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Holy Week 2024

Censorship is falling upon the world like a gloomy darkness, from coordinated Lawfare at the highest levels of government used to destroy political opposition. Unelected powers demand complete control of the narrative and arbitrary, extrajudicial power over life and death.

We have seen deep states come and go through history and watched them become tyrannical when the people resisted. Deep states do deep state things.

Welcome to Holy Week 2024: This is the most important time of the year for Christians, starting with Palm Sunday on March 24, 2024, and proceeding through Easter on March 31. The rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar, with music by Andrew Lloyd Weber and lyrics by Tim Rice, was loosely written around the Gospel’s account of the Passion and looks at the psychology of the deep state during that terrible week. The following is from the November 2000 film version, capturing the motivations and personalities of the men involved. Note the alpha, the betas, and the gamma male in the film clip and where they are initially seated. Run time 4:24.

Caiaphas, the high priest during Jesus’ time, attempted to censor Jesus permanently. Caiaphas was the religious leader of the Sanhedrin, the Jewish council that held significant power and influence over religious and political matters in Judea. His primary motivation for trying to censor Jesus was to protect the stability and control of the Jewish religious establishment and to prevent any potential uprising or conflict with the Roman authorities.

Caiaphas saw Jesus as a threat to the established order because his teachings often challenged the religious authorities and the status quo. Jesus’ message of love, forgiveness, and a new way of understanding God’s Kingdom was a direct challenge to the temple-centered, legalistic, and hierarchical structure of the Jewish religion at that time.

Caiaphas feared that Jesus’ popularity and growing following could lead to unrest and a potential uprising against the Roman occupation, which would threaten both the Jewish religious establishment and the Roman authorities. To prevent this, Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin sought to discredit and silence Jesus by having him arrested, tried, and ultimately executed.

The Passion is found in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and recounts the events leading up to Jesus’ Crucifixion, including his arrest, trial, and execution.

The Passion is essential to Christian theology and is the ultimate act of self-sacrifice and love for humanity. To understand the Passion is to understand the core message of Christianity, which is the redemption of humanity through Jesus’ death and resurrection.


Early Christians faced persecution and censorship from the Roman government. The Roman government saw Christianity as a threat to the state religion and political order, as it emphasized allegiance to a higher power than the Emperor. Various forms of censorship were employed, including legal prohibitions against Christian practices, imprisonment, torture, and execution.

Persecution of Christians began under Emperor Nero in 64 AD after the Great Fire of Rome, which was blamed on Christians. Later, under the reigns of emperors such as Domitian, Trajan, Decius, Valerian, and Diocletian, Christians faced increased persecution. The most widespread and severe persecution took place during the reign of Diocletian, who issued a series of edicts that led to the confiscation of church property, the arrest of the clergy, and, once again, the execution of those who refused to renounce their faith.

In addition to legal persecution, early Christians faced censorship and suppression from the general population. Christians were often ostracized and faced social exclusion. They were also targeted by mob violence and faced persecution from other religious groups, such as the Jews, who saw Christianity as a heretical offshoot of their faith.

Despite this persecution, early Christians maintained their faith and continued to spread their beliefs. It was not until the conversion of Emperor Constantine in 312 AD and the Edict of Milan in 313 AD that Christianity was legalized in the Roman Empire. By the end of the 4th century, Christianity had become the Empire’s dominant religion and spread throughout Europe and the Mediterranean.


Wokism is Censorship

Wokism and the censorship of early Christians share some similarities, but they also differ in significant ways. Both forms of censorship involve suppressing ideas and beliefs that threaten the established order, but the specific contexts, motivations, and censorship methods differ.

Modern censorship can take many forms, including banning books, films, or other media, restricting internet access, or suppressing dissenting opinions. Additionally, censorship in modern times can be enforced by governments, private corporations, or social media platforms. Increasingly, the freedom to participate in society, hold a job, and even speak is controlled by algorithms. The trend is especially true in China, which is rapidly expanding throughout the West under the direction and support of Western governments.

Suppressing ideas and beliefs threatening the established order is job one for the Department of Homeland Security. However, the specific contexts, motivations, and censorship methods differ significantly. Early Christian censorship was primarily driven by the Roman government’s desire to maintain political stability and ensure allegiance to the Emperor. In contrast, modern censorship can be driven by various factors, including political ideology, moral concerns, or economic interests.


Wokism, often associated with promoting progressive values and social justice, is a cultural phenomenon that has gained significant traction in Western society and focuses on identity politics and political correctness. Wokism is intended to be divisive and counterproductive to erode traditional values and cultural heritage.

Eliminating traditional values and culture is critical in replacing nation-states with global governance. Wokism and the censorship of everything prior are on today’s menu. However, once nation-states and national borders dissolve away, wokism will be replaced with something else. Likely, something awful.


Sexual permissiveness is crucial to the new Woke, as it maintains social stability and control through the supply of hedonistic pleasure. The new hedonism is a critical component of the conditioning and indoctrination process that ensures individuals remain docile and obedient to political authority. By looking at the second-order effects of Wokism, we see that the Deep State intends to control every aspect of life, including reproduction and relationships, and uses sexual permissiveness as a tool to keep citizens in line, discouraging individualism and emotional attachment.

The central aim of Wokism is to create a stable, content, and productive population focused on work and consumption rather than personal relationships and emotional fulfillment. Those of us refusing to worship the reborn Pantheon of the ancient gods of consumption and power face the full wrath of government.

We have been down this path before. Holy Week reminds us that the Deep State does not win.



Ronna’s Legacy

pubs-need-2stop-lawfare-jpgWe are covering Ronna Romney McDaniel again this week because the consequences of her failed leadership are egregious. The Democrats are evil, and we know this. They destroy everything of value in their pursuit of power.

Ronna Romney McDaniel joined MSNBC and NBC after her ouster from the Republican National Committee. As mentioned in last week’s HFR, Lara Trump is now a co-chair of the RNC and has put her high heel down on the practice of spending donations on big salaries and travel and anything else that might deny resources to Trump.

Disloyalty might be the worst vice. Ronna preferred to rule over party wreckage than to engage the dark forces overcoming the nation. As head of the opposition party, she was required to commit and be faithful to the American people and the Constitution. Yet she chose to squander resources, obfuscate, and delay. Worst of all, by failing to challenge election theft and sorcery, Ronna Romney McDaniel enabled the rise of the world at war, the confidence of Putin, and the dissolution of the American southern border.

Worst of all, by failing to support Trump, Ronna Romney McDaniel opened the door to Lawfare, the Democrat’s permanent solution to their Trump problem. The camel’s nose of property seizure and possible imprisonment for disagreeing with the ever-changing political narrative is now under the tent. The Democrats, their court system, their FBI, and their media have launched an unthinkable assault on the Bill of Rights, and Ronna Romney McDaniel stood down.

Loyalty is the greatest virtue because it signifies a deep commitment to one’s beliefs, principles, and relationships. In a constantly changing world filled with distractions and temptations, loyalty provides a steadying anchor that allows us to navigate life’s challenges with conviction and integrity.

Loyalty is not just a passive virtue but an active one that requires effort and determination. It means standing up for your beliefs, even when it is not popular or easy. It means being honest and transparent and having the courage to admit when you are wrong. Loyalty is the glue that holds us together, the foundation upon which we build our lives and communities. Without it, we risk losing our identity and purpose and becoming adrift in a sea of uncertainty and chaos.

We have been here before.

America survived General Benedict Arnold, who first joined the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. He later defected to the British, where he was preened and seduced with silk stockings, perfumes, applause, and the promise of aristocratic privilege. Maybe Arnold was offered a tube of red lipstick, too. George Washington had complete trust and faith in Arnold even while Arnold was scheming to deliver the fort at West Point to the British. Arnold, you see, felt that he had been passed over for promotion. The British gave him a pension and 6000 pieces of silver for his betrayal.

It is hard to say by whose direction Ronna Romney McDaniel betrayed her nation, but if history is a guide, that someone was likely seething with envy for not having been president. And now the world is at war, borders are open, and inflation is roaring.



The $1.2 Trillion Minibus Bill

capitol-hillThe House of Representatives passed a $1.2 trillion spending bill today, averting a government shutdown. The spending package, which comprises six bills rolled together, funds roughly three-quarters of the federal government — including the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, State, and the legislative branch — for the next six months. Every time one of these partial funding bills rolls around, Congress has the power to address censorship and social engineering. But they do not. Perhaps with the changes at the top of the Republican Party, there will be some unity and organization among the rank and file. The financial strangulation of Trump is meant to threaten anyone who challenges the official narrative.

The bill is now in the hands of the U.S. Senate, which is expected to pass it, perhaps with amendments.

Jerome Powell, head of the Federal Reserve, was given an ultimatum this week from Senator Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Reps. Ayanna Pressley, Pramalla Jayapal, Rashida Tlaib, and AOC demanded a cut to interest rates before the November election.

Electing Democrats far outweighs the dual mandate of full employment and price stability. Powell did not, or has not yet, lowered the target federal funds rate from the 5.25 to 5.5% range, although he continues to support three rate cuts in 2024.

Now that prominent citizens can be sued for non-crimes until their wealth is dissipated to maintain support for the Party Narrative, an affirmative defense is no longer tolerated, at least in New York and Georgia; it remains to be seen how long Powell will resist pressure to goose the economy ahead of the election.




tiktok-usTikTok is a Chinese-owned computer algorithm that collects information on people and captures them with entertaining dopamine storms. It identifies videos the viewer will likely enjoy and then tailors content directly and individually to the viewer. All the while, it watches and listens and perfects the unique personality profile of the viewer.

Such targeting can be used to sell products or political ideas. More insidious, it can be used as a cultural warfare tool, leading viewers to abandon interest in everyday relationships. Thirty percent of Generation TikTok now identify as homosexual, which has a terrible influence on the national demographics.

The House just passed the TikTok Divestment Bill. As Skye pointed out yesterday, the bill contains a trojan horse allowing the government to ban any website or algorithm it deems to conflict with the narrative. The bill is on its way to the Senate.

TikTok is far too powerful to ban; instead, the Western intelligence agencies want it for their arsenal. It is human history’s most significant, powerful propaganda and censorship tool. If the United States Government eventually manages to control its algorithm, it will surely be reverse-engineered and applied to everything. The feds see a final solution to their internet problem.

The narrative becomes the ultimate source of truth and knowledge in a world where the government controls information and communication. People will trust the narrative, claim to love it, and become willing to follow it fully, no matter how oppressive or cruel. The love of the narrative is not based on genuine affection or admiration but instead on fear, manipulation, and the desire for security in a world that is becoming increasingly unstable and uncertain. They will be willing to give up their freedoms for the protection and stability the narrative promises.



Ireland Update

pm-varadkar_happystpattyThings can change, as Leo Varadkar, the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland, just found himself out of a job. People are tired of the woke garbage; a global rebellion is underway.

Varadkar is very gay and married to a biological male. He supports Hamas, and his efforts to redraw the Irish Constitution fell flat last week.

No less than Joe Biden himself delivered the dressing down to Varadkar at the White House. Biden undoubtedly read an angry memo from Barack Obama about the consequence of an Irish religious and cultural revival.

Many now question the voting results that legalized abortion in Ireland. Could their voting machines have been manipulated? The world wonders.

The world has been here in the catacombs of Rome, under the boot of Lenin and Stalin, Cambodia, Armenia, and so many more. Governments will use every new invention to enslave the minds of the people. Television and radio have yielded to electronic voting machines, social media, and robust algorithms. The spurned leader plots revenge, the envious scheme, and undermines. Though these thousands of years and billions of souls, governments have not won. Truth cannot be extinguished.

Please have a meaningful and reflective Holy Week.


Mike Ryan is a chemical engineer for the Iron and Steel, Minerals, Heavy Chemicals, and Fibers industries.