a switch karmically in our favor.

Take a half-hour to watch our next president’s statement and press conference this morning at Trump Tower in Manhattan.  The nightmare years America has been living through are soon to end.