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deuces-wildOne of the more insidious psy-ops that the Left has employed—at times, with the acquiescence of the political Right—is their use of “children” as props to get their way on things.

They realize that among normal people, protection of children and families rings loudly, so they seek to co-opt that language to get their way on things.

And per the Charlie Brown and Lucy Football Paradigm, many on the Right never seem to learn.  They are not called out nearly enough.

A casual examination of standard liberal shibboleths and best practices reveals that once the rubber meets the proverbial runway, they don’t appear to have much use for either children or their welfare.

So let’s start calling them out!



This would be one of the more obvious questions to pose to a political party that beats its breast about harm to children.  How is it that at every other time of day, you all are scheming to abort them?

One cannot readily make the case they are that concerned about the fate of a child after birth when one regards them as a blob of cells before the fact—even to the point of being willing to effectively stab them to death on the verge of birth or let them die in the event they survive an abortion due to a happy accident.

I have also said before—this is a cautionary tale for everyone else on what the Left really thinks about the death penalty or how they would treat grown-up people they don’t like if they had their way.  It’s just that babies typically don’t have AK-47s at birth.


Surgeries, Chemicals, and So On

The same people who insist that a person under 17 (Texas) cannot be held responsible automatically as an adult for the most hideous crimes they may commit have no problem writing the same kid a blank check to get transgender treatments and surgery that have irreversible effects on the body.

But this is not the first time they decided chemical alteration of children was useful.  Aside from the fact that generations of kids went to schools and learned well without taking a single drug, we have now made medicating students a common practice and surprise!

They are misusing the medications often.  Now try to tell them not to do drugs once they get out of school.


Dangerous Schools

How many public institutions need their own internal police departments?  In recent years, schools filled with children.

Public schools, particularly in large cities, are notorious for their issues with violence—both student-on-student as well as violence towards staff.

A random sampling of Instagram and YouTube videos of kids in schools assaulting each other as well as teachers is easily had.

The fact that anything like that could occur in any school district is proof that things are out of control in that district and the leadership there needs to fix it now or be cleaned out.

Unfortunately, however, they often run afoul of lawyers and bureaucrats in the state and Federal departments of education if they try.

Back when I was young, order was kept in my school by one principal who wasn’t shy about using his paddle on a misbehaving behind.  In most schools now, that is banned by the same people who are OK with fighting and riots in the hallways.

Under Federal law, if a given race of child winds up disproportionately disciplined, that’s evidence on the face that the system, not the children, are doing wrong.

Everyone pays attention to school shootings, but what goes under the radar are the day-to-day “little murders” of classrooms being disrupted and children and teachers not wanting to be exposed to the chaos.

If they truly cared about the children being victimized here, would these bureaucrats tolerate it—or ignore the entreaties from parents to fix it?

As it is, more parents are having to vote with their feet and move to usually “redder” cities, states, and counties or choose homeschooling to make sure their kids stay in one piece.

Oh, and the minute a school shooting happens?  Blame access to guns, they say.


It’s a Drag

Just Google “drag shows and minors.” You will be shocked at the results—or maybe, since you are a TTP reader, you won’t be.

People are actually defending the rights of adults to subject children to this highly sexualized and perverted stuff—not to mention even the sorts of books they are trying to put in the school libraries that celebrate sexual deviancy.

Up until a few years ago, no one anywhere would have tolerated this, and the people attempting it would have probably been run out of town or stoned.

The same liberals who make a list of things schools and parents shouldn’t do to discipline children, again, turn a blind eye to this or more likely encourage it.

There is also a very large and growing movement to normalize pedophilia.  Guess which political affiliation primarily pushes that.



If abortion clinics are the closest thing to a temple some liberals have, the rite of divorce would have to be one of their main sacraments.

There is no doubt that it is sometimes needed sometimes—particularly if you have an unrepentant, nasty, immoral, irresponsible, or even violent spouse.  But for a long time in human history, it was considered something to be avoided.

Perhaps part of that reason is the documented negative effects on the children when the family unit is sundered.  Where is the liberal movement to protect the children from the effects of unnecessary divorce?  There ain’t one.


Juvenile Injustice

A cornerstone assumption of the American juvenile justice system—throughout all of the states—is that juveniles need to receive a rehabilitative approach for the crimes they commit (even very bad ones) because they aren’t mature enough to fully understand the consequences of their acts and how wrong criminal acts are.

I say simply—if that is the case, what business do we have allowing them to have transgender treatments, to participate in risky sexual behavior, to allow them to virtually dictate how their schools are run, or to take their teen or tween opinions on most everything else seriously?

Again, when the liberals so desire, the kids can even fly rockets to the moon better than we adults.  But they will immediately flip the narrative when the immaturity of the child fits their political or social agendas.


Ladies and gentlemen:  The entire measure of how the Left handles issues with children is nothing more than a Fascist psy-op.  And at the end, they desire the destruction of all of it—the kids, the institutions, the country at large… and you.


Mark Deuce has had a life-long career in community law enforcement. He is the author of Deuces Wild for TTP.