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Article Archives


Why this movie trailer?  Three reasons.

First, it’s an unapologetic masculinity-as-heroism movie, completely anti-woke, starring Superman Henry Cavill, Reacher Alan Ritchson et al.

Second, the story is true, based on military historian Damien Lewis’ chronicle, The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare: The Mavericks Who Plotted Hitler’s Downfall, Giving Birth to Modern-Day Black Ops.  As a Commander in British Naval Intelligence, Ian Fleming directed much of the activities and based his character of James Bond on the operatives (actor Freddie Fox plays Fleming in the movie).

Third, a sustained campaign of ungentlemanly political warfare is precisely what we need now waged against the hate-America fascists of the Woke Left.  We already have the most ungentlemanly gentleman of all to lead it: PDJT.  What are we waiting for?



Yesterday (2/01): White House Taps John Podesta to Succeed John Kerry as U.S. Climate Envoy. Maybe it’s some kind of ghoulish karma that a murdering pedophilic pervert would be in charge of the Left’s greatest scam as a replacement for Marxism.  There’s Podesta’s arranging the hit on Seth Rich and Pizzagate.

But nothing will prepare you for this.  Be prepared, folks, this is going to turn your stomach. The slide show of John Podesta’s Art Collection is 8 minutes long and no way you’ll get through a fraction of that before you click the impossibly disgusting thing off. Podesta is a monster like those in his collection.

And he’s one of the biggest guns running the DemFascist Party – Clinton’s White House Chief of Staff, Chief Counselor to Obama, Hillary’s 2016 campaign chair (that’s when offed Seth Rich), Obama’s chief messenger boy to Biden.  He’s the epitome of the filth that has so engulfed the Augean Stables of Washington DC that it will take a Hercules to flush the filth out.

The good news is that the Dem honchos are in such a panicked funk over that Hercules looming on the horizon they are screwing themselves almost more than we could ask.




The bad news is conservatives can fool themselves into thinking what the Dems are plotting without thinking is a real threat.

On Tuesday (1/30) in the Daily Mail: Conspiracy Theorist Conservatives Fear Taylor Swift Is Trying To BRAINWASH Americans Into Voting For Biden. Megyn Kelly is no fan of the world’s biggest pop star with 272 million Instagram followers. And Megyn’s no fan of all these conspiracy theories claiming her popularity has been manufactured so that at the right time, she endorses Joe ensuring his reelection.

Megyn: “If she’s smart, she will stay nonpolitical, which is better for her. She will not be the most popular person in America if she continues to antagonize half the country that votes Republican.”

Good point. But here’s why conservative worry is silly and it’s great for Dems to waste their time and effort on Ms. Swift. Scroll down through the long DM story and you come upon this revelation:

“Swift has, in the past, used her online influence to bring in the voters. A September 2023 post encouraging her  272 million followers to register to vote resulted in more than 35,000 registrations.”


Influence???  35K is one hundredth of one percent of her followers. No wonder El Donaldo is not worried, telling a friend he’s more popular than Taylor Swift because obviously he is – politically, with well over half the voters, not as a pop star.




Here’s a question.  Could Taylor Swift get scores of thousands of Americans to assemble for some Dem cause, like open borders, tranny child abuse, or climate alarmism?  What the Take Our Border Back Convoy is assembling dwarfs anything that she’d do.



Ever hear of the “Come and Take It” flag of the Texas Revolution?  This museum mural in Gonzales, Texas depicts the Texas rebels who defended their cannon at the Battle of Gonzales in 1835.  The flag with the canon and the legendary Molon Labe of Leonidas at Thermopylae in English – Come and Take It – is revered by all those who know and love Texas.

Well, today, right now, that flag is flying along with the Texas state flag at the headquarters of the Texas National Guard in Austin:


Texas, as Tejas, was originally a province of newly-independent Mexico (which had just seceded from Spain in 1821).  The Texas Revolution to secede from Mexico took only 6 ½ months (October 2, 1835 – April 21, 1836), whereupon the Texas Republic was an independent country.  Texas Annexation as the 28th US state with the vast majority support of Texans, was in 1845.

What’s absolutely critical to understand – which Abbott should constantly repeat 24/7 – is that Texas wants its US border back, not a secessionist new border.  That Texas is not in insurrection against the US Constitution, it is the Federal Government as currently controlled by the Democrat Party that is in insurrection against the Constitution by willfully failing on malicious purpose to defend America’s borders from illegal invasion.

Frankly, if were Abbott, I would publicly denounce Biden as guilty of treason for such willful maliciousness, and demand his impeachment, indeed his arrest and imprisonment, on those grounds.

In any regard, look at the size of the three Take Our Border Back rallies tomorrow (2/03), in San Ysidro CA, Yuma AZ, and Eagle Pass TX.  Match those Taylor!  For it’s not just that American patriots are taking America’s border back, they are taking America  back from the political thieves and traitors who have stolen and wish to destroy it.




To explain what’s behind these thieves, be they in Washington, the media, academia, corporate boardrooms, or Hollywood, consider this is the must-read of the week: The Elite 1 Percent Behind the Cultural Civil War, by Newt Gingrich.  Really fascinating and informatively so.



Well, if this isn’t wonderful news what is.  The most evil influence upon our country, at least arguably, is George Soros and his money placing horrifically depraved prosecutors in states all over.  It’s why, just for the latest example out of thousands, this happened:


So we learn: Soros Prosecutors Leaving Public Office in Droves. Another must-read, this one will give you the warm fuzzies.

We could follow that up with: Californians Eager To Junk Soft-On-Crime Law Pushed By Kamala Harris




This week, Trump Calls on Europe To Shoulder ‘Equal’ Ukraine Burden, making it very clear he’ll support Ukraine’s fight for freedom, but Europe has to pony up too. And guess what? Yesterday (2/01), overcoming the objection of Putin shill Viktor Orban of Hungary: All 27 EU Leaders Agree On 50 Billion Euro Aid Package For Ukraine.  Ukraine appropriately celebrated with the above.


And this is hilarious: Top Kremlin Propagandist Wants Milbloggers ‘Eliminated’ for Reporting on Disastrous Russian Attack. He’s talking about executing Russian bloggers who support Putin’s war and unhappy with how it’s going. Watch and you understand why they are furious:

Enormously destructive fires and explosions all over Russia itself are a daily occurrence now.  See #RussiaOnFire on Twitter for the vid clips. Who will tell Putin that he’s losing?




Before we close, back to Texas.  This is right now the #1 karaoke song in America, sung in bars, pubs, and private parties all over the country. Sing along with Elvis now!



I’m sure you know of Erik Prince, the famous founder of Blackwater.  He now has a podcast called Off Leash. Recently, I did three interviews with him, even though I was coming down with laryngitis.

The first one, Erik asked me a lot about my personal history and adventures.  The second was on the creation of the Reagan Doctrine. The third was about how I see America and the world now and into the near future.  That’s most relevant to you, so is the one I suggest you watch.  Hope you enjoy it.