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A Ukrainian paratrooper proposes to his girlfriend. She stood by his side during his most challenging time. 💖🇺🇦🫡
by u/ibloodylovecider in ukraine

Watching this Ukrainian soldier – a double amputee who lost his legs fighting for his country’s freedom – propose to his lady hit me very hard.  An emotional tsunami overwhelmed me and washed me out into a limbic sea.

I cried tears of joy for the happiness of this couple, for the courage and beauty of their moment.  I cried tears of bitterness for the war that lost his legs, lost the lives of tens of thousands of Ukrainians – men, women, children and babies – the war being senselessly waged upon them by the most monstrously evil man on earth and his Kremlin regime.

And I cried tears of deeply painful confusion for the shock of so many conservatives poisoning their souls with Kremlin propaganda, causing them to root for evil to triumph over good, for freedom to succumb to slavery and mass murder.  All I could think of for solace through the tears were the words of Luke 23:34: “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”



A lot has been going on this week that’s critical for TTPers to know about and understand – but before we continue, let me thank Mike Ryan for his astounding HFR last Friday (4/14).  Mike’s unique skill set enables him to detail precisely why the EPA is such a hugely dangerous national security threat to America. Please consider copy-and-pasting his argument to send to your Congressman, Senator, and local media.

Mike and I are tag-teaming every other week on the HFR, and he keeps raising the bar on me!  While Skye keeps raising the bar on himself!  See the last two Skye’s Links of yesterday (4/20) and last week (4/13) to see for yourself.  The value of TTP has increased immensely thanks to them.  I encourage you to take advantage – it’s your TTP!



Let’s start with the most terrifying event of the week.  On Tuesday (4/18): Fox News, Dominion Reach $787 Million Settlement in Defamation Lawsuit.  That is, Fox News agreed to pay Dominion Voting Systems 787 mega-bucks to avoid a trial in front of Delaware jurors.

In a civil defamation suit (over Fox commentators accusing Dominion of rigging the 2020 vote causing Trump to lose), the plaintiff has to prove “actual malice” of the defendant (per SCOTUS 1964, NY Times v Sullivan) – very hard to do.  But this is Biden’s Delaware with a pro-Biden jury, and in a civil action it only takes a majority of jurors to find you guilty (unlike a criminal case requiring jury unanimity).

Whatever the reason for Fox caving, the consequences are horrendous. Now Dominion has carte blanche to go on a witch hunt – as Dominion lawyer Stephen Shackleford threatened: “We’re not done yet. We have some other people who have some accountability coming toward them.”

Here’s Everyone Dominion Is Suing For Defamation, trying to bankrupt any conservative critic of theirs, from Newsmax and One America News to Rudy Giuliani, Patrick Byrne, and Mike Lindell.

It gets much worse. Not only is Dominion impossible to criticize now, it has a free hand to cheat as much as necessary to win 2024 for the Dems.  Couple that with Dem Cheat-By-Mail ballot stuffing and 2024 is in the Dem bag, guaranteed.

Anyone sentient who watched the 2020 election returns the night of November 4 saw the Dominion Steal before their eyes: Trump running up his numbers against Basement Joe in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Wisconsin. Then suddenly before midnight, the counting stopped in the key Dem cities, Philly, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Atlanta, and Milwaukee.  When the counting resumed by 3am, Biden was miraculously ahead.

Democracy in America died that night in 2020, and on last Tuesday, Dominion was given a greenlight to do it all over again in 2024.



There’s a name for what to do about it, the solution to Industrial Democrat Vote Fraud.  The name is Jay Valentine.  He led the team that built the eBay fraud detection engine and the underlying name matching technology for the TSA No-Fly List.

You read Jay’s The Solution to Ballot Fraud in TTP last February (2/28).  It’s a must-read once again.  Then study his website: Omega4America. There, Jay explains how fractal technology can stop phantom voter fraud before it happens.

There’s also a name for what is disenabling Jay from saving the 2024 election from mass voter fraud:  Donald Trump.

Maybe it’s because Trump is a technology ignoramus who doesn’t know how to use a computer. Maybe because Trump is a narcissist who can’t admit a mistake.  He had four years as President to clean up voter rolls and stop cheat-by-mail-in ballots.  He ignored the Great Barrington Declaration of 2020, which showed how “Focused Protection” of the most vulnerable to Covid would have avoided all mass lockdowns and inflationary subsidies.

There’s no course correction possible for someone who’s blind to his mistakes.  Meaning Trump has no campaign focus whatever on election reform, on what specifically to do now to prevent 2024 from being stolen as it was in 2020.  That should be his primary focus, and should be raising millions for Jay Valentine in every red state in the nation.  He isn’t, and that’s not just Trumps’ tragedy, it’s America’s.




Time for a break. This is totally ROTFLMAO:  Netflix Turns Off Comments on Cleopatra Trailer amid Backlash over Depicting Queen as Black.

The hilarious accusation of “blackwashing” history is being hurled at Netflix’s woketard virtue-signaling, portraying pure Greek Cleopatra as not even Egyptian but Black.  Elizabeth Taylor did her so much better:


The historical fact is, as explained in TTP (March 2005): Cleopatra Was A Blonde.

“No, this is not a blonde joke. Cleopatra was in fact a blonde. That’s because she was not Egyptian. She was a Macedonian Greek, with hair as blonde as Alexander’s.

Alexander conquered Egypt in 332 BC, then went on to subdue all of the Middle East. When he died nine years later, his just-conquered empire was fought over and carved up by his generals. The one who ended up running Egypt was Ptolemy (367-283 BC).

Declaring himself Pharaoh, he founded the Ptolemaic Dynasty, with twelve Ptolemies in succession, many of whom had wives named Cleopatra.

The Cleopatra we know, lover of Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, was the daughter of Ptolemy XII, and entitled Cleopatra VII (69-30 BC).

There was not a drop of Egyptian blood in the Ptolemies. They remained 100% Greek, including the Queen of the Nile herself Cleopatra.”



More fun. Russia Bombs Its Own City. Russian Defense Ministry admits a Russian pilot of a SU-34 fighter bomber bombed the Russian city of Belograd by mistake

The Daily Mail can’t resist the pun: Putin’s Invasion Of Ukraine IS A Flop: Erectile Dysfunction Pill Sales Surge In Russia – With Young Men Of Conscription Age Suffering Extreme Stress.  A big flop indeed.




And for the most fun in Congress this week: MTG Bares Fang-Fangs, Throws House Meeting Into Chaos Over Swalwell ‘Sexual Relationship With A Chinese Spy’.

Gotta love the headline of Marjorie Taylor Greene “Bares Fang Fangs.”  But why the uproar? She’s right, everyone does know it, there’s no controversy whatever. Eric “Bang Fang” Swalwell should be kicked out of Congress.  Admittedly, there is a good argument for keeping him there to be an object of ridicule.



More than fun.  Fox reports yesterday (4/20):

These New Facts Make The Biden Family The GOAT Of Corruption: The Biden family operated what could be one of the largest influence peddling efforts in history. Written by Jonathan Turley, the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University and a practicing criminal defense attorney.



Crooked Joe didn’t have a good week – but Kevin McCarthy did.

Starting with: China Should Lose Most-Favored Trade Status and We’ll Move to Revoke It. The notion that Red China deserves preferential trade status as a “developing country” is ridiculous.  The Chicoms’ policy in trade as with everything else is: “We win, you lose.”  It’s time for it to be the other way around, as they are incapable of playing win-win.

Then on Wednesday: Kevin Mccarthy Proposes Raising The Debt Limit By $1.5T To Save $4.5T.  With April tax receipts not as much as expected, the Fed is predicting US Gov will run out of cash as early as July – unless Congress approves printing more cash out of thin air to cover Uncle Sam’s bills.

This is known as the yearly kabuki dance of “the debt ceiling crisis.”  Now Kevin wants to put it to good use.  In return for raising the ceiling by 1.5 Trillion, his “Limit, Save, Grow Act” caps spending at fiscal year 2022 levels in 2024, then limits fed gov spending growth to 1% per year.  It kills student loan forgiveness and hiring 87K more IRS agents, and the entire Green New Deal.  Not bad for starters: Senate Conservatives Hail House Republican Debt Limit Plan.

Of course, Woketard Joe today demanded just the money to keep the Deep State functioning with no restrictive strings whatever.  Who will cave first, Joe or Kevin?  Your opinion is welcome on the Forum!




We’ll close with an enlightening story of watches, women, and woke insanity.

For women or men, the best made, uniquely beautiful, and affordable watches today are hand-crafted in America by Égard Watches. The company also produces womanhood necklaces.

In keeping with the company’s commitment to women’s rights and in fierce opposition to male transvestite encroachment upon those rights, the owners had this extraordinary ad produced, entitled Erased.  Note the subtitle: A Message to Woke Corporate America (Nike and Budweiser).

It seems a message of defeat – yet the courage to produce such an ad by a company risking erasure itself by woketard hate is sure to inspire other companies to stand up to the woke insanity threatening us all.

The disgust over male transvestitism is starting to win the day.  With the realization that its advocates are insatiable and will always be demanding greater travesties.

It’s not enough for Biden to propose forbidding state bans on Trannies in women’s sports.  Oh, no, it makes trannies mad.

ABC News reports: Biden Sports Plan Angers Transgender Advocates: A Biden administration proposal to forbid outright bans on transgender athletes is sparking outrage not just from conservative leaders but from trans rights activists.

Yesterday (4/20), the House passed The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act of 2023  to protect women’s sports leagues by banning male athletes who identify as females from competing.  Passing by a vote of 219-203, every single House Republican voted Yes, every single House Dem voted No.

That’s right: Zero Democrats Vote For House Bill To Protect Women’s Sports.  Dems in Congress have now proven themselves to be literally 100% against women’s rights.

This alone – provided we can somehow prevent mass industrial Dem vote fraud – the demolition of Dems in 2024.  Without a majority of women voting for them, Dems are doomed.



Thus, a question.  The HFR stands for Half-Full.  Was this HFR half-full or half-empty?  Tell us your thoughts on the Forum.