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You may never have heard of rappers like Sheff G, Sleepy Hallow, or Forgiato Blow (pictured above), but black kids in the South Bronx sure have, who went giddy with excitement when they turned up at Crotona Park yesterday afternoon (5/23).

Why were they there?  To show their support for a Republican billionaire who is turning out to be the greatest political genius of our day.  His campaign managers thought it a little crazy – the South Bronx?? – fearing a small crowd would show up, most in protest.

Instead, an enormous crowd of 25,000 wildly cheered him to Build The Wall!”  It was sheer brilliance for him to call up Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow on the stage.

You can only imagine how panic-stricken the Woketard Dems are today.  The South Bronx hasn’t voted Republican in 100 years.  And Trump is taking it, overloaded by Blacks and Hispanics, by storm.  All the while using their multiple-lawsuit lawfare against him to increase his popularity as FJB’s disintegrates.

What we’re seeing here is Trump has grown immensely in political stature while FJB has dwarfed himself into a senile midget.  Imagine a skilled matador in his Suit of Lights gracefully waving his red cape that drives the bull into frenzy.  The bull, weakened by the picadors, soon to be dispatched by his tormentor’s sword plunging into his neck to puncture the aorta.


We saw two of the matador’s political picadors at work yesterday, Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow.



What Trump realizes, as do his rapper-picadors and so many millions of Americans, is that our country has finally reached a mortal fork in the road.  It’s like this:


It’s not that the majority of Americans – Normals – are totally sick and tired of the tiny minority of Woketard Lunatics ruining every aspect of our society.  It’s that we have, after decades of slowly and steadily relinquished every degree of sanity everywhere, we have reached the end of the line. This is America’s Patrick Henry moment: give America liberty or give America death.

Trump knows this.  He knows the best way to defeat an evil insanity is to trigger it to implode in upon itself — so that’s what he’s doing to the Dems and Woke Left.  Proof his strategy works is 100,000 supporters in New Jersey on May 11, and 25,000 in The Bronx yesterday, with Dem woketards like NY Gov Kathy imploding in response:  Hochul Calls Trump Supporters ‘Clowns’ In Her Own ‘Basket Of Deplorables’ Moment.

Expect more and more Woketard Implosions for the foreseeable future.




And expect more and more disruptive Black Swans.  Here’s one likely to be greatly to our advantage.  Ereyesterday (5/22): Washington Post Expands Use of AI After Losing $77 Million in Last Year.

Jeff Bezos bought the WaPo for $250M in 2013 for one reason.  As DC’s Deep State newspaper of record, Bezos could use it to protect him from Dem anti-trust attacks on him and Amazon.  Now he’s decided to stop going into the hole by switching to AI, which will necessarily entail firing scads of WaPo journos and other employees.

Big mistake.  Bezos is too robotic to understand people well.  The WaPo is the Deep State’s #1 leak source.  The fired journos and staffers have long-standing relationships and friendships woven throughout – plus they know all the dirt on Bezos and those senior officers like CEO Will Lewis who are firing them..

Not only is AI incapable of replacing this source network nor assessing it – the primary value of WaPo – but those fired will, given human nature, quite likely exact revenge by leaking all kinds of damage upon Bezos and WaPo itself.  The blowback so immense that WaPo will be facing Implosion City.

The same fate could await the New York Times should Chairman Dash Sulzberger make the decision to go AI. Go for it, Dash…




A must-read for the week is in yesterday’s (5/23) Daily Mail by constitutional law professor Alan Dershowitz: The Unhinged Outburst The Trump Trial Judge DIDN’T Want You To See.

“Never in my 60 years of practicing law and teaching and writing about the U.S. legal system have I seen such a weak criminal fraud case… For even more shocking than the pathetic flaws of this case is the palpable bias that this judge holds against Trump.


After the defense called their key witness, former Cohen legal adviser Robert Costello, Judge Merchan made ruling after ruling denying Costello the ability to speak – inexplicably dismissing his testimony as hearsay and irrelevant.


But the judge truly revealed his apparent unhinged prejudice against Trump when he exploded after Costello, a lawyer himself, expressed his surprise over the mystifying rulings. Merchan lost control over the perceived slight and angrily ordered the court police to clear the room.


I was never asked to leave, so I stayed. I wish that the public could have seen what I witnessed – because I believe the judge’s bias against Trump came through loud and clear.


‘Do you raise your eyebrows at me?’ Merchan shouted at Costello. ‘Did you stare at me?’ He sounded like a paranoid schizophrenic. A nut on the street. The psycho in the film Taxi Driver. It was one of the most shocking demonstrations of bias by a judge I’ve ever seen.”


The trial goes to the jury next Wednesday (5/29).  It would seem impossible that it won’t acquit or at least be hung creating mistrial. But Dershowitz notes that this is New York with a jury as biased as the judge.  If it’s acquittal or hung, Dem implosion will be rapidly accelerated.  If it’s guilty, Trump’s popularity will accelerate like a rocket sled.  Catch-22, Demtards.




Memo to Trump:  This is a very, very good question:  Why don’t we do this?




The US is not the only place going nuts, FYI.  This week, Ireland, Spain, and Norway went around the pro-terrorist/anti-semitic bend by recognizing an independent Palestinian state.  Note:  Not Sweden.

Sweden, after a spasm of masochism via acceptance of hordes of Moslem “refugees” has ever since experienced an epidemic of bombings, grenade attacks, and generalized Moslem violence, centered in Malmo, a city of 300,000, fully one third, 100,000, of whom are Moslem.  Swedes want them gone, and want nothing to do with a Palestinian state.

And as you know, the ICC (International Criminal Court based in the Hague, Netherlands) has issued an arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, which signatory states supposedly are bound to enforce (the US is not a signatory and ignores its rulings).  It’s actually a blessing for Bibi whose popularity was way down after October 7 and has now soared among Israelis.

Further, the warrant is so outrageous that it may be the ICC’s death warrant instead, explained here in: Netanyahu Case Will Make Or Break The ICC.




Returning to our theme of implosion.  While America can no longer regain its internal freedom and peace without the defeat of the Woke Left and its Deep State, so Ukraine and all of Europe can’t regain theirs without the defeat of Putin’s Russia – as recognized by this banner in the city center of Prague, Czechia.

This is being achieved by Ukraine destroying Putin’s economy via long-range drones blowing up oil refineries all over Russia.  They are defenseless due to poor to none air defense, with very specialized non-off the shelf technology hard to replace.  See: Ukraine’s Strategy Of Hitting Russian Oil Refineries Is Working.

This denies the capability of the full militarization of Russia’s economy Putin is attempting, breaking it apart in multiple ways. One especially critical is the denial of diesel fuel to run tractors that produce food.  Russia’s agriculture is Rube Goldberg tech to transform oil into food. China can’t replace as it’s a food importer.  Yet another reason Putin’s Russia has too much fragility, is too brittle to survive.




That same fragility and brittleness is what will doom the attempt by the Left to impose its fascism upon America.  Trump sees this and will be laser-focused  on increasing both.  So we have much to look forward to in the coming months and beyond.  In fact, here’s a prediction:  in 2025 under Trump 47, we’ll see America doing the same as Peru.  NY Post 5/15: Peru Classifies Transgender, Nonbinary And Intersex People As ‘Mentally Ill’.

Which, of course, they are, as anyone sane has always known.



Folks, that’s a wrap.  I’m finally back home after three straight months of running expeditions:  two in Africa’s Serengeti, in Albania, Portugal, and Scotland.

I can’t thank Mike Ryan, Mellie, and Miko plus Mark and Skye enough for keeping TTP on a even keel in my absence.  Have a memorable Memorial Day weekend!