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My 1952 K2 Allard

When you get to be as old as I am, you’ve had a number of cars.  I’ve had many over the years – but only one I really loved was this 1952 K2 Allard.

Sydney Allard (1910-1966) was a famous English race car driver in 1930s, and founded the Allard Motor Car company in London in 1945.  His most famous race car was the J2 which finished third in Le Mans in 1950.  The K2 was the roadster version of the J2 with those amazing swooping fenders.

Allards were always powered by an American V-8 – mine had a big block Chevy.  I had drag races in it right out of American Graffitti or the Beach Boys’ Shut Down, and once hit 160 on a long empty stretch of highway out in the California desert racing a supercharged Porsche.

I asked Rebel to marry me in my K2 driving along the Pacific Coast Highway – best decision I ever made.  So many memories in this car.  But that was long ago. A car like that won’t last in East Coast winters, so I sold it when we moved to Washington long ago.  Have I ever thought of getting another K2? Sure – but I know at my age driving a car like that (and knowing how I’d drive it!) is not wise.  Better stick with the memories. (Glimpses of Our Breathtaking World #258 photo ©Jack Wheeler)