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Tired of Being Targeted

Durham Report

The Durham Report is an existential threat to the Republican Party because its primary message is that the FBI is under the political control of the dems. By timing the release with the extremely long sentences for seditious treason given to J6ers, the message is clear. Democrats control the government, and pointing this out is a thought crime. Republicans, except for Ohio’s Jim Jordan and a few others, are not taking steps to punish the FBI. GOP cowardice means that the GOP is unwilling to govern.

durham-of-ozAnd yet, as pointed out in yesterday’s Skye’s Links, a recent Harvard University-Harris poll finds that most Americans reject the liberal corporate media narrative. Most Americans believe the media is “truly an enemy of the people.”

The Durham Report details the collusion between the Democrats and the intelligence services that prompted the FBI investigation of Trump for collusion with Russia. Nothing about the investigation was true, yet people like Stewart Rhodes were given 18 years in federal prison for politely demonstrating outside the U.S. Capital.

Yup, that’s right. Stewart Rhodes of the Oath Keepers never set foot in the Capital, did not commit violence, shoot anyone, or loot. He committed a thought crime in Washington, D.C., and was sentenced to 18 years in federal prison today.

We are a post-constitutional nation with the power invested in an unelected and resoundingly unqualified aristocracy of careerists. The FBI was founded on July 26, 1908, by order of the attorney general of the day, Charles Bonapart. It was not mandated by Congress nor created by presidential executive order. Initially established to address crimes crossing state borders, it rapidly became an anti-dissent force during WWI.

The entire FBI, the core of the deep state, can be shut down and duties dispersed to more responsible and sober agencies by executive order. Perhaps this is why the FBI went to such extremes to get Trump. No other president has shown the audacity to take such action.

If Trump is re-elected, look for his rage against the Bureau to emerge.

feds-sheepOrganizations such as BLM and Antifa are protected by the FBI, as is abundantly clear from the lack of prosecutions for burning and looting cities, murdering local police, and occupying federal property in Portland and Seattle. In return, these organizations, which spent thousands of hours crying about dirty cops, now wholly ignore the magnitude of the Trump-Russia-Collusion dirty cops.

We are in the end phase of the Fourth Turning, and as predicted by the theory, faith in institutions is at an all-time low.

Will the FBI be reformed and restricted from such blatant interference in elections? Probably not. Should Trump achieve an electoral margin sufficient to overcome cheating, the GOP lacks the spine to do anything significant.

Democrats are thieves, liars, and crooks. The GOP is cowardly. To be a coward is the greater sin, and growing rage against American and international institutions will likely be turned against the GOP.

Scott and DeSantis Throw in Their Hats

ron-desantis-runsThis past Wednesday, Ron DeSantis announced his formal candidacy for president. He did this on Twitter in a panel discussion moderated by Elon Musk. So many people tuned into the stream that Twitter’s servers were overwhelmed, causing interruptions in the feed. Denial of service attacks by bots or other trickery might have contributed to the technical problems. Even so, the live stream was a coup for Musk as he moves to make Twitter into the global platform for direct communication between politicians and constituents, bypassing conventional media.

Four Republicans have declared their intentions. South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, Ohio businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, former South Carolina governor and U.N. ambassador Nicki Haley, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and President Trump are now in the race for the nomination.

The greater the number of candidates, the more conditions favor Trump, as his base is large and unwavering.

Scott is campaigning on traditional conservative Christian deontological ethics. His campaign sounds much like GW Bush in the early days, as if the scripts are identical. So far, the Scott campaign is disciplined and cash-rich. His presence is terrible news for Nicki Haley as she is counting on her ban of the Confederate Battle Flag in South Carolina to galvanize minorities.

Scott, the only black Republican in the Senate, belongs to a 25,000-member mega-church and has built a robust and pro-life base among the mega-churches. Nicki Haley can’t compete with that.

Scott was one of the original TEA Party members when he served in the House before the Senate and never joined the Congressional Black Caucus.

One of my family members attended high school with Vivek, giving him high marks for intellect, work ethic, and conservatism. Vivek also has the well-bred personality of a scion from a good family. He was trained in the country clubs and tennis circuit. Vivek understands money well and is a player in the pharmaceutical industry – a prominent big pharma candidate.

He appears to be a good chap. However, being from the upper middle class also implies a lack of exposure to evil and naivety of scoundrels and their cunning.

From an interview with my family member who played on the same teams, attended the same parties, and essentially grew up with Vivek, my impression of Vivek is that Vivek is a reasonable, conservative, and genuine man. His wife is a well-regarded Ohio State University College of Medicine professor.

But to only excel in the virtues without developing a core understanding of evil is insufficient. There are vicious dragons to slay, with real consequences from losing, well beyond the chivalry of the tennis court.

Vivek is a Hindu, as is Tulsi Gabbard. Nicki Haley is Sikh. If I had to fight against a vicious enemy to the death, I would prefer a warrior Sikh partner to a peaceful and loving Hindu. The Midwest has a sizeable Indian population; any of the above three running as a third party could determine the election outcome.

However, it is not enough to be credentialed and sociable. The candidate must be a fighter. Vivek is an economic and constitutional conservative with abounding energy. His style attracts Gen-X and Millennial conservatives, including those in the traditional wife movement. If Vivek wants to become president, he still must plug some holes in his resume.

DeSantis is receiving strong support from Republican mega-doners such as the Koch pacs and is often associated with the Bush dynasty. He has taken on essential battles with Disney, teachers, BlackRock, and Big Woke with some success. He is pro-life in the same way that Bill Clinton was (safe, legal and rare but no outright ban) and leads an effective and efficient Florida government. There is no doubt that Ron DeSantis possesses practical executive skills and is willing to fight the left to reach negotiated compromises.

His signature battle with Disney is not going well, as Disney’s legal team is outmaneuvering the State of Florida attorneys in several ways. Disney will likely keep their autonomous legal district for many years.

Regardless, DeSantis took on the fight with courage and tenacity. He is running a whispering campaign of Trumpism without Trump, which has a catchy ring, although it is meaningless.

Then there is Trump. He is experienced, angry, wealthy, and audacious. His economic track record is among the best of any president ever. His die-hard supporters in the construction, tangible goods producing, and shipping industries claim him as one of their own. So do the majority of soldiers, sailors, and Marines.

Only Trump dares to shut down rogue elements of the federal government. With the incredible loss of faith in institutions, Trump continues to resonate where the rest dare not tread.

Who do we Want?

The nomination for the Republican candidate will likely distill down to Trump and DeSantis. Trump is at the end of his career and dares to address the rogue government. He has the will. He has the courage.

DeSantis has executive skills but is not motivated to take on the most significant battles against the Deep State. What will DeSantis do when government agents attack his family, accusing him of the most heinous crimes, fabricate lawfare against him, and attempt to hang him for treason in the public square?

The federal government will do these things to DeSantis because the GOP lacks the courage to act on the Durham Report today. The Deep State now knows that they can do anything, to anybody, for any reason and commit any crime, theft, or scheme without consequence.

The United States has 74 million Trump supporters. The country does not have 74 million GOP supporters. So far, the inaction on Durham is boosting Trump and not the GOP.



target-childrenAnheuser-Bush is now down $17 Billion in market value since they rubbed wokism into their customer’s faces. American men are rejecting Bud Light en masse. Attempts to saturate the television screens with patriotic commercials, sporting events, and so forth have proven to be a waste of money. First, their assault on their customers occurred on the mobile phone screen and must be fixed there, not the television screen. And second, well, it is queer beer.

The lesson is how quickly an institution, Bud Light, and watching sports ball with the guys evaporated. Half of the lesson is that people are tired of being woke. The other half is that people are fed up with large institutions. None are trusted. The federalies should realize that their traditional propaganda tool of wrapping themselves in the flag will be no more effective than with Bud Light.

BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street have added Anheuser Bush to their funds to boost and recover their stock valuations. The most prominent companies in the world, larger than most governments, lack the chops to prevent the A-B disaster. Imagine where A-B would be without all the emergency stock purchases by BlackRock as it attempts to save its global homosexual agenda.

Target and PetSmart are now on deck. Target released a line of clothing sexualizing children and a massive release of books, posters, toys, and junk, encouraging young children’s transition. They crossed the pedophilia red line, and so far, enough suburban white women have put their collective foot down to slash $9 Billion from Target. PetSmart released a string of homosexual dog leashes, sweaters, and other junk from which middle class dog owners are walking away. BlackRock can bail out PetSmart; it is struggling to stabilize Target.

The cash infusions and stock buys are not about markets and traditional commercial concerns. The ideological purpose is to dismantle the American middle class and its values. Left-wing extremism attracts narcissistic and psychopathic personalities, as does the will to power fueling the rise to the top of corporations such as BlackRock. Ultimately, we are watching the need to satisfy the egos of billionaires and not true social justice and equity movements.

Schools are filling their libraries with gay porn, and teachers demand lap dances from high school boys and girls for extra credit. School boards are covering up rapes and blaming the victims. But the football coach is fired for praying before a game.

The takeaway is that the woke thing is brittle. Very brittle. There are similarities to the old USSR and its fragility in the face of the Reagan Doctrine. New readers might not know that Dr. Jack Wheeler developed the Reagan Doctrine. It is time to apply the concepts to Wokistan.


Over There

m1a1_tanks-transportAmerican M1A1 tanks have arrived in Germany along with instructors to begin training Ukrainian tank crews. Ammunition shortages are leading to changes in the order of battle as weapons systems that can be crewed and supplied are rotated into service. Losses continue to be horrific on both sides, and so much war propaganda is being thrown from both sides that one must question everything and every image.

But here we are, fifteen months into the war Russia thought would last for days to weeks. Russia is bleeding out its convict armies and mercenaries without much of a source of replacements. Their conscripted military performed so poorly in the Battle for Kyiv that the conscripts are now mainly used for artillery, supply, and rear area activities.

Russia has plenty of soldiers, but not front-line soldiers. Once the Wagner Group is ground down, Putin will be forced to push conscripted Russian lads into the meat grinder. Opposition  to Putin and the war continues to grow at an accelerating rate on the Russian street.

Russia’s reliance on domestic propaganda and a closed internet to control internal hearts and minds appears to falter as new websites and phone messages emerge faster than the state can shut them down.

Russia is beginning to run out of ships in its navy. It is not just the sinkings in the Black Sea but the pull of skilled labor from the shipyards to the warzone causing a rapid decline in naval vessel sailings. Perhaps Putin will be forced to use Chinese repair facilities to maintain his fleet.

If Russia has an inability to maintain its warships, everything from air traffic control radars to municipal sewage plants is likely feeling stressed.


Hypersonic Missiles

hyper-sonic_daggerAn American-made Patriot missile battery was destroyed in Kyiv this week. The battery fired all thirty-two of its missiles at incoming low-velocity cruise missiles and glide bombs before being taken out by a hypersonic missile. The loss was costly, but significant intelligence was gained.

Hypersonic missiles only travel at hypersonic speed when high in the atmosphere. They follow a flight path after launch from a Russian aircraft or ship that first takes them into the stratosphere or higher. They are hypersonic at altitude only before diving into their target, intending to reach it before the defense can react.

However, every reader old enough to remember the Apollo Space Program recognizes that NASA always lost touch with the reentering space capsules. The capsules entered the atmosphere at hypersonic speeds and were enveloped in white-hot glowing plasma from increasing air resistance. Apollo capsules relied on an ablative heat shield to prevent burning up. The plasma blocked all radio communication.

Images gathered as the Patriot battery was destroyed found that the Russian weapons are only hypersonic for a short while, and the entire missile heats to a white-hot glow. They cannot communicate with command and control systems when enveloped in plasma. They must slow to initiate their attack dive. The actual attack sequence occurs at about Mach 3.

The weapon is not invincible; Russia is overhyping things.

If the Patriot battery had not depleted all its missiles while responding to the swarm of cruise missiles, it might have intercepted the hypersonic missile.



deepfake-techTwo weeks ago, I made an error in the HFR that should be discussed. An A.I.-generated voice, a deep fake of the late Paul Harvey, explained the back story to Francis Scott Key, writing The Star Spangled Banner. A younger immigrant woman reacted emotionally to the story. It was her reaction that I found intriguing and worthy of inclusion.

Except that much of the content was incorrect. The story was computer-generated by instructing a chatbot to dramatically narrate the song’s history in Paul Harvey’s style. The computer returned the content I posted, which was powerfully written and spoken.

However, it was wrong in many ways, and astute readers maacettro and Brent Weston explained the errors on the forum.

The video is an example of a deep fake, and I missed it.  Here is a link to it: Here

This begs the question: what are the proper tools and procedures in the brave new world of A.I. where everything is fake, prior knowledge is required to find discrepancies, and the emotional tug of computer-generated propaganda is so compelling?

My professional experience says that A.I. poses a quality problem similar to a defect problem on an assembly line or other process. The old assumption that a system can run to zero defects is out the window now that A.I. is growing exponentially. New tools to measure and manage an authenticity factor might be helpful. After all, TTP members join to understand Jack’s first-hand perspective on the world. He has been there and done that everywhere. This has blessed TTP with deep credibility and is recognized by Reuters as highly credible.

Developing and deploying active tools to manage authenticity might be a tremendous value-added effort and would be ground-breaking. Readers might not know, but I log TTP errors, defects, and root causes according to the Toyota Manufacturing Method. The continuous improvement adds value quickly, making TTP unique in the face of the A.I. revolution.

TTP member insights and error detection become the key to developing robustness in the face of deep fakes everywhere. If we can flesh out a system that economically spots and manages forgeries, then we can excel where others fail. Please jump onto the forum when you suspect source errors, or A.I. generated bunkim. The Toyota quality method requires error data to work properly.

Such an effort means opening the discussion to defect rates, authenticity scores, and the science and mechanics behind fraud detection. I am unaware of another newsletter pursuing this, in this way although we are watching fake news destroy billion-dollar media companies.

Those failing corporations have a zero defect process models as taught in journalism schools. This is bad because it prevents using a mechanism to go back and analyze errors. Traditional Journalism schools lack the continuous improvement mindset needed to adapt to A.I. Deep fakes.


Mike Ryan is a chemical engineering consultant for the Iron and Steel, Mining and Minerals, Heavy Chemical, and Fiber Industries.