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MSNBC legal analyst Caroline Polisi on Fani Willis’ testimony at her eligibility hearing yesterday (2/15):

“This is epic. This is monumental. If things are going in the direction we think Fani Willis lied to the court, it’s game over for her. She will be disqualified. If they had a relationship prior to when they represented truth to the court, it’s a huge deal. I can’t overstate.”


In addition to her lying, she was impossibly obnoxious and had a temper tantrum.  Oh, and she wore her dress on backward:


Now, today (2/16): ‘Train Wreck’ Fani Willis Avoids 2nd Day On Stand, Will Not Testify For Second Day On ‘Improper’ Affair With Nathan Wade.

The Spectator puts it best: Fani Willis Self-Immolates In Georgia Court.  Fatty Fani is toast, and so is her persecution of PDJT.



Of course he wants someone he can bully, not somebody he can’t.


And today, at the same time Tucker is fawning over Russia’s ‘cheap and fresh’ groceries, the world learns Putin has just murdered his imprisoned nemesis, Alexei Navalny.  The Daily Mail (2/16): ‘Putin, You Will Answer For What You Did To My Husband’: Alexei Navalny’s Tearful Wife Makes Emotional Vow After The Russian Opposition Leader Is ‘Murdered’ In Prison By ‘This Evil Regime’.



At her speech at the Munich Security Conference today, Yuliya Navalnaya declared:

“I call on the international community, the people in this room, and people everywhere that we fight and beat this evil, this terrible regime in Russia led by Vladimir Putin. They are to be personally held responsible for all the horrible things they have done to us’.”


Leaders from all over Europe and elsewhere echoed her call.  Even Canada’s Trudeau angrily announced that Navalny’s death “exposes Putin as a monster.”  Protests are erupting at Russian embassies and consulates across Europe.




Navalny’s murder is what it has taken to shock Tucker back to reality: Tucker Carlson Turns On Putin After Alexei Navalny’s Death In Jail: ‘It’s Horrifying, Barbaric And Awful – No Decent Person Would Defend It’.  Let’s hope Tucker’s revelation results in his being an advocate of freedom for Ukraine instead of advocating Putin’s obliterating it.

Same with the deranged Pro-Putin Caucus among House Republicans.  Johnson is going to get rolled by the way trying to block a vote on Ukraine-Israel funding that passed 70-29 in the Senate on Tuesday (2/13).  The Dems will pass it around him and the GOP Putinistas with a discharge petition – it’ll pass that way with over 300 votes.

With luck, Navalnyi’s murder will catalyze Putin’s political demise.  Here’s where he is now:





Speaking of Republicans, they further cemented the GOP’s reputation as the Stupid Party on Tuesday (2/13), with Dem Tom Suozzi defeating their gal Mazi Pilip for CD-3.  It was a special election required after the House GOP brainless twits expelled George Santos, so now they have a single one seat majority of 219.

The Dems have 213 due to three more vacancies, all with upcoming special elections.  New York’s CD-26 will remain Dem, while Ohio’s CD-6 will remain GOP.  It’s Kevin McCarthy’s seat in California CD-20 that will be a battle. Kevin cowardly resigned instead of simply not running for reelection, the special will be on May 21.

Anyway you look at it, Johnson’s majority will be razor-thin with no capacity like Pelosi had to rule it.  He’s a weak dweeb by whom schmuck Rinos like Ken Buck and rabid Putinistas like Gaetz & Biggs will have him by the huevos tearing him apart.

It’s going to take an immense effort of Donaldo campaigning for a MAGA House to bring it off in November.  We have to have a De-Rino-ized House with goofballs like Gaetz brought to heel for him to succeed in the White House.




Meanwhile, the good news is that FJB is sinking ever deeper into beaucoup deep kimchee, and no way will Vice-President Kneepads replace him.



The NY Post cover story on Wednesday (2/14): Read Tony Bobulinski’s Blistering Impeachment Testimony: ‘The Biden Family Business Was Joe Biden, Period’.  Bobulinski was Hunter Biden and FJB brother James Biden’s business partner who knows all about the Biden Crime Family business.

He confirmed in testimony to Congress that FJB got “10% for the Big Guy” in all corrupt dealings with foreign companies including and especially those of Communist China.  This resulted in treasonous national security consequences:


So what has to happen?  What can’t happen is the September Surprise rumor making a buzz on Capitol Hill.

It’s a cogent argument that Joe will get himself nominated at the Chicago Convention (Aug 19-22), then claim a health disaster in early September, whereupon Moo-Shell is helicoptered in.  Cogent on paper, because no way can this conspiracy remain a surprise way before August, while Joe’s dementia cat is too far out the bag already to be caught and hidden back in.  His presidency after the Hur Report is DOA.

But he can’t resign either – Kneepads is his insurance to prevent that.  So his only choice now is – as TTP has been predicting for a long time – to announce he won’t run for reelection but will stay out his term.  It’s really the only choice the Dems have left, with – as explained in TTP on Tuesday (2/13) – Obama carrying the message to Jill & Joe that it’s Lame Duck City for them.




So what then?  Will the Dem nomination be a race between America’s two worst governors, California’s Psycho Gavin Gruesome Newson, and Michigan’s Mussolini Gretchen Wretched Whitmer?  And who else?  And how, with primary season effectively over in little more than two weeks, March 5th’s Super Tuesday?

It’s the Dems’ conundrum, not ours. We get to sit back and enjoy the cage fight as various Dem/Deep State factions try to disembowel each other in blood lust to keep their power.




What’s not to enjoy is the disgusting ruination of the rule of law in our country, epitomized by New York’s Kangaroo Court waging war upon Donald Trump.  Today (2/16): Judge Arthur Engoron Fines Trump $354M, Bars Him from Running Businesses in NY for 3 Years.  Look at his face, look at his eyes.  This is an evil, abhorrently evil man.  The same goes for the smirking woman he’s in collusion with.

The Babylon Bee’s description was the sardonic truth: Judge Orders Trump To Pay Whatever Amount It Takes To Bankrupt Campaign. The Bee quoted the culprits:

“’I, Judge Engoron, hereby rule that President Trump must pay — hang on, let me google what his campaign raised last quarter,” said Judge Ergoron. “Oh forget it, whatever it takes to crush Trump’s re-election, that’s how much Trump owes. Case closed!’


The civil trial was initiated by New York Attorney General Letitia James who argued that Trump received good terms on bank loans, thus endangering democracy. ‘Trump receiving a slightly better interest rate on a loan fifteen years ago was the death rattle of America,’ said James. ‘At last, with using Trump’s conviction on a victimless crime to bankrupt one of the two major Presidential candidates, democracy has been saved’.”


We should be confidant that this kangaroo star chamber ruling will be tossed out on appeal while PDJT sues for damages from these two.  Nonetheless, this disgrace is another in-our-face example of the nightmare we Americans have been enduring ever since the Dems stole their power over us in 2020.

And yet the silver lining is it further determines patriots to put an end to the nightmare this November.  That’s what to focus on now.  This national nightmare has only months to live.  Hang on to that, and redouble your efforts to ensure that the sunlight of freedom and decency will soon shine on America once more.



Well, folks, that’s a wrap.  Next week Rebel and I leave for Africa to run two Serengeti safaris.  TTP’s Mike Ryan will be manning the HFR helm while I’m away.  Next HFR for me will be Good Friday, March 29.  I know you’ll be enjoyingly enlightened by Mike.  Blue skies to you all… Jack