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Bert Lahr’s Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz from 1939 is one of the most lovable characters in movie history.  Yet the Cowardly Lion that America has become today is not lovable at all.

For Aristotle 2,360 years ago and many philosophers since, courage is the most important moral virtue over all the rest, such as honesty, integrity, empathy, fairness and so on – because courage is what enables a person to act virtuously in any way like being honest.

A Courageous America wouldn’t stand for the Presidency of the United States to be stolen in broad daylight.  A Courageous America would get rid of Woke CRT, DEI, Tranny Tyranny, and Climate Fascism in a heartbeat.  Nor would it tolerate for a moment our city streets to be sewers of homelessness, with DA’s refusing to prosecute criminals and no one safe to walk the streets.

In New York City today, millions of people are afraid to use public transport (subway, buses, walking) to get to work or back home or go shopping because crime and thuggery is pathologically rampant – plus it’s illegal to defend oneself from it with, e.g., pepper spray or a taser, much less concealed carry.  It’s the same in Chicago or St. Louis or Portland.

We have become, on the whole, a Nation of Learned Helplessness – the Left’s goal for America as people who feel helpless to fight or get rid of what’s ruining their lives and their country are so easy to control.  Just look at how meekly so many millions accepted the lockdowns and other fascist restrictions on their freedom over a Chinese flu bug.

How bad is it?  How about the Pentagon arguing for child-sex changes among our military’s children?  The current (March 2023) issue of the prestigious peer-reviewed American Journal of Public Health published Caring for Military-Affiliated Transgender and Gender-Diverse Youths: A Call for Protections, by several Pentagon-affiliated medical doctors.  Excerpts:

“Children can begin participating in their medical decision-making as early as age seven years…


Youths with decisional capacity, in an informed consent model of care, have an inherent ability and right to consent to gender-affirming therapy…


Legislative efforts to restrict gender-affirming care for youths have been described as a public health crisis…


These current legislative efforts, along with efforts to exclude gender identity from legal discrimination protections, restrict sports participation, and regulate bathroom use, also harm TGD [Transgender/Gender-Diverse] youths…


Four of the five largest US military bases are located in states that have passed or are considering a ban on TGD-related care for minors.5,15 Military-affiliated TGD youths with parents assigned to these states may have limited or no access to gender-affirming care. This will make it difficult for youths in the MHS [Military Health System] to initiate or continue GnRH-a or gender-affirming hormones.”


You might feel like telling the authors to go back to medical school to learn basic biology, except the med schools are getting just as wacko woke as they are.  Maybe forwarding this interview Tuesday (3/21) of Richard Dawkins – no conservative he! – declaring: Richard Dawkins Declares There Are Only Two Sexes As Matter Of Science: ‘That’s All There Is To It’.

Or maybe sending them this heart-breaking story might work.  For believe it or not, this is a boy:


Tuesday (3/21): ‘I Just Want to Feel Like Myself,’ Tearfully Admits America’s Most Famous ‘Trans Kid’ Jazz Jennings.

As horrifying as Jazz’s story is, this is worse.  Thursday (3/23): Transgender Flight Attendant Who Starred in United Airlines Commercial Dead at 25 in Apparent Suicide.  The woketards will argue that Kyle’s death was caused by anti-tranny discrimination – but how is that possible when he was made heroically famous by United?  Fact is, kids like him are clinically depressed and go tranny as a means of curing it – when their medical brain condition needs to be treated instead.

One clue is: The Vast Majority Of Male-Born Transwomen Still Have A Penis.  Over 90% in fact.  If they really wanted to be MTF – Male to Female – they’d have themselves castrated.  But no, so it’s a mental illness attempting cure by a phony act.  What they need is a once-a-week (or even every two weeks) of ketamine, a very effective anti-depressant. Not “gender-affirming care” learned helplessness woketardism.



Unfortunately, there is no pill to give America the courage it needs to become free again.

Well, actually there is… a Pearson & Shaw formula specifically designed to overcome learned helplessness, and give your brain the neurotransmitters it needs to get out of the cave, hunt the animal down, kill it and bring it home to feed your family. We need this as much as our paleolithic ancestors did.

It’s called Lift Caps, or as a drink mix, Lift, made by TTPer Greg Pryor’s company, Life Priority.  The formula may well work for you personally as it has for me over the last 30 years, but we’re not going to get 100 or 200 million of us on it.

No what is needed is a mass realization on the part of those 100-200 million or more that, as Richard Dawkins notes, it is this ridiculously “tiny minority” of woketards driving the woke-tranny-CRT-DEI narrative:

The response should always be contemptuous ridicule.  All that needs to be said to woketards is what Jeff “The Dude” Bridges says in The Big Lebowski:

Yet, that takes courage, courage to stand up to bullies.  How do the American people as a whole get their courage back?



Does RDS have the answer?  You’d think so, as his just-published book is entitled The Courage To Be Free. It might be interesting, by the way, to see how effective RDS is in explaining how to have that courage, compared to Charlton Heston, whose year 2000 book had the same title, The Courage To Be Free.

It may well be that Gov. DeSantis provides the best hope we have to return our country to being normal, to rid it of the Curse of the Woke.

That hope does not, unfortunately lie in Donald Trump who is doing nothing but narcissistic whining while never admitting his disastrous personnel mistakes (Jeff Sessions, John Kelly, James Mattis, Mark Milley, Bill Barr, Jared Kushner, on and on) – meaning he will make them again given the chance.  His latest attack on RDS is farcical.  See Guy Benson today (3/24): Fact Check: Trump’s Latest Anti-DeSantis Rant.

What’s really hilarious this week is all the “Better Red Than Dead Conservatives” getting their undies in a twist over RDS correcting his position on Ukraine.  Sundance at CTH is having a real hissy fit, calling him an “empty vessel” for realizing that Putin is in fact “a war criminal” which of course he is.  And Breitbart readers (see comments) are just oh-so-mad.  Really funny.

Older TTPers will remember the 1950s “Better Red Than Dead” liberals who wanted to surrender to the Soviet Union as the only alternative was nuclear holocaust.  Trump has joined then in claiming support for Ukraine will lead to World War III, becoming the Neville “Peace in our time” Chamberlain of our day.  He has forgotten the terrible lesson that the surest way to war is to give in to tyrants’ threats.

In any regard, good for DeSantis in wising up, and ridiculing Putin’s Russia as “just a gas station with nuclear weapons.”  Nuclear weapons, by the way, that have not been maintained, cannot be trusted not to blow up on the launch pad, and that Comrade Xi once again (this week in Moscow) ordered Putin never to use.  After all, the meeting this week shows that Russia is now a vassal state of China’s.

Let’s hope now that DeSantis is rejecting Better Red Than Dead cowardice, and realizing that no people on earth today more exemplify the courage to be free than Ukrainians, that a Courageous America would be standing up and cheering for them in full support of their heroic struggle to defeat the grotesquely barbarian evil of Putin’s Russia.



Very ironic juxtaposition this week between a real criminal indictment and a phony one of two world leaders.


While all the screaming headlines about Trump’s criminal indictment and arrest by this goofball Soros-backed NYC DA has only one purpose:  to be a distraction away from real news about Chicom bribe money to the Bidens.

This is serious – on Tuesday (3/21): James Comer Demands Joe Biden Correct False Denial of China Payout to Family.

Or: “It’s As Bad As We Thought”: CCP Money Flowed To Biden Family According Bank Records, Documents Obtained By House GOP.

These headlines get swept under the rug, while trash headlines prevail.  There is no legitimate case against a former President, and an extremely legitimate one of actual treason against a sitting president.  As the Babylon Bee explains:  Trump Exploits Little-Known Legal Loophole Where You Avoid Indictment By Not Committing A Crime.

Yet all the freaking out and braying to the moon is over the former, while the odds of indictment and arrest of the latter are nano-miniscule.

We desperately need a Courageous America, not a Cowardly America.  We had it once and not long ago.  There are TTPers old enough to be a part of it.  How do we get it back?  Your thoughts?