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Kid Rock isn’t the only one totally done with Bud Light for doing as with transvestite Dylan Mulvaney. Google “Bud Light backlash” and you’ll get over 7 million hits.  There may be a lot more by the time you read this as this scandal is only two days old.

Anheuser Busch InBev is the world’s largest brewer and it is waaaay overleveraged, borrowing billions at near-zero interest for acquisitions and market expansion.  Now that interest rates are zooming up, its debt service is skyrocketing.

Further, big company product margins are really low – a 10% customer loss can send product sales into the red, a 20% can be disastrous.  Product sales off a cliff combined with sky high debt service is ruinous.  The Tsunami Boycott on Bud Light and Budweiser The Queen of Beers is going to be a deafening wake-up call for all companies engaging in Woketard Marketing.

Here’s professional women’s skateboarding champion Taylormay Silverman on Fox News explaining how a tranny man stole a $5000 contest from her, how men like him are destroying women’s sports, and how to fight back is to not buy the products of companies that pay for such woke-signaling destruction.

And this is not the only sign we’ve hit Peak Tranny Worship this week.

On Wednesday (4/05), Kansas Lawmakers Override Governor’s Veto, Enacting Ban On Transgender Athletes. Finally the R’s have supermajorities in both the state house & senate so can override Woke Dem Gov Laura Kelly.  Kansas now becomes the 20th state to ban men competing in women’s sports. Expect a half-dozen more before long.


Dems are going full tilt wacko over this.  Dem Rep Heather Meyer lost her mind in the Kansas legislature over the vote, showing her displeasure with a sumo wrestler-size t-shirt. Ouch.


Now, of course, Fascist Joe is ordering his Education Department to issue a nation-wide federal ban on this welter of state laws.  On Wednesday (4/05), South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem minced no words whatever: Noem Warns Biden Admin Over Proposed Title IX Regulations For Transgender Athletes: ‘We’ll See You In Court’. She’ll be joined by half the states in the country.  There really is such a thing as the 10th Amendment and at least five of the Supremes know it.

Bottom line is a majority of states and a majority of the American people are rapidly getting fully fed up with tranny worship and the whole Woke-a-rama.  They want the whole thing trashed and gone out of their lives.  That’s what’s coming. Especially since woketards self-identify as violent now. E.g., Swimming Star Riley Gaines Attacked by Trans Activists at San Francisco State U.



There is of course a necessary condition for that prediction to come true:  a Republican in the White House on January 20, 2025.  With an expanded McCarthy-run House majority and a non-McConnell-run Senate majority having been sworn-in on January 3.  Who all must be dedicated to this goal:


The Dem dream to prevent this is ATAT:  All Trump All the Time, All Trannies All the Time, to misdirect voters away from their crimes and inflation and ruination of Normal America.  Hey, look, a squirrel!  It’s all squirrels all the time everywhere.

One of the cheerleaders for this is professional Trump-Hater Ann Coulter.


On Breitbart Wednesday (4/05), she informed us: Republicans, You’re Getting Played. It’s true that Dems are delusional enough to think that their President Senile Dementia can beat the President he stole the White House from, but nary a whisper from Ann of how 2020 was stolen – just how Trump squeaked by in 2016 against Hillary with 80,000 votes in three states.

No mention how FJB squeaked by, despite multi-millions of stolen votes, with less than 77,000 votes.  Arizona/11 EV/ 10,457; Georgia 16 EV, 11,779; Nevada 6 EV, 33, 596; Wisconsin 10 EV 20, 682: Flipping these states totaling 76,514 votes would change the EV count from 306-232 Biden to 263-275 Trump.  Take Nevada out, flipping AZ, GA & WI by 42,919 would result in a 269-269 tie throwing it to Congress.

You read this week Andy McCarthy’s demolishment of Alvin Bragg’s Completely Moronic Non-Indictment Indictment, that there is no actual crime specified in Trump’s indictment that he could be convicted of committing.  The Dems can’t keep this farcical charade going for much longer, although they’ll try – and the more they try, the more voters will go to sleep over it.

If SNL weren’t woketard, this Saturday night’s show would feature a skit on this: Ninth Circuit Federal Court Orders Stormy Daniels To Pay Donald Trump Another $120,000 In Legal Fees. Another??  Yes, from 2018: Stormy Daniels Ordered To Pay Trump $293,000 In Fees In Defamation Lawsuit.



The issues for voters in November 2024 will be the resuscitation of America’s economy and her normal moral values, the defeat of inflation and woketard insanity.  There’s more of a chance of Joe Manchin vs Ron DeSantis than Biden vs Trump.

The vast majority of Dem voters think Biden is too old, too senile, and too corrupt to vote for.  The only Dem with gravitas the party has is Manchin.

DeSantis in the primaries will remind R voters that Trump got rolled by Fauci allowing the lockdowned ruination of his economy, refused to order the National Guard and US military to quell the ANTIFA domestic terrorist insurrections that burned down cities, didn’t build the Wall, allowed Jeff Sessions to have the Russia Hoax inquisition, and has done nothing to prevent a repeat of 2020 Dem election theft.

And RDS won’t allow Trump to get away by responding with narcissistic name-calling.  Only if Trump can make a clear and persuasive case of how he won’t make past mistakes (he has to admit to them first), and how he will restore a Normal America, sweeping Woke America into history’s trash bag, can he make it.

No more sturm und drang drama anymore, even Trump voters want a normal President who can give us a normal country: Make America Normal Again.  Good luck, Donald.  And good luck, Ron.



Yet, yet, yet… We all can get so easily carried away by what’s going on in Washington, Capitol Hill, the White House.  What’s going to resurrect America more than anything else is our states.

Here are two examples this week:

*Republicans Net Three New Supermajorities in One Month, Bringing Total to 25. One of them is Kansas as we talked about above.  And now:

“While Republicans in North Carolina and Louisiana can override vetoes from Democrat governors, Republicans in Wisconsin, while having a supermajority in the State Senate, are now just two seats away in the State Assembly  from having the power to override vetoes from Democrat governor Tony Evers.”


*Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Just Threw A Glorious Legal Wrench In Biden’s Unconstitutional $1.7 Trillion Spending Spree.  The constitutional law experts at the Federalist Society thinks Paxton’s lawsuit is so well constructed it has a firm chance of deleting at least hundreds of billions from the unconstitutionally passed bill, but could even throw out the whole dog’s breakfast. A real must-read.

Fact is, there are plenty of places in America already where life is as normal and woke-free as ever.  Skye and Mike Ryan can vouch for this – if you live in one yourself, let us know on the Forum.

America’s Resurrection will expand from these towns, cities, and regions to whole states protected by the 10th Amendment.  A National Resurrection will be launched in over 25 states to reclaim our land and our country in November 2024.  That’s the promise of this Easter.

In closing, please join me in celebrating the 20th Anniversary of To The Point, launched in the first week of April of 2003, and published TTP every single week since.  I can’t thank you all for being a part of TTP.  Some of you have been TTPers from the very start – wow.

I am so grateful for the devotion of Miko, who works so hard to keep TTP running.  How long has it been, Miko? Since 2005 I believe.  I’m so grateful for Skye, Mike Ryan, Joel Wade and all our contributors.  And for those commentators on the Forum.  To all TTPers:  Thank you all so very, very much.