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conquest-of-ceutaPorto, PortugalPrince Henry the Navigator (1394-1460) is famous for launching for launching Europe’s Age of Discovery. Here in this city where he was born, he is revered for more than that.  He is immortalized in this gigantic painting of over a thousand azulejo tiles at the city’s São Bento train station for, at age 21, his conquest of Ceuta in Morocco.

Ceuta on the African side of the Strait of Gibraltar was a Moslem pirate haven notorious for conducting slave raids on the Portuguese coast to enslave Christians in the name of Allah.  Here Henry is shown in victory over the Moslem slavers who are surrendering their swords and bowing in submission to him.

Portugal remains proud and confidant of its history as tragically America is no longer.  Today, America has been overrun by a ruling fascist elite intent on enslaving us.  Today, Americans are in desperate need of a Prince Henry or a large number of them to rid our country of their menace.



Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) would certainly understand.  As the author at age 33 of our Declaration of Independence, he stated the founding principle of America’s government: that it existed to secure American citizens’ inalienable right to their own personal life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Further:

“That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it… when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”


Jefferson wisely noted, “all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

You’d think that given the previously unimaginable level of fascist woke despotism of the last few years, we would have decided their evils are insufferable well before now.  Yet each time we think our rulers have reached Peak Woke Insanity, they double down on their evils more than ever.  Such was this week.




NY Post 5/17: ‘Russia Case’ Against Trump Was A Shocking Conspiracy That Continues Today


As Gary Bauer explains:


No matter how desperately the media tries to ignore and hide it, the truth is now inescapably obvious to all but woke fanatics: that the FBI is irretrievably corrupt, as is the Garland Department of Injustice, the Obama-Werfel IRS, and of course the entire Biden Mafia Crime Family.

At least it’s a start that, on Tuesday (5/16), Senator Josh Hawley demanded that Congress via control of the DOJ budget, “End the FBI As We Know It.”

Something similar needs to happen to IRS funding, per Monday’s (5/15) revelation: IRS Removes Investigative Team From Hunter Biden Probe.


IRS perfidy notwithstanding, Oversight chairman James Comer and his committee have the Bidens’ bank records from 4 banks already with at least a half-dozen more banks agreeing to provide theirs.  One thing Comer could do is hold hearings and subpoena Biden witnesses to testify under oath – in a red state jurisdiction where one of the banks is located.

That way, if Biden witnesses perjure themselves, it won’t be a Dem-rigged jury in DC that decides on their guilt.  The only way public confidence in our legal system can be restored – as it’s all but gone now – is for the crooks, liars, and corruptocrats who run Washington – from Brennan at the CIA, Comey and Wray at the FBI, to the Bidens themselves – have to go to jail, serving real orange jumpsuit prison time.


It cannot “pay to be a Biden” or other corruptocrat any longer – that’s a necessary condition (albeit far from sufficient!) for Americans to trust their government again.



Nor should Dem mega-liars remain in Congress.  Per Speaker McCarthy on Tuesday:


Thus on Wednesday, Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) sponsored a bill to expel Adam Schiff from Congress as he should be:



While on the same day from MTG:





He needs to be, sure. Yet the biggest scumbag next to the Big Guy himself in the current administration is the DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas.  So we get this report on Tuesday (5/16): Impeaching Mayorkas Gains Momentum Among Key House Republicans.

Nice empty gesture. What is going on now along our southern border is not simply impeachable.  This is total Criminally Insane Treason committed by Mayorkas and Biden.


This is willful, purposeful destruction of our country by a Hate America cabal run by Obama and Soros in cahoots with Xi and the CCP.  It is the Chicoms who are paying for millions to flood into Mexico, paying Obrador – who hates America as much as Obama and Soros do – to flood them across our open borders aided by the drug cartels flooding their fentanyl in with them.  There is no other plausible explanation.

When are we going to see a prominent US statesman state the truth that this is open warfare by Democrats, the Chinese Communist Party, and the Mexican Government waged in treasonous cooperation upon America?  That’s why we need a Prince Henry because we don’t have one now.




As we search for such a hero, Dems are searching for who could replace the increasingly unelectable decrepit creature they have now. It sure won’t be Heels Up Harris, nor that old hag, the PIAPS.  So guess who?  TTP has been warning for a long time this may happen – and on Monday (5/15), the Wall Street Journal made the announcement by two major Dem Party operatives: If Biden Bows Out, How About Michelle Obama?

It’s desperate, of course, because every non-retard will understand she’s just the excuse for an O=Zero third term.  It’s also naked exposure of the Dems having nobody of credible presidential stature.

fein-messNY Post today 5/19

With senile Dem senators like DiFi as an example of pols deep in their 80s, the guys who run the Dem Party know very well the electorate will reject a second term for someone who’s going to soon end up like her.  He’s already more than half-way there at 80 now.

The Dem party elite has no bench at all.  The only possible “presidential timber” would be RFK Jr. or Joe Manchin who will be 70 and 77 respectively in 2024, both of whom would be anathema to the party’s controlling woke left.

So the Dem bosses may see no option but Zero’s wife and bet their farm they can cheat their way into the White House rigging the vote again as they did in 2020.  That, as all of us are only too well aware, will be America’s death blow.



For that fate not to befall us, the GOP has to field the equivalent of a modern day Prince Henry who can rid our nation of the Woke Dem Fascism infecting it.

Fortunately, the GOP has bench strength in presidential timber, all of whom with one exception are young.  Here’s a short handicapping. First, let’s dispense with those with next to no chance at all, former Arkansas Gov Asa Hutchinson, and former New Jersey Gov Chris Christie.  They don’t count.

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott declared his candidacy today (5/19). Senators almost invariably make poor presidents as they have no administrative executive experience like a governor.  Tim knows, however, that as the GOP nominee will almost certainly be white, the VP running mate, given political realities, will almost certainly have to be black.

So he’s gunning for VP. Born in 1965, he’ll be 59 in 2024, giving him a clear shot at the presidency at age 63 if his boss is one-term Trump, 67 if someone else after two terms. 

Former South Carolina Gov Nikki Haley does have administrative executive experience, and is betting that the GOP will decide a woman has to be on the ’24 ticket.  She is also non-white as her parents come from Punjab, India (her maiden name is Randhawa).  She is not Hindu but Sikh, converting to Christianity of the Methodist Church to which her husband Michael Haley belongs.

So she is neither white nor black nor hispanic so she really has no ethnic card to play at all like Scott – but she plays the women’s vote card which he doesn’t or any other GOP candidate.  Most people think she’s gunning for VP, especially if the Dems have a woman on their ticket. Born in 1972, she’ll only be 52 in ’24.

Vivek Ramaswamy has retained the Hindu faith of his family from Kerala, India.  A self-made centi-millionaire in his 30s, he is extremely bright and pro-capitalist.  Born in 1985, he’d be only 39 in ’24.  Although very pro-American, it’s hard to see a Hindu under 40 with no political or administrative experience at all running for the presidency as anything but eccentric.

Now for the big dogs.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is arguably America’s most popular and best known governor, the most feared by the Dems. Born in 1978, he’ll be 44 in ’24.  He’s expected to announce his candidacy early next week.  His track record of actual conservative accomplishment for his state is unbeatable.  Plus he has the temperament required for the presidency, cool under fire, no juvenile narcissistic insults.

RDS’ only genuine competition is Trump.  Yes, El Donaldo has an immense and wildly loyal following, so the main event from next week to possible the following summer will be the jousting between them – what happens between the other contestants above are the prelims, side shows.

Born in 1946, Donald Trump will be 77 in 2024 – and even though he still has dragon energy, at that age each passing year takes its toll.  I’m 79 and work very hard to keep myself in the best shape I can be – yet I know I can’t muster anywhere near the energy required of a president.  Trump should know this, for he’d be 82 by 2028.

The cold truth is that the stakes are too high with the fate of America’s existence on the line to take a chance on an old man in his 80s.  This is about America’s future, not revenge for an injustice of the past.  The White House was stolen from President Trump. Those who perpetrated the crime should be imprisoned.  Trump wants the White House back, but the future of our children and grandchildren are more important than correcting his past.

Besides, he made too many mistakes – not building the Wall, Jeff Sessions, Jim Mattis, Bill Barr, ruining and locking down his economy by bowing down to Fauci, allowing ANTIFA/BLM to burn down cities instead of ordering the military to quell their insurrection… it’s a long disastrous list.

The bottom line is America needs the youth, energy, and temperament, coupled with accomplishment and experience, of Ron DeSantis.  America needs a Prince Henry and he’s the closest we’ve got.

You know the cliché – stock up on popcorn.  The fight between Trump and RDS is going to go ballistic very quickly.  But how long will it last?  Trump will lash out with attacks, accusations, and insults in a shock & awe attempt to take RDS out fast.  So it’s up to RDS to fight back but as an adult not responding in kind to Trump’s schoolyard tactics.  So the show may be over in the fury of a couple of months – or it may be a slugfest lasting far longer.

Let’s hope they make it clear they are fighting for the future of America, that they are fighting not each other but the Dem Woke Left Fascism destroying America, and they are partners in that fight, not enemies.  Cross your fingers. After all…