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up-in_smokeThis is Fifth Generation Warfare

Tricky Nicki

Nimrata Randhawa, more commonly known as Nikki Haley, threw her hat into the 2024 presidential election ring this week. She is a former governor of South Carolina, the first public official to criminalize the Southern Cross or the Confederate Battle Flag, and led the Republican surrender to BLM. She supported the removal of symbols and statues of “angry White men” during the joint effort by RINOs and hard leftists to demoralize the Trump coalition before the 2020 election (theft).

tricky-nickiKnown as the Chameleon, Ms. Haley was Jeb! Bush’s pick to give the Republican rebuttal to Obama’s 2016 State of the Union Address. Remember that horse hockey address? It was the one that declared all Whites to be haters and enemies of the state, vile terrorists seeking to destroy America from within as they opposed Hillary because of misogyny, and yada yada yada.

Ms. Nikki gave a non-rebuttal as she agreed with Obama that America is a hate-filled country and is barely able to operate without the hard work of poor minorities. She explained that she works tirelessly to correct the catastrophe known as the middle class.

She offered Jeb! as the only solution. If the legions of bitter, angry clingers held on to their view of America as a sovereign nation and its antiquated idea of citizenship by nominating Trump, then the only ethical thing to do would be to support Hillary: first woman president and all.

Nikki is Obama 2.0 and was groomed by the Samantha Powers-Susan Rice coalition as the American representative to the United Nations. Her work with Victoria Nuland was a crucial phase in the string of calamities that either emboldened Putin or tricked him into attacking Ukraine.

Nikki Haley is Barak Obama version 2.0.

She represents the elites of the Republican Party, not the base. Listening to her older speeches finds her full of contempt for the base and the idea that general prosperity might allow people to advance from the middle class and right into the country clubs.

The elites want the club membership to remain limited.

Nikki Haley is a staunch globalist, even more than Mitch McConnell. As the Chameleon, she spoke about border security and the other issues that the Rubes or Trump base cares about. But her backers in the Bush-Koch axis support the end of nation-states and the very concept of citizenship.

Instead of citizenship, her wing supports Residency, whereas the USA is just a collection of tax jurisdictions. Each zip code is open to all with the means to purchase property at a particular zip’s going rate. This cabal’s greatest desire is to replace nation-states with a global corporatist structure where everyone knows their place.

But why run Nikki Haley at all? It is because the Cheney ticket crashed and burned with Liz Cheney’s treasonous attempt to eliminate Trump and the Trump base from the political world. Liz Cheney is as toxic as a chemical cloud from a train wreck. Nikki is the hired gun meant to restart globalism and the effort to turn the entire planet into a collection of subsidiaries and divisions of the global Board of Directors within the WEF.

Nikki was a 2011 WEF Young Global Leader and, like Canada’s boy wonder, Fidel Trudeau, has been a frequent presenter and committee member within the Klaus Schwab organization.

She speaks a great game of creating a big tent party where all are welcome, but Trump already built that. What the Chameleon means is that she does not want the middle class to be at the table. She is no DeSantis fan, yet one gets the impression that all will be fine if Republicans nominate DeSantis and goad Trump to run as a third-party Bull Moose. This way, the election would be thrown to Michelle, Susan Rice, and Kamala by default. The hurdle margin of Democrat cheating would be much lower this way.

un_nickiThe Cardinal Sin of the globalists is to turn away an immigrant, any immigrant, from any country with an allegedly popularly elected government. In this way, eliminating national culture and identity will precipitate the elimination of nation-states. When Nikki was the South Carolina governor, she publicly said that Syrian refugees were not welcome in South Carolina. However, she conspired with John Kerry to charter a 100-page resolution to settle tens of thousands of refugees in South Carolina and finance them with Fed bucks. Nikki leveraged this into her UN job.

If Nimrata Randhawa becomes president, the next phase of the plan to convert citizenship into mere Residency will be enacted.

Under the residency concept, the locally born must register for Selective Service and be subject to a military draft. But the registered immigrant is not subject to military service. You can see where this might go with the stroke of a pen. By executive order, the housing shortage for migrants might end as the native-born population might be inducted and marched into a new meat grinder war of attrition.

Whatever high school experience our elites had, they seem to have failed to learn that groups of dissimilar people form cliques. Already on the coasts, the Democrats have splinted into the gays, atheists, CAIR, BLM, KKK, Hollywood, big finance, socialists, communists, and union members.

Their effort to bring in so many people with allegiance just to their in-group created the Trump phenomenon, to begin with. The elitist plan can’t work.

In the below movie clip, the role of Donald Trump is played by Ferris Bueller, Secretary Grace plays Rona Romney McDaniel, and the role of Jeb! is played by Principal Ed Rooney:

Run Time 1:40



A freight train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, on February 3, and the actual event will be discussed in the next section. First let’s talk about the meta event:

chi-propaganda A train derailment occurs every other day in the United States, and Class 1 railroads such as Norfolk Southern maintain repair crews and alert teams throughout their system. So far in 2023, fifteen major chemical spills forced evacuation from nearby homes. While undesirable, these events are common and have been for over a century.

Rail safety standards fall between the boundaries set by insurance company guidelines, customer expectations, regulations, and the railroad’s need to remain profitable as a going concern.

In places like Ohio, Louisiana, or Texas, the natural tendency is not to get too excited as the railroad crews will make things right.

The state of events was as-typical for ten days after the East Palestine wreck and cargo burn-off. Then something changed.

TikTok began blasting, emphasizing Blasting, videos and clips of the train wreck to millions of young Americans. Included were well-financed news stories and commentators explaining that Ohio was destroyed, farmland ruined, the Amish were choking to death, and Joe Biden was chasing harmless balloons.

Further, these clips explained the actual human rights violators live in Washington as they cared nothing about the apocalypse. The audacity of these American officials to point fingers at China as a polluter and human rights violator could be suffered no more!

Folks, this is some first-class propaganda. The TikTok app is the most brilliantly developed propaganda medium in history. It took ten days for the machinery behind the propaganda to produce the agreed content, but it has taken over social media, schools and university campuses, and the administrative state.

Combining the visual TikTok campaign with the narrative control from ChatGPT has suddenly cost the United States the high ground in a future conflict with China. It further is creating a rebooting of the enviro movement of which Americans have grown suspicious.

The East Palestine train wreck is insignificant as an environmental event. But the new era of computer-generated, mass-customized, and over-the-top propaganda has arrived. We are in a Fifth Generation War with China, and they are winning.

The ominous black clouds are substantially the work product of a software tool called AI Enhance, which was developed to make nude photos of women more bodacious and naked men better endowed. It is a simple software tool used by millions of kids behind their parent’s backs.

If our government practiced Aristotelian Ethics instead of Utilitarian Ethics, the triadic focus would be on identifying the causes of the crash & burn and implementing policy, management, and technical fixes to reduce the likelihood of future wrecks.

But this won’t happen because the dialectic has been unleashed under Utilitarian Ethics. The starting point is the alleged greatest environmental disaster in history. The thesis, antithesis, and synergy to follow will harm everyone involved.

Why? It is simple math. On the truthiness scale:

If a lie = 0 and the truth = 1.

Then, 1 x 0 = 0.

A lie merged with a truth is still a lie. There is no truth “somewhere in between.”

Buckle up; we are in a whole new world of mass propaganda.



The Train Wreck

First off, full disclosure. I own and operate mobile emissions testing laboratories full of scientific instruments hauled from industrial plant to industrial plant. We run hoses and instruments up the  side of smokestacks to measure the stack emissions’ flow and chemistry. Then we adjust the clients’ process and equipment to thread the needle between compliance and performance.

train-wreckTherefore, I know the Ohio EPA people, I know the air quality teams that produced the analysis that China claims to be a cover-up, and I know the governor. None of these people expected the TikTok hysteria and the emerging propaganda swarm. They thought it was a bad wreck, the fire burned too intensely, and a routine investigation was to follow. The insurance company deemed the same.

The train originated from near St Louis and was within about 30 minutes of its final destination, just over the Pennsylvania border. The crew was replaced in Toledo, meaning the train was stopped at a railyard under the gaze of the yard control tower. Both the new and old crew walked the train’s length before it headed out.

Twenty to thirty minutes before the derailment, a trackside heat sensor detected an overheated wheel as the train passed through the small town of Salem, Ohio. An audible tone was transmitted to the train crew that cleared itself as the next wheelset passed the sensor.

The alarm gave a qualitative signal – a binary problem tone or no tone, no problem. It was not capable of reporting the actual wheel temperature to the crew. So they could not know whether a damaged bearing was increasing the wheel temp to a catastrophic level or a stuck brake was heating it to a nuisance alarm level.

The train did not stop for a wheel inspection, although it is likely that a discussion occurred between the dispatcher and the crew. Remember that the train was an hour from its destination at this point in Salem, and the hot wheel was only detected once by a single sensor.

Whoever decided to keep moving has some explaining to do, but he has a defense. Ignoring or acting on the alarm limit is the engineer’s job, and he was working with limited information. If a brake was stuck, he might then increase air pressure in the airbrake system to lift the brake shoe. If a bearing was hot, he might reduce the train’s speed. He likely did both and was anticipating the next trackside sensor at East Palestine. He would have stopped the train with a second hot wheel alarm and called for maintenance.

The wheel temperature alarm system was state of the art many years ago. Still, today inexpensive infrared sensors, cameras, WiFi links, and in-train computer screens can give the train engineer more information. Wheel temperature sensors will likely move from qualitative instruments to quantitative measurement devices as soon as the insurance company gets the cleanup bill.

Media reports of hazardous chemical cars, their number, and contents have changed several times. Some report eleven cars of vinyl chloride, or VC, with some reporting only three. Other commonly used heavy organic chemicals were also being transported in other cars. Some of these spilled and made it to the Ohio River.

Vinyl Chloride is toxic, but nowhere near as toxic as TikTok videos report. Anyone fortunate enough to have lived through the era of the bouffant hairstyles of the 1960s and 70s will remember the scent of hairspray. Vinyl chloride was the sweet-smelling aerosol can propellant of the era. It was also the primary propellant in spray paint rattle cans. Any young lass that used the stuff at home back in the day experienced a much greater dose of vinyl chloride than the locals in East Palestine.

While the girls used the hairspray, their brothers held lit matches in front of the cans and created intense blow torch fires for fun. We all did it, and there is no doubt that the stuff burns intensely.

Emergency responders found three of the vinyl chloride cars on their side, and a fire burning from either spilled diesel fuel or one of the other chemicals. VC boils at 8F, and was used as an air conditioning refrigerant before being banned for this use as an ozone hole antagonist. The chemical is now a precursor for polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, used in pipes and other plastic products.

As an aerosol can tossed into a campfire, the railcars were in danger of exploding. If they had, the explosion would have been mighty.

This part of the narrative bothers me. The cars should have been equipped with rupture disks. These are metal pie-pan or Frisbee-sized metal disks calibrated to rupture and relieve tank pressure before the rail car could explode. I find no mention of the rupture disks, which seems odd and out of place.

Emergency responders decided, along with the Ohio EPA, Ohio National Guard, and Norfolk Southern, to pierce the three railcars with a shaped explosive charge and allow the contents to blow into a burning ditch. Lifting the cars without risking a vessel failure or explosion was not feasible.

Before piercing the tank cars, the local community was advised that the combustion products would be carbon monoxide, carbon soot, hydrogen chloride gas, and phosgene gas. Some residual VC would also be present in the combustion products.

Once the area downrange was clear, the tanks pierced and ignited the contents. But boy, and howdy, it’s not clear whether any of the people involved had ever turned a can of hairspray into a blowtorch as a kid. The stuff burns hot and fast, much faster than gasoline—more like rocket fuel.

The bulk of the material burned off quickly, and the fire was so hot that nearly all the VC was incinerated. The soot formed a dramatic cloud lofted high into the atmosphere due to the heat liberated.

Phosgene was propbably created but it too is a common industrial chemical. It causes choking if inhaled in high concentration and was used as a choking gas weapon in WWI. The choking effect is much like it is from ammonia.

Personal Experience

In my 20’s, I was involved in a liquid chlorine rail car accident. I have deep respect for chlorine and the damage that it does to the lungs and airways. In high concentrations, it is terrible stuff…it causes such eye irritation that its victims can’t open their eyes.

My railcar incident involved two cars connected to a chemical plant by an unloading hose. A construction contractor nudged one of the cars with a backhoe, and it began to roll. The handbrake was not set, and the wheels were not chocked, and within seconds the unloading hoses pulled loose and began to spray liquid chlorine into the air.

Railcars for pressurized liquids like chlorine or VC have internal check valves designed to close if the car’s discharge valve or unloading hose is severed. However, the release was not fast enough to activate the safety mechanism.

I was in a control room at the time and saw the situation from a television monitor and also saw the construction crew on the ground, choking and vomiting. They could not escape the plume because they could not open their eyes. Remember this detail.

I initiated an emergency shutdown and notified the plant’s emergency coordinator of a chlorine leak with casualties. Still, she already knew that as the plume was being inducted into nearby buildings’ ventilation systems, a mass casualty was emerging. Those affected could not see to escape their stations. Everyone was temporarily blind.

I donned a Scott Air Pack from an emergency evacuation wall cabinet. The Scott Air Pack is that facemask and air tank device that firefighters wear and approached the car from upwind. I climbed on the railcar and shut its manual hand valve.

Many were hospitalized, and I became a court witness repeatedly for three years. Chlorine and hydrogen chloride gas are nothing to sneer at – in high concentration.

Back in East Palestine, No one reported any alleged victim was temporarily blinded. There were reports of some eye, nose, and throat irritation. This suggests that the chemical plume did not reach significant hydrogen chloride concentration, and the gases were lofted up and away from the town.

The rest is propaganda.

As for the river water and fish kill, anything that disrupts the layer of film on a fish gill will cause the fish to suffocate. It is likely that the organic solvents that entered nearby a creek and eventually the Ohio River killed some fish. But the dose makes the poison, and Ohio is a big river. Fish were killed in the stream and either transported to the Ohio River or also killed at the confluence of the creek and river.

Water treatment plants downstream detected organic chemicals near the lower detection levels as the chemicals moved down the river as a slug.

International media can’t understand why everybody is freaking out except for Ohio River community residents. But the answer is because, as chemical spills go, this one is not so big. Some real whoppers have occurred over the past 100 years.



What to Make of It

psych-operations-badgeThe presidential election season has started, and the most anti-Trump voting block candidate is running on the RINO ticket. The Chinese propaganda tool, TikTok, grabbed control of the global narrative, crushed government confidence, and is turning the world against Trump’s Deplorables. The usual political suspects are amping up the narrative to push globalization further and keep industry offshored.

Clearly, China wants to keep factories in China, and they are now in control of our national dialogue.

We are dealing with Fifth Generation Warfare.


Mike Ryan is a chemical engineering consultant to the Iron and Steel, Minerals, Heavy Chemicals, and Fibers industries.