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j-k-rowlingAt long last, we are reinstituting a TTP tradition.  And who better could the awardee be but the world’s most successful and richest female author, J. K. Rowling, as the HFR Heroine of the Week.

Appropriately on April Fools Day, Monday April 1, Scotland’s fascist Hate Crime and Public Order Act came into force, making it a “hate crime” punishable by years in prison and high fines to purposefully “misgender” men pretending to be women.

Immediately, Rowling posted on @JK Rowling a series of 11 sardonic tweets condemning women-abusing tranny criminals, ending with:

“It is impossible to accurately describe or tackle the reality of violence and sexual violence committed against women and girls, or address the current assault on women’s and girls’ rights, unless we are allowed to call a man a man. Freedom of speech and belief are at an end in Scotland if the accurate description of biological sex is deemed criminal. I’m currently out of the country, but if what I’ve written here qualifies as an offence under the terms of the new act, I look forward to being arrested when I return to the birthplace of the Scottish Enlightenment.”


In encourage you to read (2 minutes max) her full post linked above.  In less than 24 hours (4.02), the Scottish government caved:  Bluff Called: Police Scotland Won’t Charge J.K. Rowling over Trans Comments, Author Vows to Stand With Any Woman Who Calls ‘A Man a Man’.

And here’s the karmic irony.  The sponsor who forced passage of this fascist law through the Scottish Parliament is Scotland’s Prime Minister, who believe it or not, is a Pakistani Moslem named Humza Yousaf.  There’s not a single drop of Scottish blood in this guy, just born in Glasgow by Pakistani immigrants.

In 2020, he revealed himself as a hate-filled anti-white racist railing against everyone in the Scottish government leadership being “white” – except himself.  You have to see how racist demented this guy is yourself – for after all, Scotland is 97% white!

So what happened this week after his hate crime law took effect?  The police have been deluged by thousands of hate crime violations committed by Humza Yousaf for his anti-white racism citing the video above as proof!  Payback’s an itch-bay, Humza.

Last month, March, saw the Irish people come to their senses by getting their woke married-to-a-man Prime Minister Leo Varadkar to resign.  We are now seeing the Scottish people coming to their senses with Yousaf expected to resign.  Undoubtedly, he’ll do so spewing vitriolic blame on “white transphobes” for doing him in politically.

So thank you, J.K., for bringing Tranny Tyranny to an end in Scotland.  Hopefully, with her immense fame, influence, and courage, she will be the catalyst for women everywhere to stand up for women being women, men being men, to put an end to the fascist insanity of Tranny Tyranny.






Daily Mail, Wednesday (4/03): Most Gender-Confused Children Grow Out Of It, Landmark 15-Year Study Concludes – As Critics Say It Shows Being Trans Is Usually Just A Phase For Kids.



Further: Groundbreaking new study from @MayoClinic, utilizing largest collection of testicular samples in youth, found mild to severe atrophy in the testes of boys who took puberty blockers, leading authors to doubt “reversibility” claims of these drugs:



“The Mayo Clinic established the largest collection of testicular samples for patients aged 0-17 years, including those with gender dysphoria who have and have not yet received puberty blocker treatment, creating a database of over 130,000 individual cells for analysis.


Researchers analyzed testicular tissue from youths undergoing fertility preservation surgery, comparing samples from those on puberty blocker treatment to untreated controls and found concerning abnormalities in the treated group.


The Mayo Clinic established the largest collection of testicular samples for patients aged 0-17 years, including those with gender dysphoria who have and have not yet received puberty blocker treatment, creating a database of over 130,000 individual cells for analysis.”




So let’s be clear:





As a reminder:  absolutely everything the Woke Left touches in ruined on purpose.  Video games are now another example: Woke Activists Enraged By Video Games With Attractive Female Characters.  It’s worth your time to read in full, as it exemplifies the woke war on standards of Western beauty, especially that of women.

Men for the woke must be de-masculinized while women must be de-feminized, more masculinized.  The point to realize here is that Wokeism is a constantly metastasizing social cancer that has to be surgically or chemo’ed out of our culture else our culture dies.

Both Skye in his Links and Mike Ryan’s HFRs have been pointing out woke DEI kills – using Boeing as an example. Yesterday’s (4/04) Daily Mail is the latest on this: Boeing Insider Claims Aviation Giant Is Failing Because Profit-Hungry Executives Are All Working From Home And Slams DEI Push At Company For Being ‘Anti-Excellence’.

Countless thousands of people fly in Boeing jets every day all over the world – to what extent are their lives in jeopardy because of “Didn’t Earn It” woke insanity?

Here is an even scarier example:


The MCAT is the standard Medical College Admissions Test given to US medical school applicants.  You can see graphically how many Black and Hispanic applicants with low MCAT & GPA scores are currently accepted  as compared to Whites and Asians.  The quality of medical care in America is doomed to deteriorate on average in the US from now on. Caveat emptor when choosing your doctor!




I want to encourage you to spend 80 minutes this weekend watching an extraordinary documentary, Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth). The link is to the movie’s website with FAQs and reviews.  The full movie is on YouTube already shadowbanned, it’s up and running on BitChute, Rumble, Twitter, Vimeo, Substack, Spotify, and Telegram.  Plus on its own site:

It’s extremely well done and deserves to be shown in every high school science class in the country. Sample reviews:

Toby Young, Spectator: “it’s a dazzlingly entertaining film that distils the case against climate alarmism into a succinct 80 minutes.”

Efrat Fenigson, Substack: “Climate the Movie: The Cold Truth”, Debunks Global Warming & Net Zero Narratives

Katie Spence, Epoch Times: “Prominent Scientists Blow Lid Off Climate Agenda in New Documentary

Chris Morrison, Daily Sceptic: “Watch the Game-Changing New Film That Explodes Climate Change and Net Zero Lies

Buck Throckmorton, Ace of Spades HQ: “Climate: The Movie” Is a Must-Watch (and Must-Share) Debunking of the Climate Hoax

It’s already had millions of views since release last week.  Global Warming/Climate Change has become the foundational principle of the Left, the replacement for Marxism as the rationale for government control over all our lives.  Debunk it and the entire edifice of Leftism collapses.  Until they dream up another rationale, but won’t be easy or as comprehensive as control over the basic molecule of life, carbon.

Enjoy the movie – and make sure it’s shown in the schools of your community.



Let’s take a break for the Funniest Headline of the Week: White House Cancels Annual Ramadan Dinner After Muslims Refuse to Attend.

“CBS News reports that while the White House held a successful Iftar dinner last year with hundreds of Muslims, this year’s celebrations involved just a handful administration officials… With many Muslim Americans outraged over Mr. Biden’s support for Israel’s siege of Gaza, the White House chose to hold a smaller iftar dinner on Tuesday evening (4/02). The only dinner attendees were people who work for his administration.”

This, while Biden is doing his best to hamstring the Israeli military from finishing off Hamas in Rafah while demonizing Bibi Netanyahu.  You know you’re a total loser when everyone on a major issue despises you. FJB!




Speaking of Israel, its best neighbor-ally, Jordan, is in beaucoup deep kimchee. Fox yesterday (4/04): US Ally Jordan Rocked By Pro-Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood Protests Over Gaza War: ‘Tehran And Damascus Have Been Targeting The Hashemite Kingdom For Years’.

The Hashemite family running Jordan has been walking a tightrope between the Palis and Israelis for years and the game is over.  60% of Jordanians are Palestinians, who have long wanted Jordan as their own.  The obvious place for the Gazan Palis is Jordan.  But that means the end of moderate Hashemite rule, with Jordan transformed into a rabid anti-Israel terrorist entity run by Damascus and Tehran terror-masters.

The only hope for the Hashemites is to 1) provide all the covert assistance possible enabling the IDF to fully wipe out Hamas and win the war in Gaza, and 2) in cooperation with Mossad (Israeli intel), Mukhabarat (Egyptian intel), and Mabahith (Saudi intel) – all of whom have long-standing working relationships – Jordanian intel Mukhaabaraat conducts either the buy-off or the double-tapping of all the leaders organizing the mass protests in Amman against them.  The Stalin solution: “No person, no problem.”  Let’s watch how this plays out.

Ps:  For background on how Jordan came to be, see my nutshell history East of the Dead Sea (2008).


This was Tuesday (4/02), only the latest in a series of Ukrainian drone attacks on oil refineries and storage depots deep inside Russia.  Reuters now reports:

“MOSCOW, March 26 (Reuters) – Russia’s oil refining capacity that was shut down by drone attacks has reached 14% of total, Reuters calculations shows.


Ukraine has stepped up attacks on Russian oil facilities since the start of the year to diminish Moscow’s military capabilities, while Russia has also been mounting massive attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.


The outages roiled global energy markets and buoyed oil prices.


Reuters calculation showed that combined capacity of primary oil refining units, knocked out by drones, now stands at 124,580 metric tons per day, or 900,000 barrels per day.”


That means it is costing Putin close to $80 million a day, $2.4 billion a month in lost oil revenue, not to mention the damage this does to his economy and war effort.

To make matters far worse, is reporting (4/04): Russia Is Struggling to Repair Refineries Due to Sanctions.  On top of that, Ukraine is increasing its drone production, sophistication, and long-range capacity to hit more and more Russian refineries, which Russian GPS jammers are useless to protect.

That’s because refineries are huge infra-red heat emitters which can’t be disguised, so make easy targets for the drones to find.  Russia’s economy is a one-trick pony, all oil & gas.  As Ukraine systematically kills off that pony, Russia has no economy left.  Goodnight, Vlad.




If you’re lucky enough to witness the new moon eclipsing the Sun on April 8, good for you.  My sister Judy won’t be traveling far to see it.  The center of totality will pass right over her home in Rockwall, Texas.  She and her family will have a ringside seat in her backyard.

There’s another eclipse coming America’s way soon enough – one we can all enjoy.  Here it comes: