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false-flag-seasonThe definition of a false flag is a hostile or harmful action (such as an attack) that is designed to look like it was perpetrated by someone other than the person or group responsible for it.

It was first done by pirates who would fly flags of friendly nations to allow themselves to get close enough to attack merchant ships.

The historical use of a flag isn’t the key — it’s the deception.

This kind of tactic has been used often:  In 1939, Hitler faked an attack by Poland on a German outpost so that he would have an excuse to invade Poland.

A few years earlier Japanese forces set off a bomb next to a Japanese-owned rail line in Mukden as a pretext for the invasion of Manchuria.

Similarly, false flags have been taken to discredit many a politician or a political movement. One of the crassest charges ever levelled was by James Carville after Paula Jones accused Bill Clinton of pulling his pants down in front of her.

He was quoted as saying, “Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.” This to put the blame on Jones for Clinton’s indiscretion. Carville claims that she was not the target.

You decide.

The intensity of the Left’s obsession to take down Donald Trump has been breathtaking.

The Left’s many accusations using the false-flag tactic have turned us into a false-flag nation. Never has one person been so consistently harassed, pressured, and accused using one tactic.


Recall when Trump started his rallies back in 2016. Many of them involved some kind of violent fight or violent demonstration, with the media dutifully reporting that these proved the violence inherent in Trump and his backers.

The only problem was these were leftist agitprop actors, and that was clear to most non-Democrat observers even then.

Violence at an Illinois rally prior to that primary had Ted Cruz accusing Donald Trump supporters (likely cementing his loss).

To this day one of the consistent charges against Trump has been his intention to bring violence to our country. Jussie Smollett tried to add to this farce. It ended badly.

The Whitmer kidnapping hoax showed the FBI goading and entrapping a few suckers to get involved in this charade. FBI plants invented the idea and pushed it to happen.

This to, once again, prove Trump supporters were violent lawbreakers.


The RussiaGate scam was a false flag set up by the Deep State. These silly charges against Trump were manufactured by his opponents to make him appear guilty.

The Trump Ukraine phone call impeachment came straight from Biden-supporting Democrats. Blaming Trump for Biden’s Ukraine corruption was pathetic, but our media pressed to convince Americans that Trump was the corrupt one — not the Biden family that was neck deep in payments from Burisma.

Laughable attempts at demonstrations of white supremacy, clearly staged by Feds dressing up the way that leftists like to believe we would, would be comical if the duplicity was not so serious.


My brother went to the J6 rally to hear Trump speak. His wife was sick, so rather than go to the Capitol, they returned to their hotel room. They would likely be in prison had they gone.

I mention this because he told me at the time that this crowd was entirely peaceful. He says there was no intent for anyone to incite an insurrection. No weapons, no plan, zero intent to become worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11 combined.

Watching the videos of the peaceful crowd in front of the Capitol being bombarded with flash grenades and rubber bullets by the authorities is shocking. Clearly provoked, clearly being pushed to outrage over their treatment.

There are unmistakable indications of FBI plants in the crowd, along with some seedy characters likely aligned with Antifa (the masked ones) trying to foment violence. Somebody opened doors from the inside.


The J6 insurrection has all the signs of being the worst false flag in recent memory.

The J6 myth was promulgated by a corrupt congressional committee set up by Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Liz Cheney, and Adam Kinzinger – all liars, all with the intention of smearing Trump and his supporters with accusations of violence.

There are some diehard leftists who still believe this, but much of the so-called “plot to violently overthrow the government” can be shown as a laughable farce, made up by leftists who want power forever for themselves.

Unwittingly, the Left has broken one of the Alinsky commandments. “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag,” meaning the jig is up for most false flags. They are now recognizable as such, more clearly with each one, and that is good news for us. Why?

Because we are about to be hit by this leftist government with a lot of them, designed to help re-elect Joe and keep the Deep State in power.

We need to prepare for what is coming, because it is coming, and it’s their last hope.


These ruses may come from multiple sources. Some may be deadly.

They could be race-based attempts to pretend the MAGA movement is racist.

Gender-based, to show that the MAGA movement violently opposes gays and transgenders.

They could be feminist-based, pretending MAGA people are misogynists out to enslave women.

Or abortion based.

They could be gun-based, to show that we violently want to seize power.

They could be environmentally based, to showcase our defiance of Gaia.

I have no doubt their new pro-Hamas wing could prompt false flags to use at their mostly peaceful protests.

We’re likely to see a lot of these events, in series or a few all at once because the Left wants – no, demands — its power.

No matter how dishonest, destructive, and ruinous to others they become, they want to define their opponents as worse.

They live by the Alinsky rule to keep the pressure on, they want desperately to show anyone who will listen just how bad we are.

It’s a fatal flaw. This method has worked well in the past, they have become addicted to it and are using it too much.

The upshot:  When a violent or dreadful event is reported, don’t trust the story. It will likely be a lie. Wait at least 48 hours after the breathless reporting by our oh-so-honest media about how bad Trump is.

That is what they have wanted to prove since 2016:  Orange man bad, MAGA bad.


The good news: Since the Elon Musk acquisition of Twitter, this leftist tactic has become more clearly exposed more each day.

Since the exposure of the Twitter Files by Matt Taibbi, we know how powerful government agencies have been at censoring truth and promulgating lies. These are no longer believed by even half of the country. Only hard-core leftists are effective targets now.


The better news: So many trusted media sources are now available. Tucker Carlson, Russell Brand, Julie Kelly, the Federalist group, Larry Schweikart, Charlie Kirk, Truth Social, Instapundit, and many more.

Watch these leaders of the new conservative media, the ones who you trust to find the real story. They won’t all agree, because the media organs of the Left can be very convincing.

Be patient, the story will come out. Because the real story will be the story of the false flag. The new Jussie Smollett incidents of the Left.

They’re coming to a town near you. Be prepared.




David Prentice writes for American Thinker.