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Of course, the cover of this week’s TIME edition (curiously dated May 21) should be entitled WHEN not IF, but that’s another story.  You can read the full interview transcript here.  Feel free to ignore the magazine’s Demtard “fact check” links in red letters.

It’s an entire must-read for there’s so much to enjoy.  A key example is when he warns Dems re SCOTUS’ pending ruling on presidential immunity:

“We are going, in another two weeks, to the Supreme Court. And they’re going to make a ruling on presidential immunity. If they said that a president doesn’t get immunity, then Biden, I am sure, will be prosecuted for all of his crimes, because he’s committed many crimes. If they say, on the other hand, that a president has immunity – and I happen to think a president has to have immunity, because otherwise it’s going to be just a ceremonial position – but Biden has done so many things so badly. And I’m not even talking the overt crime.”




Badly and now stupidly.  Another reason that a Trump victory is WHEN not IF is emerging quickly this week.  Trump is seen as President Law and Order, praising the NYPD for clearing out Columbia’s Campus Nazis –


This morning (5/03) on MSNBC, arch woketard Joe Scarborough was commenting on the massive LAPD clearance of the Campus Nazi “encampment” at my alma mater UCLA.  Listen to him as he calls any Democrats or progressives “stupid” who supports the protests – because such support will help Trump get elected:


So as George Soros Is Paying Student Radicals Who Are Fueling Nationwide Explosion Of Israel-Hating Protests


– Ted Cruz acutely observes that: Democrat Party Leaders Are Terrified of Angering the Radical Left.  And the more they remain so, the higher Trump soars in the polls.




Perhaps Dems are hoping the Campus Nazis will serve as a useful distraction to take the public’s mind off the lethal danger (to Dems) of inflation.

Not this week.  Yesterday (5/02): Breitbart Business Digest: The Fed Finally Realized Progress on Inflation Has Stalled.

“If inflation continues to run above target in April, May, and June, the Fed will likely take cuts off the table. If it runs as hot as it did in January, the Fed will start preparing the market for a hike.”


Get ready for 10 yrs to shoot past 5 – now at 4.518%.  And that won’t get voters’ minds off what’s happening to prices at their local grocery store.




Joe Scarborough told how his Dem parents were so traumatized by the commie violence at the ’68 Dem convention in Chicago they became Republican.  For some masochistic reason forced upon them by Obama, the Dems are going to hold their convention this August (19-22) in Chicago once again.

Look forward to an order of magnitude of violence in Chicago this August.  And an order of magnitude of Dem chaos and confusion as the protestors vent their maniacal spleen on Biden.  Will the Dems stick with him or abandon him to… whom?

My own hope –and Skye’s by the way – is that they will be in such turmoil that their plans for repeating their 2020 election theft will fall apart.

This is what UCLA looks like this morning after the Capus Nazis were removed – over 1,000 of them – by the police last night:



Think of what Chicago is going to look like after the Dem convention in late August – it’ll be worse.

There’s another bright side.  On college campuses all over, fraternities are singing the star-spangled banner in answer to the Nazis.  This is going to grow.  Here are two examples, first at Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo, the second at Ole Miss:




This is how Ronald Reagan dealt with campus leftie rioters and their professors when he was Governor of California.  No wonder he became the most beloved and successful president of our lifetimes:




Tomorrow (5/04) at Mar-A-Lago: VP Stakes: Trump Meeting With Potential Running Mates This Weekend.  They are: Sens. Tim Scott of South Carolina, JD Vance of Ohio, and Marco Rubio of Florida. So are Govs. Doug Burgum of North Dakota and Kristi Noem from South Dakota.

My bet on who he’ll pick may surprise you:

Read his bio.  You’ll discover he’s from a small North Dakota town and lived all of his 67 years in the state.  Like Trump, albeit more so, he’s a self-made billionaire with serious business savvy.  He’s been a successful and popular governor since 2016.  Not only does Trump regard him as a fellow billionaire peer, the two genuinely like each other – he and his wife were hosted at Mar-A-Lago by Trump and Melania over Easter Weekend.

Bergum is MAGA all the way, but calmly and soothingly so, the counterpoint to Trump’s fiery flamboyance.  What first impressed me – and Trump – was during the first cattle call debate with 16 GOP candidates last fall (he subsequently dropped out).  When asked if he would advocate a national, i.e., federal government ban on abortion, given that he signed a strict anti-abortion law as governor, he pulled out a pocket copy of the Constitution from his coat and said:

“One of the most important things a CEO can do is really prioritize what that organization should focus on. The federal government’s got a limited set of powers that they’re supposed to focus on, specified in our Constitution, which gives no authority for Washington to order such a ban.  It’s for the states to decide.”


This is Trump’s position as well (as he made clear in the TIME interview above).  Meaning Bergum’s focus on the enumerated powers of the federal government is the same a Trump’s, who publicly promises to abolish agencies like the Department of Education and the EPA, for which there is no Constitutional basis for them to exist.

In addition, Bergum’s signed laws banning teaching of Critical Race Theory in North Dakota schools, and banning biological males competing in women’s sports.  Here’s a clincher: North Dakota Governor Signs Law Criminalizing Trans Health Care For Minors.

“The new law takes immediate effect and allows prosecutors to charge a health care provider with a felony — up to 10 years in prison and $20,000 in fines — for performing sex reassignment surgery on a minor.  It also enables prosecutors to charge a provider with a misdemeanor — up to 360 days in prison and $3,000 in fines — for giving gender-affirming medication, like puberty blockers, to a trans child.”


Bergum is pro-Israel, pro-Taiwan, and pro-Ukraine, calling U.S. miliary aid to Ukraine, “one of the greatest bargains that Americans have ever received” because “Ukrainians are willing to fight and now have destroyed half of Russia’s military capability.”

Burgum is the full total package.  Trump’s VP choice is absolutely critical for America’s future.  With only four years, Trump can accomplish just so much – like conducting the greatest deportation of illegals any country has ever seen.  A president’s most likely successor is his VP, who, if elected and reelected, would have an additional eight years to MANA – Make America Normal Again – and rid the country of the social cancer of Fascist Wokeism.

We’ve got to have 12 years to do this – just 4 is way too little.  In any regard, lots of folks have noticed that over the last weeks, Trump has been mentioning Bergum’s name often.  Compared to the others, he’s clearly the best fit.  Maybe not, but don’t be surprised if it’s Doug.  Donald and Doug 2024!




As predicted in the April 5 HFR, the anti-white fascist Pakistani Moslem the Scots were masochistic enough to elect their Prime Minister, Humza Yousaf, resigned on Monday.   It was wonderful that a woman brought him down – one of the world’s most famous, J.K. Rowling.  Thank you on behalf of all sane Scots, J.K.  Let’s all hope Scots will come to their senses now.  I’ll be in Scotland soon and will let you know.




Last week, Rebel and I were leading our Albania Wonderland adventure when a local journalist discovered us and ran this story in the Gazeta Dita magazine about the “real Indiana Jones comes to Albania.”  It’s in Albanian of course, but I thought you might get a kick out of it.  One of the photos is of Rebel and me appropriately enjoying being under the beautiful Lovers’ Waterfall in the magnificent Osumi Canyon.





We close with this egregiously funny spoof by Roseanne Barr, who makes fun of Easy Jean Carroll’s lunatic lying claim that Trump tried to rape her in Bloomie’s but could not even remember the year, much less the date, and without one single witness.

So Roseanne goes to Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan with her son to recall when she was raped by Joe Biden in a shoe-changing room.  What all woketards have in common is no sense of humor whatever, and this has lit their hair on fire big time.  Typical is: Roseanne Barr Blasted For ‘Disgusting’ Joe Biden Rape ‘Sketch’ Mocking Trump Accuser.

Roseanne is enjoying their outrage immensely.  Here’s her spoof, posted on Twitter-X April 23.  Note, she ends by saying, “I need to sue, I need to sue.”




A final note of thanks to Mike Ryan for yet another brilliant HFR last week when I was in Albania.  You’ll be enjoying his brilliance yet again for the next two weeks while I’m leading your fellow TTPers in explorations of Portugal, then Scotland.  Big thanks, Mike!