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A Year of the Dragon – which this year is (beginning on February 10 in China) – can be one of audacious optimism and hubristic catastrophe.  Put those together and it’s a year that’s ripe for a government to lose the “mandate of heaven” – the total loss of public confidence sending it into history’s dustbin.

It’s been like this for millennia:


It sure is true in America today.  And in many other countries around the world. In 2024, national elections are scheduled or expected in at least 64 countries worldwide:


Many are laughable frauds, like North Korea, Russia, or Venezuela.  Equally laughable is the London Economist claiming: Donald Trump’s Election Poses the Biggest Danger to The World in 2024.  Wow – these normally sane guys have really lost it straight around the bend. They even have a cartoon entitled “Trump’s Shadow Looms Over the World.”


This would be RPTFLMAO funny if it wasn’t terrifyingly ominous.




This morning’s (1/05) ZeroHedge headlines the most rhetorical question of modern times: Was “January 6” A Manufactured Crisis?

ZH does a lot of dumb things like shilling for Putin, but to headline “Media Icons To Clash in ZeroHedge’s No-Holds-Barred Debate” tomorrow (Jan6’s 4th anniversary) is moronic, a debate between Alex Jones and some YouTuber guy calling himself “Destiny.”

How about a debate between constitutional attorneys regarding the complete trashing of hundreds of innocent Jan6ers’ lives, some with many years in jail for “trespassing.”  It’s the human rights scandal of our day, but not for ZH.

Actually though, this travesty is a good example how Jan6 as a scandal for the Dems is a dead horse rotting into the ground – yet they keep pretending the corpse is still alive as it’s all they’ve got.

Epitomizing this desperation is Biden’s Jan6 Speech to be delivered tomorrow. The link is to the already-released transcript, an incredible dog’s breakfast of lies and complete truth-reversals, an “armed insurrection,” yada-yada.  Don’t let it turn your stomach, all China Joe is doing is micturating into the wind.

Nonetheless, it’s another ominous sign like Trump’s Shadow ‘toon.




This is how the Dems, the Woke, the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, the EPA, and the Deep State Bureaucracy as a whole sees Trump: their Terminator.  They know, once he’s behind the Resolute Desk again on January 20, 2025, their gooses are cooked – out of power, out of a job, and for many, not out of Leavenworth.

They know that 100 million Americans will look upon Trump as Captain America rescuing our country from Deep State corruption and Woke Evil – meaning from them


And because very desperate people will do very desperate things, they may stop at nothing to prevent the man who terrifies them from getting back in the White House.  Another 9/11-level mass slaughter?  JFK-ing Trump?  Standard Deep State Operating Procedure?


Whatever, at all costs they must stop him.  This is what we are up against. For it is they who are the real Terminator out to terminate our freedom, our culture, everything decent about America.  You see this unfolding on our border, in our cities, in our schools, in our DEI-ruined workplaces every day. What do we have on our side?




What we’ve got is what has caused governments to lose their mandate from heaven throughout history  — full and irretrievable loss of public faith, confidence, and trust.  This is, in fact, the single most necessary condition for there to be mandate loss and replacement with something much better.  Think Javier Milei in Argentina.


Take a close look at the results of this recent national study:


Do the Dems have any such “tough leaders”?  That’s a joke.  Does the GOP?  That’s rhetorical. Obviously El Donaldo but you’d have to count RDS as well.  Bottom line here is that a clear if not very substantial majority of voters are sick and tired of woke lunacy and want it flushed out of our country by someone with the huevos to do it.

Feel better now?  You might even be reassured that whatever nightmare Black Swans the Deep State Dems perpetrate, people are so fed up with them it will backfire, stoking determination to get rid of them more than ever – like all the persecution of Trump just makes him a martyr stronger than ever. He’s still…




Primary season is upon us.  The Iowa Caucuses are in 10 days, January 15, New Hampshire primary 8 days later, January 23.  A little more than a month later, the rubber hits the road with South Carolina on Feb 24, Michigan Feb 27, so by Super Tuesday on March 5 with 15 states including California, Texas, and Virginia, the ballgame is over.

Easy prediction, Trump lapping the field.  (And here’s an early guess: Trump’s VP pick will be either Tim Scott or Ben Carson.)

Let’s hope he focuses on this:


If so, he wins going away.  Here’s one reason: ‘Trump Democrats’ Helping Destroy ‘Obama Coalition’ Of Black People, Hispanics, Youth

Let’s close with this tug on your heartstrings.

Have faith – Americans will come through for their country this year.  2024 will be sunrise for America, the year of our dragon.