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The State of the President Address

craylookbideThe State of the Union Address occurred last night and can be summed up as red meat for the left’s constituent blocks. Biden arrived 25 minutes late for various unconvincing reasons. However, watching it, one must wonder what it feels like to be 82 years old and hopped up on amphetamines. The drugs seemed to kick in fully 40 minutes into the speech, at 11 minutes past 10, Washington time, with the speech devolving into me, Tarzan, you Jane ranting.

Core leftist constituencies are peeling away from the dems, and the speech sought to bring them back in line with massive giveaways to black, Muslim, and Israeli lobbies. These were matched with browbeating and threats to pro-life Christians, homeschoolers, and rule-of-law conservatives. The usual suspects wore white suits and dresses in support of a constitutional amendment guaranteeing free abortions on demand (or forced abortions for social policy adjustments).

The Supreme Court was mocked and threatened for supporting the radical idea that allowing Americans to vote for their preferred candidate is somehow a threat to democracy. They were also bullied for returning Roe v Wade to the States. It is no coincidence that over-the-counter abortion pills are being released for sale this week, as well as being supplied to school guidance counselors and school nurses in blue states. Chemical abortions are now available from Amazon with same-day delivery in many locations.

Biden announced that an undefined pier or wharf would be built along the Gaza shore for “humanitarian purposes.” Of course, this is the first necessary step for evacuating the remaining people in Gaza to Europe, Canada, and the United States.

It was disclosed earlier this week that the DHS has been flying illegals over the American southern border to make border crossing numbers look better. At best guess, 44 million of Biden’s Newcomers are in the United States. They will drive the 2030 census and reshape Congress for decades.

Biden mentioned the CHIPS Act, which funds the national drive to develop domestic bleeding-edge computer chip foundries. Massive industrial complexes are under construction in Arizona and Ohio to fab semiconductors with 500 million transistors each and with an eye towards 1 billion transistors.

Biden did not mention that each $28 Billion chip-making complex is mandated to hire based on DEI, not merit. The national economy’s future and the national defense’s strength are being placed into the hands of very left-leaning human resource departments.


skilled-sexyThe engineering commitment is incredible, on par with WWII investments at Hanford, WA, and Oak Ridge, TN. However, the Manhattan Project that the CHIPs Act is modeled after never assumed that intelligence, preparation, and hard work were negatives. Just as contractors are building the new chip engineering super foundries, the expertise to operate the facilities will likely be in the hands of the contractors and not the “models of diversity” facility staff.

People rapidly tire of losing money because of incompetent coworkers and services. DEI has run its course in the private sector, while quasi-government and government agencies have much more to lose. Generation Z, those still in high school, are rebelling against society by becoming more competent through self-learning. Call it the revenge of the homeschooled, but skilled is becoming the new sexy. The rush toward competency and away from skin-color identity politics is terrible news for liberals.

Over and again during his address, Biden shouted that democracy is at risk. By this, he meant that centralized control of everything by Washington, DC-based agencies is at risk of being made irrelevant. You might say that the entire SOTU address was just a campaign speech emphasizing that centralization and central planning are good while freedom and decentralization are bad. As for the abortion theatrics, Alabama was especially singled out as having the worst state legislature for the sin of debating the ethics of flushing redundant fertilized human eggs and zygotes down the sewer at invitro fertilization facilities.


canon-fireThe Alabama legislature debate is spot on; the practice of destroying fertilized eggs is on sketchy ethical grounds and deserves public discussion. The libs are terrified of such a debate, especially as home-abortion pills are being shipped to local pharmacies for the first time today, March 8, 2024.

Ukraine was mentioned early in the address before the amphetamines were conjuring up the peak wild man in Joe’s blood.

Biden discussed funding for Ukraine. As pointed out in the HFR two weeks ago, three new ammunition plants are coming online in Europe this month, and artillery shells will again start flowing into Ukraine. The cover narrative that Republicans and their global counterparts were blocking ammunition deliveries can now be retired. There never was a lack of will, but there sure was a lack of shells.

Artillery propellent shortages are still a problem. The mismatch between the propellent required to fire all the new shells was not mentioned but will become a problem soon enough.

The 155 mm shells are propelled using a modular charge system, allowing artillery fires to be adjusted to conditions. The MACS M231/232A1 propellant produced by General Dynamics is the actual product now in critical supply, and yet the EPA is blocking manufacturing capacity expansion.


sweden-natoSweden joined NATO today, and this matters for two big reasons. Sweden controls Gotland Island, the largest island in the Baltic Sea. Whoever controls Gotland controls the Baltic, including the Russian port city of St. Petersberg. Gotland is like Malta in the Mediterranean, an unsinkable aircraft carrier. Sweden also maintains a first-rate munitions industry. Bofors, now owned by British BAE Systems, is a 350-year-old legendary manufacturer of artillery systems and ammunition. Best of all, Bofors operates outside the EPA hegemony and can expand its capacity to meet global needs.

Shortly after the amphetamines appeared to be peaking, Biden raged about gun control and assault weapon control while also asserting that crime has fallen due to his wisdom. Perhaps drug crime arrests have fallen as law enforcement has stopped trying to curtail drugs in light of the political headwinds.

A new class of untouchable crime is emerging as immigrants learn that they can move into houses and claim squatters’ rights. The DoJ chooses to ignore home thefts by illegals, making the landlord’s business difficult. Marjorie Taylor Green forced Biden to recognize the murder of 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley at the hands of an illegal during the SOTU. However, the flustered Biden fumbled and called her Lincoln Riley. The feds have their thumbs on the scale of justice. Firearm sales are soaring as a result.


firearm-statesDems continue to lose the 2A argument as Louisianna has voted to become another constitutional carry state. States in green currently allow concealed firearm carry without a permit. Florida is an interesting case because concealed carry is permitted, but open carry of long guns and handguns is prohibited. One by one, the states recognize that politically motivated, centrally dispatched police forces cannot and will not protect citizens, while immigrants are discovering the lack of prosecution will. The United States is no longer a high-trust society.

Younger labor union members are less inclined to vote Democrat than their predecessors, a growing problem for the left. Biden placed the UAW front and center last night, promised more money to the teachers, and dangled 150,000 new electric vehicle charging stations in front of the IBW. Joe Biden did not even try to hide his shameless vote-buying. Even so, the Teamsters endorse Trump and the Republicans for the first time in history. Union votes are becoming ever more expensive for the Democrats to buy.

Biden mentioned homeownership. Homeownership is unaffordable for a growing number of Americans, and this is significantly by design. Democrats are pushing the construction of stack em and pack em apartment blocks all over the country under the theory that people vote left more reliably when population density is higher. Their strategy has long been to win urban areas and ignore the rest of the nation, and it works much of the time. While Biden talked about making single-family homes more available and affordable, this is the last thing the Democrat strategists want.

The Israeli lobby was offered support for the Two State Solution, a concept that is quickly becoming irrelevant with the destruction of Gaza. Biden ordered the American military to build a pier in Gaza while Egypt is presently hustling to construct a massive refugee processing center. Combined, these strongly suggest that the depopulation of Gaza is the real goal of the political elites.


short-and-long-rangeMoving on to Yemen, Biden addressed Houthi attacks on shipping. The U.S. Navy, Germany, and India are trying to maintain the sea lane to support cargo movement between Europe, India/China, and the Persian Gulf through the Gulf of Aiden. Houthis in Yemen are having surprising success with ballistic missiles and drone swarms against freighters and tankers. Naval frigates and destroyers are finding the going more challenging than anticipated. Modern American weapons do not appear to be well-suited to the task. However, the now-canceled Long Range Land Attack Projectile (LRLAP) that the Zumwalt-class land attack destroyer was designed around would be just the ticket to stop the Houthi attacks on shipping. The Navy foresaw the current conflict and designed the Zumwalt class ships to deal with it. The Obama/Biden Administration shut the Zumwalt LRLAP program down, along with its pencil beam radar development designed as a shore missile counter-battery fire control system. Biden must have forgotten to mention his responsibility for denying the much-needed weapons just a decade ago.

Biden showed that the Democrats fear their role in the J6 event going public. The president doubled and tripled down on the let them rot narrative as he blamed the political prisoners for the J6 day’s events.


dems-see-trumpsEarlier this week, a federal court overturned 100 of the J6 prosecutions as grossly over-prosecuted, opening the door to bust the entire J6 sham narrative wide open. Not only do the political prisoners stand an excellent chance of ferociously suing the federal government, but the whole Stalinist structure created by the democrats and their in-house security service, the FBI, in support of economic globalism is now poised on a knife edge. Biden’s hysterics over J6 were very revealing. The Dems know what lies ahead.

The SOTU wrapped up with the Good Old Joe from Scranton schlock, Jill Biden’s “success” as the global project leader to end cancer, (Ha!) success with reducing prescription drug costs, and oh yeah, abortion, abortion, abortion.

It was evident throughout the SOTU that Trump was in Biden’s head and that Biden could not shake him off for more than two minutes.



Super Tuesday

nikki-haleyNicki Haley dropped out of the race to be the Republican presidential candidate this week. Charles Koch pulled her funding, as did leftist billionaire Reid Hoffman. Haley has earned a spot in history as the first-ever Republican to gain more Democrat votes than Republican votes. She allegedly defeated Trump in Vermont, although serious voting shenanigans are being uncovered, and she beat Trump in Washington, DC—home of the swamp.

The Haley campaign was significant because of its cross-party funding. Billionaires are not known to throw money away without sound reasoning, and it appears that Haley lit a fire to more than $44 million. Why?

The MSM supported Hailey fully, as did the RINO old guard, the diplomatic community, and the intelligence community; the bankers and hedge funds loved her. So what gives?



Slaves to a Defunct Economist

A Haley-Biden election would have restored prior conservative-liberal elections dynamics with political power vested in the old party bosses. Haley was perhaps more Mitt Romney than Mitt himself, more Jeb Bush, and even more Hillary Clinton. She represents pre-internet politics divided along two sides of the centralized power axis.

As a democrat, she has everything. She is not Caucasian, is in a mixed marriage, is not Christian, and is a warmly accepted member of international bodies. She banned the Confederate battle flag as governor and led the demands to pull down statues and monuments. Her ties with Boeing landed a significant aircraft factory in South Carolina. The aircraft produced in this diverse facility only lose a few wheels on takeoff. As Nikki constantly reminds us, diversity is our strength and made DEI a condition to building Boeing’s new factory. She advocated restricting firearm ownership while serving as South Carolina governor.

But as a pseudo-Republican, Haley promoted credentialism, international bodies, and open borders. She pushed for funding for Ukraine but not for the factories best positioned to supply arms and ammunition immediately. Instead, she promoted manufacturing disbursement to new factories in India, Poland, and Canada first and existing facilities in Arkansas, Texas, and Pennsylvania second. You can take Nikki out of the U.N., but you can’t take the U.N. out of Nikki.

supertrump-tuesYou might say that Nikki Haley’s globalist bona fides are impeccable. Trump beat the hell out of her with both hands tied behind his back.

The Nikki Haley experiment proves that the old liberal-conservative dichotomy is either dying or dead. It is no longer relevant in the era of a Uniparty and massive government surveillance and control.

The current domestic struggle is between globalism and nationalism, while the international struggle is between freedom and tyranny. Today is Rona Romney McDaniel’s last day as head of the Republican party in response to the MAGA wave. Globalism is over; Super Tuesday proved this.

The absolute regional advantage of secure supply chains is rapidly replacing the comparative advantage economic theory at the heart of globalism. Supply chain resilience is Trumping cost competitiveness. This is the lesson of Super Tuesday.

After Super Tuesday, the final three significant supporters of comparative advantage economic theory are the Cato Institute, McKinsey and Associates, and Chairman Xi.

John Kerry even threw in the towel and resigned in light of the rise of regionalism. Mitt Romney has announced plans to become a Democrat in light of Trump’s delegate count, proving the end of globalism.

Slaves to a defunct economist indeed. Old paradigms die hard, but die, they must.



9 – 0, Baby

voters-can-voteWe conclude that States may disqualify persons holding or attempting to hold state office. But States have no power under the Constitution to enforce Section 3 with respect to federal offices, especially the Presidency.

-Unanimous Decision by the U.S. Supreme Court

The J6 narrative is in trouble, but not just in the D.C. gulags.

The president and vice president are the only offices the Constitution specifically mandates must be chosen via the Electoral College. Local politicians and prosecutors have no authority to change this, deny the people their desired candidates, or prosecute, imprison, or execute electors to prevent their duties from being carried out.

Colorado attempted to disqualify Trump from their state ballot based on a misapplication of the 14th Amendment, which was enacted in 1866 as a means to shift power from the states to the federal government permanently. The Amendment bars states from depriving persons of life, liberty, or property without due process and equal legal protection. It was designed to prohibit the return of Confederates to power and ensure that the Articles of Confederation were superseded by the Constitution when enacted.

If Colorado had won their 14th Amendment challenge, the door would have been open to any state’s nullification of any aspect of the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights.

One wonders how the district attorneys allegedly hand-selected by Hungarian-born globalist George Soros could be so ignorant of the Constitution. Hmmm, One wonders.

It is pretty straightforward. Those invested in extended supply chains, perhaps even those married to former Secretaries of Transportation holding large stakes in Chinese shipping companies, those that move money from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, those that get their kicks on Epstein Islands, and all the others following economist David Ricardo’s Comparative Advantage Theory will do anything to stop Trump. Their world is at stake.

However, with or without Trump, the 21st Century is turning into a century of regional security, not global comparative advantage. The 20th Century is very much over.



Most Curious

The birthrate in developed countries continues to decline, with nations from Argentina to Russia and the rest facing severe labor shortages. Japan and Korea are in an incredibly challenging situation.

United States elites worried that the declining taxpayer base created the will to orchestrate the most extensive south-to-north migration in history. National elites fear the loss of global power projection from the declining population. So, their root concern is their place in the globalist system.


However, most of the immigrants are from Latin America. Not without effort by great men such as Simone Bolivar, Latin America has never been able to establish a federal authority like the United States of South America. No Latin Union or economic zone exists, no common currency.

Latin American nations are not of the E Pluribus Unum philosophy.

At their core, Latin Americans are nationalists and not globalists. Perhaps most even have a warm place in their hearts for socialism. Cuba, Nicaragua, and many in Venezuela might be said to desire socialism with an international flavor, but their behavior is nationalistic.

Just what exactly do the globalists, the RINOs, the Democrat Party Workers of the World, the Atlanticists, and the financiers believe will emerge from the importation of 44 million (so far) primarily nationalistic socialists into the American body politic?


Mike Ryan is a chemical engineering consultant for the iron, steel, minerals, heavy chemicals, and fibers industries.