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Putin Kissing the Devil, Cologne parade float Feb 20, 2023

Just as New Orleans had their Mardi Gras on Fat Tuesday this week (2/21) – before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday – so Cologne, Germany, celebrated on Rose Monday (2/20) with a float parade and huge party, attending by well over a million people lining the city streets.

The theme float was Putin Kissing the Devil – followed by Putin’s Blood Bath in the bathtub of Ukraine:


It’s an expression of the ridicule and revulsion Germans, along with the vast majority of Europeans, feel towards Putin as we reach the anniversary of his barbarian invasion of Ukraine launched one year ago today, on Feb 24, 2022.

It’s the same revulsion almost all the world feels, exampled yesterday (2/23) by the UN General Assembly voting 141-7 for a Resolution demanding the Russian Federation “immediately, completely and unconditionally withdraw all its armed forces from the territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders… and immediate end (its) attacks on critical infrastructure in Ukraine.”

Only 6 other pariah countries joined Pariah Putin — Belarus, North Korea, Syria, Eritrea, Mali and Nicaragua – while notably China, Cuba, and Iran abstained. Also notable was Hungary and Serbia joining every other country in Europe voting Yes.

While last night and tonight, the Eiffel Tower is lit up in support of Ukraine…




On Monday (2/20), while Joe Biden was in Kyiv meeting with President Zelensky, Putin tried to upstage him by launching his “superweapon” – the Sarmat “Satan II” ICBM.  What happened? Russia ICBM Test Fails While Biden in Ukraine.  Yes, Joe and Volodymyr had a good laugh over that.

No laughing matter, however, is this from the Daily Mail on Wednesday (2/22):

Wagner Chief Reveals Huge Pile Of His Mercenaries Killed In One Day As He Continues To Accuse ‘Treasonous’ Defence Chief Of Failing To Give His Men Ammo In Sign Of Growing Split Within Russian Forces.


When the leader of 50,000 mercenaries and convicts that’s your only real fighting force accuses your own defense minister of treason, you have a problem.  Ukraine’s Army is not going to invade Russia and storm Moscow. But Prigozhin’s forces are inside Russia already and could.

Today (2/24), the DM reports: Putin Is ‘Terribly Scared’ And ‘Knows He Is In Trouble’ After A Year-Long Conflict With Ukraine, Says Former Russian Secret Services Chief General Yevgeny Savostyanov.

Putin has adopted the “No person, no problem” policy of Stalin in dealing with his critics. Last week (2/16), the DM ran a photo story of seventeen of his critics being tossed out of a tall building or worse, some with wives and children: Top Putin Defense Official, 58, Plunges 160ft To Her Death From 16th-Floor Tower Block Window – The Latest High-Ranking Figure To Die In A Mysterious Fall.

Is Prigozhin next?  Or will he, or one of his Kremlin cronies, be Putin’s Beria? For it was in March 1953 that Stalin died from warfarin poisoning slipped into his wine by the chief of the Gestapo, Lavrenti Beria.



Ok, back in the US… remember the movie Kindergarten Cop?

It’s emblematic of the Woke Insanity Movement that they pathologically deny the truth of what any Kindergartner knows.  On Monday (2/20), the Arkansas State Legislature held a hearing on bill SB199: Concerning Medical Malpractice And Gender Transition In Minors; And To Create The Protecting Minors From Medical Malpractice Act Of 2023.  The purpose of which is to make criminal child abuse such as “gender transition surgery or medicine” illegal in the state.

That such legislation is necessary is prima facie evidence of what a mentally ill society our country has become.  The hearing had witnesses, one of whom, testifying against the bill, was Dalton Herzig, a man calling himself Gwendolyn dressed as a woman. He is a licensed pharmacist in Little Rock.  Arkansas state senator Matt McKee questioned him:

All of Woketardom exploded in outrage over this simple honest question: how can someone pretend to be a woman if he has a Johnson?  He can’t – even if he gets himself castrated.  As John Wayne would say:


They’re called eunuchs, not women

What’s even more wacko was that before the hearing, Herzig gave this interview gleefully admitting he was still fully equipped: Trans Pharmacist Who Took Offense When Asked Whether She Still Had A Penis During Arkansas Hearing On Trans Rights Was HAPPY To Discuss It In Interview Just Days Before.

Here’s Dalton when he was an actual guy, and when he began pretending he’s Gwendolyn


Now McKee could have asked, “You’re a doctor, so let me ask you, do you have a Y chromosome?”  Hard to reply, “That’s horrible,” or refuse to answer.  What’s needed is for states to pass a law defining “woman” in state law as a person without a Y chromosome (with caveats to certain rare syndromes), i.e., with an XX not a XY, and no one can be defined as a woman otherwise, i.e., possessing a Y.

This applies in particular to women’s sports. Congress could easily amend Title IX to define “woman” as a person without a Y chromosome.  Anyone who disagrees needs to be called a biology denier endlessly and repeatedly.  A great bill for our GOP House Squad – MTG, Boebert, Mace, Luna – don’t you think?

Peanuts has the last word:




Then again, maybe not.  Prepare to be enjoyably dumbfounded by this.  It starts with this story in last Saturday’s (2/18) NY Post: Radical Woke Left Turns on the Woke New York Times.  Go that?

Turns out that the Gray Lady has strayed off the Woke Reservation a teeny bit regarding trannies. The saga began on last Thursday (2/16) when the NY Times ran In Defense of J.K. Rowling, which condemned her being insulted as a TERF — “trans-exclusionary radical feminist” — or someone who advocates for women’s rights while excluding transgender women.

This totally scandalized Woketards, quickly resulting in: Celebs Rip Into New York Times For ‘Irresponsible’ Transgender Coverage: Demand End To ‘Both Sides’ Focus.

Then in stepped Susan DeCarava, a radical woke black crazy woman who happens to be the president of the New York journalists’ union, condemning the “both sides” journos of the Times for creating a “hostile work environment.”

Last straw for those folks.  On Tuesday (2/21), they fired back, stoutly rejecting criticism of their defending J.K. Rowling and presenting a “balanced” view of the trans controversy.  They actually stated, Our duty is to be independent. We pursue the facts wherever they may lead. We are journalists, not activists. That line should be clear.”

Wow – how revolutionary if they really start practicing what they claim to be.  Nevertheless, this is a real start, for 82 New York Times journalists signed this letter.  This could be the start of something big, so much so that the letter in full with all the signatories is appended at the end below.



Now – are you ready to have some real fun?

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is a Harvard history professor who hosts the PBS show Finding Your Roots, in which celebrities are given their professionally researched genealogy.

Angela Davis is arguably the most infamous America-hating Black Racist Communist there is.  On Tuesday (2/21), she was the guest on Finding Your Roots. This is what happened:

Yes, justice is served: Black Panther Communist Angela Davis – Who Teaches That U.S. Was Built By Racist Colonizers – Faces Calls To Pay Reparations After Genealogy Show Reveals Her White Puritan Ancestor Arrived In America On The Mayflower.  She has two white grandparents, and ancestors who were slave owners in the 1800s.

This is exactly and precisely what was argued in TTP since 2004 – We Owe Us: The Real Case for Reparations, and reiterated last December – Who’s “We”? “We Owe Us!” 2022.

Now you see comments like this all over:

When one considers Davis’s lifelong advocacy for reparations for slavery, her logic dictates that she owes money to the descendants of slaves.”

“Angela Davis, the radical Marxist and former black panther, recently discovered she is also the ancestor of colonizers and slave owners. I guess she owes herself reparations. This timeline is hilarious.”

“She’s also descended from a slave owner. On her father’s side is a pilgrim. On her mother’s side is a slave owner. Looks like Angela Davis owes some reparations.”

Pay up, Angela.  Actually, you won’t have to, because the Reparations movement may well have died this week.



I hope you can take the time this weekend to immerse yourself in yesterday’s Skye’s Links.  There’s so much there that’s valuable to know about.   It starts with how we’re being spoofed all over the place, but then concludes: “The West will figure out how to deal with the Big Spoof. China will not. It isn’t looking good for the panda and dragon.”

That’s because China’s Ensnared In The Middle-Income Trap.  40% drop in population, insurmountable debt, 900 million still in poverty, economic woes high as Everest. With problems like that, the sanctions and boycotts placed on trade with China should Xi invade Taiwan would precipitate the collapse of the CCP in power.

That’s already happening in Russia, where the situation is hopeless and Putin has no exit.  Certainly not nukes, as Xi has made it abundantly clear, he can saber-rattle them all he wants to see if NATO or the US buckles under the threat, but he will not ever use them, Xi has ordered.  Besides, as we saw above, he can’t trust they’ll work.

Meanwhile, be sure and see Skye on “Russian Oligarchs Control Hunter Biden” and the link: Hunter’s Link to Russian Oligarch Involved in Fmr. FBI Official Indictment. Not Ukrainian ones, Russian ones.

Skye also has this warning. “The WEF says full speed ahead for A.I.”:  Klaus Schwab: Govts Must Harness AI to Become ‘Masters of the World’.

I talked to him this morning about the WEF, telling him about Swedish free market economist Anders Åslund, who recently observed:


In other words, they are interested in ridding themselves and their countries of Russia and have stopped paying attention to Schwab’s globalist megalomania.  Skye thought this extremely good news and so should we all.

Russia has by now clearly lost its energy war with Germany and the EU, for natural gas prices in the EU are below what they were two years ago, with LNG pouring in from Louisiana and Qatar.



Thus, we can look at Xi’s getting Putin into his war to see what the West’s response would be – if weak that would greenlight his going for Taiwan – but the US and NATO stunned them both with all-out support for Ukraine.  So now Xi is cheering (privately while schmoozing both sides publicly) for Russia’s collapse so he can revitalize his power and China’s economy by seizing Eastern Siberia and its massive resources.

Chinese Siberia is now visible on the horizon.



One last note. Be sure and let me know Which Would You Choose?  I’ll really appreciate it!