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Algore’s “Inconvenient Truth” 2006

Algore’s “Inconvenient Truth” 2006

[Welcome to this Monday’s edition of TTP Archives, to reprise a TTP article of years ago and to ask what you think how it applies to today on the Forum.  “Global Warming and Original Sin” was first published on December 7, 2006 – over 16 years ago, well before Warmism morphed into the meaningless canard of “Climate Change,” which alarmists are morphing again into “Climate Crisis.”

The current issue of TIME Magazine is a panegyric to the Left’s latest rationale as a replacement of Marxism for controlling people’s lives.  The cover announces the influential winners of the magazine’s “CO2 Earth Awards” – for “there is no greater form of influence today than working to combat the climate crisis.”

Ereyesterday (4/22), you see, was “Earth Day,” Climate Communism’s anti-humanity holiday of denouncement of all the sinful things human beings are doing to Mother Nature.  Thus, the magazine proudly features this essay: The Case For Making Earth Day a Religious Holiday

Yes, precisely!  What an admission – that we are burning the planet up with our CO2 pollution is not a scientific fact but a religious belief, faith over fact.  Back in 2006, TTP revealed the cause of this fanaticism. It couldn’t be more timely to discuss it now. The TTP Team is looking forward to your thoughts on the Forum.]


TTP, December 7, 2006

It takes a brave politician to stand up alone against a tidal wave of religious hysteria.  Such a man is Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma.  He has publicly denounced man-made global warming as a “hoax” and held a hearing in Congress yesterday (12/06/06) to expose it as such.

One of those who testified was Dr. David Deming, professor of geology and geophysics at the University of Oklahoma, who described the incredible dishonesty of scientists who have become global warming advocates.

Jim Inhofe is waging a valiant struggle, and it would have been helped had he someone to testify about how “global warming” is an issue of religious fanaticism, rather than just misguided science.

“Global warming” (or more specifically man-made or “anthropogenic” global warming) is a secular religion believed in by people who have abandoned Christianity.

One of the most ancient and widespread convictions of most cultures known to history and anthropology is that one’s life is made most meaningful through sacrifice and suffering.

The genius of the concept of Original Sin – the core concept of Christianity – is that it lifts the terrible burden of this conviction from people.  The sacrifice and suffering of Christ on the Cross “saves” anyone accepting it from having the burden upon themselves.

The vast majority of global warming fanatics are from Western cultures.  Not a lot of Chinese or Hindus or Moslems are in a tizzy about it. These fanatics are almost all ex-Christians, born and raised in a Christian culture which they grew up to reject.

Yet what they didn’t reject and still retain is a belief in Original Sin, that human beings by their nature are deserving of divine punishment.


What happens when you believe in Original Sin yet reject Christianity’s salvation from it?  The politically correct option of the moment is to believe in global warming.

You transform Man sinning against God into Man sinning against the Earth.  It’s a primitive form of animism, that the earth itself is alive and a supernatural being, the “Gaia” Earth Goddess.

But “Gaia” doesn’t forgive, she only punishes.  Which we deserve, for we have sinned.

“Global warming” is thus not a scientific hypothesis to be tested, but a religious faith to be believed in.  For the distinguishing feature of a religious type of belief is the refusal to accept any disconfirming evidence.

The most famous image of Algore’s Inconvenient Truth video is him standing in front of a huge satellite photo of Hurricane Katrina over New Orleans in 2005.  Claiming the storm was our fault through man-made global warming, he apocalyptically predicted an inevitable succession of such storms in the years to come.

Yet this year’s hurricane season has just ended – without one single hurricane of any size making landfall on the US.  This of course is dismissed by global warming religious fanatics – for like any religious fanatic, only confirming evidence counts, disconfirming evidence never.


The question, then, for Jim Inhofe to ask of global warming advocates is:

What would you accept as falsifying, disconfirming evidence for global warming and that we are its cause?  How would you go about proving it wrong?

This is the key question of science.  Whenever it is not asked, science is absent.

What real scientists do when they are conducting real science is to try as hard as they can in every way they can imagine to prove a hypothesis wrong.  They never go about only trying to prove a hypothesis right.

It is only after they have exhaustively failed to disprove a hypothesis that it gains scientific credibility.

This is exactly and precisely what global warming scientists are not doing with their research.  They are being paid billions of dollars in government grant money to “prove” anthropogenic warming and dismiss evidence against it.

So we have a secular fanaticism masquerading as science, demanding we all sacrifice and suffer.  One solution to the lunacy is to organize a Christian missionary movement to evangelize global warming scientists and advocates.  Bringing them to Christ could heal their souls – and save us from them.