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Good Men Still Exist
Good Men Will Continue to Exist

He is a personal witness to much of history as it unfolded during the second half of the 20th century, and a friend of TTP. Felix Rodriguez was born in Cuba and became a fiercely anti-communist member of the CIA Special Operations Unit shortly after Castro seized his native land. Rodriguez maintains that he is a citizen of free Cuba and that he has never officially been an American citizen, yet he put his life on the line for America many times.

It is highly recommended that you view the entire Tucker Carlson interview below as Mr. Rodriguez discusses the capture and execution of Che in Bolivia, the Bay of Pigs, his role in positioning American targeting beacons adjacent to Russian missiles in Cuba, the role of a second gunman in the Kennedy assassination, El Salvador, Vietnam, Venezuela, and numerous other topics.

The interview took place on May 7, 2024 at Carlson’s office.

Castro orchestrated the capture and execution of Che due to his affiliation with the Maoist movement and Che receiving support from China. This was uncomfortable for the Soviet-backed Castro. The Bolivian military, aided by the CIA, carried out the dirty work, which serves as an illustration of the potency of Russian propaganda, and the proficiency with which it is employed.

Chinese propaganda is not a joke either. When you see a Che shirt, Felix Rodriguez links Che with Mao, and this suggests thinking about Chinese propaganda. During a university protest, for instance.

As a CIA operative involved in various covert operations, Rodriguez has a unique insight into the political climate of the time and the various forces at play surrounding the assassination.

Firstly, Rodriguez views the assassination as a tragic event that shook the nation and the world. The loss of a young, charismatic president like John F. Kennedy was a blow to the United States and the global community.

The assassination of Kennedy increased the sense of urgency and importance of his work as the nation struggled to come to terms with the loss of its leader and the potential implications for national security.

Kennedy is rightfully viewed as an incompetent interloper by the CIA because of the Bay of Pigs disaster, which likely led to his assassination. While men were on the ground, the White House became involved in the operation without first checking the mission plan or talking to the people in charge. Kennedy grounded air support, leaving the invasion force exposed and subject to capture and intense torture. Kennedy had blood on his hands.

Oswald met with Cuban officers four hours before killing Kennedy. According to Rodriguez, there was no magic bullet, but there was a second gunman.



The Times, They are a Changin’

The past week has been favorable for Donald Trump, with the Florida case being put on hold indefinitely due to the Feds admitting to tampering with Mar-a-Lago evidence, possibly leading to a dismissal. The DC case may also face scrutiny if this occurs. In Georgia, the appellate court is considering removing Fani Willis from the case due to her relationship with a prosecutor, causing the case to fall apart. In New York, Trump appears more like a victim after the recent Stormy Daniels trial. So much happened this week that we really need to break the lawfare down into bites.

Judge Aileen Cannon has indefinitely postponed the classified documents trial against former President Donald Trump, led by Special Counsel Jack Smith. This decision follows an admission by Smith that the FBI tampered with evidence in the case. Cannon initially postponed a key deadline related to the Classified Information Procedures Act (CIPA) and has now set a second set of pre-trial deadlines to manage pending discovery and disclosure matters.

The original May 20, 2024, trial date has been vacated, and it is uncertain when a new trial date will be set. The judge emphasized that finalizing a trial date before resolving numerous pre-trial and CIPA issues would be imprudent. Cannon has scheduled hearings on key motions, including Walt Nauta’s motion to dismiss for selective and vindictive prosecution and Trump’s motion to dismiss the indictment based on the unlawful appointment and funding of Special Counsel Jack Smith. In a recent motion, Smith admitted that the FBI tampered with boxes containing classified documents seized from Trump, raising questions about the handling of evidence in the case.


mar-a-lago-docsSpecial Counsel Jack Smith has admitted that the FBI tampered with the boxes containing classified documents seized from Mar-a-Lago during the investigation into former President Donald Trump. In a late Friday night motion, Smith acknowledged that the order and placement of the documents had been altered, contradicting previous assurances made to the court. This revelation has raised questions about the integrity of the investigation and the handling of classified materials.


chairman-jim-jordanHouse Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan has initiated an investigation into Special Counsel Jack Smith after Smith admitted that evidence in the case involving former President Trump’s classified documents was altered or manipulated by the FBI following its raid on Mar-a-Lago. This admission came in response to concerns raised by Walt Nauta’s legal team about discrepancies in the organization of the evidence. Nauta, a former White House valet and Navy veteran, was indicted alongside Trump and claimed that the order of items in the seized boxes did not match their scans provided during discovery. Smith’s admission contradicts earlier assurances from the Department of Justice (DOJ) that the contents’ arrangement had been preserved intact. The FBI’s handling of the classified documents is now under scrutiny, as the investigation into the case continues.


jack-and-johnsonHouse Speaker Mike Johnson has chosen not to defund the Department of Justice’s special counsel, Jack Smith, who is currently handling two criminal prosecutions against former President Donald Trump. Both cases are on hold indefinitely, with one trial date vacated by the judge and the other awaiting a ruling on an immunity motion from the Supreme Court. Despite a request from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to defund the special counsel, Johnson emphasized the necessity for such a function to investigate or prosecute the president or their family without a conflict of interest. Johnson is reportedly exploring alternative ways to target Smith.


atty-michael-cohenHouse Oversight and Judiciary Committees’ Chairmen, James Comer (R-KY) and Jim Jordan (R-OH), have demanded the Department of Justice (DOJ) to open a criminal investigation into former Trump attorney Michael Cohen for allegedly lying to Congress. In a joint letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, the lawmakers emphasized that Cohen’s 2019 testimony to Congress serves as evidence of perjury. They cited six specific instances where Cohen allegedly lied to federal lawmakers, including claims that he never committed fraud. The Chairmen expressed concerns about the reliance on Cohen’s testimony for the politically motivated prosecution of former President Trump and asked what the DOJ has done to hold Cohen accountable for his false statements to Congress.


judge-arthur-engoronAn investigation has been initiated by the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct regarding the New York real estate attorney’s claim that he advised Judge Arthur Engoron in the case against former President Donald Trump. The attorney, Adam Leitman Bailey, stated that he had a conversation with Engoron at the courthouse three weeks prior to the judge imposing a $454 million penalty on Trump for fraudulently inflating his assets’ value. New York judges are prohibited from considering external opinions in this manner when handling a case, but Bailey alleges that they discussed the legal questions extensively. While it remains uncertain whether Engoron followed Bailey’s advice, it is evident that the judge had a motive unrelated to justice.



stormy-dOver the past three days, porn star Stormy Daniels and liberal Biden-connected prosecutors have made numerous attacks on President Trump in a lawsuit that should not be allowed due to an undefined crime. This is one of several lawfare suits filed by Democrats to financially drain and destroy the popular pro-American president. New York Judge Juan Merchan has ordered President Trump to remain silent while the media and Democrats spread lies about his record and character. The Republican party has failed to confront these political acts, and this lawlessness threatens the stability of free societies. On Thursday, the media continued to report negatively on Trump and Stormy Daniels, who owes the president approximately $500,000 in unpaid court costs. The Trump team requested that Judge Juan Merchan lift the unconstitutional gag order on President Trump, but the judge refused.



former-wh-aide-madeleine-westerhoutFormer White House aide Madeleine Westerhout testified during Donald Trump’s hush money trial in New York, praising the former president as a “really good boss.” Prosecutors called Westerhout to testify about Trump’s attention to detail and positive work environment for female employees. Westerhout highlighted Trump’s work ethic and respect for his wife, Melania, as well as his interactions with other female employees. This marks the third positive review from a female Trump employee during the trial.


hope-hicksOn Friday, Hope Hicks, a former aide to Donald Trump and public relations executive, testified at Trump’s “hush money” trial in New York. Hicks claimed that during the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump instructed her to deny his alleged sexual relationship with Stormy Daniels, expressing concern over how it would affect his wife, Melania. The testimony is part of a case where Trump faces charges of falsifying business records to conceal a $130,000 payment to Daniels, allegedly to suppress damaging news about their 2006 encounter. Hicks also discussed the atmosphere within the campaign following the leak of an “Access Hollywood” recording containing vulgar comments by Trump.




missouri-atty-general-andrew-baileyMissouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has initiated an investigation into the Biden Justice Department’s correspondence with prosecutors involved in the indictments of former President Donald Trump. Bailey filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, seeking documents related to any interactions between Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, New York Attorney General Letitia James, Special Prosecutor Jack Smith, or Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis concerning the investigation or legal proceedings against Trump. The investigation follows evidence suggesting that the Biden Department of Justice may be involved in the illicit prosecutions against the former president. Bailey has requested access to all correspondence, including documents, calendar entries, meeting notes, and schedules, related to the DOJ’s communications with the involved prosecutors.


fani-willisThe Georgia Court of Appeals has agreed to consider former President Donald Trump’s appeal challenging the decision not to disqualify Fani Willis as the district attorney overseeing the 2020 election interference charges against him. Trump’s legal team has 10 days to file a notice of appeal. Trump’s lawyer, Steve Sadow, stated that the former president is looking forward to arguing before the appeals court that the case should be dismissed and Willis disqualified due to her alleged misconduct. The judge presiding over the case, Scott McAfee, previously ruled that Willis should not be disqualified from prosecuting Trump and his co-defendants, despite allegations of a conflict of interest. This development may significantly delay the trial.


kim-gardnerKim Gardner, a former St. Louis prosecutor backed by George Soros, is currently missing. Authorities are attempting to locate her for an ongoing investigation and to serve her with subpoenas, but her whereabouts remain unknown. Gardner’s disappearance raises questions about her accountability and transparency, particularly given her history of controversy during her time in office. This situation has delayed a state examination of the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office, which handles criminal prosecutions in the city. Gardner, a Democrat, was elected in 2016 and resigned in May 2023 after facing numerous scandals and a decline in the effectiveness of the Circuit Attorney’s Office under her leadership.


court-toonIn June 2023, the Halderman Report, a security analysis of Georgia’s ImageCast X Ballot Marking Devices, was unsealed by the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. The report, which had been hidden from the public for two years by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, was conducted by Professor J. Alex Halderman and Security Researcher Drew Sringall. The report revealed multiple exploitable vulnerabilities in the Dominion Voting Systems’ ImageCast X system, confirming that votes could be altered and the software was vulnerable to hacking. The release of the report led to discussions on its implications, with VoterGA founder Garland Favorito appearing on The War Room with Steve Bannon.


steve-bannonThe Biden administration is closer to imprisoning Steve Bannon, former Trump aide and conservative media figure, as a federal appeals court upheld his conviction for contempt of Congress. This conviction is related to Bannon’s defiance of a subpoena connected to the investigation into the events of January 6. Bannon has the option to request an en banc review or petition the U.S. Supreme Court. His conviction stems from his refusal to provide documents to the January 6 Committee, citing President Trump’s assertion of executive privilege. Former Gorsuch clerk Mike Davis criticized the ruling, arguing that the decision undermines the constitutional protection of executive privilege.


rachel-maddowDuring a recent discussion on Donald Trump’s ongoing New York criminal trial, Rachel Maddow took the opportunity to reflect on the upcoming election, providing viewers with optimism despite warnings that “this is no time to check out.” Maddow emphasized that Trump’s association with the global anti-democracy, pro-authoritarian movement should strengthen our resolve, as it offers a clear understanding of the direction the United States is heading in. She also stated that Trump’s inevitable imprisonment is approaching and that people should prepare for the resulting chaos. This conversation was prompted by Judge Juan Merchan holding Trump in contempt of court again for defaming jurors, demonstrating Trump’s direct attack on the rule of law. Maddow believes that this incident signifies the imminent possibility of Trump being jailed. She emphasized that the damage to the rule of law and democracy in the United States coincides with the rise of authoritarianism worldwide, making our country equally susceptible to these forces. In conclusion, Maddow urged viewers to remain vigilant and prepared for the challenges ahead, stressing that “this is no time to check out.”


crazy-hillaryFormer first lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has compared former President Donald Trump and his supporters to the 1930s era of Nazi Germany in an interview with MSNBC News. Drawing parallels to the rise of Adolf Hitler, Clinton warned that people did not take the threats of the 1930s seriously and suggested that institutions may not be able to control Trump’s actions. This is not the first time Clinton has made such comparisons, having previously likened Trump to Hitler during a November 2023 interview with ABC’s “The View” and in 2022 when she compared his rallies to those held by the Nazi leader.


jen-psakiDuring a segment on MSNBC, former Biden administration Press Secretary and commentator Jen Psaki made controversial remarks about the possible fates of former President Donald Trump. She suggested that Trump might “go away,” “go to jail,” or even “die,” justifying her thoughts by pointing out that he is “not a young man.” These comments have sparked outrage among conservatives, who accuse Psaki of insensitivity and inappropriateness. The conservative community has highlighted the double standard, as Psaki failed to mention the age and health concerns surrounding her former boss, President Joe Biden. The incident has further deepened the political divide, with many accusing Psaki and the mainstream media of holding double standards when discussing the age and health of political figures.



Trump responded to Biden’s misuse of the DOJ and all the selective, political prosecution efforts in typical Trumpian fashion. What shall we call Joe Biden? This is Trump’s question:



University Protests

maher-bitarMaher Bitar, the White House Coordinator for Intelligence and Defense Policy at the U.S. National Security Council (NSC), has a history as a pro-Palestinian activist and leader within Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), a group involved in pro-Hamas, antisemitic protests on university campuses. SJP’s parent group is also facing a lawsuit alleging it is a propaganda front for Hamas in the U.S. Bitar’s background is under scrutiny as President Joe Biden takes actions to undermine Israel’s war against Hamas terrorists. Bitar has previously worked for UNRWA, interned at the Foundation for Middle East Peace, and at Oxford’s Refugee Studies Centre, where he wrote papers on the so-called “Nakba” and Palestinian activism. His current position at the NSC does not require Senate confirmation.

Pro-Gaza and anti-Israel protests continue at the nation’s universities. Nonetheless, last week, I traversed from northern Maine via Boston to Tampa, Florida, followed by Columbus, Ohio via Atlanta in my trusty Ford. Maine Maritime Academy did not have protestors at the time. There were a few at Harvard and a few at MIT. The University of Massachusetts in Amherst had protestors. The University of Virginia did not, as did neither NC State nor Duke. Clemson was not a place of protest. The University of Florida at Gainesville was normally normal. Same with Georgia Tech.


commies-in-us-and-nkoreaThe University of Tennessee in Knoxville was relatively quiet.

The University of Cincinnati continued as usual, and Ohio State University saw about ten protestors in small tents. No fires, no riot police, no bulldozers.

Based on what I saw on campus and what I saw on the highway, it seems like the whole protest/police raids story is either made for TV or too dramatic to be organic. Yes, some people are assembling for TV news crews. Their goal is attention and validation.

The stories on TV are greatly exaggerated. Even though the old hippies might try, the kids don’t want to be like the Boomers and don’t want to to stay outdoors, away from the air conditioning. It is not their thing.

My conclusion is simple. Disenfranchised, undateable fat chicks and effeminate boys with man-buns seek validation by claiming to be communists and Moslems. These kids are from the un-spanked generation, and I blame their mothers, because they probably don’t have fathers.



Boy Scouts

boysscouts-sealThe Boy Scouts of America (BSA) was founded in 1910 by William Dickson Boyce, inspired by the Woodcraft Indian program created by Ernest Thompson Seton in 1902. Seton’s program aimed to instill values of self-reliance, outdoor skills, and respect for nature in young people, drawing inspiration from Indigenous cultures. Seton’s teachings and the Boy Scouts movement from the United Kingdom by Lord Robert Baden-Powell influenced the development of the BSA. The BSA grew rapidly, emphasizing character, citizenship, and physical fitness in young people.

The Boy Scouts merges duty ethics to God, country, family, and self with Aristotelian virtue ethics. The Scout Law is the primary touchpoint where young men first experience virtue ethics in a structured environment. The lessons of Western Civilization flow through the Scouting program. It is best administered by accomplished leaders who understand the program’s intent of merging philosophy and ethics with action.

However, the program faced controversies and challenges, including membership policies and declining membership, that stem from a declining leadership pool at the troop and local council levels. Many great leaders continue to rise to the occasion and turn boys into young men, However, some bad apples entered the barrel, either by accident, foreign intrigue, or just the declining level of adult moral standards.

In 2020, the BSA filed for bankruptcy due to numerous lawsuits alleging sexual abuse by some Scout leaders and volunteers.

The Boy Scouts of America will now be known as Scouting America, removing the word “boy” from its name to be more inclusive. The decision aims to create a welcoming environment for all youth in America, regardless of their background.

Speaking as an Eagle Scout myself, and with grandsons and nephews actively involved, I believe that I am qualified to assess the recent change.

Two major problems exist beyond the already mentioned financial problems due to lawsuits. The first is leadership, and the second is with the program. Most of the suits were likely legitimate as homosexuals and transvestites moved into Boy Scout leadership positions as part of the gay pride movement. Some of the perps are in prison, and a few were shanked by other inmates. Prisons are unforgiving places for child abusers.

Leadership changes, such as the requirement for two adult leaders at all times, and improved methods for detecting problems, were implemented. Modern standards and protocols are used to screen new leaders.

The program was modified after an extensive pilot program developed under the leadership of Mike Rowe, the Dirty Jobs TV personality. Mike led the National Eagle Scout Association where I worked with him. He is a good guy.

The pilot program began in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and was led by volunteers from the Department of Energy lab there, as well as local civic leaders. The intent was to expand meeting locations from church basements or school assembly rooms to include local places of business. Scouts meet at the local auto mechanic’s shop. The dentist’s office, in a lawyer’s conference room. Down at the gravel quarry, or in a local bakery. Local men, such as the guy who opened an aircraft engine overhaul business or even the local mayor and labor unions are now asked to devote their time to teach youth how to work.

The original philosophy-based progression of skills and leadership development still exists. However, the new scouting program addresses the national problem of fatherless boys and young men.

About 1% of Cub Scouts are girls They learn a lot but don’t stay. Girls may also join the actual Boy Scout program starting at age 12. The numbers are low again, and the new protocols provide a safe environment.

As a boy, my Scout troop was an independent high adventure unit led by a former Army Ranger who had climbed the cliffs of Normandy on D-Day and later earned a PhD in economics from Northwestern University. Being an American intelligence agent assigned to the capture team for the Volkswagen factory during World War II in Germany, our assistant scoutmaster became the first Volkswagen dealer in North America. These men taught me a lot.

We also had an Explorer Post attached, which included girls aged 14–18. Post and troop often went on extended adventures together. For example: the Philmont Scout Reservation in New Mexico was a two-week high-elevation backpacking adventure. Although the girls were slower and less able to carry weight, we never experienced an issue that we did not already encounter with the smaller boys, and their limited strength.

Not all troops are high adventure. Many act like social clubs with a little hiking and camping. The new program, Mike Rowe’s program, teaches the youth how to become employment-ready. I support these coed troops, and predict that the girls and young women will gravitate to the new program.

The media hype about the end of Scouting, wokeness, etc, is not being written by the Eagle Scouts that know the program. These articles are being written by the washouts, dropouts, and the shoulda-coulda-woulda types. Ignore them.

That’s a wrap.



Michael Ryan is a chemical engineering consultant for the iron and steel, minerals, heavy chemicals, and fiber industries.