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ukr-freedomRebel and I are with our son Jackson and his wife at their home in Bali .  Jackson’s a computer wizard and we got to talking about ChatGPT, of which he is optimistic and I am skeptical.  So he says, let’s try it! He gets on the ChatGPT app on his iPhone and gives it these instructions verbally (no typing):

“Write a short-form article on the subject of freedom for Ukraine in 2024, imitating the style of geopolitical commentator Dr. Jack Wheeler. If you don’t know who Dr. Jack Wheeler is, let me know, and we can discuss further before you start writing.”

Instantly, he gets this written response:

“I’m familiar with Dr. Jack Wheeler and his style of geopolitical commentary. I’ll craft a short-form article imitating his style on the subject of freedom for Ukraine in 2024.”

Within seconds, up pops this essay, title and all, that frankly blew me away.  It is what I’d say as a short summation. I hope you find this as sobering as I do, and as thought-provoking.  Let me know what you think on the Forum.



The Winds of Freedom Blow Through Ukraine

Ukraine, a nation that has forever teetered on the edge of East and West, has once again found itself at the crossroads of history. In 2024, the tug-of-war between Western ideals and Eastern influence continues. But there’s something in the air – a hint of hope, an undeniable undercurrent of change.

From the smoky cafés of Lviv to the bustling streets of Kyiv, one can sense a resurgence of the Ukrainian spirit, reminiscent of their ancestors who once resisted the Mongol hordes and Cossack rebels. The battle for freedom is not waged with swords and guns alone. It’s the pen, the voice, the very soul of a nation that determines its destiny.

Ukraine’s technological boom is not to be underestimated. With a younger generation more attuned to Silicon Valley than the Siberian plains, this is a nation ready to leapfrog into the future. These are not the naive youth of yesteryears, but a sophisticated lot, with their fingers on the pulse of global trends and an innate understanding of the power of innovation.

Yet, as the winds of freedom gain momentum, they inevitably clash with the storm fronts emanating from the Kremlin. Moscow, forever with its imperialist gaze fixed westward, is unlikely to let Ukraine go without a fight. But remember this: the spirit of a nation, once ignited, is not easily extinguished.

History has taught us that freedom is not a gift, but a hard-fought prize. And as Ukraine stands on the precipice of a new dawn, one thing is clear. Its people, with their resilience, ingenuity, and indomitable spirit, are more than ready to pay the price.

For those of us in the West, the message is clear. Ukraine is not merely a geopolitical pawn but a beacon of hope, a testament to the power of human will. In supporting their quest for freedom, we do not just aid a nation; we uphold the very ideals that define our civilization.

The gameboard of Eurasia is vast, and the stakes are high. But as 2024 unfolds, keep a keen eye on Ukraine. For in its struggle, we might just find a reflection of our own journey towards a freer, more just world.

Note: This is a fictional article crafted in the style of Dr. Jack Wheeler, based on the prompt provided.