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good-fridayWelcome to the Good Friday HFR!  For indeed it is a good Friday for the good folks of America, while not good at all for the wokeists who mean us harm.  It is a time for reflection, and while America’s redemption and resurrection remains a ways away, they got much closer to reality this week.

Wasn’t it just a very short time ago that Judge Engoron, Letitia James, and the entire Hate America media were celebrating they had bankrupted Trump with half-billion dollar fines, that they had finished him off politically?  Last week in fact.

Then comes Holy Week, and out of seemingly nowhere, POTUS is miraculously saved – by an appellate court slashing his bond by over 60%, while SEC approval vastly increases his wealth overnight… so on Tuesday morning (3/26) we are greeted with this:


Too much coincidence right at this time of year for this not to be Providence?  You decide, but the beliefs of many conservatives have been strengthened while those of the Woke have been shaken.

Yesterday (3/28), we learn: Truth Social Is Now Worth More Than The New York Times.  How long will it stay there is anyone’s guess, as the NASDAQ stock DJT is trading at 2,000 times earnings.  Meanwhile DJT himself can’t touch a dime of his just-minted billions for six months.  What will El Donaldo do to keep the valuation of Truth Social until then?  That will be a show to watch.



There was yet another eerily providential event this week in Trump’s decided favor.  For some bizarre reason, RFK II decided on a total political neophyte, unknown, untested and a leftie bird-brain, as his VP running mate for his Indie presidential campaign.

She is 38 year-old Nicole Shanahan, her mother is Chinese from Guangzhou, her father of Irish-German descent.  She calls herself an “entrepreneur” but her entrepreneurial talents consisted of getting Google co-founder Sergei Brin to marry her, then divorced him 3 years later with a settlement of somewhere around $700 million of Google shares (Cf: Forbes, 3/27: How Nicole Shanahan, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s VP Pick, Got So Rich).

She’s a Class A Golddigger. And a wackdoodle woketard, supporting woke fruitcakes like Pete Buttigieg and George Soros protégés like LA DA George Gascon.  But at least Bobby II has got a sugar mommy to fund his campaign now.  Remember that tasteless Super Bowl LVIII campaign commercial for him?  She paid for it:  $7mil for 30 secs.

Little wonder Trump celebrated: Trump, Conservatives React to RFK Jr.’s VP Pick: ‘Great for MAGA!’.  Dinesh D’Souza put it succinctly:




There’s one more good news on Good Friday item.  That Trump is a man of deep compassion could not have been more evident in his attending the wake of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller, personally comforting his grieving family and widow.

And that he is a man of righteous anger at the collapse of the rule of law in America thanks to the Dem Woke Left who hate themselves and their country: Trump at Slain NYPD Officer Diller’s Wake: America Must Restore ‘Law and Order’.

At this moment in our history, Donald Trump is the man best capable and willing to do just that, so that we all can be protected from pieces of worthless human garbage like Jonathan Diller’s murderer.





Okay, we now know who RFK II’s VP pick is, while no one, least of all FJB himself, knows who the Dem VP pick will be, as the Dems are running around like headless chickens without a viable presidential candidate in sight.  So what about Trump?  The rumor mills keep churning out names, the latest, strangely enough, being that of Marco Rubio.

Strangely, because there’s never a mention of that pesky constitutional provision prohibiting a president and vice-president being from the same state – in Marco’s case, Florida.  Luckily so, as Marco is a good guy in many ways, he’s not “presidential timber,” lacking the necessary gravitas to be leader of the Free World like, say, Ronald Reagan or Donald Trump.

Which brings me to RDS.  No question DeSantis is America’s best governor, although Texas’ Greg Abbott is close.  On Tuesday (3/26) in TTP, I hope you read Robyn Dolgin’s Outsquatting The Squatters, an ingenious solution to this ridiculous squatting (really home theft) that’s a nation-wide infestation.

RDS has gone one step further.  One Wednesday (3/27), he put an end to the Squatter Scam in the State of Florida:


And that’s not all he did this week.  On Monday (3/25): DeSantis Signs Bill Banning Social Media Accounts For Kids Under 14.  Oh, the anguish, how cruel and draconian bordering on child abuse, comes the woke lament.  No more Tik Tok for you, young man and young lady!  Better watch out, kids, as soon you’ll have your brains back and your lives may actually be your own again.

To cap the week off, on Wednesday (3/27): Disney Succumbs to Ron DeSantis.  So, Donald – you have homes in a number of other states.  How about switching your legal residency to one of them so you can have RDS on your ticket:  Don and Ron ’24!  Something to consider.

Oh, and Don – you want law and order back again, right?  It’s already there in Florida, like in Santa Rosa County as the county sheriff makes clear:




Moving overseas, Russia’s psychopath ruler is reaping the whirlwind.  Last Friday (3/22), four Moslem terrorists of ISIS-Khorasan (the same group that killed 13 American soldiers during Biden’s ignominious retreat from Kabul) slaughtered over 140 people at the Crocus Theatre in Moscow.

In capturing them, Russian FSB (KGB) agents tortured them horrifically and broadcast videos of them doing so.  The response is ISIS has now pledged to kill Putin himself.  Daily Mail 3/25: ISIS Threatens To ‘Massacre’ Putin And Russians And Says Moscow Attack Terrorists’ Torture ‘Has Increased Our Bloodlust’.

Time to stop committing genocidal conquest in Ukraine and pull back to protect your own country and your own hide, Vlad.



That’s a wrap, folks.  Glad to be back home after an entire month on safari in Africa’s Serengeti.  Rebel and I had a marvelous time with our fellow TTPers.  For me, I once again can’t thank Mike Ryan enough for the sheer brilliance of his HFRs.  Simply stunning, Mike!  And big time thanks to Mark Deuce, our new deputy editor Mellie, and of course Miko who holds TTP together no matter what.  Thanks to you all.

And may I wish all TTPers a deeply Happy Easter.  Easter is such a glorious celebration of redemption and resurrection.  All of that is on its way for America.