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border-exodus-enmassOverwhelming Immigration

Open Borders

They don’t know American history. Only a few American students are conversant in history predating the FDR administration. The 10 million illegal aliens rushing the southern border certainly don’t know the history. The above video is of an immigrant hearing the story behind the Star Spangled Banner for the first time. If we don’t teach these things that public schools refuse to teach, then our Republic will dissolve away. However, if we do teach history, the globalist narrative will die.

We have the power. Right now, in our hands.

Several years ago, I took a student group to Washington, DC, for the final Discovery Channel Young Science Communicator competition at the University of Maryland field house. The head of an FBI field office in one of the southern states was also a chaperone, and we merged our groups to fill out a tour bus for sightseeing. While visiting the National Archives Museum to view the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Magna Carta, we both noticed the disdain and lack of reverence for these magnificent documents among the throngs of high school-aged kids. The students we supervised were respectful and fascinated, in a way that most other visitors were not.

A group of communist Chinese students stood among the American kids, and my G-man associate and I both noticed the complete reverence shown by the Chinese. It was as if they were viewing God’s face when they saw the Bill of Rights and listened to the text translated by their tour guide. I will never forget what I saw; the students in both my group and the FBI man’s group noticed it too. We all stood back and watched the Chinese students awaken.

blackrockNow we have a national crisis as 10,000 people per day, surging to perhaps one million per day, swarm across the southern border. My city’s population was effectively replaced in 47 hours.

We don’t have the resources to educate their children, social workers are running full-steam to sign the arrivals up for welfare benefits, and in some places, the city streets are being closed to make room for tent cities.

Illegal immigrants access public funds to secure housing throughout the country. When immigrants move into a neighborhood, crime usually increases along with vagrancy. Healthcare problems increase, and immigrants throw a lot of trash on the streets for whatever reason. This leads to declining real-estate values but rising rents. Government subsidies set the rental floor while the native citizens face eviction and upward resetting of their rents.

The result is a massive homeless crisis for the native-born and accelerated profits for the landlord class. BlackRock, through its subsidiaries, is the nation’s largest landlord.


Follow the Money.

Title 42, the Covid era emergency immigration restriction, expired at 11:59 pm last night, and the rush was on. One wave of 70,000 Venezuelans overwhelmed everyone and everything as they pushed their group through the masses. Texas governor Abbot is busing immigrants to the big blue cities, and their mayors are squealing like stuck pigs. There are not enough buses in the country to move the teeming humanity out of Texas. While it is satisfying to see New York, San Francisco, and Chicago pay the price for the destruction their electorates bring to the rest of the United States, it might not be an excellent idea to disperse the migrants.

The Democrats need immigrants for the 2024 election as citizens. The Constitution has been vacated by the Department of Justice’s failure to prosecute voter fraud and the court’s refusal to hear cases when they manage to wriggle through the system. If Trump wins in 2024, he will order at least some attempts to remove some immigrants.

However, if Biden or another leftwinger wins, the left can launch a mass deportation movement. It would all be theater but would grow dem’s big tent. In reality, the immigration question is a housing question. Once the supply and demand of subsidized renters consume all of BlackRock’s available space and prices reach an unsustainable peak, the excess immigrants will be removed. It is not a question of ethics or patriotism; it is strictly an economic decision based on maximizing return on rental property.

The Federal Government recently canvased my county to identify the number of available houses and bedrooms within dwellings. “How many people live here? How many bedrooms are in this house” without explaining. Perhaps Homeland Security is planning to force natives to quarter aliens.

Perhaps there will be changes to inheritance laws forcing estates to cede housing to the government or sell to firms like BlackRock. A 99% tax on real property in estates would do the trick.


Charles is now King

royal-coronation-logoThe Royal Coronation went well as the entire world was made clear, without doubt, aware that Charles was the King. As a citizen of a Constitutional Republic and not a subject of the Crown, I found the pageantry and history exciting but not compelling enough to abandon republicanism.

One intriguing thing was the way Charles spoke with the pages and non-Royals, those below the Aristocracy. He thanked them, joked with the hired hands, and generally recognized them in real-time. His Mother, QE II, seldom did this as she remained aloof to the hired hands during official proceedings. Not being a Royal watcher, I can’t explain the change in the protocol other than stating that it was apparent.

King Charles can significantly contribute to world culture by focusing on his passion for classical architecture. Lighting a love for things classical would help the younger generations make better decisions. The British Monarchy is a Christian institution, even if the Anglican Church does its darndest to abandon Christianity for Post Modernism.

Charles put forth considerable effort to preserve the original King James Bible, yet the archbishop insisted on using the recently published Woke Bible during the coronation. I think Charles should have gone to Medieval King Arthur immediately upon coronation, pulled a sword from a stone, and decapitated the archbishop for his blasphemy on live TV. That would have set the scene for the return to the classics that King Charles often discusses.

Queen Elizabeth II maintained the importance of protocol and the all-important duty of the Crown to preserve the landed titles passed out over the centuries. If the Monarchy were to vanish, the title to vast tracts of land would likely be contested. But protocol alone leaves the world hungry for religion and philosophy. Charles is comfortable with the WEF crowd, but as with the archbishop slipping in the woke Bible, King Charles can remind the WEF that property rights are at the center of all rights. Elizabeth is in the grave. It is time for a resolute monarch, a defender of the Faith.



linda-yaccarinoWhile the Commonwealth gets to know the new Royal standard and the Aristocracy gets shuffled, Elon Musk announced his new CEO.

Linda Yaccarino, a Penn State College of Mass Media graduate, cut her chops at Turner and NBC Universal. She has been an outspoken liberal throughout her carrier. She is even a WEF Davos insider.

Musk claims, as the new CEO,  she has been mandated to protect free speech but not freedom of access. Most importantly to Musk and Twitter, she has deep experience in the revenue side of media and is tasked with making a profit. Yaccarino knows how broadcast media secures its wealth and has driven the profitability of her previous employers. Twitter needs revenue and needs it immediately.

Whether her experience in one-way mass communication translates into the two-way microblogging world, is the question. Musk must think so.

Her history appears to be as a second-wave feminist. She is on record regarding the dynamics between women in the workplace and home, abortion, and legal barriers to access. Second-wavers use the word patriarchy a lot. They pushed for domestic violence legislation and changes to divorce law. “It’s a man’s world, and women must work twice as hard” is a typical second waver sentiment.

So while she rose spectacularly through the world of liberal media, it does not appear that she transitioned to third, fourth, or fifth-wave feminism. Fifth-wave feminism means transvestites and birthing factories replacing all things genuinely female.

Many are blasting Musk’s choice of a liberal, but I don’t find a second-wave feminist troubling. Musk appears to have made a well-calibrated decision.


Google and AI

We can’t discuss Twitter without discussing Google’s response to Twitter and ChatGBT. This week, Google launched its own AI program, and the race to the bottom is underway. Google no longer returns a search result from its list of narrative supporters, but the results can be customized into unique answers based on the question and the types of cookies on the user’s device.

For instance, a Royalist with a search history of looking for things friendly to the Crown will likely be served up results that reinforce the Crown. An anti-Royalist might be given results about inbreeding among the Royals, the extensive inbreeding within his father, Prince Phillip, and the fact that Elizabeth and Philip were both second and third cousins, making Charles among the most inbred monarchs ever.

These reinforcing search results drive stochastic terrorism and school shootings. DuckDuckGo and StartPage still give unbiased search results and don’t read the user’s cookies.

Speaking of Google, the company is building three humongous data centers literally up the road from me in Central Ohio. Concrete pours rivaling the old SAC AIR Force Base runways are ongoing around the clock.

The draw is abundant cold fresh water beneath their sites in the Teays River Aquifer and relatively inexpensive coal-fired electricity. While Google is driving six new solar farms prominently located in view of major highways, their facilities will be operated by the old coal stations that powered the Ohio industry. You won’t hear about the fossil fuel-fired gigawatts driving their facilities. But you will hear about these phony-baloney solar farms that produce little more than tax breaks at 40 degrees north latitude.

industrial_generatorThe solar farms generate DC electricity and invert it electronically to AC for injection into the power grid. The inverters generate harmonics, or electrical waveforms, at 120 Hz, 240 Hz, etc., in addition to the standard 60 Hz current used in North America. Harmonics pose a problem for the giant transformers located throughout the grid, as harmonics increase heat losses in the iron cores of these transformers designed to work with power produced by rotating generators. Heat loss from the copper conductors in the transformers remains about the same whether power is injected from a rotating machine or an inverter. But the increased core losses from inverter harmonics appear to be as great as 5% of the total power from solar farms.

This is a huge, big deal. Look for increasing transformer-related outages and fires, as existing substations cannot shed the additional heat from the core losses. Also, look for more fires in utility distribution lines and pole-mounted transformers that feed neighborhoods.

Perhaps California is leading the country with forest fires partly because of the harmonic currents moving through its electrical grid.


Over There

t-55-tanksRussia held its annual Victory Day Parade in Moscow this week and limited the display of military hardware to just one tank, a WWII T-34, and supply trucks. They banned parades outside Moscow to prevent distraught widows from making a scene over losses in Ukraine. The Kremlin is worried about public opinion.

At the same time, Russia is sending T-54/T-55 tanks to the war. These museum pieces were produced during the early Cold War and are getting a quick paint job and treatment with some modern reactive armor applications. Even so, the metallurgy is primitive, the wiring is mouse-eaten, and the parts supply chains are long gone.

There is no way that the relics can survive the modern battlefield, suggesting that the tanks will be buried up to their turrets as the Iraqi army famously did in Gulf War I, or their canons will be used for artillery support.

Whether this means that Russia is running out of tanks or gun barrels is an academic debate. But many Ukrainian farmers now own more Russian tanks than Russia put in their Victory Day celebrations.


Trump and CNN

Polling reported in the news has Trump competing against ten potential candidates while the Dem polling has Biden against only declared candidates, RF Kennedy Jr and Marianne Williamson. Biden polls less than 30% in his field of three, while Trump is polling at about 55% against real and imagined candidates. Trump would be in the 80% range against declared Republican candidates.

kaitlan-collinsThe media understands the power behind the Trump Train and is desperate to derail 45 from the race. The courts and fake impeachments driven by the government have not stopped him. The ridiculous civil suit that found Trump guilty for finding him guilty of objecting to being accused of a rape of E. Jeanne Carroll that the court said did not occur, and the best efforts of the intel community to falsify the Russian Collusion story, have not stopped him.

E. Jean Carroll described an episode of the TV show Law and Order as the totality of her case in Manhattan District Court. The jury bought it and awarded her $5 million from Trump. It won’t stand on appeal.

Against this, the Pride of Prattville, Alabama, Kaitlin Collins, was destroyed by Trump at a televised CNN Town Hall at St. Anselm College in New Hampshire. President Trump so wildly outmatched Collins that CNN stopped airing it before it was finished.

Collins had that satanic smirk wiped right from her face.

It was so bad for CNN that the chairman of CNN, Chris Licht, spent most of Thursday explaining and apologizing for airing the debate.

Here is the link. Enjoy. Trump CNN Town Hall


Mike Ryan is a chemical engineering consultant for the Iron and Steel, Minerals, Heavy Chemicals, and Fibers Industries.