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Finger-pointing at government corruption elsewhere in the world is small beer, as it’s so painfully embarrassing for us Americans to see that our own government is the most corrupt on the planet.

Our White House is run by a treasonous crime family, put and kept there by a ludicrously corrupt Dem-FBI-Media cabal who stole it from its rightful predecessor.  Jesse laid much of this on the table last night (1/26), but the question is – what can be done about it when the Justice Department and FBI are corrupt to the core?

Well, now that Speaker Kevin has promised there will be no cuts in Social Security nor Medicare in debt ceiling resolution (following the wise advice of Trump), how about, say, a full 50% cut of the FBI budget (from last year’s, not from the projected increase of this year)?

There is no Constitutional authority, i.e., any specific enumerated power, for a national police force. It is illegitimate in the first place and has earned extinction via unconscionable corruption.  At the very least, zero-out half its budget along with the firing of the entire top 10% of its bureaucracy.

And, given the headline this morning (1/27) — Treasury Blocks House Oversight Committee From Hunter Biden Records – how about cutting the Treasury Department’s budget by, oh, 25%, and eliminating Janet Yellen’s salary and bennies (limo, private jet travel, et al)?

Or providing Trump with a head start on his goal announced late today (1/27), to once back in office “kick the Radical Left maniacs out of the Department of Education.”  That would be to disembowel the DOE budget now.

Put your thinking cap on and have some fun on what you think the House could gut in Deep State budgets in debt ceiling negotiations – let us know on the Forum!



What about the corrupt media, doing everything it can to block and hide news of Dem-Deep State corruption?

Well, it’s fast turning out that the most important media figure today is Elon Musk – and he is determined to suicide our corrupt media off a 10th story balcony.

Late yesterday (1/26), CNN ran this funny headline: Elon Musk Meets with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Hakeem Jeffries on Capitol Hill.

Funny, because Jeffries, head of the House Dems, just happened to be in McCarthy’s office when Musk arrived for his appointment with the Speaker.  There was no meeting, he and Musk exchanged a few seconds of pleasantries and left. You see this stated down in the article:

“Musk later arrived for a separate meeting with McCarthy – and Jeffries had a brief interaction with the billionaire businessman… Jeffries left soon after, and McCarthy stayed with Musk.”


Yet CNN’s headline, the same throughout the corrupt media, implies Elon met with them equally.  Truth is, after Elon met with McCarthy for some time one-on-one, he went on to huddle with Jim Jordan, Judiciary Chair, and Jim Comer, Oversight Chair.  He’ll be working closely with all three to max out exposure of Biden Family criminality on Twitter.

As an example, look at what Mr.Tweet (Elon) posted this afternoon (1/26):


Jayson Blair is the NY Times reporter fired for flagrantly fabricating stories.  Matt Taibbi’s Twitter exposé shows how FBI agent conspired with Trump-haters to label any pro-Trump posts on Twitter as “Russian bots” and blast that all over the media like MSNBC.  You’ve got to read this, it nukes these swine.

Now remember – Elon has 127.4 million followers, all of whom have or will see this.  Further, when you see his posts on how Twitter is constantly being improved and offering more and better features under his guidance, there’s little doubt that Twitter is becoming the world’s number one news source.

Which is why, incidentally, Donaldus Magnus will soon be jettisoning Truth Social and be back on Twitter big time.



Now this is Schadenfreudeliciously funny.    Affirmative action cutie pie Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer Director of Research and Development, gets conned into thinking he’s on a date with a guy who lubricates him with enough booze that he confides what the world’s most evil drug company is up to.

Walker totally lost it when James O’Keefe told him the guy worked for Project Veritas and recorded everything.  “You in a whole heap a’trouble, boy,” and Walker freaked.

The story, with full video and transcript, is told by legendary research physician Robert Malone, MD: Project Veritas Has Broken Pfizer’s Gain-Of-Function Research Program Wide Open.  It’s a true must watch-and-read.

Pfizer is seriously screwed. Walker is going to sing like an opera of canaries turning state’s evidence, and he won’t be the only one, to put Pfizer deservedly out of business.



It follows that the entire Covid Hoax is being exposed – which has the Dems in deep depression. Why? Because their whole cheat-by-mail/ballot harvesting scam depends on keeping covid fear going as its justification. Biden wants mask mandates forever, etc.

Without the covid justification, cheat-by-mail/ballot harvesting and a month of early voting can be thrown out the window by every red state and hopefully even some marginally sane blues.  In the nick of time for 2024.

Meanwhile, Babylon Bee carries the latest report on Pfizer: Pfizer Pleased To Announce Their New Vaccine 90% Effective Against New Virus They Created.



Ready for more laughs? Here’s three.


Congressman Matt Gaetz Introduces PENCIL Resolution. Press release yesterday (1/26) from

“Today U.S. Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL-01) filed the “Preventing Extreme Negligence with Classified Information Licenses Resolution,” or the “PENCIL Resolution.” The resolution expresses the sense of the U.S. House of Representatives that Congressman Adam Schiff (CA-30) should not have access to classified information, should be investigated by the House Ethics Committee, and should have his comments made during any proceeding of Congress regarding Russian Collusion and the Trump campaign be officially struck from the record.”


Full text of the PENCIL Resolution filed with the Clerk of the House here.


Senator Josh Hawley Introduces PELOSI Act – Bill To Ban Stock Trades By Lawmakers And Spouses.

Sen. Hawley statement:

“For too long, politicians in Washington have taken advantage of the economic system they write the rules for, turning profits for themselves at the expense of the American people. As members of Congress, both Senators and Representatives are tasked with providing oversight of the same companies they invest in, yet they continually buy and sell stocks, outperforming the market time and again. While Wall Street and Big Tech work hand-in-hand with elected officials to enrich each other, hardworking Americans pay the price. The solution is clear: we must immediately and permanently ban all members of Congress from trading stocks.”


Full text of the PELOSI Act filed with the Clerk of the Senate here.


We all knew Jane Fonda has a two-digit IQ, but not that she is an actual bona-fide retard:

Jane Fonda: “There would be no climate crisis if it wasn’t for racism.”


Mike Ryan will see this double-whammy idiocy as further evidence of coming demise of the Woke Narrative of “climate change” and of “racism” – i.e., that white folks are the cause of all what’s wrong with the world – both at the same time.  Mike’s right.



This is too cool to resist.  Hard to understand her accent, but you can clearly see one Ukrainian drone filming another hovering over a Russian troop dugout where a Russian walkie-talkie has been left outside. You can see the drone lowering a line with a hook to pluck and steal the walkie-talkie with all its revealing recordings.  Then, of course, the drones drop small bombs and obliterate the troops.  Watch:

The NY Times ran an interesting story yesterday (1/26): Ukraine War Accelerates Shift of Power in Europe to the East.  What TTP has been predicting for almost a year now is coming true.

Almost to the day twenty years ago (Jan. 22, 2003), George Bush’s Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld talked of Old Europe like Germany and France, tired and old in their ways, and New Europe full of freshness and vitality. Responding to a reporter’s question about “European” opposition to the use of force in Iraq, he said:

“You’re thinking of Europe as Germany and France. I don’t. I think that’s ‘old Europe.’ If you look at the entire NATO Europe today, the center of gravity is shifting to the East, to new Europe.


Twenty years later (without recalling Rumsfeld), NYT says:

“The Ukraine war has raised the influence of Central and Eastern European countries with negative views of Russia, amplified calls to expand the E.U. and NATO, and dimmed the power of France and Germany… The chancellor of Germany, Olaf Scholz, said it bluntly: ‘The center of Europe is moving eastward’.


‘Power has moved east, and Ukraine will cement this trend,’ said Jana Puglierin, Berlin director of the European Council on Foreign Relations… the war there has confirmed the reality that Europe can no longer be ruled from Paris and Berlin’.”


NYT fails to make one obvious conclusion – this means that Europe, or much of anywhere else for that matter, can no longer be ruled by the Davos WEF globalists either.

As Skye noted yesterday (1/26): “Confidence in the WEF and New World Order has dropped so much that only one head of state from a Western country attended the Davos event.”

Power and influence have shifted away from the Klaus Schwab elite to Poland, Czechia, the Baltics, as well as Ukraine and other “captive nations” of Soviet Russia, who have nothing but contempt for Schwab.  Particularly as he desperately snuggles up to Red China in a futile attempt to save the WEF’s influence.

This shift will be on steroids once Ukraine and New Europe gets rid of the Russian threat – and will be free to invite American frackers to exploit the gigantic reserves of frackable natural gas in eastern Ukraine.  With that, all of Europe will be fully independent of Russian gas.



Speaking of China… on Monday (1/23), Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SCMP) headlined: US-China Tech War: Japan, Netherlands Poised To Join Biden’s Chip Crackdown On Beijing.

One thing Biden is doing right is to ruin China’s attempt to monopolize the production of semiconductors, and now he’s got Japan and Holland to join in.  Others will follow.  This puts the hurt on the Chicoms who are failing in general with their economy.

Yesterday (1/26), the SCMP ran: China Debt: Is The Bubble About To Burst, And What Is Driving The Crisis Among Local Governments?

Couple this with Axios, also yesterday: China’s First African Debt Rodeo Is Playing Out In Zambia.  The Chicom game is never give aid to poor African countries but loans – using huge debts to control them.  That’s why – by my personal experience all over Africa – Africans really really hate the Chinese.

So major copper producer Zambia is balking because, yes, this is China’s first rodeo there, getting bucked off and trampled by the Zambian brahma bull.  It’s a lesson every other African nation deeply in debt to China is quickly learning.



Now for some exceedingly cool news (1/26): US Certifies First Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Design for Use.

“The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has certified the design for the first American-designed small modular nuclear reactor (SMR).


The NRC issued its final ruling in the Federal Register on Jan. 19 to certify the emissions-free small modular reactor by the Oregon-based NuScale Power, which will take effect on Feb. 21.


The final determination prevents the SMR from being legally challenged when a utility applies to build and operate a nuclear power plant in the United States.”


Got that?  The eco-fascisti can’t block it! Cheap, clean, abundant energy all over America, here we come!  Can’t wait to see what Skye says on the Forum!



That’s a wrap, folks.  Lots this week to make you smile.  Remember – the future belongs to the rationally optimistic.

One last note: there’s one week left to take advantage of our Enticement for a Marvelous Adventure. In truth, however, you haven’t got that long, because now there are only three spaces left.  Carpe diem!